Facebook Carried Out Secret Psychological Experimentation On Over 600,000 Users

Over 600,000 Facebook users have taken part in a psychological experiment organised by the social media company, without their knowledge. Facebook altered the tone of the users' news feed...

Toying with us like rats in a cage

Over 600,000 Facebook users have taken part in a psychological experiment organised by the social media company, without their knowledge. Facebook altered the tone of the users’ news feed to highlight either positive or negative posts from their friends, which were seen on their news feed. They then monitored the users’ response, to see whether their friends’ attitude had an impact on their own.

“The results show emotional contagion,” wrote a team of Facebook scientists, in a paper published by the PNAS journal – Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists of the United States.


Facebook was able to carry out the experiment because all users have to tick a box agreeing to their terms and conditions. These include “internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.”

“When positive expressions were reduced, people produced fewer positive posts and more negative posts; when negative expressions were reduced, the opposite pattern occurred. These results indicate that emotions expressed by others on Facebook influence our own emotions, constituting experimental evidence for massive-scale contagion via social networks.”

In the study, the authors point out that they stayed within the remit of the agreement by using a machine to pick out positive and negative posts, meaning no user data containing personal information was actually viewed by human researchers.

The study, carried out over a week in January 2012, was carried out for scientific purposes. But evidence that social media can have such a strong impact on people’s mental state will certainly be of interest to advertisers.

The lead scientist, Adam Kramer, said in an interview when he joined Facebook in March 2012 that he took the job because “Facebook data constitutes the largest field study in the history of the world.” source – Telegraph UK


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  • STL

    I knew that FACEBOOK was the work of the Devil.

  • Melvin

    I’m proud to say I don’t have a Facebook account for that very reason lol! Who knows what else they’re up to

  • Teresa

    I do not have a Facebook acct either because I know too many busy body people on it. I do know it does not matter if I have any social networks because NSA knows all about all. If your have any cell, land line or any outside contact the government knows your stuff.

  • KQuinn

    Wow. Facebook has a lot of power, anyone with that many subscribers does. The concern is…what if the powers that be want to influence behavior on a massive scale through behavior modification? Currently working on my doctorate, you wouldn’t believe the hoops we have to jump through to conduct a small study in a hospital. I’ve had to do training online through NIH (National Institutes of Health) and another entire course through a private company, both having to do with human subjects research. I cannot even survey the hospital staff without getting Institutional Review Board approval. From the school that I attend and the hospital where I will conduct my study. And yet Facebook can do this. What about the NSA eavesdropping on private texts, e-mails, and cell phone conversations?? This should all be very concerning to anyone trying to look at the big picture. This world is getting more out of control every day. Look up!! Maranatha…..

  • Larry Grant

    Well, well, well, once again my old crap detector worked. I always thought of facebook as a club for those who don’t qualify for the Jerry Springer show. Folks, don’t just jump on every bandwagon that rolls by, next thing you know you’ll be $20,000 deep in tattoo’s.

  • dj sensaba

    Working in a mental health field, I read client posts to keep an eye on what may be dangerous emotional trends within families that might indicate children at risk. I recently discovered, through monitoring a family in a crisis situation, that dirty laundry is revealed, threats are made, lies become the norm, and one of the worst social insults is to be “unfriended” on facebook. For some, it is a fate worse than death! And the teen hook-ups and sexting or bullying is rampant. From experience with clients, what you post today can be used against you in juvenile and domestic relations court tomorrow! If you have friends (or teens) who dwell on facebook, unfriend this media from your life right away!

  • JLO Ortiz

    We all know that everything we do is monitored by those in high places but don’t overlook the benefits of Facebook! You can reach out and influence so many with positive, godly posts. I use Facebook to share scripture and values and to witness to others about what God has done in my life. I share encouragement with my friends and uplifting devotions. I’m always amazed at who will ‘like’ my statuses and posts! (Many that I didn’t realize we’re paying attention!) We only have so much time to reach the lost and hurting and Facebook is an excellent tool for that! Take what the devil meant for bad and let God use it for good!! Greater is He!

  • Jenny

    My impression of Facebook is that you can create whatever world you want…you control your image. People know what you what them to know because there is no actually relating going on. I think it can give a false sense of security for people who struggle with identity. If they have “friends” on Facebook, all is well. If someone talks trash about them, devastating. Without secret experiments, it already influences people and their view of reality (or what they perceive as reality).

    In my humble opinion, Facebook has destroyed people’s ability to relate. It doesn’t translate into the real world very well (for most users). Tried relating to a “millennial” lately? Just opinions of course.

  • Fecesbook is for the Sheeple Fools. Never Ever, would I become a member of a government trolling site. Why would I waste my time to become a Stupid Idiot? It takes little to no brains to join, but logical thinking NOT to join ANY social site. That goes for $hi!!er TOO!


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