New Ad EXPOSES Obama’s Full Support For The Muslim Brotherhood

Concerns are being raised about the president's decision to embrace Islamic militants like the Muslim Brotherhood and continue Egypt's $1.5 billion allowance....
Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood - Now is their hour and the power of darkness.


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Seizing on the public’s growing concern about President Obama’s foreign policy and signs around the world that militant foes are not afraid of Washington, conservative groups are mounting a campaign to thrust the administration’s diplomatic flubs into the presidential campaign.

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood – Now is their hour and the power of darkness.

On Wednesday, the group Let Freedom Ring released an ad in key swing states as part of a $7 million anti-Obama campaign that raises concerns about the president’s decision to embrace Islamic militants like the Muslim Brotherhood and continue Egypt’s $1.5 billion allowance.

The ad running in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, comes just days before Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, makes his first visit to the White House and a week after the U.S. embassy in Cairo was attacked by opposition groups.

Watch the video:

The ad quotes Muslim Brotherhood officials talking about taking over America and destroying Israel as well as backing Iran’s militant Islamists.

Let Freedom Ring President Colin Hanna said his goal is to raise doubts about Obama’s foreign policy, especially his outreach to Muslim radicals at a time when Israel is growing concerned that America is abandoning it.

“His outreach to the Muslim world is flawed,” Hanna told Secrets. “He thinks that if we’re just nicer to militant Islamists, they will be nicer to us.” Hanna added that the recent assault on some two dozen U.S. embassies in the past two weeks shows that the Obama policy “projects weakness.”

Future ads will feature concerns about the administration’s Israel policy and the president’s suggestion that Israel pull back to it’s smaller 1967 borders. Let Freecom Ring is a group that promotes patriotism and limited government. source – Washington Examiner

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