The coming Mark of the Beast

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The planners of the coming New World Order grow bolder and bolder by the day, as you will see in this article on a promotional give-away from US candy maker Nestle. In the UK, the makers of Kit Kat and other candy bars are floating this promotion as a trial balloon to gauge people’s real feelings on being tracked, and eventually being chipped.

The name of this new promotion is called “We Will Find You.” The whole idea of it is to make you relax and feel comfortable with the idea of ultra-invasive microchips tracking your every move. There is an old adage that says this: “People will do almost anything for money”. And the One World Government is betting that also applies to taking the coming Mark of the Beast.

From Daily Mail UK: It has an air of Big Brother about it. But this time you’ll be delighted they’re watching you.

Far from amusing you, this new promotion from Kit-Kat should send a cold, wet chill down your spine. This is nothing more than a trial balloon to see how people will react to being tracked, and eventually…chipped.

Chocolate giant Nestle has launched a new competition in the UK called ‘We Will Find You’ where they have placed tracking devices into six lucky wrappers.

Should you open one of them, the GPS will activate and send a signal through to the company’s control room.

A team of ‘commandos’ will then be despatched in a helicopter to your exact location within 24 hours and deliver you a briefcase containing £10,000 in cash.

To promote the campaign, Nestle has put up around 3,000 posters and produced a TV advert.

The commercial says they will ‘scramble a crack team of highly trained individuals’ to locate the owner of the lucky chocolate.

Nestle Kit Kat Bar We Will Find You

Truth in advertising: Oh, they will find you, alright. You better believe it…

‘They will board a helicopter, find the special bar and give the owner £10,000,’ it adds.

According to Ad Week, Nestle believes the promotion ‘will particularly appeal to men’.

The GPS chips will be embedded in the wrappers of KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Medium and Yorkie Milk chocolate bars. source – Daily Mail UK