Defying The People, Obama Doubles Down With White House Hashtag #RefugeesWelcome

How many Westerners will leftists allow to die in order to achieve their utopian vision of a multicultural world without borders?

This is WWIII, the battle has already started, the enemy is within the gates and he sits in the Oval Office. #RefugeesWelcome? No.

Interesting headlines popping up this afternoon, ones like you see here:

  • Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort evacuated due to bomb scare:  The All-Star Movies Resort at Walt Disney World was briefly evacuated Tuesday because of a bomb scare. News 6 requested a comment from Disney about the evacuation, but the company has not commented. source
  • Merkel Cites Refugees as Boon as Anti-Immigration Party Advances:  “There’s good reasons why many citizens in Germany fear that mass immigration will lead to a change in our identity,” AfD co-head Frauke Petry said in a video on the party’s website. “Ordinary citizens will wind up paying the bill” for Germany taking in refugees, she said. source

  • Tennessee GOP leader: Round up Syrian refugees, remove from state:  A top Tennessee Republican lawmaker believes the time has come for the National Guard to round up any Syrian refugees who have recently settled in the state and to stop any additional Syrian refugees from entering Tennessee. source

  • America’s ‘enemies within’: How nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in last 18 months – including refugees who had been given safe haven but ‘turned to terror’: US authorities have charged at least 66 men and women with ISIS-related terror plots on American soil – including a handful of refugees, Daily Mail Online can reveal. The terror group has set its sights on Washington, D.C. as it vows to further infiltrate the West and ramp up its blood-soaked offensive. Presidents Obama insists says that ‘slamming the door’ on Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS would be a betrayal of American values. source

Last month, mere weeks before the attack in Paris, FBI director James Comey said at a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing that the federal government does not have the ability to conduct thorough background checks on all of the 10,000 Syrian refugees that the Obama administration says will be allowed to come to the U.S.

Comey said “We can only query against that which we have collected. And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them,” source

Former FBI director James Kallstrom reiterated this after the Paris attack, saying the refugee policy was ‘crazy’ and that the FBI didn’t have enough manpower to watch the people that needed to be watched ‘by the thousands.’

President Obama has suggested that only bigotry would motivate conservatives to shut the door to unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees; Hillary Clinton has suggested the same. Today, the White House launched a #RefugeesWelcome hashtag campaign. At the Brookings Institute website, Jeremy Shapiro writes that we must be careful not to “overreact” to the Paris attacks; Secretary of State John Kerry says people “shouldn’t be hysterical” about the Syrian Muslim refugee issue. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio explains that closing our borders to Syrian Muslim refugees would grant “terrorists a victory over our democracy,” as though American democracy depends on importing hundreds of thousands of people who do not share Western democratic values; Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson avers that by accepting Muslims, even radical ones, we might westernize our enemies. source

Do you see what’s happening here? Is any of it starting to sink in? Obama and company are going to allow refugees into America, and if it costs some American lives due to terrorist attacks then so be it. That’s their attitude! This is an absolute crisis, and they think if they just keep repeating that “it’s all going to be alright”, then that will be good enough for the American people. Only it’s not going to be “alright”. It’s going to be a national nightmare. 

If this is allowed to continue unchecked, if Obama is allowed to do this to our nation, then we will be in the absolute worst crisis since the Revolutionary War in 1776. America, we are under attack right now, at this very moment. Our elected leaders are sowing the seeds that will bring this nation to it’s knees and the blood of America’s children will run in the gutter at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Obama is taunting you, out of control, drunk on power and daring you to stop him if you can.

“The President announced a plan to resettle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States next year. We remain steadfastly committed to that plan because it is consistent with our values and our national security.” – The White House 

This is WWIII, the battle has already started, the enemy is within the gates and he sits in the Oval Office. #RefugeesWelcome? No.

Your move, America.

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