CIA Whistle-blower Jim Garrow Survives Assassination Attempt And Tells All

Right here on this show, on October 6, 2013, Dr. Jim Garrow revealed to the world for the first time anywhere, that he had spent 45 years working as...

Desperate Times 

Right here on this show, on October 6, 2013, Dr. Jim Garrow revealed to the world for the first time anywhere, that he had spent 45 years working as a covert secret operative at the highest levels of government.



That revelation ignited a firestorm that led to the failed assassination attempt on his life just a few weeks ago. On tonight’s show, Dr. Jim has more to say..(are you listening, Obama?)..plenty more. Whatever you do, don’t miss this show.

With your radio host and bible teacher, Geoffrey Grider of Now The End Begins.

“Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.


  • To live is Christ. To die is gain.

  • txnursie

    But thanks to God, our Father, and the redemption we have received through Christ we will be with Him. We’ll be able to bow down before Him when He reigns forever!!
    There is nothing Obama or the antichrist or anyone else can do about it. Satan is drunk with the power and salutes at the prospect it controlling everyone on earth. What he needs to remember is that we have given our allegiance to the One, the perfect Lamb! I’m ecstatic with the joy of knowing my Lord and Savior is who He says He is.
    I guess this stuff should be scaring me, lol, but I already know Who wins. (I read the book!)

    • Txnursie:

      Jesus has promised that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us.

      Maranatha Maranatha Maranatha!

      Come Quickly Lord Jesus!!

  • txnursie

    *salivates, not salutes. Gotta love auto correct!

  • Jesus said not to fear those that can kill you , but fear Him the can destroy your soul. Only God can do that. If you don’t fear God now, you will one day soon! Our Father is a loving God to those that know Him. Those that trust Him shall never want. He is my everything. Man can not be trusted, but the Lord is always the Truth! Jesus promised, if they kill you, not one hair of your head will perish. I know His promises are true! He will not lie!

  • Amen. Come soon Lord Jesus

  • Way to go Jim, May God be with you, as it would appear he already is .

  • NTNB why are you posting CIA whistle -blower and on your Sunday night program you say DR. Jim barrow can’t say what government service he worked for. also some of those articles and pictures you post on we recommend are just as trashy as the magazines in the super markets I guess I better leave it looks most people don’t care. Just itchy ears

    • Myur I posted this the other day, and listened to him in the night last week. We need to pray for him

  • Large Majorities of Americans agree on legalizing Abortions, Gay Equality, and Drug Legalization in the

    • I believe all these pre-tribbers are insane, they believe in fairy tales and there all going to damnation. If I was God, I would send them all to the Lake of Fire.

      • I believe R. Murphy is insane, he believes in fairy tales and is going to damnation. If I were God, I would send someone into his life and give him the message of salvation and tell him to be tolerant of other brothers and sisters in Christ even though he may disagree with them. God does not send people to the lake of fire, we make the choice to believe on the name and precious blood of His Son, our Lord Jesus or not to believe and that is what sends us to the lake of fire.

        • I agree, John! the Bible say call no man a fool! NTEB this site is getting out of hand by people posting under false names! I have my suspicions.

  • This has been a tough few days, but on Vine O Life Blog this morning, this was there

    Commentary by: Gordon King

    I am writing this because I feel led by the Holy Spirit to do so. Because we all need to hear it. The division in the church and among believers is sickening!

    I don’t think a lot of believers get it. It’s not about us it’s about Him and what He has done for us! Period!

    When we think so much of ourselves that we feel the need to persecute fellow believers in Christ, we are making it about us. It’s not about us, it’s all about Him, Jesus Christ.

    Do you think for one minute that God wants His children to be fighting and bickering amongst themselves over trivial matters which have no affect on our salvation whatsoever?! I think not.

    Not one of us is perfect, not one of us knows all, though some of us might think that we do.

    Many believers make the excuse that they are merely doing what God has told them to do in the bible, to judge Christians for their false teachings. I say that they better be darn sure of what they are saying and doing! God does not take kindly to one of His children attacking His other children. Do you really believe that is what He wants from us?

