Dear Israel: We Apologize For Obama Arafat Jr.

 Now do you finally see it America? Has the deception veil finally been lifted and have you been taken out of your Obama hypnotic state yet? Do you finally...

 Now do you finally see it America? Has the deception veil finally been lifted and have you been taken out of your Obama hypnotic state yet? Do you finally see now that Obama is a Muslim, pro-Palestine, anti-Israel President? Do you not see that he is intentionally ushering in all the pro Muslim Brotherhood uprisings in the Middle East so that they will ultimately surround Israel; just as the Bible predicts? Biblical prophecy is happening before our eyes and too many in America are still fast asleep or they are too busy cleverly renaming Schwarzenegger the “Sperminator.” Can we finally get down to the important issues America is facing?

Obama just opened the floodgates of destruction upon America as he called on Israel to revert back to 1967 borders today. What more proof does America need to see Barack Obama is anti-Israel and that an anti-Israel America is an America that will not prosper. We have seen in the past, when American Presidents called for a two state solution or tried to divide parts of Israel, catastrophic events occurred in America. We are at a time where we need to stand by Israel not stand with the Muslims that are hell bent on destroying her. Sadly, we have a President who is siding with the terrorist thugs as history repeats itself and the Jews once again find themselves in the bull’s eye.

First of all, let’s get this straight: no matter how much land Israel concedes, the Muslims will never be happy as long as Jews exist. Period. End of story. This is not about land. It is about doing away with the Jews or the ‘’pigs’’ as the Muslims call them. Israel could concede every single inch of land and the Muslims still wouldn’t be happy until every Jew is off the face of the earth. Second, the land upon which the nation of Israel rests is their land. It is the very same land that was given to them by the Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob within His covenant over three thousand years ago.  Actually, if anything, Israel should be taking back their land, not giving more away!!

 The division back to 1967 borders is a call that shakes the core of the Christian soul because we know the promises made by our Almighty God and his favor upon the Jewish people. As Christians, we know that God’s promises don’t change. We have seen the touch and protection of His almighty hand over His chosen people throughout history. We have seen how the Jews were exiled from their land and how prophecy was fulfilled upon their return. He has exemplified His divine intervention thousands of years ago and we as Christians need to ensure that we are aligned with His will.

This division Obama called for today is a clear exemplification that he wants to place Israel in a vulnerable position as Israel’s enemies rise up against her. His ideology is aligned with the Palestinian movement and his actions today prove my point. Why you might ask? Let me give you just a brief history as to how this all ties in together.

I have spoken many times about Obama’s colonial view of America that is rooted from his father’s beliefs (hence, his book ‘’Dreams from my father”) and how he was raised and surrounded by radical anti Israel fascists. This anti-colonial flame was sparked when the British went into Kenya, Obama Sr.’s homeland. This hatred was passed onto Obama Jr. as it inspired his son to carry on the anti colonial torch. This is why upon Obama’s unfortunate entrance into the White House, he got rid of the Winston Churchill bust every other President had kept. It reverts back to his father’s views about Great Britain. Obama see’s America the same way his father saw Great Britain; occupiers. That is why when we went into Iraq and Afghanistan he was against it. This is why Obama is staunchly pro Palestine. He sees Israel as a nation that is ‘’’occupying’’ Palestinian land.  Even though its actually the other way around, Obama’s favorite college Professor, Edward Said taught Obama that the Palestinians are the victims and Israelis are the occupiers.

Obama’s incompetent call on Israel to concede their land puts them in a vulnerable position to defend themselves against Muslim nations that are hell bent on her total destruction. All those ‘’democratic uprisings’’ have proven to be anything but democratic. All these nations ultimate goal is Israel’s destruction. Once again Obama tells the America people how wonderful the uprisings in the Middle East have been and that democracy is unfolding wonderfully. Really? Tell that to the Christians that were recently killed in Egypt by Muslims who won’t allow Christians to practice their faith or the American reporter who was raped over and over by Muslim thugs in Tahrir Square during the ‘’Arab Spring’’ as Obama called it. I know there will be a copious amount of people that argue Israel is just as much at fault as Palestinians. Where is their proof? When is the last time a Jew crossed over into “Palestinian territory” and brutally stabbed and slashed an innocent family as they slept in their beds including a ten month old infant? Obama called on the Jews to concede their land but there was no concession call on the Arabs to cease from lobbying bombs onto Israeli settlements.

In this call to concede Israel’s land, Obama is calling on Israel to concede the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount and other historic sites for the Jews. Don’t think America that this was not all a plan. Obama gave this speech the day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes to order to make Netanyahu look like he is the bad guy when he refuses Obama’s anti Israel concession.

Many on the left are trying to revive the ‘’make love not war’’ mantra by the new slogan ‘’co-exist.” Truth is, you can’t co-exist with people who want to kill you. The Muslims don’t want land. They want the annihilation of all Jews and until America understands this our nation will fall into the very trap Obama is setting up for us. Take off the rose colored glasses and put on some Biblical spectacles America. We better start looking at these issues on a much larger scale than the majority of Americans are.

It is my prayer that America takes the speech Obama gave today as a major warning sign. It is my prayer that more and more Americans will see the importance of a solid relationship between America and Israel. I pray that America will be there by Israel’s side in her darkest days. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that Almighty God once again implements his divine intervention in protecting her.

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