Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Unmanned Israeli Warship Launches Missile In Historic First

Rafael develops and manufactures advanced defense systems for the Israeli Defense Forces and the defense establishment, as well as for foreign customers around the world. The company offers its customers a diversified array of innovative solutions at the leading edge of global technology, from underwater systems through naval, ground, and air superiority systems to space systems. Rafael is the largest employer in Northern Israel with approximately 7,000 employees and numerous subcontractor and service suppliers.

For the first time, a missile has been fired from a remote-controlled, unmanned ship during an exercise, the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems contractor announced Tuesday.

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Israel has been regathered in their Biblical homeland for nearly 70 years now, and in that short span of time, God has blessed them to an astonishing degree. They lead the world in many areas of technology and defense, with even Microsoft creating R&D facilities there to stay on the forefront of innovation. America gives Israel billions each year, and it is one reason why God has allowed us to continue to exist and function despite our national disregard for God and the Bible. 

The missiles were fired by a new version of Rafael’s “Protector” series of unmanned ships, which had only previously been capable of small arms fire. The missiles were fired by a new version of Rafael’s “Protector” series of unmanned ships, which had only previously been capable of small arms fire.

The unmanned ship fired Spike missiles, a Rafael-made guided missile. They reportedly struck all of the simulated targets successfully during the tests. The tests were carried out off the coast of Askhelon by the Navy’s 916th Squadron, which operates off the Gaza coast.

The Israel Defense Forces currently has a small fleet of “Protector” ships, which are used to complement its manned patrol boats around Israel’s coastal waters.

This version of the “Protector” model is referred to by the Israel Navy as the “Sea Knight.”

Some of the navy’s unmanned ships come equipped with machine guns and water cannons, which are controlled remotely, either from the shore or from nearby ships, in some cases.

“The firing test demonstrates Protector’s side array of capabilities and applications,” said Moshe Elazar, head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Systems Division.

The Israel Navy, which once focused almost solely on protecting Israeli shores, has recently been charged with defending the country’s natural gas rigs as well, which demands more resources and new tactics.

According to Rafael, the new missile-firing version of the unmanned ship can help on that front as well.

“These assets are vulnerable to sabotage or terrorism, and the damage that can be inflicted can in some cases be catastrophic. Protector’s capabilities are a major force multiplier for navies, for detection, deterrence and finally neutralization of the threat,” Elazar said. source



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