    It’s one thing to rebuke a fellow believer in Christ for actually misleading and misguiding from the truth. An example would be to tell someone that they can get to heaven if they are a good person, or that Jesus was just a man, or that there are many ways to heaven. It’s another thing to judge and condemn a fellow believer, a brother or sister in Christ for merely believing in something which is not pertinent to our salvation. There are many things written in the bible which are not so clear, which are not written out in black and white. Many of these beliefs are not clearly stated by God, nor do they have any bearing on our salvation.

    What we are to do as fellow believers in Christ is to rebuke another believer for a sin he is committing. That is scriptural. Such as if another believer were to turn to prostitution, sodomy, alcoholism, adultery or idol worship. Then it is our duty to approach this person, tell them of their sin and attempt to guide them back in the right direction. However, this is also to be done with love, humility, mercy and kindness. Not with a condemning spirit.

    We need to fellowship with other believers and discuss the written word of God. With mutual respect, love, kindness and understanding.

    We need to be led by the Holy Spirit and with the fruit of the Spirit. This is not done so with condemnation, hate, sarcasm, or judgement. If we approach a brother or sister with a condemning spirit, this is not of God. For God is love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, longsuffering, peace.

    The body of Christ is supposed to be just that, a body. The body cannot function properly without all of it’s parts. Even so, the church cannot function when it stands divided. We are to build up the church, the body of Christ. We are to encourage one another with love, humility, respect and kindness. That is part of our mission. How are we to bring the lost to Christ if they see us fighting and condemning each other? Why would they want to be a part of that?!

    We are the light of the world. A beacon of hope for the lost. We are to shine our lights and bear our fruits, the fruits of the Holy Spirit of God Almighty! This is what it’s all about, not us. Let us not get egotistical and vain. Let us not forget what it’s all about and how we are to behave. We are children of the Most High God of the Universe my friends! We should act like it.

    I know and believe in my heart that most Christians are doing the work of the Lord as commanded by Him. However, there are those among us who choose not to treat others with kindness, love and humility. I am not perfect, I am a sinner, just as you are. So let us please stop and think before we act. Let us show the world who we truly are!

    • Young Lady, Teresa, why so much talk about being a sinner? I am sinless, I am in God image, respect me, I command you.

      • Don’t stop R, your posts are hilarious. And yes I’m laughing at you and not with you. Cheers.

        • Why would you think slander is hilarious! I don’t think using some ones name to degrade them is Godly at all. And neither is it funny. This is pure evil!

    • Theresa B.,
      You still don’t get it. This battle is over exactly what this article says, “It’s another thing to judge and condemn a fellow believer, a brother or sister in Christ for merely believing in something which is not pertinent to our salvation.” To reiterate, which is not PERTINENT TO OUR SALVATION. The battle has been PERTINENT TO OUR SALVATION.
      Rons tirades and false gospel are pertinent to salvation. A false salvation. Ron and his cohorts believe something different which IS pertinent to salvation. They bear a FALSE GOSPEL and because of that they are not my brothers in Christ. The battle is over the GOSPEL OF SALVATION. That is worth addressing.
      Ron wants to attack all pre tribbers and those who believe in the true gospel. He is senseless. You know that I am Marie, you have my email address. He and Nathan and Sparrow claim that I do not even exist and am gay. What kind of behavior is that?
      Capiche Chica?

      • Marie all I am addressing is this. Yes I did communicate w you privately but you ended it because you were busy w hsbnd. Those very things they said is why I am vocal. I do not wish to speak w you anymore tho.

        • I am sorry Teresa B. I do not know where you stand on salvation or anything. It seems that you agree with everyone and disagree with those who are standing up for the true gospel. That is my take on it, but I don’t know where you are coming from and therefore if am wrong please say so.
          “Those very things that they said” (I don’t know here what you are referring to here). Did you mean when they said that Marie doesn’t exist?

          • please do not talk to me, I need to be respectful and answer you. I was referring to people calling e other names, talking about them in 3rd person disrespectfully, NOT discussion on a Scripture. I do not need to tell you or anyone what I stand for. Have a nice day

          • You need to tell Jesus Teresa. He needs to know what you stand for. We cannot deny Him here on Earth. I thought that you did not want anyone to have an opinion on scripture. You just wanted to read posted scripture with no opinions on this site. That is what you said yesterday. You do not have to answer if you do not wish. I do not consider that disrespectful. I think you are uncomfortable because I am asking you to say what side of the fence you are on, to make a commitment to something one way or the other. I do feel that you criticize in your unique way those who defend the Gospel which does tell me something.

