Facebook’s DeepFace Recognition Software Reaches Human Accuracy Levels

This facial learning software that Facebook calls DeepFace uses a 3-D model to rotate faces and learn patterns....

WASHINGTON – If you were asked whether two unfamiliar photos of faces show the same person, a human being will get it right 97.53 percent of the time. The software Facebook has developed will score a 97.25 percent on the same challenge, regardless of a person facing right at a camera or it being a profile shot.


That percentage is a significant advance over other face-matching software. Software like this one from Facebook are demonstrating the power of artificial intelligence –this is called Deep Learning.

This facial learning software that Facebook calls DeepFace uses a 3-D model to rotate faces and learn patterns.

DeepFace performs what researchers call facial verification (it recognizes that two images show the same face), instead of facial recognition (putting a name to a face). source – Fox DC


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