Boy’s Disturbing Prayer To Obama Causes Outrage

“You are good, Barack Obama. You are great…” “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” Isaiah 14:14 Click to watch...


“You are good, Barack Obama. You are great…”

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” Isaiah 14:14

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A shocking video featuring a child seemingly praying to the commander-in-chief is sparking outrage from conservatives, as well as more religious members of the public who see the boy’s actions as blasphemous.

“Barack Obama, thank you for doing everything and all the kind stuff,” the little boy, who identifies himself as Steven, says as he kneels down in typical praying fashion.

“You are good, Barack Obama. You are great and when you get older you will be able to do great things. Love, Steven,” the boy concludes.
Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes questioned, “What kind of a parent would allow their child to blaspheme God?”

“Let’s clear this up. The child is NOT praying to God. He IS praying to Obama,” a commenter in Starnes’ thread declares.

In the past, we have documented how Obama’s image in the mind of children has been elevated to a “messianic” cult-like status, promulgated through indoctrination facilities better known as public schools.

In 2009, for instance, Infowars writer Steve Watson detailed several disturbing stories wherein children attending public schools were made to “pledge allegiance every day at school to a huge projected image of the new president.”

We’ve also documented Obama’s manufactured ascendance to a cult of personality figure, and the dangerous slippery slope America begins down when it starts lifting presidents up as idols.

“The Orwellian nature of what is going on in American schools should at least send a shiver down the spine of all those who are aware of what has happened historically when leaders carefully groom a cult of personality and create a generation of mindless sycophantic followers who are unaware they are pledging allegiance to a dictator,” Prison Planet editor Paul Watson wrote in September 2009.
The controversial prayer video is just the latest example of the type of feverish leader worship historically only witnessed in communist and totalitarian regimes, such as North Korea, Mao’s China and Nazi Germany. source – InfoWars

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