        • It seems to me that you are always critical of those of us who defend the Gospel.

          • All right can you leave me alone? You assume a great deal for not knowing people
            people being disrespectful, calling ea other names, on can have conversation, disagree and not let it get to the level it does on here. WE ARE TO GLORIFY CHRIST IN OUR ACTIONS AND WORDS. I don’t talk to my animals the way people are treated on here. END END END

    • Thanks for sharing this.

  • Sharing a good motto. I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care

  • Satan wants every true Christian to shut up. Pretend they don’t exist and then you don’t have to listen to the truth. Right, Nathan, Ron and Sparrow, the evil trinity?

    • Or maybe you are just one evil god!

    • @Marie,
      You are right in that Satan wishes we would shut-up and go away. However, it’s one thing to tell the TRUTH of the gospel, but it’s another in how we present that same TRUTH. Presentation goes a long way.

      • I agree Tracy and that was probably a criticism from you also. How would you deal with a group of bully men that say you don’t even exist? That say such evil remarks below the belt. Marie you are a Russian, you are gay. ???? How infantile. They are punitive and then say how much they love you. Bull. They love themselves. I love the gospel and in Presenting it am doing an act of love. I do not love them as individuals though. Nor will I pretend. They are not my brothers in Christ. They are unbelievers and they are nasty human beings hiding behind scripture to do their evil deeds. What is this false sense of niceness that Christians have. It is LOVE and it is Christian to tell the truth. That is true love.
        These bullies are liars and that is evil. They Attack those who present the true gospel. I hate to see a group of people gang up on one person unless that person is trying to harm them. They attacked my and my husband. They are but a group of cowards who bully, lie, and attack because they HATE the truth of the Salvation message. They want to smear this website with a false gospel that only leads to Hell. That is the truth.

      • Tracy, it would be nice to hear how you Teresa B. present the Gospel. It is always productive to learn better presentaion. Perhaps you would help me with that. I am never too old to learn. How would you handle false gospel?

        • @Marie,
          I believe 100% in standing up for our belief. I have done it. I’m not trying to imply that I could present the Gospel any better than you or anyone, because I will never stop learning. But, I do know that we lose our genuine, on-fire effectiveness for our Lord whenever we fall into the trap of arguing back and forth. It gets us absolutely no where, and our place on this site is to help expand our knowledge and to help win others to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
          I’ve been in similar situations here, and got to the point that I would just skip over certain post when I saw their name.
          I, too, blame NTEB for not monitoring this site and helping to keep it like a Christian website should be.
          Just remember though that Satan CAN’T stop the truth.

  • How can one be a Christian and a liberal. That is an oxymoron!!!!!

  • Therefore Ron, you are an oxymoron which due to it’s very nature cannot exist.

  • Tracy,
    It would have been nice yesterday if even just one of you women had come to my defense when 3 men attacked me and even said that I did not exist. You ladies know that I am Marie. Have you ever been raped by 3 men at once? That is what it felt like. Any kind of support would have been appreciated. Nothing but silence. I defend my family and my beliefs. You all keep saying brothers and sisters in Christ. Where were my sisters in Christ yesterday. At least two men stood up for me. One person is flipped out because I asked her where do you stand? That is amazing. What a simple question and what a cop out reply. At least Ron is honest about saying what he believes. Nothing else nice to say about him though. It would have been nice to see the people on this site who believe the Truth to speak up and say so. I was in a war all by myself, except for STL and Mike and one comment by Theresa. Where are the Christian soldiers that we are supposed to be? Would the real Christians please stand up!

    • Marie, it is fairly obvious that you are unable to read your own posts with any kind of objectivity. No one should be supporting you or condemning you. You are able to state your own point of view in a way that speaks for itself. There is no reason for any of us to use this site as a social network. It is sort of like listening to siblings argue in a public setting. I had enough of that in my own family to want to engage in it here.

      • Hope: as you said, there is no reason we should use this site for social network, if that true, why do not you stop complaining

        We are engaging alot on this site, so maybe you should look for that peaceful Bible Class your looking for? and stop socializing here, just go away! LOL

        • @STL,
          Now just why did you feel the need to post that comment? Your mouth is your problem.

