Yesterday, we ran a story on how Phil Robertson from the monster hit cable show Duck Dynasty was put on “indefinite suspension” for comments he made regarding his thoughts and opinions of the homosexual lifestyle. The story we did ran with this lead:

“Freedom of speech is out the window in Obama’s America in 2013. Our Christian heritage and biblical values have no place in our rush to embrace the queer culture. What happened to Phil Robertson by the LGBT Nazis is a sobering warning to all those who dare to disagree with a way of life carried on by less than 9% of the population. And just for the record, the bible is 100% AGAINST all forms of homosexuality. Every bit of it. source

Well, evidently all this was too much reality for the fine folks at Facebook, who decided that reporting factual truth was a violation of their Community Standards policy. We awoke this morning to this message that greeted us upon attempting to log into our NTEB Facebook page:


Please share this story with all your social friends and neighbors, and let Facebook know that censorship is what the Nazis did and has no place in our “open-minded and progressive” civilization. Shame on you, Facebook.