Catholics Flock To Virgin Mary Statue Weeping Oil In Israel

Hundreds of Catholics have flocked to a small town in northern Israel to view a statue of the Virgin Mary that residents say "weeps" oil....

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God…” Exodus 20:4,5

The Catholic practice of goddess worship dates back to ancient Babylon where, after the death of Nimrod, his wife Semiramis gave birth to a son named Tammuz whom she said was Nimrod reincarnated. Semiramis claimed that she had conceived supernaturally, and that the offspring was of divine origin. When the Catholic system was created in 325AD, Constantine incorporated this pagan practice into his Catholic/Christian hybrid church. This began the period of history known as the Dark Ages. The true Christian church freed itself from it’s enslavement during the Reformation.

The Catholic church remains in the dark to this day, as the following story shows:

JERUSALEM (AP) — Hundreds of people have flocked to a small town in northern Israel to view a statue of the Virgin Mary that residents say “weeps”oil.

Members of a Christian family from Tarshiha, near the Lebanon border, say they have witnessed a miracle in their living room.



Osama Khoury said Tuesday that his wife Amira found the statue “covered with oil” recently. Amira said the statue “spoke to her” and told her not to be afraid. After a neighbor witnessed the oil, word soon spread.

Parts of the statue appear to be slick with moisture, even after it is wiped off.

The family says it is most striking when a “tear” seems to roll down the statue’s cheek. It says some 2,000 people have come to see the statue over the last week. source – Israel & Stuff

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  • Christ said no one comes to the father except though Christ. These poor deluded People continue to worship their Idols and relics in their vain attempts at worship, all the while deluded by Satan and that Harlot known as Catholicism

  • 🙄 These poor people…there motto should be…”if I only had a brain: It is so sad…But so goofy at the same time….to look at anything made of hands and think it is a god! How sad…

  • If unexplained oil is really coming from this statue then it has to be demonic. The bible forbids us to bow or pray before an image. Imagine, some person designed this statue. It is made of some material that has absolutely no power. I feel sorry for the people who think this is a godly thing.

  • If only people would find their answers from the only thing of Truth, the Bible.

  • I have a sometimes difficult relationship as I was raised and am a Baptist and my longtime girlfriend is and was raised in a Italian catholic household.I pray everyday that Christ may give me the right words to ashure her that she can come to God with anything without the aid of a priest and some words to chant.The Catholic Church upsets me very much.

  • STL

    God said do not worphip idiols, I guess they broke that rule?

  • All these things are not suppose to be used in worshipping God,cross cos jesus did not die on the cross,statue of virgin mary cos bible did not tell us to go through her,statue of jesus bcos the bible warned us not to use any graven image.catholics are idol worshippers & a lot of sins are going on in vatican! i pity them!

  • @Steve,,,yes they did, AGAIN!!!!

  • This sounds very much like the devil deceiving the people with fake signs and wonders. When Jesus was transformed on the mountain-top, a cloud of bright glory overshadowed Peter James and John, and God the Father told them: ” This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. LISTEN TO HIM! ” Statues, no matter how attractive they may look, are pieces of art that cannot possible talk, or do anything a living human body can do.

  • never take the mark

    US military begins work on brain implants that can restore lost memories, experiences

  • John Cornwell in his controversial book “Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII,” devoted chapter to “The Holiness of Pius XII,” his devotion to Mary, etc.

  • John Cornwell in his controversial book “Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII,” devoted chapter to “The Holiness of Pius XII,” his devotion to Mary, etc.

  • I don’t think its wise to mock catholics because of their worshiping idolatry. Its wrong and ungodly. I do think, one has to pray for these people because the ENEMY has blinded their eyes and minds and hearts to see the truth. Most catholics are humble people, more humble than any other people that I’ve seen, they just caught in a web of lies and need prayer.

  • Tom

    Where does the article say that the people worship Mary, or the statue?

  • If I were there and if I had a power to do something about this idolatry, I would do the same thing that Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Cranmer and their friends did to baloney queen statues in England during the Dissolution of the Monasteries (1536-1541). I would take a hammer and smash very hard to that baloney queen statue until it completely breaks into peaces and falls to the ground. I would burn the building where that statue is worshipped so no one could bow down to it anymore.

  • If I were there and if I had a power to do something about this idolatry, I would do the same thing that Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Cranmer and their friends did to baloney queen statues in England during the Dissolution of the Monasteries (1536-1541). I would take a hammer and smash very hard to that baloney queen statue until it completely breaks into pieces and falls to the ground. I would burn the building where that statue is worshipped so no one could bow down to it anymore.

  • No one here is mocking catholics. A person can be humble but wrong. Many atheists are humble but yet they are lost in their sins.

