In His Own Words: Audio Proof That Barack Hussein Obama Is A Muslim

What becomes clear over time, is that, no matter where Obama was actually born, he is absolutely a Muslim.


” The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”Barack Hussein Obama

Here we have compiled four solid minutes of Barack Hussein Obama praising Islam, oftentimes at the expense of Christianity. Some of the quotes you have heard before, others will be quite surprising to you. What becomes clear over time, is that, no matter where Obama was actually born, he is absolutely a Muslim.

At the G20 Summit this past week, Obama had two main missions. One, push for support for Climate Change. Secondly, he bashed anyone and everyone who dared to suggest there is a link between terrorism and the Syrian refugee process.

Obama is a traitor of the highest magnitude, and one can only hope that his impeachment cannot be far behind. He has no strategy to deal with ISIS, or any other faction of Islamic terrorism. The only time he is ever vaguely passionate when he speaks is when he is bashing Americans use the term “radical Islamic terrorism”, a term he refuses to use.

And here is my favorite, Obama mocking Christians and bashing the Holy Bible. Something he loves to do on a regular basis, but when it comes to the Qu’ran, he has nothing but praises. At minute 2:20, he mocks people who think the Bible is inerrant and infallible.

We will close with this one, Obama equating Christianity to slavery and Islamic terrorism. He never talks about Christians like he is one, but only ever as an outsider. Like a Muslim would.

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