  • txnursie

    Y’all have me so confused!! I’ve lost track of who is who and who believes what. And also who knows who in real life, it sounds as though some of you have met and know each other outside of here.
    The thing I have the most trouble with is how anyone here can condemn anyone else here. We may disagree on certain details of the scripture and we are responsible for learning the scripture and trusting the Holy Spirit to help us understand.
    Beyond that, we must, must MUST love each other, all who are our brothers and sisters in Christ, we must love and show kindness to.
    All who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I will try to show love and respect.
    So that others will be able to identify us, should we stand, state our names, and profess our faith openly? Allow me to go first, please.
    My name is Donna R Brown. I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother. I’m a medically retired nurse at the age of 47. I was born a sinner, and became ashamed of my sinful ways.
    Then I asked Jesus into my heart. His death, burial and resurrection are my only reason and hope. He is the Soon of the living God, the perfect Lamb Who was slain. I will praise Him for all eternity. Who’s with me?

    • Tx, I am with you all right. For the record, since I am in the middle of the battle, I condemn no one, I do condemn criticism, name calling. I leave the Scripture battle to others as they are more learned. I know what I know and not getting into a debate. You have a great day

    • It’s one person doing all this. The evil one on this site, that beats the sheep.

      • That would be you Ron.

    • I came to know Jesus as a young child and have loved him and loved his word ever since. I was married to a man who came to know Jesus at a revival meeting as an adult. We had 4 children who all love Jesus. We all were touched by the Lord in ways that were chosen by him and special to us but for all of us, our faith is real. My husband died in 2001. One of the last things he said to me was “I thought we were going to go together”. We knew we were in the end times then and it is even more clear now. Everything I have, have been and ever will be is totally because of God and his son, my savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Theres B.,
    You are not in the middle of any battle. I simply asked you what you believe and you told me that it was none of my business. I ask everyone that question. It usually leads to witnessing Jesus unless they are already a Believer. Your gross offense at that question is very revealing. The battle here is a spiritual one which does involve human players.
    You definitely not in any battle Teresa B., because you won’t even reveal what you believe. You were so highly offended that I asked you what you believe. It is like you are playing both sides. That is a choice also. No choice.

  • Well Teresa, I ask you to leave me alone also. You have a undercurrent of continual criticism while taking no stated position but indirectly criticizing none the same.

    • Marie, I apologized the other day for upsetting you. I have no quarrel w you except you attacked me for over a day. Do you need to tell the world you have a Savior? Everyone on here knows that. I do not have that need. People that know me know how I feel about Christ, non believers as well as Christian friends. I choose to stay behind the scenes and serve Him. No one on here has any idea how I do that I do not make things like that public. As I cont to state, my criticism is ONLY on attacking others in any manner. It is ungodly and I have said so since day one. I enjoy all Scripture posted w conversation that is kept nice. As far as yesterday and how you were treated, what could I say, everyone was giving me hell for speaking on it. We are to call our Bro and Sis out on false doctrine or unkindness or any sin for that matter. I am not learned enough to argue Doctrine so I leave that to others. Now, can we start all over and stop all this between us? All I want to do is be the light Christ wants us to be and that rarely shows on here. I go to many other Blogs Christian that do not do this. People talk Scripture, lift ea other up. 🙂

      • Teresa, sometimes being a light is defending the Gospel. It does not mean being nice to just get along with everyone. Have you ever heard the sermon, If You Love Jesus, Defend His Gospel. The Bible says that we do not bless unbelievers and not to even have lunch with them (unless we are trying to witness).
        Yes, Teresa B., I need to tell the world I have a Savior beause Jesus asks us to do that. I must bear witness before the world that He is my Savior. I have gone to extremes to witness because Jesus tells us to. It would be easier not to especially when the attack starts…but I want to obey Him at all costs. I was on your case about the long posts and I felt that you were trying to stop the witnessing by the continual interruption of the long posts and I felt you were criticizing us a lot. Nteb said no long posts. You had said that you did not know how to delete when someone else asked you to not post long posts, SO I thought that I would teach you how to delete. I felt that you were sarcastic in your reply to me and the request to not post long posts has been made by others to you. I was not trying to attack you but I felt you were thumbing your nose at all of us and saying I will do what I want no matter what, and then criticizing those of us who were desperately trying to defend the true gospel. So I don’t feel my request to you was unwarranted. STL and I are trying to uphold the True Gospel here. I felt like you were rude to me and others with your sarcastic response to the requests by saying Delete what?Then I tries to give you an example of what I was talking about . I was very polite to you.
        I also apoligized to you in another post for speaking of you in third person but you would not accept it. I asked you to email me, but you said that you did not want to even speak to me. My husband has been very ill and I am very tired all the time and I really did not have the energy to email after his operation for a long time. And I agree with you there is probably no other Christian site that this happens on. It is disgusting and NTEB dosen’t seem to care. If this site represents an online Christian Church then why would they allow this evil to happen. adn false gospel to be preached. Three men attacking me yesterday was revolting and really hard to take. And yes you or any other woman could have defended me. I would have defended you if a bunch of men ganged up on you..
        I always ask people what they believe, that is a standard question for me. You told me it was none of my business and I think that rude. I have put myself on the line defending the Gospel, it would be great to have some support. I would like to rest also, but have to respond when I see Hell bearing false gospel.
        Let’s forgive, forget and move on, ok?