    Catholics do make me angry though. the contradictions of their cult is right in their face and yet they can still find some excuse to justify it.

  • I live in a nation that is lost in its sins. Christianity hasn’t any answers.

    Ah but my Christian neighbors tell me “peace, peace, the LORD will give you peace, if only you believe in Jesus…”

    Then the LORD said to me, “The prophets are prophesying falsehood in My name. I have neither sent them nor commanded them nor spoken to them; they are prophesying to you a false vision, divination, futility and the deception of their own minds.

  • If people would turn off the television sets and start to read the scriptures alot of this would come to an end. The Catholic Church has a history of false teachings as well as murder yet it continues to deceive ! You get this same non-sense from every tv evangelist that are currently ripping off the people who are ignorant. Benny Hinn, Parsley, Copeland, Stewart, Hagan, Meyers, ect.

  • STL

    Suez: I heard from my cousins in Israel, that x- U.S. Army Special Forces that are christian’s lost hope serving the US Military as a christian, are now joining the IDF in Israel, since Jan. 2013, there 100 new recuits joining every month to form the Christian Brigade with Christian Arabs Forces.

    I was not disable, I would be there too!

  • I think the most interesting thing about this manifestation is that it happened in Israel. It seems that the holy war for domination is on over there. With increasing incidents on the Temple Mount and the increasing persecution of Christians in the surrounding Muslim countries, it would appear that Satan is getting more pointed in his attacks on Jesus and all that is true. Ultimately, the tug-of-war over there is going to be Jews vs Muslims vs Catholics. The evangelical church will be the counter force of truth until the Bride is taken away. This manifestation is meant to draw Catholics into the conflict as they will believe it shows God’s blessing on Catholicism in Israel. We are told there will be false miracles for the purpose of deception. This is probably one of them.

  • satan it a master of deception and no doubt behind this age of modern times wind down and he wish to decive even more with his witchcraft and this these that follow such with blind eye will be left behind to endure the tribulation of the next few years,he go’s fore with great rath to destroy and decive many has he knows he has but a short time.

  • Since the Roman Catholic church does a poor job of instructing people to read the truths of the Bible it is no wonder the “faithful” fall for such sillines. They’ve done it before and there will be more of this. Such blindness!!

  • STL, what you shared about U.S. Army Special Forces joining the Israel military is awesome. I don’t blame them for doing so, with all of the persecution of Christians in the U.S. Military these days.

  • STL

    Suez: Did you here what ReBecca said to me, She happy our American forces are joining the IDF, instead as you said, God will handle it, but God put men and women to the point to defend Israel.

  • Jesus also said, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” The self-righteous comments on this blog are staggering.

    Instead of tearing down, why not, “build up???”
    Why not “add to” what a catholic believes? Do you think
    your RC Church bashing draws anyone to Christ?

    Where were all of you before you got ‘saved?’ What did you believe? Where is any ounce of compassion?
    Bravo to Roman Catholics! They believe ‘something.’ Why not add to their belief in Mary with the news of who
    From what I read here, it’s just too easy to trash Catholics and feel superior while you do it. That approach draws flies. (now go ahead and trash me . . . and no, I am not Roman Catholic.)

  • C.A., my issue with the Vatican and the popes is the church’s historic anti-Semitism. It was not until 1993 before the Vatican established formal diplomatic relations with Israel! Do the popes read the prophets or the Bible? Do they not know Jesus was / is a Jew and an Israelite? Where does the church think Jesus will be if not with Israel in the last days? The Vatican has been a consistent supporter of the Muslim world war against Israel, because they support Israel’s / God’s enemies. I have a problem with that. Vatican does not know God gave the Holy Land to the sons of Jacob?

  • why do all the so called “true” Christians always say you cant pray to mother mary. c’mon she is jesus’s mom. if you called jesus’s house and he wasn’t home you could leave a message with his mom mary. she is the patron saint of mexico. her vision is sighted around the world every year. she assended to heaven from the same rock as Christ. does Fatima sound familiar? so eze up on mary.

  • Name lugger: Why does True christians can not pray to Jesus mother Mary, for one the catholic put Mary ahead of Jesus, as she the head parent of Jesus, but that mankind law, we are not allow to worship any other than Jesus Christ. So we can look at the scriptures what Jesus said about his mother. Luke 8:20-21; And it was reported to Him, ” Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, wishing to see you.” But He answered and said to them, ” My Mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.”

    Then Jesus also said in Luke 11: 27-28; And it came about while He said these things, one of the women in the crowd raised her voice, and saiod to Him. ” Blessed is the womb that bore you, and the breasts at which You nursed.” But He said, ” On the contrarym blessed are those who hear the word of God, and observe it.”

