NTEB Picks Allen B. West As Donald Trump’s Running Mate In 2016 Presidential Election

Now all Trump needs is an equally awesome, equally charismatic running mate for Vice President. Well, NTEB has a suggestion - Allen B. West.

Now all Trump needs is an equally awesome, equally charismatic running mate for Vice President. Well, NTEB has a suggestion – Allen B. West

The primary process so far has yielded record-setting and record-breaking results for the GOP nominee Donald J. Trump. The previous record set by George W. Bush in 2000 for number of Primary votes received, 10.8 million, has fallen to Trump’s total of 10,912,988 million popular votes with another 5 state primary still to go. Ane while Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are still rancorously fighting it out, Donald Trump has secured his nomination after beating all 16 challengers without really working up a sweat. Can he go all the way? You bet’cha!

Now all Trump needs is an equally awesome, equally charismatic running mate for Vice President. Well, NTEB has a suggestion – Allen B. West. Why do we think that? This video should answer all your questions.

After watching this video, we think you will come to the same conclusion we did. Allen West is the perfect man for the job. If you think this is a good suggestion, reach out to the Trump campaign and let them know.

The “right person” for the job is not a “woman”, or a “minority” or any other pandering demographic, poll-driven selection. The right person for the job is the right person, whatever color or gender they may be.

Allen B. West is that right person based on what he has done in the past, and what he can do as Vice President of the United States. How do YOU feel about this choice? Sound off in the comments below.

Make America Great Again

Here are eight facts about his political background:

1. Making history

When West was elected to the House of Representatives in 2010, he became the first African-American Republican congressman from Florida since 1876.

Josiah T. Wells was the last African-American congressman from the Sunshine State, leaving office near the end of Reconstruction.

West also became the first Republican to join the Congressional Black Caucus since former Connecticut congressman Gary Franks retired in 1997.

2. Tea Party leader

West was a high-profile member of the Tea Party Caucus during his single term in Congress. He remains a vocal leader of the nationwide Tea Party movement.

3. Committee assignments

West put two decades worth of military experience to use by serving on the House Armed Services Committee. He also worked as a member of the Small Business Committee.

4. Opposition to Obama

There’s no secret to how West views the current administration. He has characterized President Obama as an Islamist.

West was especially vocal on his Facebook page about new rules expanding military service to undocumented immigrants and called on the military to ignore “the illegal order” from Obama.

5. Views on Islam

West consistently condemned radical Islam during his term and since leaving office. He sees the United States as defending Western civilization from Islamic extremists. In 2011, West supported extending the provisions of the Patriot Act because, in his words, it offered defense from radical Islamic terrorists, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

6. Views on Democrats

West isn’t known for bipartisanship. He has painted Democratic leaders with a negative brush on many occasions, accusing the Democratic Party of using government handouts as a modern form of slavery to oppress poor people and keep them from empowering themselves.

7. Fox News contributor

Since losing re-election in 2012, West has contributed political commentary to daytime and evening shows on the Fox News Channel. He was hired because of his political and military experience, and willingness to be outspoken on key issues.

8. Think tank leader

West transplanted his family from Florida to Texas in January 2015, when he accepted a position heading up a conservative think tank. He is the CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis based in Dallas. source


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