Obama Carrying Out George Bush’s 3rd Term Quite Nicely

Remember the '08 campaign where Obama's main attack against John McCain was "voting for McCain is a 3rd term for Bush"? Obama based his entire rhetoric on being everything...
Is it over yet...??

Obama is living out Bush’s 3rd term

Remember the ’08 campaign where Obama’s main attack against John McCain was “voting for McCain is a 3rd term for Bush”? Obama based his entire rhetoric on being everything that Bush was not, and how he was going to, once in office, undo all that Bush has done? Well, let’s take a quick peek and see how different life is under Obama compared to Bush policies and doctrine.

  • Gitmo – Bush and Cheney were huge fans of continuing Guantanamo Bay – Gitmo – as the perfect off-shore holding area for captured terrorists. Obama decried it as unnecessary and inhumane, and swore that one of his very first orders of business would be to shut it down. Did he? No, he did not. Grade on this assignment: F
  • Ending the wars – During the Bush years the main stream media maintained a perverse pride in making sure that a single Code Pink or Cindy Sheehan protest rally did not escape your notice either on the news, the net or in the papers. Obama promised to end the wars and bring our troops home. In reality, Obama has voted to fund and maintain both of “Bush’s wars”, as well as create a new “conflict” in Libya. Grade on this assignment: F
  • Killing Bin Laden – Remember what Bush said about not caring if Bin Laden was caught “dead or alive”? It was George Bush who decreed that Osama Bin Laden was America’s #1 Enemy, and that all efforts to find and kill him should be undertaken. If the events of May 1 are to be believed, Osama Bin Laden was killed as decreed by Bush, on the orders of Obama. Grade on this assignment: A+
  • Restoring the economy – The last 2 years of the Bush presidency, old George kind of lost his way. He forgot that Republicans are supposed to be financially conservative, and that borrowing your way out of debt never works. Obama promised that once he became President that he would reverse and “heal” the runaway spending of the Bush years. How did he do? Since taking office in 2008, not only has he continued all the failed borrow and spend policies of the Bush years, he has greatly added to our debt. In fact, debt under Obama now is greater than debt under all past US Presidents combined. Grade on this assignment: F

So there you have it, for better or for worse, it’s George Bush’s 3rd term to a “t”.

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