Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland Opens With Bizarre Satanic Ritual Ceremony

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a railway base tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. It opened on 1 June 2016 with full service to begin in December 2016. It also had a very dark and demonic opening ceremony to mark the occasion.

On June 1, 2016, 17 years after the first blast in the main shaft, the world’s longest railway tunnel officially opened.

“And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.” Revelation 9:2 (KJV)

First we will give you the facts and figures, then the spiritual implications of this incredible spectacle. We have seen lots of wacky end times stuff in the 7 years we have been running NTEB, but this is truly off the charts.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel  is a railway base tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. It opened on 1 June 2016 with full service to begin in December 2016. With a route length of 57.09 km (35.5 mi) and a total of 151.84 km (94.3 mi) of tunnels, shafts and passages, it is the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel and the first flat, low-level route through the Alps. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is, with a length of 57.09 kilometres (35.47 mi), the longest railway tunnel in the world, with a geodetic distance of 55.782 kilometres (34.661 mi) between the two portals. It is also the first flat route through the Alps or any other major mountain range, with a maximum height of 549 metres (1,801 ft) above sea level. It is, therefore, the deepest railway tunnel in the world, with a maximum depth of approximately 2,300 metres (7,500 ft), comparable to that of the deepest mines on Earth. Without ventilation, the temperature inside the mountain reaches 46 °C (115 °F).

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Switzerland invited guests of honor from Switzerland and abroad to a very strange opening ceremony. What they saw was a parade of zombie mine workers, fallen winged angels torturing lost souls, and an endless cavalcade of demonic images and references. And all this at a high-level corporate event! This was not some bohemian art show on a street corner, this was produced and put on by the billionaire, global, ruling elite.

And they are sending you a message….

So why on earth would the builders of the world’s largest and deepest tunnel want you to associate it with death, zombies and the Devil? Because the forces that inhabit that God-forsaken underworld are preparing to come up top to the surface during the time of Jacob’s trouble after the Rapture of the Church.

We are watching an unsaved world preparing itself to go through the time of the Great Tribulation where the supernatural will once again be visibly and physically evident. Everywhere you look, the unsaved are becoming more and more obsessed with satanism, the occult, zombies and darkness.

That is the time that’s coming, get saved and avoid the whole, stinking mess.

Are you ready for what comes next?


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • finngansmom

    I did watch this on youtube vigilant citizen had posted it. It is totally sicke, attended by world leaders, angela merkyl etc. very difficult to watch totally demonic !!

    • GOD…Oh Great One I humbly and gratefully except the many gifts bestowed upon us, let me be your instrument on the Earth…Happy, unburdened and confident that everything is exactly as it should be, all written before, worry not……..Blessed are the SOULS, past, present and souls yet to be, blessed the TRUTH and blessed be the CREATOR…Forgive our petty, short sighted demonstrations as we are infants and know not what we do. My mind you know, my heart as well, my soul knows the way home if worthy for the journey…Thank you, bless you, goodbye…your loving servant.

  • Geoffrey, I’ve been waiting for you to cover this story. I had seen it in secular articles, but I wanted to wait for your Biblical perspective. Thank you!!! Reblogged on:

  • Laura Marie

    That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen….just so weird….awful

  • charles england

    Geoffrey;Again I say,there will be no rapture untill JESUS comes back:Who do you think it is that gets beheaded for not taking the (mark),some lost soul that’s gonna turn down a way to eat…PLEASE…and how could there be a GREAT FALLING AWAY if all the born again saints are gone there would be no one left to be decieved and fall away…

      • Abby

        Geoffrey, I have to say, I admire your patience with these “no rapture” personages. I have to admit, I would not find it in me to be as kind and patient with them as you are.

        • Thank you 🙂 It does get frustrating at times, but the Lord has called me to teach the Bible, and you can’t be a good teacher and be blasting people who don’t agree with you.

          • Abby

            It’s a good thing for me that is not my calling.

          • I think you do a great job, although some people you can’t teach.

    • charles england


    • JA

      The ones that get be- headed for not taking the mark are the ones left behind that were not believers at the time the church is raptured out. There will be people that come to believe in God in the tribulation, and it will be much harder though for them to be believers.. hence… The tribulation saints..and as far as the great falling away…that’s happening right now my friend!!