    Can you prove without a doubt that these 3 children at Fatima, really seen Mary, or was it a demon looking like Mary?

    you said, that Mary ascended the same as Jesus, but that’s not completely true. Jesus ascended in bodily form as a man, when Mary died only her spirit ascended to heaven.

    The reason I know it was not Mary at Fatima? In 1st Thess 4: 16-17, the dead will rise first and then the living saints ascende in the air to meet Jesus Christ thus be with him forever. And in 1 Cor. 15: 52 the dead will be raised imperishable and we shall be changed. So until this happens at the Rapture. Mary body will not bodily form, until this happens to her.

    Also Catholic’s continue to call Mary, ” The Virgin,” but she was a virgin still at Jesus birth, but Mary continued to have other children after Jesus. So she is not a Virgin anymore up to her death.

    So I would believe you should honor Jesus only. As in Luke 13: 5- I tell you, no, unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. So you need to accept God gift of Salvation, and worship only Jesus Christ.

  • CA, I think you judge to harshly. Many of us said it was very sad! I don’t call that tearing down. 🙁

  • @Klein, Amen to that. The Pope really wants to rule and sit on a throne in Israel if the truth be known!!! People really need to wise up about the RCC and it’s plans!!!

  • @lugger . OH PLEASE sir, show me in the Bible where it tells anyone to pray to Mary???? She was a blessed woman that God choose to birth Jesus. But, she was a sinner that had to be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, just as any other person has to. Thank God for her, and maybe respect her, but don’t worship her, and please do not pray to her or any other fleshman!!! Only to the Father in Jesus name, like Jesus told us in the Lords prayer!!! 🙁

  • There is only one person that intercession can be
    made to God.

    1 Tim2:1-6
    I exhort therefor, that, first of all, supplications,
    prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be
    made for all men;
    2. For kings, and for all that are in authority; that
    we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all
    godliness and honesty.
    3. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God
    our saviour;
    4. Who will have all men to be saved, and to come
    unto the knowledge of the truth.
    5. For there is one God, and one mediator between
    God and men, the man Christ Jesus;
    6. Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified
    in due time

    This scripture is not hard to understand, do we not
    mock what Jesus did for us when we turn to anything
    other than Christ the man to intercede for us, regard-
    less of religion or denomination ? Jesus suffered a
    brutal death that we may all come to know God !
    In earnest I pray that all may put their faith in him
    alone, he has the power to answer all prayers !

    God bless all.

  • This statue “weeping” oil is not of God, satan knows well his days are numbered and will attempt to pull as many unsaved unrepentant souls down with him.

    On a second note, I am so tired of reading people misuse the concept of “thou shall not judge,” this was meant that man cannot make the final judgement on another mans soul such as saying ” you are going to hell” to an individual, only God can make the final judgement. God gave us discernment as Christians to judge right, wrong, good and evil. I will call out evil when I see it and if a brother is in the wrong I will approach him as a fellow Christian and lovingly point that out. But I will not sit by and keep quiet while evil is done…….it’s precisely why we are where we are in this world.

  • AMEN Mike and Pride!!!! Amen!!! 🙂

  • Amen, Pride!

  • Sue

    Catholics do not worship statues. The statues remind us of our heavenly father, a saint, or Mary. We all have pictures around of our loved ones, rather living or dead, because we like to think of them and be reminded of them. Well this is the same thing, it is not the statue we worship, we honor God, Jesus, Mary and Saints and the statues remind us of them (no cameras back then).

  • Sue: We christians only honor one person Jesus Christ. And we christians do not come from a religion like being a Catholic.

    There is one thing for sure, that will tell you your worshipping the wrong person, if your standing in line at Judgement Day, being sentence to torment in the Lake of Fire. Then you’ll relize you made a few bad choices.

    If you want to take that chance that your Pope Francis will lead you to heaven, good luck!

  • Ecclesiastes 9:4-6 For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

    5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

    6 Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun. Praying to any one other then the father in the name of Jesus is a wastes. Of time and breathe.

  • We are told in the bible not to make any graven image of anything in heaven or earth to kiss, bow down to, pray to, or worship. Catholics will unfortunately be deceived by the false prophet who has a part with the anti-Christ when he calls fire down from heaven and other miracles to deceive those who don’t follow all the bible and are not born-again. It doesn’t matter whether you think you don’t worship the statue etc. God said No! Make NO GRAVEN IMAGE (even to just so call look at)No means NO!
    I was once attacked by an evil spirit angel when I was young. I cried out to Jesus to save me! Jesus’s voice spoke audibly and the evil spirit angel left. It had huge wings and tried to hold me down while I was trying to sleep. The Lord told me it came in by a rosary that was in my husband’s jewel box. Jesus told me to destroy it because his word tells us not to pray with repetition and the bible says that Jesus became a curse for us on the cross, and that it was our shame that he took upon himself for our sins. Crosses with Jesus on them turn into a draw for demon angels is what he revealed to me through this experience.
    A friend of mine has a brother that the same thing happened to him because he had a crucifix above his bed. He described the same thing that I experienced! I had to destroy a few statues of Mary that were given to us as wedding presents also. The Lord taught us many truths when we were young born-again Christians newly married. Don’t be deceived! The false prophet will be a pope!

