New Tylenol Commercial Showcases Lesbian Mothers In A 4-Way Blended Family

Tylenol's new television ad campaign is called "For What Matters Most", and features a variety of families such as this blended family of lesbian mothers....

This is the Beser Carr Schneider Musich Family’s story

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:” Romans 1:26

For 60 years, the makers of TYLENOL® have helped to care for families. To celebrate the holidays this year, the makers of TYLENOL® decided to put a modern spin on Norman Rockwell’s classic holiday painting Freedom From Want, to help illustrate how modern families come together to celebrate what matters most during the holidays. This is the Beser Carr Schneider Musich Family’s story:

Tylenol’s new television ad campaign is called “For What Matters Most”, and features a variety of families such as this blended lesbian family see in the video above. It is all part of the relentless push by the Liberals make homosexual family life seem as normal as possible. One look at this commercial and it appears as anything but “normal”.

Using the all-American imagery of Norman Rockwell is another slap in the face at mainstream America, and it’s values and religion so hated by the Left. But, as always, it’s the children who pay the price. Imagine the confusion generated by growing up in this family.

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