One Month After Approving Ground Zero Mosque, NYC Begins Hurricane Irene Evacuations

| August 26, 2011

Irene evacuations, transit shutdown ordered in NYC

Associated Press (AP) — In an unprecedented decision, nearly 300,000 people who live in flood-prone areas of New York City were ordered to evacuate Friday as Hurricane Irene sets its sights on the nation’s largest city. New Yorkers, many of them without cars, don’t have much time to get out of the way before the city shutters its subways, buses and trains on Saturday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered an evacuation by 5 p.m. Saturday for low-lying areas that house about 270,000 people. The areas include the Battery Park City complex on the southern end of Manhattan; Coney Island, famed for its boardwalk and amusement park; the beachfront community of the Rockaways and other neighborhoods around the city.

Meanwhile, subways, buses and commuter trains in the city, on Long Island and in the northern suburbs will begin their final runs around noon Saturday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials have said they can’t run the transit system once sustained winds reach 39 mph, and they need an eight-hour lead time to shut it down. Officials have entreated residents to take it upon themselves to get out early, but it remained unclear how many would heed the warnings that subways and buses might not be there for them if they waited.

While the evacuation was a first for New Yorkers, “I would think that the vast bulk will comply,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference. “Unfortunately, there’s a handful who will not comply until it’s too late. And at that point in time, you can really get stuck.”

“Waiting until the last minute is not a smart thing to do,” he added. “This is life-threatening.”

Meanwhile, shelters were set to open and other preparations continued as the city faced the likelihood of its first hurricane warning since 1985. A hurricane watch was in effect Friday for New York City and Long Island for Sunday, with storm conditions possible Saturday night. source- Yahoo News

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  1. steve kovack says:

    i guess Mr. Bloomberg and his cohort Mr. O have something in common…they have yet to feel the force of Gods wrath….afterall why should not they expect it..treating Mr. Netanyahu as he did ! Looks as though God will be sparing most of New York– ( this time) . Bring it on then, if you will, please Mr. O –hasten the call, and do what it is you must do , and do it quickly ! For I am awaiting that thousand year reign …..and i am perceiving that you wont be in it..I most certainly think youre not worthy…to walk on any street of gold !