      • Short answer, ok let’s move on…

        • thank you all this could have not happened if being defensive did not enter. We are on the same page Marie, you are more learned than me and I leave those things to you. I can only speak for myself and how the Lord has been for me. I choose to do it differently is all, my interest is not to debate pre trib or post trib. I in no way meant to be critical by my comments, I was probly thinking I do this why cant someone else? like scroll down? I can see why you would think because I don’t share Scripture I may not know, but trust me I do. I do. We all have different gifts from God. Again, I apologize for not being more vocal when you were attacked but I was battling w you and others and frankly was spent trying to defend why I say folks should not be accusatory or hateful. I shouldn’t have to defend that. As far as not talking to you, that is on here to fight. I have no desire to do that. Of site, I did say I was deleting your email as you did not answer me after awhile, which I totally understand, totally. I figured you were to busy caring for your hsbnd, and you were gone from here for awhile. When you came back I thought you were another Marie maybe, especially when you said all that stuff to me, it was out of the blue and threw me for a loop. Anyway, I am done w it, so am happy to hear you are as well. I hope your hsbnd is doing well in recovery, and truly, this too will pass. Onward Christian Soldiers, Blessings to you Marie

          • Thank you Teresa B., for your spirit of generosity and healing. It is so welcoming. I am the same Marie as before though thoroughly exhausted and I have been very ill also. I have no patience these days as I am worn thin. I am sorry you felt I was picking on you. My patience to scroll down wore thin also!!! LOL ! I feel badly about the whole thing. I was strident in my whole dialog with you and I apoligize.
            I, too, do not debate pre or post trib, but I do stand up for Gospel. I am sorry if I hurt you and I know you did not wish to hurt me either. I don’t know if I am any more learned in the Scriptures than you, but I think we all want to be growing as Christians.

          • you know what? I feel a weight off my shoulders, this should have all be private and not round the world, but is what it is. I really am sorry I took you out of personal mail but I just figured you were to busy to write as you had said, and just didn’t want to add to stress sorta thing. I have not stopped praying but see you are now ill? I am really sorry. You are correct in standing for Gospel, and like I say over and over, I do not like when others call names, or make remarks that have nothing to do w Scripture, as in the Pre Trib who asked if I was in a closet. That’s the kind of things I don’t think are what the Lord wants is all. I guess I am in a box by myself, anyway, if you want send me a personal mail so I have you again. Thank you for understanding, I could tell you more but not on here. I never felt I needed really to forgive you as I knew your heart and where you come from, just you did not understand me. But of course I would do so. No harm no foul isn’t that the expression? So as I said carry Christian Soldier! Prayers for both of you

          • Thanks Teresa B.,
            I have lost your email as well as STL’s. He gave it to me again. Would you mind giving me yours again also?

          • Well. it has gone around the world and maybe people can see that conflict can be resovled in a loving Christian way. Perhaps it can be a good example. We all sin and to forgive and be forgiven is a blessing as Jesus forgave us.

          • sorry I don’t get the answers in my computer so don’t see a lot of them less I look and to lazy!

            Yes on what you say. 🙂

      • Teresa, Did I hear you right? You said to Marie, Do you need to tell the world you have a Savior. Then you said, I do not have that need.