  • Debra; Remember the story with the Golden Calf, Moses went up on the mountain to talk to God, while his brother Aaron was with the people waiting for Moses to return, after a few days, the people gave up hope in their leader-Moses. So they turn back to there old ways of worshipping Baal, so the people made an image of Baal, a Golden Calf, Aaron did not stop the people and tell them have faith in God and Moses. Moses returned when he saw the calf, he became so mad he took the 10 Commandment tablets and broke them, in the end of this story, because Aaron also lost faith and allow the people to decieve God with the image of the Golden Calf, Aaron was not allowed to enter the promise land.

    So when Catholic believe it or not, when these images of Jesus, the Apostles amd Virgin Mary, are in the Catholic churches, their still using stone images to be there mediator to God, but Jesus said I’m the only mediator between man and God. Why does Jesus still hangs on a cross in a Catholic churches, is Jesus still suffering on the cross for our sins, no! Once he died on the cross, we were justified by his blood, for our sins to be forgiven. Now our Lord is in heaven and he does not suffer anymore! That’s the whole point of his death on the cross for mankind. We that believe he suffered once on the cross, we are justified through His blood to recieve Salvation from Him. That we will enter heaven and never suffer again!

  • Amen Steven

  • joe

    is worshipping of idols the only sin that can send one to hell …….there are some of u here who commits more sins aginst God but u have choose to cover them n speaking as righteous peoples, many of u here are indulging in masturbation,sexual activities, n stuff lyk that…..for u to confess here for us to help u in prayers , u are here n judging peoples………u all need to be repent thats for u.

  • Joe: My father was Jewish and mother Roman Catholic, I was raise to be a Catholic, alter boy, catholic schools, but I can not avoid the truth.

    Let’s look at the evidence to see if I’m bashing Catholics?

    The Holy apostolic see and the oman Pope hold primary over the whole world. By Council of florence 1439. In Rev. 13:7 Assert Power over all the habitants of the earth.

    There is no higher authority, Catholic rev. Aeternus 1870

    Pope gregory said, unlimited commission over all souls. The roman Catholic Church state rose to Power from within the 10 original tribes ( monarchies) of divided Europe.

    The pope is the only spokesman for the Roman Church.

    We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty. Pope Leo 13th 6/20/1894

    The sovereign of this kingdom as high as Yahuwah-God. 2 Thess. 2:3-4

    The Pope Triple Crown holds the inscription- ” VICARIUS FILIIDEI” which means in Latin for Vicar substitute of the ” Son of God.”

    The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ, hidden under a veil of fresh. By Catholic National July 1895.

    This judicial authority will even include the power to forgive sins. By Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 12, Article Papa Page 265.

    More than 100 milion people were killed in the Inquisition, by the Roman Catholic Church heresies.

    In Dan. 7:25 has attempted to change Yahuwah calendar and law.

    The Pope is of so great authority and power that can modify, explain, and interpret even divine law. By Iucius Ferraris Article Papa Vol. 6, Page 29

    Sunday is a Catholic institition and it claim to observance can be defended only on Catholic principles. By Catholic Press August 1900

    Of course the Catholic Church claims that the SABBATH to SUNDAY was her act and the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical power. By H.F. Thomas Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons.

    Joe, before you state other christians is sinning more, you need to see how many sins the your Pope is committing?

    You are following after a religious cult, you need to change to the truth of God’s word.

    that your faith should not rest on wisdom of men(pope’s), but on the power of God,.

  • Pray not for these people, God will not hear it. In Jeremiah God says not to pray for pagan apostate catholic types, also the Bible says those that worship these dumb idols become just like them, these catholics have eyes but see not, ears but hear not, etc. – God sends catholics strong delusion because they rejected the truth ( the Bible )

  • @K roach, there may be truth to what you said. But we are living in the age of grace now, thank God! I have relatives and friends that are Catholic. I won’t stop praying for them. God saved me, and who was I? I wasn’t Catholic, but I was a sinner! As long as there is breath, there is hope that people wake up and God wipes the scales from their eyes! So, I will keep praying, until God tells me different! 🙂

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