Bin Laden; Dead and Gone, but the Spin Lives On

The War of Words in the Wake of Bin Laden’s Death Is there a difference between discussing the political impact of an event like Osama bin Laden’s death versus...

The War of Words in the Wake of Bin Laden’s Death

Is there a difference between discussing the political impact of an event like Osama bin Laden’s death versus politicizing it? I would say there is. Ever since the killing of Bin Laden I have witnessed the politicizing, and posturing of the death of Bin Laden by both the Right and the Left. Is it any surprise that the spin doctors are hard at work after what is widely considered a triumph for America in the war on terror? The republicans secretly worry this president will gain brownie points with the less informed public who get their information from the drive by media, while the left is ready with an assertive narrative of how ‘the president was so courageous in ordering the kill” I’m sure they are licking their chops as they ponder how they can better use this in the coming political battle for president in 2012.


Who is the Real Hero?

I ask you; what was so courageous on the part of the president? Was it he who was out there laying his life on the line? Was he the one who would forever be reminded of the blood and guts he left splattered all over that compound in Pakistan? Did President Obama once concern himself with a buddy who was along side him on this dangerous mission, asking himself; “would I make it back alive? Will we be successful? Did he ask himself “will I live to see my family or loved ones ever again?” No. The true heroes here are the warriors, the soldiers whether they were Navy seals, or which ever branch of the government they were. THEY ARE THE TRUE HEROES. The brave ones. The courageous ones to whom all credit should be given. I didnt really hear a lot of that on TV lately. They mention the ‘secret 6 Navy Seal Team’ but so much is being made of the presidents bravery when in fact it takes very little to do what he did. Afterall he knew for sure that OBL was in that compound. There was no guess work there.


Obama takes the credit.

It is ironic to see President Obama taking credit for policies that worked which were put in place by President George W Bush. Especially since those are the very same policies this president wanted to and still wants to eradicate. Truth be known if it were up to this president he would have never had this triumph. You see it has come to light that it was information obtained through the methods of ‘enhanced interrogation’ in Guantanamo Bay which netted the information the government needed to find, and then watch for the right moment for the kill. The operation has been in effect for four years. That’s right. This means since before Presdient Obama was in office. In reality this mission was started under President Bush administration and it just so happens that it came to a culmination now while Presdient Obama is presdient;. So please let’s stop fawning over this president and give credit where credit is due. I’ll let you decide that. As for me? Thank you to our brave men who undertook this dangerous mission with such precision. May God bless you always, and thank you Leon Panetta, and last but not least THANK YOU President Bush.

written by Rosie Reyes-Johnson
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