Hillary Clinton Collapses At 9/11 Ceremony And Is Rushed Away For ‘Emergency Treatment’

A law enforcement source stationed about “15 feet away” from Hillary Clinton told Fox News’ Rick Leventhal, Clinton left the Lower Manhattan, N.Y. ceremony early due to what was being called an apparent “medical episode.”

Hillary Leaves 9/11 Memorial Early Due To ‘Medical Episode’

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hillary Clinton today had to be rushed away for emergency ‘medical treatment’ while attending the 9/11 memorial ceremony. Every day her health grows worse and weaker as the strains of campaigning cause flare-ups with her Parkinson’s Disease. Her campaign staff must be frantic planning how to get her through the upcoming debates without her collapsing on stage. Come on, liberals, how are you going to spin this one?

Hillary Clinton joined a number of dignitaries, including Donald Trump, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik, and others to pay her respects to those Americans lost on September 11, 2001, at the annual ceremony at 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

Watch Hillary have a classic Parkinson’s Disease “freeze” episode:

But, as a law enforcement source stationed about “15 feet away” from Clinton told Fox News’ Rick Leventhal, Clinton left the Lower Manhattan, N.Y. ceremony early due to what was being called an apparent “medical episode.”

Leventhal said his source watched Clinton as she was standing on a street curb with her security detail while waiting for her motorcade.

Law enforcement eyewitness on Clinton being put in van: “They threw her in like she was a side of beef”

As the motorcade was not expecting her as early as she had left, Leventhal said, the Democratic presidential nominee stood for two or more minutes awaiting the vehicles.

When the motorcade approached, Clinton “stumbled off the curb and appeared to faint” as she got into her van.

A second source later confirmed the event to Leventhal, as the campaign “pool” reporters were not in the area and did not where Clinton initially departed to, he told Jon Scott. source

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