34 Questions On The Sandy Hook School Shooting That Have Never Been Answered (VIDEO)

Regardless of how you view the Sandy Hook Newtown school shooting, it has raised multiple questions that have never received satisfactory answers....

Regardless of how you view the Sandy Hook Newtown school shooting, it has raised multiple questions that have never received satisfactory answers, such as:

  1. Why were no “Life-Flight” or “Life-Star” helicopters called in to assist victims at Sandy Hook?
  2. Why were paramedics and EMTs denied access to victims?
  3. Why did the medical examiner not allow families to see the bodies of their dead children?
  4. Why was such an effort made to tie both Adam and Nancy Lanza to the Sandy Hook school, when later it was found that those reports were false?
  5. The school nurse claims to have heard 5 shots. How would 5 shots result in over 20 dead bodies?
  6. Why was the Newtown school completely destroyed with no trace of it remaining? They didn’t tear down the school in Columbine, Colorado.

34 Questions On Sandy Hook Shooting That Have Never Been Answered from Now The End Begins on Vimeo.

…and the list goes on and on. We invite you to watch this video and simply attempt to answer these 34 questions yourself using only available facts, common sense and logic. But we promise you, that if you simply watch the video all the to the end, you will absolutely come to the conclusion that whatever actually happened at the Sandy Hook School, it is not what we have been lead to believe.

Why Is This ‘Grieving Dad’ Smiling And Laughing Before His Obviously Fake Performance? from Now The End Begins on Vimeo.

And what about “greiving dad” Robbie Parker? When he thought the cameras were not rolling, he is seen laughing and joking like he doesn’t have a care in the world. When he starts to talk, he gives the most pathetically-bad display of horrible acting, with all the fake crying you can stand to watch. Click and see for yourself.



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  • Another two questions: Why do those people think we are so stupid? Why do we believe anything MSM says? Wait, I just got the answer to my first question!

  • I can’t convince my family of anything. They are so stupid!!

  • Obama’s False Flag event?

  • Valarie: How are you doing?

  • I’m doing well still no cancer next month is a year without cancer!

  • I also don’t believe anyone died at the theatre shooting in Colorado.

  • Valerie: God been great to you, I so happy that your still with us.

    You said you had problems with your legs, did that also go away?

  • Thanks for remembering my legs are great been having pains in my port scar on occasion.

  • Valerie; been praying for your recovery! God Bless

  • Thank you

  • How are you and your wife?

  • I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I believe all the other school shootings/mass shootings occurred a we were told. But I do not for one minute believe Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary school and shot all those children and teachers. Every one involved was either dead or alive, I don’t recall hearing anything about injured victims. There are way more than 34 unanswered questions. Go to you tube and type in sandy hook. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

    • Jon

      So a lone kook with a gun is less believable to you than a vast conspiracy involving creating children and their friends and families and making sure that none of the actors involved ever come forward and then.. uh.. destroying the school for some reason.

      You Sandy Hook truthers are some of the dumbest dumb people I have ever interacted with.

  • Valarie,
    Don ‘t feel bad. My family thinks I made
    Too much of a conspiracy theory out of the

    That’s OK though, because I believe that
    Man’s sins will find them out sooner or later.

    NOBODY gets away with anything, so I won’t
    Make a fuss over all the details of this murder.

  • It’s shocking the lengths they would go to in order to convince us it happened, yet they were so careless, there are so many holes in the stories! No one ever saw a single body. Not a single organ donation. Why?

  • There is so many theories about many events that has happen since 9/11, the U.S. Government and the elite Bankers will do anything to get to the point to decieved the people, to be allowed by the people and convince the people their making the right decisions to get the NWO in working order.

  • Valerie: We doing pretty good, but we would be better off as soon the Lord Jesus Christ takes us to our new home!

  • Valerie

    China is taking our water


    In 1973, I read the Hal Lindsey book, ” Late Great Planet Earth,” that said water will become more vauble that Gold.

    Another note: IRS set up VITA tax services for free services, I guess Obamacare want to make sure they get your tax refund checks?

  • TERESAB: Our water table here in Mazatlan lake is down 54%, but I knew this would happen, so we have 2- wells, so we have plenty of water, for now, but who know in 2015?

  • : Son of God: opens this wknd, wont see it nor did I the other one. They are New Agers from the Emergent Church. This is part of Ms Downey

    Roma Downey’s comments and connections with psychic medium John Edward show she is not a Christian as she claims, but a New Ager

    Shortly after “The Bible” TV miniseries came out, Whoopi Goldberg on The View mentioned that psychic John Edward had endorsed the movie. Whoopi seemed baffled as to why Edward would endorse the movie. To find the answer, I Googled on the the search string [“Roma Downey” “John Edward”].

    I guess it should come as no surprise – I stumbled across several articles connecting self-proclaimed “Christian” Roma Downey with psychic medium John Edward. The Bible condemns occult practices such as those of John Edward. Seems to me this is powerful proof Downey is not a Christian as she claims, but a New Ager.

    So far I have found two articles detailing Downey’s connections with Edward. I have reposted them verbatim below, to document these connections. I have emphasized certain points by bolding, and inserted comments in [brackets].

    Exhibit #1
    Roma’s TV chat to dead mother [in 2002](click here for the original source of this article)

    Byline: DREW MacKENZIE in New York

  • STL, there are cazillions of folks smart enough to have been working on de salting the ocean to prepare for this, or other ways of preserving water, Austin Tx I think is refiltering Urine. Its not like it just happened. also w the weather engineering they have helped create this. Doesn’t matter to me cuz its all in the end and we have been told, so how we get there, well??? Take care, Blessings to you and famly

  • Scary stuff nothing is happening in okla just hoping that baphomet statue is denied

  • Why do I have to add my name and email for each reply? Why does Russia care about Ukraine?

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  • These questions are just ignorant. Why didnt the parents of dead children not allow their organs to be donated? Are you kidding me?! Nevermind that it is the rights of the kids parents to choose not to donate their organs, but to use that fact as a reason for saying Sandyhook was fake, IS STUPID!

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  • Mogga

    “Truther” questions are not questions at all. They are accusations by people with a preconceived agenda. They cannot be answered because an answer simply provokes a new question. It’s self perpetuating, the answer becomes, by default, part of the conspiracy. This nonsense has been addressed repeatedly, but still these subhuman conspiracy theorists continue to insult the memory of murdered children and their hero carers. Be ashamed “truthers”, understand how despicable you are and then go directly to hell.

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