THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES: School Children In England To Be Taught In Sex Education Classes That ‘All Genders’ Can Have Menstrual Periods

"We believe that it’s important for all genders to be able to learn and talk about menstruation together… Our approach recognises the fact that some people who have periods are trans or non-binary."   The same council also recently released a "Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit" to help teachers treat gender identity sensitively.

School children in England will be taught that ‘all genders’ can have periods in new sex education lessons, in a victory for transgender rights campaigners.

When you build your foundation upon a lie, maintaining that lie becomes ever and ever more difficult to do. Take for example the lie that someone can become ‘transgender’ as a result of applying hormone shots and shopping for new clothes.  You can’t. Whatever gender you are born as, and there are only two of them, that is the gender you will remain until the day they put you to bed with a shovel.

“O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against thee.” Daniel 9:8 (KJV)

Bruce Jenner changed his name, had hormone shots to raise his voice, had surgery of various kinds, grew his hair long, applied fake boobs and fake nails, and guess what? Jenner is a dude in a dress, with a creepy weird voice, nasty-looking man hands, and layers of makeup. He is still a man, and will always be one. Give him all the ESPY awards for ‘female courage’ you like, at the end of the day, Caitlyn is a guy.

But now that the LGBTQ mafia has forced the entire world to accept the lie that someone can switch genders, the fun of covering for that lie has begun in earnest. England will now teach school kids in their Sex Education classes that ‘boys can have periods’. I’m not a biologist, but I am pretty 100% sure, absolutely positive that boys cannot menstruate. But you know who can? Girls can. You know what girls are after they become transgender? Girls. And do you know what boys are after they become transgender? Boys. You may fool a few people with what’s on the outside, but you will never fool people with what’s on the inside.

Transgenderism is a mental illness, and should be treated as such. But teaching little kids that they can switch genders is not only a lie, it is a criminal act of child abuse. It is only a  matter of time before this desperate foolishness comes to America, if it’s not already here. Dissolving the two genders that God created is all part of the New World Order agenda of the coming Antichrist. It will be a time marked by intense spiritual darkness and profound mental confusion. But that confusion will not be created by Antichrist, it is being created right now by fallen man.

Boys can have periods too, children to be taught in latest victory for transgender campaigners

THE UK TELEGRAPH: The advice to teachers was approved by Brighton & Hove City Council as they try to tackle stigma around menstruation. The new advice follows a council report which said: “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods”, adding that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders”.

Bins used for menstruation products will be provided in all toilets for children, according to the report. It also calls for transgender students and pupils to be provided with additional support from a school nurse if needed.

The report recommends that “language and learning about periods is inclusive of all genders, cultures, faiths and sexual orientations. For example; ‘girls and women and others who have periods'”.

Brighton & Hove City Council said in a statement: “By encouraging effective education on menstruation and puberty, we hope to reduce stigma and ensure no child or young person feels shame in asking for period products inside or outside of school if they need them.

“We believe that it’s important for all genders to be able to learn and talk about menstruation together… Our approach recognises the fact that some people who have periods are trans or non-binary.”

The same council also recently released a “Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit” to help teachers treat gender identity sensitively. It asks teachers to be respectful and inclusive of children who are questioning their gender, and tells them that purposefully not referring to children by their preferred pronoun or name can constitute harassment.

The toolkit also recommends schools adopt a non-gendered uniform so all children feel included, and to reduce bullying.

Tory MP David Davies told The Mail on Sunday that it was “insanity” for teachers to tell pupils that transgender boys can have periods.

He said: “Learning about periods is already a difficult subject for children that age, so to throw in the idea girls who believe they are boys also have periods will leave them completely confused.”

However, leading doctors have previously recommended that primary school children are taught about LGBT issues.

Earlier this year, the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health (RCPCH) urged minister go further in their guidance on sex and relationship classes, which will become compulsory from 2020.

Draft Government recommendations say schools are free to determine how they address lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, ensuring teaching is “sensitive and age-appropriate”.

The Royal College said: “There needs to be a clear statement that LGBT people and relationships are part of teaching about healthy relationships in primary school. This can be demonstrated in relation to families – but also it is helpful to children to learn the meaning of terms such as lesbian, gay and bisexual”. READ MORE

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