So What Happened To Obama’s Stained Glass Backdrop At The 2012 DNC?

Obama's speech was re-written and pared down in an attempt to give him the "common man" touch. The next thing to go was the massive, stained glass backdrop that...
The DNC is building a massive faux stained glass edifice to showcase their "messiah" Barack Hussein Obama when he takes the stage to address his worshippers.

A radical change in plans

The 2012 DNC Convention was all set. They had re-written their platform language to remove all references to God, and more importantly, all references to Jerusalem as being the (rightful) capital of Israel. And just like in 2008, they were all set to “remind” their faithful worshippers that Barack Hussein Obama was their messiah.

The DNC built a massive faux stained glass edifice to showcase their “messiah” Barack Hussein Obama when he takes the stage to address his worshippers. But that day never came…

Many stories were written in the days leading up to the convention about all the street vendors selling religious-themed calendars and artwork depicting Obama variously as 1). a fulfillment of bible prophecy, and 2). the messiah. We reported it like this:

“One poster features an image of the president in prayer with the headline, “Prophecy Fulfilled.”

“Barak is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is ‘flash of lightning,” the poster notes, referencing a passage in in the Old Testament book of Judges.

Hussein, they allege, is a Biblical word meaning “good and handsome.” “So you see, Barak was destined to be a good and handsome man that would rise like a flash of lightning to win victory in a battle against overwhelming odds,” the poster read.

We also reported that the DNC had constructed another amazing and massively inappropriate edifice to showcase their hero. You’ll recall that the 2008 convention acceptance speech, given before a crowd of 80,000 worshippers featured a Greek temple backdrop. So this year, the plan was to showcase Obama in front of a stained glass structure, like some kind of faux-christ (you’ll  notice we did not use the word “anti”, lol). We showed you the photo supplied via Fox News.

Everything was all set for Obama to receive worship…

…but a funny thing happened on the way to the Church of the DNC

The DNC was as confident as could be in their platform, until September 4 came along like a bolt out of the blue and effectively decimated their plans.

That was the day that the Romney and Company revealed to the world that not only did the DNC platform scrub all references to God that were in the 2008 language, but they also removed any and all references to Jerusalem being recognized by the Dems as the “eternal, indivisible capital of Israel.

A hew and cry went up across the height and breadth of social media land depicting the Democrats as “godless” and “anti-semitic”, and the criticism stuck. It stuck to such a degree that radical and speedy changes were demanded by Obama in secret, back-room meetings late in to the night.

An illegal vote forced on the delegates

The first thing to go was anything and everything putting Obama on a pedestal. His speech was re-written and pared down in an attempt to give him the “common man” touch. Most of the flowery and rhetorical language stripped and scrubbed away.

The next thing to go was the massive, stained glass backdrop that had seemed like such a good idea just a day earlier. And the last thing to occur was an illegal vote in direct conflict with establish convention rules of order. The vote was necessary to somehow jam the removed references to God and Jerusalem as Israel’s capital back in.

During the proceedings Wednesday, Villaraigosa asked convention delegates three times to approve by voice-vote a motion reinstating language that had been dropped from the official party platform, declaring that “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.” Despite a loud chorus of “No!” and some boos that appeared to be at least as loud as those shouting “Yes,” Villaraigosa declared the motion to have passed by the required two-thirds vote.

This is where the illegal part occurred. Convention rules state that a full two-thirds of delegates must approve any vote to change the platform. Watch the video and listen for yourself as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gulps hard on the third time he is forced to take the vote, and it is OBVIOUS that he has nothing remotely approaching a two-thirds approval. Hmmm, what is a Dem to do? He did the only thing he could, being charged by his liberal masters to secure the vote at all costs – he simply said that the “people have voted to approve” and then ran off the stage. But don’t take our word for it, watch it for yourself, and listen to what he says and how the delegates respond. By the third time he attempts to force it on them, they are angrily shouting “no! no! we don’t approve”. Why no one has started legal action is beyond me, but such is life in the mind of the Far Left Liberal.

So as you see, when the blogosphere exposed the seamy inner-workings of the 2012 DNC, massive re-writing and re-scripting took place, and the convention that was presented bore little to no resemblance to the grandiose spectacle of Obama “praise and worship” that they had planned. And for that, we thank you, our loyal readers, for helping to expose just a little bit of the present darkness that has fallen on our nation since January 21, 2008.

And if you’re interested, I just happen to know where you can pick up a never-used, 2012 stained glass backdrop for free. It’s in a dumpster in Charlotte, NC. Forward! (lol)…



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