        So basically your saying you have no need for Jesus Christ Salvation, you just want to comment without anyone posting comments against me, but life does not work that way. Or you are living in a closet!

        • while this conversation Pre is all over the world, it should be private between she and I. Don’t say stupid things taken out of context. Of course I tell people about Jesus Christ, I just don’t think I need to do it here. I don’t need to explain myself over and over because someone jumps to a conclusion. Get over yourselves. I don’t care if you like me or what I say. I do care when the body of Christ is hateful to ea other, and call people names. Your last sentence is an example.

          • Treresa B. then you need to see who is the main problem on this web site in the first place, who started these nasty name calling against others, as Pre-Tribbers believe in Fairy tales and Fables, their clowns, there decievers of Satan believers, it was RON MURPHY, you have listened to his babble for months, did not he said when the HOLY SPIRT enter within him, HE WAS SINLESS. Or when he attack Marie, as he said, IF I BE GOD, YOUR IN GRAVE DANGER. Now your intelligent woman, is not saying he’s like God, and he saying YOU CAN BE DAMNED?

  • #36 I am with you

  • You are right. I would like to be lifted up and I also would like to be supported in the fiery battle against false gospel.

    • Geeze Marie if you knew me, I don’t like talking about self, blah blah and I look and its all about me and you. I wish I could delete it!! 😉

      • I agree, that’s why I wanted to privately email. Oh well, it is out there. We are allowed to talk about ourselves sometimes!!

      • Maybe we should ask NTEB to delete it! LOL…

        • hey there ya go it was off topic!

          • Smiley…

          • Marie, I can see people wont let up like I talk about, so I am asking you, do not comment on their nastiness, they are in the darkness. We should be the light and we can be. Do you still have my e mail?

  • R. MURPHY is Pastor Steven T. LaRue. Low stooping , if you ask me! Snake in the Grass. A wolf in sheep’s clothing! Deceitful and Lying they have a form of Godliness but, don’t have the power with it.

    • Ronny: How you like your own medicine biting you in the butt?

  • Teresa: why are you LUKEWARM in your belief in Jesus Christ?

  • Teresa We know exactly what you stand for ( OFF TOPIC) that includes Jesus Christ.

  • Teresa it seem you can insult men all you like but coming up against your own sex, as Marie, you just want her to leave you alone, now your running from the truth, I see the truth hurts you.

  • Sparrow, This impostor is using your name now, trying to pit us against one another. NTEB this wickedness needs to end!

    • Mr. Murphy why now your crying to NTEB to stop this wickedness, when after I read all your insults to STL and others, you started the name calling against Pre-Tribulation believers. If as you said, it need to stop, NTEB should remove you, your the one who started this mess in the first place!

      • Yes I insulted their false hopes but no their persons like you do, Larue.

        • Excuse me Ron, but you have thoroughly insulted my person. I felt gang raped by you and your cohorts. How can you ask for forgiveness from God when you won’t even admit that you have sinned. Hypocrite!

    • Ron shouldn’t there be a way for NTEB can filter by not letting a person w one e mail change names?

      • He could, but people could use other emails and do the same. It would be overbearing to do such a process. I can’t ask them to do anything. I’m just a guest here. God bless you, Teresa! I’m sure you have better understanding now, at least.

  • Tracy, why do you have no back bone to defend Marie, but you sure have alot of nasty words against her.

    • @Pre-Trib,
      Let’s see you prove it big boy!!

  • Marie: teresa is ashame to say that she’s a born again christian.

  • Larue, You can hide behind other people’s names to insult from, but we all see you like looking through the wind shied of a car.

    • LOL

    • Ron Murphy: I really believe your loosing it, I’ve not been around my computer all morning, my farm does not run by itself, I needed to get my foreman doing his work all morning.

      I really believe its you trying to mixed up everyones minds, in believing it not really you posting in different names on this web site. And please tell me how does NTEB allow you to post in different names?

    • And you too Ron, you are as transparent as Obama claims to be. You did this very exact thing to me yesterday joined by too other cohorts. A gang rape. What are you complaining about?

