Palestinians Living In The West Bank, What The Bible Calls Judea, Say With ‘100% Certainty’ That Implementation Of Annexation Has Already Begun

The bulldozers arrived in Abu Dis to demolish a one-story structure that was under construction, and whose owners had ignored repeated warnings by Israeli authorities to halt the building. The structure belonged to the Surkhi family in Abu Dis. The bulldozers also tore down a wall surrounding a playground. “I can tell you 100% that the implementation of the annexation plan has begun,” Abu Hilal said. “I see what happened today in Abu Dis as the beginning of the annexation plan.”

As far as the mayor of Abu Dis is concerned, Israel has already begun implementing its plan to apply its sovereignty to parts of the West Bank – including his town, southeast of Jerusalem.

When Israel was regathered on May 14th, 1948, in accordance with millenia-old bible prophecies, it sent shock waves around the world. A similar milestone event happened again with the 6-Day War in 1967, a war so incredible that soldiers who fought in it said they witnessed the miracle power of Almighty God in giving Israel the very improbable victory.

“Be it known unto the king, that we went into the province of Judea, to the house of the great God, which is builded with great stones, and timber is laid in the walls, and this work goeth fast on, and prospereth in their hands. Then asked we those elders, and said unto them thus, Who commanded you to build this house, and to make up these walls? nd thus they returned us answer, saying, We are the servants of the God of heaven and earth, and build the house that was builded these many years ago, which a great king of Israel builded and set up.” Ezra 5:8,9,11 (KJB)

Now here in the middle of June 2020, we stand on the precipice of a third such paradigm-shifting event with the annexation of Judea and Samaria, what unsaved people call the West Bank and Gaza Strip, that residents there say has already begun ahead of the July 1st mandated deadline.

“Therefore say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel. And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh: That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.” Ezekiel 11:17,19,20 (KJB)

Now is the time for Israel to move, while Trump is still president of America and Netanyahu has yet again dodged all the slings and arrows constantly shot at him by his political enemies. I told you all through 2019 that this year would be the ‘year of prophecy’, and halfway through it, it has not only been that but has far exceeded my previous expectations. Buckle up and be ready to fly, Flight #777 is on the runway.

Israel begins mapping out West Bank land for annexation after election Judaea and Samaria


Mayor of Abu Dis says “I can tell you 100% that the implementation of the annexation plan has begun.”

FROM THE JERUSALEM POST: On Wednesday morning, the mayor, Ahmad Abu Hilal, woke up to the sound of Israeli bulldozers entering the Abu Mugheira area in the Suwwaneh neighborhood of Abu Dis.In recent weeks, every move by the Israeli authorities in the Jordan Valley and some Palestinian villages in the West Bank has been interpreted as a sign that Israel has begun implementing the annexation plan on the ground. Some Palestinians claimed that the IDF has removed signs warning Israeli citizens from entering PA-ruled areas, to pave the way for implementation of the plan.

Others claimed that the Israeli authorities have begun distributing water and electricity bills to Palestinians living in areas that could be annexed by Israel, adding that this was an indication that the Jewish state was serious about its intention to implement the plan.

The bulldozers arrived in Abu Dis to demolish a one-story structure that was under construction, and whose owners had ignored repeated warnings by Israeli authorities to halt the building. The structure belonged to the Surkhi family in Abu Dis. The bulldozers also tore down a wall surrounding a playground.

“I can tell you 100% that the implementation of the annexation plan has begun,” Abu Hilal said. “I see what happened today in Abu Dis as the beginning of the annexation plan.”

How is the demolition of the illegally built structure related to the Israeli annexation plan?

The mayor said that the structure was targeted because it’s “located on the western side of Abu Dis, very close to the Israeli separation wall.” The Old City of Jerusalem is located only a few kilometers to the west of Abu Dis, but the two areas are separated by large concrete slabs that make up the security fence.

Abu Hilal said that in addition to the structure, the bulldozers also demolished a wall surrounding a soccer playground being built by the Abu Dis municipality in coordination with the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Sports and Youths.

“The demolition began around 1:00 am,” Abu Hilal recalled. “We believe the demolition is directly linked to the annexation plan. The structure and wall are located very close to the separation wall and are part of Area C, which is under exclusive Israeli control, he noted.

The annexation plan, if implemented, would “particularly pose a threat to the western parts of Abu Dis,” the mayor claimed. “They [Israel] want to redraw the fence so as to include more land from Abu Dis in the areas slated for annexation.”

In addition, the mayor said, the annexation plan would also see the Palestinian village losing much of its land on its eastern side, where Ma’aleh Adumim is located.
ABU DIS first appeared in the headlines after the signing of the Oslo Accord in 1993.

An unofficial draft agreement between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli politician Yossi Beilin, who in 1995 served as Economic Minister, stated that Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries would be expanded to include nearby Arab neighborhoods (called “Palestinian boroughs”) such as Abu Dis, as well as Ma’aleh Adumim, Giv’at Ze’ev, Givon and adjacent areas. Together, these areas would be called the City of Jerusalem, which would be managed by one municipality with two Israeli and Palestinian sub-municipalities. The Palestinian boroughs would be placed under Palestinian sovereignty, while the Israelis boroughs would be under Israeli sovereignty.

Abu Dis was again in the headlines in 2000, when the PA started building a parliament building there. The construction of the new parliament building sparked rumors that Israel and the PA had reached a secret agreement to turn Abu Dis into the capital of a Palestinian state.

The number of people currently living in Abu Dis is estimated to be 30,000, including thousands of students and faculty members studying and working at Al-Quds (Jerusalem) University, which is also located west of the town, near the security fence.

Abu Dis is located in both Area B and Area C of the West Bank. Some 3000-4000 Abu Dis residents live in Area C, which may end up being under Israeli sovereignty if and when the annexation plan is carried out. The Oslo Accord divided the West Bank into three administrative divisions: Area A, B, and C. Area A is exclusively administered by the PA. Area B is administered by both the PA and Israel. Area C, which contains Israeli settlements, is administered by Israel.

“The Oslo Accord placed our town under Area B and C,” Abu Hilal said.

Voicing concern over the planned annexation, the mayor said that he and the residents of the town have been in touch with the PA prime minister and government to coordinate their efforts to confront the plan.

“The annexation plan will take lots of our land,” he added. “Abu Dis will become much smaller. We will be turned into an enclave with a large number of residents. We will become one of the most densely populated areas in the region. The annexation plan will have demographic, economic and political implications for Abu Dis and its residents.”

Asked if Palestinians living in his town would accept Israeli citizenship as part of the planned annexation, Abu Hilal said: “I don’t believe Israel is interested in giving its citizenship to Palestinians. The Israelis don’t want Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. They are already going after Palestinians living in east Jerusalem who carry Israeli ID cards. Israel is not interested in the [Palestinian] residents; it only wants the land.”

Abu Hilal denied reports in the Israeli media that claimed that the PA had withdrawn its security forces from Abu Dis after Abbas’s May 18 decision to renounce all agreements and understandings with Israel, including security cooperation.

“The Palestinian police is still here; they did not leave,” Abu Hilal explained. “The police station is still here; the security forces only reduced their activities; they’re not doing the same work they used to do before.” READ MORE

Israel Has Pledged To Annex Judea And Samaria

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