Trump First Sitting President To Visit Western Wall, But Will He Keep Promise To Move Embassy To Jerusalem?

If he keeps his promise, his "100% guarantee" promise to move the Embassy to Jerusalem, he will face the wrath of the Muslim world. If he fails to keep that promise, he will face the wrath of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

President Donald Trump placed a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to visit one of Judaism’s holiest sites.

President Trump later called it a “great honor” to visit the wall, saying, “I can see a much deeper path, friendship with Israel.”

The historic visit is part of Trump’s efforts to highlight “the need for unity among three of the world’s great religions” on his first foreign trip, senior administration officials said. Trump’s stop at the Western Wall came between Sunday’s trip to Saudi Arabia, where he called on Muslim leaders to “drive out the terrorists and extremists” from their lands and his forthcoming visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Now all this is great – but – there are “bigger fish to fry” as the old saying goes.

President Donald Trump & Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Deliver Remarks in Jerusalem:

PM Netanyahu mentioned ‘Jerusalem and Israel’ so many times in the same sentence in his opening remarks, you would have thought you were listening to a infomercial for booking a trip to Jerusalem. But when it was President Trump’s turn, he never once mentioned Jerusalem as being the capital city of Israel, a marked departure from his rhetoric on the campaign trail. Has he changed his mind about keeping his campaign promise to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem? Hard to see, but his position appears to be shifting. Shifted?

Donald Trump Promises To Move Embassy From Tel Aviv To Jerusalem:

Moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was a platform promise for Donald Trump, and one of the main reason why so many Jews voted for him.

As a candidate, Donald Trump did not say that he would “work to move the US Embassy”. he did not say he would “try to move the US Embassy”, he said he would move it and that its move was a “100% guarantee”.

While speaking at a synagogue in Florida, Ivanka Trump assured Jewish voters that her father would “100 percent” move the US embassy to Jerusalem if he is elected president.

Now elected president, Donald Trump finds himself in Israel on the 50th anniversary of the day that Israel regained control of Jerusalem, and what will he do?

If he keeps his promise, his “100% guarantee” promise to move the Embassy to Jerusalem, he will face the wrath of the Muslim world. If he fails to keep that promise, he will face the wrath of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What would you do?



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