      • Larue, I’m not complaining, Stating the truth is not complaining. You are one of the biggest liars I know, if not the biggest. You not only lie yourself, but you make others into liars. You are guilty of false witnessing, and then that at God’s children. You have condemned nearly everyone on this site. You have Blasphemed the Holy Ghost calling it the Devil. You have exalted yourself and drove others to the ground. How judge yourself? Do you say you are righteous, I see the hand on the devil at work. You are evil. Putting peoples names on your post is extremely hypocritical. I have never used anyone’s name other than my own. I say that in truthfulness. God be my Judge. You call yourself a Pastor. Of what? Satan is the accuser of the Brethren! Is that not your Job title.

  • Letitia Makowski

    Dearest Ron….your childish….insulting…..and know NOTHING of the word of God. I feel sorry for you…you must have a terribly lonely life. As a child of God…I will most certainly pray for you…tell every prayer chain I know to pray for you….no need to bother trying to insult me….there isn’t anything I haven’t heard before. I belong to Jesus…He is my savior…you don’t count!

  • I’ve just re-read all the comments and can’t find where you were ganged up against, Marie. I’m so sorry that happened to you. They must have deleted the comments? Or maybe it was on another thread. But if I had been here while it was going on and I saw several men bullying one woman I would’ve certainly spoken up.
    So, back to the other conversation… am I understanding that this entire conflict between several of you is over who believes when the rapture will occur??
    Does a born-again believer in Christ who misunderstands the exact order of events in the end times deserve to be condemned to hell? Am I to understand there are people on here who believe that someone not understanding correctly is to be doomed to hell?
    Whoever says such a thing must not know the truly loving, merciful nature of our Savior.
    NTEB?? What do you have to say about all this? Is this really the intention of your site?
    People, lots and lots of people, are sharing NTEB articles on facebook every day, and curiosity leads many non-believers to this site to search for answers. If what they find on every single topic is heated arguments and name-calling between members, how can we blame them for running away and never coming back? It is now my next step to pray about this and ask for the Holy Spirit to lead me in the right decision about continuing to come back here.
    As for those engaged in battle? I get it. I understand that when someone has said awful things to you and about you, it feels necessary to defend yourself, to show others how truly crazy the other person is. You want to get others on your side, because the more people who agree with you about it, the better you look and feel. I get it, it’s human nature. I once had a charge nurse who talked to us like dirt, not just me, but all the other nurses. I went on a mission to prove to everyone how awful she was. I didn’t need to do that, she was doing a fine job on her own. It was hard to take the high road and not engage further with her but it’s what I had to do.
    May I make a suggestion? If you’re in that position, please just allow them to continue. They’re doing a great job of identifying themselves as cruel, malicious, and argumentative. They’re painting an accurate enough portrait of themselves that you don’t even have to pick up a paintbrush.
    So, brush yourself off, speak with our Jesus about forgiveness, and come in here with the knowledge that many many eyes will be on this page that belong to unbelievers. Lost souls, looking for answers. What will they see when they come here?
    If they come and see anyone actively engaging in verbal wars, whether it’s to defend themselves or to bring down others, it will be a huge red flag pointing to a sign that says “The people here are Christians, and this is how Christians behave. Run. Get out while you still can.”
    I have to answer to my Lord for my behavior and actions. How will I tell him why I had anything to do with a site that allowed, even promoted such horrific treatment of others?
    This is quite possibly one of the saddest displays I’ve ever witnessed.

    • @txnursie,
      Amen and Amen! For what you just posted. Soooo true.

    • Well Spoken, TX. God Bless you. I close my mouth as long as I can, I’m not defending myself as much as I am others. But I will heed to your wisdom or at least do my best to hold to it. I will however, defend God’s word, with my dying breath.

      I take their attacks as a blessing! But do know and understand that these arguments attract many people also, though the quality is not as graceful.

      Evil is always present when good is at work! It even came to Jesus in the desert.

    • Tx we ea have our reasons thanking you as we all are part of the fray. Mine is simple, yes I felt I needed to defend myself from attack for all the months I have been here, ONLY because I speak up about ungodly behavior as name calling, etc. Not disagreements, although I do not understand that, wasn’t raised that way. I appreciate your forthrightness and truth. I wish I could make my thought say those words. May the Lord Bless You

    • sorry forgot to say it was on the Christmas Carols and it was brutal to Tx

  • No, that is not what the conflict is over. It is over the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ron is saying that a person has to work for, earn and die inorser to be saved. He also believes that one can loose his salvation and he believes that he does not sin. I am exhausted and do not wish to further discuss this. No Nursie, you do not at all understnd what happened and I am tired and do not have to explain it to you or anyone. You are believing the trash Ron is saying. It is not about pre or post trib. Not for me anyway. Let it rest.

