Al-Qaeda Leader Khalid Batarfi Calls For ‘Death Of Jews’ To Liberate Jerusalem After Trump Recognition

Khalid Batarfi said President Trump's move was 'a declaration of a new Jewish-Crusader war', the SITE Intelligence monitoring group reported. Batarfi made the threats in an 18-minute video entitled 'Our Duty Towards Our Jerusalem', released by the terror organisation on Monday.

A senior Al-Qaeda leader has called on Muslims ‘everywhere’ to rise up and kill Jews and Americans in response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“The LORD doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel.” Psalm 147:2 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Is there any more absurd than a muslim, any muslim, attempting to claim ownership of a city that existed as the capital of Israel for thousands of years before Islam was even first started by Mohammed? Jerusalem is not mentioned one time in Islam’s ‘holy book’ of the Qu’ran. Not once. But Jerusalem is mentioned in the King James Bible 811, and always in connection with the Jews and Israel. 

Khalid Batarfi said President Trump’s move was ‘a declaration of a new Jewish-Crusader war’, the SITE Intelligence monitoring group reported. Batarfi made the threats in an 18-minute video entitled ‘Our Duty Towards Our Jerusalem’, released by the terror organisation on Monday.

The Saudi Arabian militant also said every Muslim had a duty to ‘liberate’ Jerusalem, which is a holy city in Islam as well as Judaism and Christianity.

He said: ‘No Muslim has the right to cede Jerusalem no matter what happens. Only a traitor would give it up or hand it over. Let them (Muslims) rise and attack the Jews and the Americans everywhere.’

Breaking with decades of US policy, Trump on December 6 said his administration would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and move its embassy from Tel Aviv to the city. On Monday, US Vice President Mike Pence pledged to move the embassy by the end of 2019, in a speech to Israel’s parliament that saw Arab lawmakers expelled after they shouted in protest.

Jerusalem is the third holiest city for Muslims, and the first holy city for Jews.

The US decision to recognise Jerusalem triggered protests across the Muslim world, and was also criticised by several US allies.

In the video, Batarfi dismissed US allies’ protests as not genuine and ‘nothing but dust thrown in the eyes’.

‘The greatest responsibility lies upon the Muslims in America and the Western countries in the world,’ he said.

‘The Muslims inside the occupied land must kill every Jew, by running him over, or stabbing him, or by using against him any weapon, or by burning their homes.’

Batarfi is a senior figure with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), described by the US as the worldwide jihadist network’s most dangerous branch.

The group has abducted foreigners and claimed responsibility for the deadly 2015 attack in Paris on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, targeted for its cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

The United States has intensified its air attacks on AQAP since Trump took office in January. source

5 Facts To Prove Jerusalem Was NEVER A Muslim Holy City

  1. The Quran: While Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible (Tanach) over 500 times, it is NEVER mentioned in the Quran, not once! Many Muslims claim this is a lie and claim the word Al Aqsa means Jerusalem. Al Aqsa literally means “The Farthest Mosque” and in no way does it mean Jerusalem. (Jerusalem is mentioned in the King James Bible 811 times).
  2. Direction of Prayer: Muslims turn their back on the Temple Mount when they pray. While Jews face ONLY Jerusalem and while we mention Jerusalem in every prayer and when we say grace after meals, the Muslims do NOT consider Jerusalem as a holy city, EVER! Here is a picture from the Temple Mount – would you stick your backside out to a place that was holy to you?
  3. Jerusalem Was Never An Arab Capital: While King David made Jerusalem the capital of the Land of Israel, never in the history of the world was Jerusalem ever a capital city of an Arab country, certainly not one called Palestine which NEVER existed!
  4. Desecration of the Temple Mount: Whether you’re Jewish, Christian or Buddhist, you treat your temples and churches with respect and violence is simply not allowed in a place of worship. Watch these Muslims actually destroy furniture and carpets from the Mosque on the Temple Mount. Their lack of respect is witness to the fact that they clearly know that there is nothing holy to them and that the only reason they are holding on to that site is because they are fully aware that it is where the Jewish Temple once stood and will soon stand again. The mosque located on the Temple Mount was originally called Bayt al-Muqaddas which literally means built on the Mikdash (the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem)

There is one more historical fact that proves Jerusalem was NOT a Muslim holy city and that is, IT WAS A JEWISH ONE!

  • No one who disputes the fact that King David was the first to make Jerusalem a capital city.
  • No one disputes that David’s son Solomon built the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.
  • No one disputes the second Temple was also built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
  • No one disputes the fact that the Romans ransacked the Temple, slaughtered the Jews and kicked them out of Israel.
  • No one disputes that Muslims forcible conquered and occupied Jerusalem and built their mosque on the place of the Jewish Temple
  • For those of you who are planning on visiting Rome, you might want to check out Titus Arch which clearly depicts the Roman ransacking of the Temple vessels.

The fact is Jews were in Jerusalem before Islam ever existed. Jerusalem was the Jewish capital of Israel before Washington was  called the capital of America or London was the capital of England and Paris was the capital of France, so before you demand we give our Holy Capital City to those who come with a fictitious claim backed with terrorism and Jihad, I would ask you to give your capitals to those who call for your destruction as well. source



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