Candy Bar Promotion Uses GPS Tracking Chips And Commando Storm Troopers

The name of this new promotion is called "We Will Find You." The whole idea of it is to make you relax and feel comfortable with the idea of...
Far from amusing you, this new promotion from Kit-Kat should send a cold, wet chill down your spine. This is nothing more than a trial balloon to see how people will react to being tracked, and eventually...chipped.

The coming Mark of the Beast

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The planners of the coming New World Order grow bolder and bolder by the day, as you will see in this article on a promotional give-away from US candy maker Nestle. In the UK, the makers of Kit Kat and other candy bars are floating this promotion as a trial balloon to gauge people’s real feelings on being tracked, and eventually being chipped.

The name of this new promotion is called “We Will Find You.” The whole idea of it is to make you relax and feel comfortable with the idea of ultra-invasive microchips tracking your every move. There is an old adage that says this: “People will do almost anything for money”. And the One World Government is betting that also applies to taking the coming Mark of the Beast.

From Daily Mail UK: It has an air of Big Brother about it. But this time you’ll be delighted they’re watching you.

Far from amusing you, this new promotion from Kit-Kat should send a cold, wet chill down your spine. This is nothing more than a trial balloon to see how people will react to being tracked, and eventually…chipped.

Chocolate giant Nestle has launched a new competition in the UK called ‘We Will Find You’ where they have placed tracking devices into six lucky wrappers.

Should you open one of them, the GPS will activate and send a signal through to the company’s control room.

A team of ‘commandos’ will then be despatched in a helicopter to your exact location within 24 hours and deliver you a briefcase containing £10,000 in cash.

To promote the campaign, Nestle has put up around 3,000 posters and produced a TV advert.

The commercial says they will ‘scramble a crack team of highly trained individuals’ to locate the owner of the lucky chocolate.

Nestle Kit Kat Bar We Will Find You

Truth in advertising: Oh, they will find you, alright. You better believe it…

‘They will board a helicopter, find the special bar and give the owner £10,000,’ it adds.

According to Ad Week, Nestle believes the promotion ‘will particularly appeal to men’.

The GPS chips will be embedded in the wrappers of KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Medium and Yorkie Milk chocolate bars. source – Daily Mail UK


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  • I don’t know. This sounds like a kind of fun way to do a promotion using todays tech. It’s not like they’re in every bar, nor are you ingesting the tracking device, nor are they hiding it in any way. It seems pretty harmless to me.

    • Scott, you missed one thing, though. You would have to ingest the GPS tracking device, because how are they going to find you if you ate the candybar right after buying it at the corner market with cash and threw away the wrapper?

  • Thank God i don`t eat much chocolate…..

  • NTEB News Desk

    Scott – Yes, but you MISS the whole point. This is like giving young kids candy to lure them away, right? A whole promotion that makes you EXCITED about being tracked with a GPS chip and EXCITED when armed Commandos hunt you down…its VERY sinister….

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  • This is becoming far to much like Big Brother watching your everywhere about’s how are wee to know that we are ingesting them.They can have ways of doing this having the Mark of the Beast within you without knowing..It’s like to much NWO…. Once you have it you can’t get rid of it… Our freedom’s are out the window….

  • This sounds like a back door way to introducing what the Bible refers to as the ‘Mark of the Beast’, which will indeed retrict people to using a barcode on the wrist or forehead. (Read in Revelation chapters 13 to 19). A word of warning to those who think it a bit of fun, ‘Once you take the mark, there is no way back to God, you are condemned forever. If that sounds strong read for yourself and warn others. It’s time for the church to wake up and sound the alarm and warn people of what is happening.

  • When big “brother” shows up, I got something for him.

  • this is nothing but a way to lure people into taking something and have it seem so fun.but it wont br when it really happens that the devil same old tricks but just different way’s to try to catch the people of God but thank you lord are eyes are open wide…..

  • Scott, also, you do have to ingest the GPS. How are they going to find you if you threw away the wrapper right after you bought outside of a corner market with cash?

  • I believe the article says it is PLACING the GPS tracking devices INTO 6 lucky wrappers…when the wrappers are opened then it will activate the tracking device.
    Then they will send out a team of commandos to locate the owner.
    Also, as you can see on the Kit Kat wrappers there on the front it says 10,000…so most likely people who open them will be sure to not throw the wrappers away, knowing that there is 10,000 at stake.
    They are making it a game to find you…even if you throw the wrapper away then they can test themselves to see how long it will take them to actually find the owner. Cat and Mouse.

    • Exactly. Welcome to the new wave of tracking customers using food and treats of all things. There’s a wealth of information to be gained from this thing, for starters, they’d know where you shop and where you live. The only reason they don’t implant it into the food is you’d chew it up and your stomach acid would do the rest. But just wait. The nano technology will catch up.

