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Russia Storms And Overtakes Ukrainian Airbase By Brute Force

| March 22, 2014

BELBEK AIRBASE, Crimea, March 22 (Reuters) – Russian troops forced their way into a Ukrainian airbase in Crimea with armored vehicles, automatic fire and stun grenades on Saturday, injuring a Ukrainian serviceman and detaining the base’s commander for talks.

Russia Takes Ukrainian Naval Base Belbek By Force

A Reuters reporter said armored vehicles smashed through one of walls of the compound and that he heard bursts of gunfire and grenades.

Colonel Yuliy Mamchur, the commander of the base, said a Ukrainian serviceman had been injured and that he himself he was being taken away by the Russians for talks at an unspecified location.

Asked if he thought he would return safely, he said: “That remains to be seen. For now we are placing all our weapons in the base’s storage.”

Belbek was one of the last military facilities in Crimea still under Ukrainian control following Russia’s armed takeover and subsequent annexation of the peninsula, which has a majority ethnic Russian population and is home to one of Russia’s biggest naval bases.

Earlier, the deputy commander of the base, Oleg Podovalov, said the Russian forces surrounding the base had given the Ukrainians an hour to surrender.

After the Russians entered, a Ukrainian officer who identified himself only as Vladislav said: “We did not provoke this, this was brute force. I do not know whether this base will be formally in Russian hands by the end of the day. source – Huffington Post


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  1. engineer says:


  2. engineer says:

    ROCK & ROLL!

  3. STL says:

    Prophecy is being fulfilled for Ezekiel Chapter 38 & 39.

  4. STL says:

    Engr: Nice legs on the Motherland Russia ladies, see their women military has better looking women that our women military?

  5. STL says:

    Engr: If Russia does not kill us with nukes, what a way to go with those Russian military ladies?

  6. “can the Ethiopian change his colour or the leapord change its spots”
    Putin is the “son” of Starlin.
    Remember the Berlin Wall – Remember Hungary.

  7. Hope says:

    This is absolutely heartbreaking. There was an article on The Blaze about a military couple getting married just before this takeover. These are real people in real jeopardy and we can do nothing except stand by and watch. Will it happen here?

  8. Mike says:

    You would think that the only way for Putin
    would be up from here. No serious challenge
    to his takeover of Crimea, the Russians just
    had a huge victory celebration, and his popu-
    larity has soared. The Islamic nations will
    flock to this type of success, especialy if it
    flys in the face of the USA. Obama can forget
    even thinking that he will have any influence
    in the middle east ! He will be as popular as
    the bubonic plague. Now Putin will be in the
    unenviable position to offer protection to
    these Islamic states, Putin offers leadership,
    goals and how to achieve them ! Obama offers.
    …err..mmm.?? …A FREE VIDEO OF HIMSELF !

  9. STL says:

    Mike: I’m having problems with Hotmail or Outlook, as there requesting more information from me, about where I’m living, the more I refused the more they tell me their going to drop me, there sure alot of control issues. It the very last days, USA is taking out of the picture, so Obama popularity is going bye-bye!

    We see it it Ezekiel Chapter 38 preparing for the Magog War, Russia will join powers with Iran, Libya, Sudan, Turkey up against Israel. There is no way Ukraine going to regain their power being a country, its a take-over from Russia.

  10. Ron Murphy says:

    Rev 17:17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

  11. The prophesies of the Bible has to be fulfilled.
    There are. Certain events which will bring about
    That propHesy. We caNnot alter the course of what
    God has ordain. Christians are told to. “Watch and Pray”
    JehovaH Witnesses has 7 million members who
    Are DECIEVE by their doctrine. Catholics has
    1.2 billion who are deceive. :How can you help
    These people find the TRUTH visit my website.

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