Obama’s Hat Dance Around Calderon

Is anyone else getting as fed up as I am with the way other nations treat America? One moment the world is bashing America for taking a stance against...

Is anyone else getting as fed up as I am with the way other nations treat America? One moment the world is bashing America for taking a stance against terrorists and then the next minute nations are asking why America isn’t intervening more to help the Libyan people! We are called invaders of nations that suffer under tyrannical fists as they shed their citizens blood but then we are asked to be the band aid for the suffering in the world. One moment America is called inhumane by enforcing our laws against illegal immigration, but now there is a twenty year old Mexican female police chief who is seeking asylum in America to protect her from the drug cartels. America is the symbol of liberty, Lady Liberty. Instead she is treated like a mistress by other nations; good for only the moments when it’s advantageous for someone else. I say enough is enough. This hypocrisy from other nations just exemplified itself last week at the White House.

This past week Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon visited the White House. I can only imagine how many times Obama had to say lo siento to Calderon before Calderon finally retreated from his ‘’mad at America’’ fit. Unless you have been living in an underground tunnel, you probably have heard the ever increasing negative sentiment Mexico’s President has against America. From Arizona’s anti illegal immigration law SB1070 to just recently blaming America for not doing our part in fighting the drug trade. Hey, Felipe, I’ll agree with you on the ladder (and no I don’t mean Janet Napolitano’s border ladder). America hasn’t been flexing our anti drug war muscles at all because the man sitting in the Oval Office won’t touch that topic with his ten foot staff because elections are coming up and he needs to depend on the Hispanic vote! Due to these tight restrictions on our border patrol, Arizona recently lost one of our brave agents. Brian Terry was attacked fifteen miles northwest of Nogales, Arizona with heavy automatic weapons fire. Homeland Security requires that “non-lethal” bean bags be used prior to live ammunition. In doing that, Terry lost his life. When our border patrol agents are told to first fire at drug cartel thugs with bean bags before using real ammo, how can anyone expect America to do their part? We might as well use spit balls and paint balls while we’re at it!  At least make it fun! However, let’s not forget the fact that Mexico hasn’t done their job in fighting the cartels to their full potential either. I know very well from my many years spent in Mexico and many discussions with my Mexican friends that the Mexican government is heavily involved and partaking in the drug war. So how can one think they are going to fight it? It’s sort of like your nation being in a war with radical Muslims but unable to fight the war head on because the Commander in Chief is a Muslim himself.

In a Univision interview in September of 2010, Calderon bashed America’s treatment of immigrants and insinuated that Mexico treats American visitors better. During the interview Calderon said: “Of course we have the moral authority, because Mexican officials are not shooting Central American youths at the border, but U.S. agents are shooting Mexican migrants.” First of all, they aren’t migrants, second of all let me explain my own wonderful experience at the hands of Mexican agents.  

About one year ago, my family and I were on our way home from a long weekend in Puerto Penasco (many know this as Rocky Point). It’s a short three and a half hour drive from Phoenix. The beach is absolutely beautiful and thousands of Arizonan’s flock to the shores because of its proximity. Once across the border, there is a small town for about three miles and then it’s a long stretch of about forty-five minutes to the resorts. Never did we have a problem. Never had we heard of any problems. However, this time changed all of that.

We were driving through the small town just before reaching the U.S border. We were no more than a half a mile to the border. The speed limit was about 25 through this town. My dad was going no more than ten because there were speed bumps.  A female ‘’cop’ was standing in the street holding a radar gun. We were motioned over by her male partner in crime, literally. We pulled over to the side of the road. The male cop approached my dad and asked for some I.D. My Dad asked what was going on. The male cop said that he was speeding! Right. In the mean time my Dad could see the radar gun was set on a particular number even as other cars were passing. The female continued to use her radar as she stood there in her cop outfit which is something you could pick up at the local Halloween costume store.  My friend who was actually visiting me from Mexico at the time was sitting next to me in the back. I had on a tank top, jean skirt and flip flops. The cop told me to roll down my window. I proceeded to roll down the window as he oogled my legs. That’s when my friend started speaking up. They began speaking in Spanish. The cop didn’t know that being fluent in Spanish; I understood everything that was being said. The cop asked if we had been drinking. We hadn’t. He searched every single avenue he could. He continued to threaten my friend he was going to take us all ‘’in’’ to be tested. Where ‘’in’’ meant I didn’t know but I had never said so many prayers in my life. My mother tried to pull off her wedding band because we had no idea what was coming next. All I could think of was the stories you hear about people disappearing and never hearing from them again. I began to use my Spanish and tried everything I could to convince this “agent” to let us go. My friend did the same. After about twenty minutes of a heartbeat that sounded more like Seabiscuit on the race track, he told us to go. We saw the American flag flying over the customs building as we proceeded through the town.  “Run for the border’’ is no longer a Taco Bell slogan for me but has a whole new meaning! I was never so happy to be back home in America. So I don’t want to hear Calderon boast on the kindness of Mexico’s border agents.

At the time that Mexico’s President Calderon is bashing America for our inability to fight his nations’ drug war, reports indicate a twenty year-old police Chief Marisol Valles Garcia is seeking asylum in the United States. Yes, twenty years-old. Garcia is a single mother and was sworn in November of 2010 to fight the drug trade that is rampant in her town Praxedis G. Guerrero which is located in the Juarez Valley just south of the Rio Grande. Her predecessor’s head was left outside the police station and no one wanted to take the vacant position. This is the reason many call Garcia the bravest woman in Mexico.  Now Garcia wants out. So who does she turn to for help? America. I don’t blame her but this exemplifies the hypocrisy of nations leaders who lambast America for ‘’interfering’’ or ‘’invading’’ in other nations problems. However when someone needs help who do they turn to? The United States. Calderon should have thanked America for what we have contributed to fight his cartel infested agencies, not attacking us. Of course Obama stuck his anti American key in his down with America ignition and used this opportunity to kick off his second apology tour. Obama and Calderon shook hands and ended up playing bean bag games on the White House lawn before they’re shipped off to our border patrol agents as ammo.

America must start doing what is right for America. We must not allow leaders to bash us one moment and then ask for help the next. We are the kindest nation on earth but we are not to be taken advantage of.  Enough is enough. The law needs to be laid down that we won’t lend a helping hand to nations who turn around and bash us. However, this is a difficult point to get across when the man in the Oval Office is trying to merge America under international law and doesn’t see America as sovereign or exceptional. Obama’s hate filled disgusting radical Black Liberation Theology Marxist preacher of twenty years said ‘’God damn America.” I say it’s more like ‘’damned if we do, damned if we don’t.”

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