Harold Camping’s ‘Open Forum’ Radio Show Cancelled

The Christian radio station belonging to Harold Camping, who twice incorrectly predicted the world would end, plans to replace his weekday segment Open Forum with new programming after rebroadcasting...
Harold Camping has, almost single-handedly, made the subject of the Rapture and of the return of Jesus a laughingstock the world over.

God is not mocked

False prophet Harold Camping’s grace period with God came to a stunning and climatic end when he suffered a debilitating stroke that took away the main weapon he has used to deceive people for nearly half a century – his voice. And with the end of his ability to speak, that also signaled the inglorious end of his radio program, “Open Forum”, which Camping used to spew his twisted version of the bible. Our prayers are now that Mr. Camping would see events for what they truly are, that he would repent, and become truly saved. NTEB wishes him well with hopes for a speedy recovery.

“The Christian radio station belonging to Harold Camping, who twice incorrectly predicted the world would end, plans to replace his weekday segment Open Forum with new programming after rebroadcasting the last show he recorded before suffering a stroke on June 9.

We hope you get well and get right with God, Mr. Camping


Family Radio on Hegenberger Road began playing repeats of Open Forum after a stroke hospitalized the 89-year-old Camping. On Monday, staff again started airing 20 segments recorded by Camping from May 23 — two days after he most recently predicted Judgment Day would arrive — through June 9.

“When those are completed, we will have other programming that is scheduled to run in that time slot,” Program Department Secretary Judi Rathbone wrote in an email.

“Mr. Camping,” Rathbone also wrote, “is still in the hospital and continues to recover.” Camping, an Alameda resident, first predicted Judgment Day would descend in September 1994. For his 2011 prediction, he invested in a billboard campaign declaring the second coming of Jesus Christ on May 21 and the end of the world on Oct. 21.

He used Open Forum and Family Radio to broadcast his prediction. Broadcasts are available nationwide and reach followers as far as sub-Saharan Africa. The nationwide network, registered as a nonprofit organization with Camping as president, is worth an estimated $72 million, Fortune Magazine reported in May.

Nearly all of the money comes from donations, including more than $18 million in 2009 — up from $15 million the year before, IRS tax documents show. The nonprofit organization received $81 million in donations since 2005, records show. More recent statements have not been filed. Camping took no salary in 2009 but loaned himself $175,516. Family Radio’s board of directors approved the loan, whose purpose was not stated in the tax documents. Board members include Family Radio Secretary-Treasurer William Thornton and Camping’s daughter, Susan Espinoza.”

source – Mercury News



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