    • Just a thought could some here be mincing words in wht they mean? I know at times I think I hear 2 sides from people as in meaning the same but saying it different.

      • Teresa, they done the same to Jesus.

        Joh 6:56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.
        Joh 6:57 As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.
        Joh 6:60 Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?
        Joh 6:66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

    • STL, I have never wished to discuss Salvation. It was thrown on my lap by you. My Message is Prophecy. That’s why God has sent me here. If you want to believe you can not lose your salvation, I don’t have a beef with that, believe it. But why do you ask and then anger at my answers. I’m here to teach prophecy not salvation issues. You are angry because I teach what I do.

  • txnursie

    Let it rest? Okay, sure thing. I don’t know Ron, or which one is Ron.

    • You see, txnurse, if I lay quiet and say nothing, people will believe these lies being told against me. Works is not for salvation, but faith without works is dead. In other words. He was saying if you have faith, the works are there. If the works are not there, then your faith is dead, you don’t believe. That is what I say. They change my words and I must defend what I’m saying or else they destroy my credibility. Should I remain silent and let others believe I’m saying what they say about me? Jesus done no such thing. He defended His words. I also will defend His words and Mine as well.

      • @Ron,
        You go on to say that a person can lose his/her salvation, and that is not possible once you are truly born again and the Holy Spirit resides in you. Doesn’t mean we will live a perfect, sin-free life, but we have accepted Jesus Christ (just as I am) and we are changed forever from within.

        • Tracy, Why? Why do you bicker about this issue, because I see it different? I consider it dangerous that others may think themselves saved but are not. Even the Roman Catholics thought themselves to be right by killing all the protestants. Because a person thinks they are right does not make it so! I say it again, you can lose your salvation. If you what to believe otherwise then , be happy with it, at least. Quit your bickering and be saved.

  • Ron Murphy: the only thing here is at work is your evil mind!

  • Tracy: as you said, Satan can not stop the truth, but Satan sure has his scoffers hard at work here!

  • Tracy: If you do not like my comments , do not read them! Just move on to someone elses comments like Ron Murphy!

    • Tracy: I got your big boy, STL told me in our private emails, how you just love having guns in your house for protection against evil people. watch out maybe a child will get awhole of one of your guns and shoot theirselves, then who fault will that be?

      And you call yourself a christian? you can not even depend on God, to defend you, i guess you do not have much trust in God?

  • ?????????

  • Ron Murphy any more comment before I say my bedtime prayers to God?

  • Tracy: Ron is half right about you, you can lose your salvation, because you never recieved Salvation, because you do not trust God for your protection. Your just a Lukewarm Christian.

  • Ron murphy: I’m never angry at you at all, never happen for months, I just think your a funny guy how you enjoy twist words and scriptures.

  • Ron Murphy: Please never give it a thought God is helping me, he has taught me how to deal with scoffers and christians in name only very well!

  • Ron Murphy: have a question for you. If someone proclaims there a true believer in Jesus Christ, would not person put there total trust in God?

    Next question, if a person put there to trust in God, for their protestion and their families, as i like ( Psalms 91) why would that person need guns in their house for protection from evil people?

    Next question: would not it be dangereous having gun in the house because they could be miss used, as some child could shoot theirselves, or get angry at some one at school and take that gun from their parent’s closet, take it to school, and shoot someone?

  • txnursie

    What were we talking about? That was a quick change in topic. David trusted the Lord, but he didn’t put down his slingshot.
    As for this site, the jury is still out but it’s not a jury I look to, it’s the Judge. I have asked for His discernment, because I see some pride and delusional thinking. This is not good, and it is not God.
    I will pray for NTEB to regain control and return this site to its purpose.

    • thank you tx, have a nice day and may the Lord cont to bless you

      • The more I see and read here; the more I feel this is not a true Christian site. If so, they would NOT allow these off-the-wall comments and the continuous insults and prideful comments directed toward others.

    Umm…correction to first poster, Obama IS THE ANTICHRIST!!!

    Hot off the press, my latest video exposing Obama as the antichrist.!


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