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  • Tom

    I think this may be the beginning of experimenting on ways to track people to gradually gain the acceptance from the public. A cumulative method to introduce an identification system. But I do not believe that you would be judged if you unknowningly ate something with a hidden chip in it. Judgement from God would come if you know what you are doing and accept it willingly. That’s just my opinion. Anyone else have a thought on this?

  • david

    Technology is used like candy for the NW-dis-O to create a globe of the few remaining transhumans, to have only technology without spirit. This is a disgusting display of luring the public into sin, just as they have been. When evil is perceived as good, sin enters when you act on it. One can have a sinful thought…dwelling on it is what gets you. Remember, whatever the mind will conceive and believe it can acheive. As for any sin however, taking pleasure in thoughts of sin is no different to God. Any sin will prevent eternal life, no matter the severity, once there is knowledge there is accountability. Therefore, when a person is trained by deception to believe taking the mark is of no consequence, it will succeed & the soul is lost.
    People will be tracked as many are already, but with more sophistication & will not necessarily require taking the mark to be tracked. The combination of HAARP technology, the aerosol operations altering the air into a plasma environment. Reading the electrochemical signature of any individual which is unique, and using a spraying of smart dust, they can locate the signature wherever this is deployed. Smart dust is nano technology imbedded into the atlosphere allowing sensors to instantly locate you. Smart dust is like having tracking computer chips in such size and quantity that it provides absolute and complete monitoring and situtational awareness in any region where it’s sprayed. This is orders of magnitude more sensitive and refined than mere elf or vlf waves for ground penetrating radar as an example. This smart dust will be deployed into the remaining populated mega cities, sold as a convenience for everything from turning on your lights & opening doors, to cooking your meals before you get home….if you want to call it food. Smart dust will make it unnecessary to park the camoflaged van on your street to use psycotronics on you. Ever see the movie called TRUEMAN ? From birth to death you are watched, but the movie is like kindergarden compared to the reality, and there is no island to escape from, because the island is the planet. This means get your spiritual house in order, for there will otherwise be no escape.

  • Doc

    I do believe that you will have to make a ‘conscious knowing decision’ to ‘accept the mark’, I realize some of you out there
    concerned about things such as
    this , sometimes are overwhelmed by the very real
    possibilities of such. Let me preface my further remarks on this subject with a simple fact or two

  • Doc

    Excuse me, accidently hit the publish button to
    soon.As I was saying. God is holy and just. I don’t
    believe He would ever hold us accountable for being ‘tricked’ into receiving the mark. The bible says that ‘he’, the beast with two horns like a lamb but he spake as a dragon, the ‘second beast’,,
    causeth all both small and great, rich and poor, bond and free, that’ ‘worshiped’,(key-word),the beast, to receive a mark in thier right hand or forhead, that no man who had not the mark,*or the ‘name’ of the beast or* the’number’ of his name, that they that had not one of those three things would be able to buy or sell . The word ‘CAUSETH’, in strongs concordance does Not mean ‘tricked’ or ‘deceived’, they that take that mark do so of thier own free volition!!! They are those that adore and worship the image of the
    beast that the second beast had the people make, and the second beast caused the ‘image’ of the beast the people made, to come to lfe
    So you don’t have the ‘be marked’ to be damned, just use his name or number to buy or sell !! Read the 13 th chapter of Revelation kjv!
    A little lenghty, but thats God’s Word.
    Talk to ya later, Doc

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  • Well thats IT for my family,no more NESTLE products will be bought in our house for any reason,unless they want me to kick there ass,i know the british don’t care they gave their guns to their women, to make them HAPPY………………..

  • HAHAHA,the british gave their guns to their women hahaha,,this tells you everything you need to know, NOW THEIR women will just bitch slap them and tell them: get your ass down there and get that MARK in your hand or I’ll bitch slap the crap out of you,and like the scared little bunnie rabbits they are they’ll all have the mark of the beast the day after it becomes available……hahahaha……………..

  • THE LORD OUR GOD SAYS: OCT.15 is D-DAY for the USA,get ready KIDS this ain’t going to be good……………………

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  • People you are missing some very important information. Almost every consumer item that you can think about already have radio frequency microchips imbedded into the product so that the business people who sale an item can track that product to where it was bought, where it went after it was purchased and how long it remains there. They are in all food products, tires, books, linens, mattresses, furniture, clothing and especially electronics such as cell phones. These chips can be tracked for long periods of time and they can tell these corporations all they want to about where it was purchased, how long it remains in the home and the home that purchased it. You are being watched already and tracked because of the items that you purchase and it wouldnt take much for the governments of the world to take over this information and use it, if they are not already doing it. I believe they have. So arguing against this promotion is right but, this type of thing has been going on for a years now and someone just came up with the idea to advertise and use it. There are and have been for sometime microchips in candy bars and all of the other items that you buy.

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  • Really interesting 🙂

  • david

    So, one will need independence for growing food, energy, transport fuel, water storage, emergency preparedness supplies, heirloom seeds, nutricuticles.

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