    • pam

      @charles england Geoffrey is teaching a Biblical doctrine called the Rapture. I pray you get into a church that teaches the Word of God. The Tribulation starts out with NOT ONE BELIEVER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH due to the Rapture of the church. If you are this confused about these doctrines I fear you aren’t saved, as I hope you aren’t attaching anything to salvation. FAITH ALONE IN CHRIST ALONE! John 3:16. Grow up in the grace and knowledge or our Lord Jesus Christ through His Word, He is not the author of confusion.

    • Dre Linvel

      You’re right my friend

    • Annette Mckenzy

      jesus said for the elect sake God shortened the time> he will finish his work and cut it short in righteousness> the time is short> the devil is come down unto you because he know he have a short time< vengence belong to me saith the Lord I \will repay!!!!!! and if any deny that Christ is come in the flesh he is antichrist>many antichrist are already entered into the world< in the world you will have tribulation be of good cheer I have already overcome the worid

  • Marian

    Couple this with the satanic ritual to be carried out in LA tomorrow!

    I am ready for what comes next… listening for the trumpet and watching the sky. Come, Lord Jesus!

  • Daily we are seeing more signs that point to the end of the Church Age. The Church will be removed
    and the Great Tribulation will begin.

    • Abby

      ..or it has just become more visible, above ground, …or the population is greater so it seems there is more satanism. The principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places are the same in number as they have always been, in spite of their attempts to multiply. When Jesus was led of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil, the same demonic entity that ruled over his demonic kingdom offered Jesus all that he had, if Jesus would bow down and worship him. I think it’s important that we keep sight of the truth that as the world grows darker and darker, the True Light of Christ grows brighter and brighter.

  • Something interesting to note is that this tunnel is in proximity of CERN and the LHC, a device that, while ostensibly being used for physics, has its greater purpose as a portal opening device. Long ago, the very area that the LHC is built on there was a temple to Apollo. Apollo is the same spirit of Osiris, Nimrod, Orion and others throughout history. It is no accident that the LHC was built there and it was no accident that there was this ridiculous ceremony to open the gate, so to speak, through the mountain, as mountains, specifically their peaks, are associated with portals.


      @ Jason Daniel :That is very interesting information Jason. Thank you for posting that. It makes a lot of sense. I don’t think it’s long now before the Lord calls his church home.


  • CHAR

    Yep, the choreographer was definitely on drugs for this one. If I was in that audience, I’d be scratching my head and wondering “what in the world is this all about?” huh Wow! I was glad when it was over. Geoffrey, you made more sense out of it than I ever could. The sad part is the audience is in la la land when it comes to the imminent rapture and tribulation, I’m sure.

    • Dave

      Yep, the choreography is a Las Vegas rip-off, complete with a topless “angel”. Had anyone noticed?

      • Abby

        Dave, definitely noticed the “baby” had breasts, but my first thought was that it was representing the transgender, “I’ve got breasts, and a penis” phenomenon. Whether it was male or female in the diaper, it was very muscular…like a male in the arms and chest and legs, so hard to say. My take that this was a transgender being was because the rest of the production was so bizarre and sexually perverse.

  • CHAR

    Oh ya, one more thing, one LARGE earthquake sent from above is going to wipe out ALL those underground bunkers and the ppl in them and all of this underground construction in a flash, so it will ALL be for nothing. What a shame they waste their time and money on things of this earth that will disappear in an instant when they could be laying up treasures in heaven…..

  • These people love darkness…and darkness will indeed find them when a certain rider on a white horse with his robe dipped in blood, and with a name written on him that no one knows but he himself, shows up:


      I love the Sola Scriptura; the Scriptures Alone! Or the battle cry and the guiding principle of the Reformation! Great!

  • Abby

    Yes, end times events are really, really speeding up. I go to bed every night wondering where I’ll wake up tomorrow. It’s hard to balance the emotional response…do I mourn for the lost? or do I rejoice because I’m going home!!

  • CHAR

    Abby, I agree with you completely. On one hand, I’m praying for the Lord to come quickly and on the other hand I’m asking Him to wait til my children are saved. It’s in His hands and we must be patient because He knows the end from the beginning. It is hard sometimes though when we see all these horrible, evil, sinful events and people down here and then think about how wonderful, peaceful, sin free it will be in His presence. Yes, I tend to go more toward Lord come quickly, but it seems selfish when there’s a multitude of clueless unbelievers here that will be left behind! I see the last 3 comments are mine. I think I’m suffering from flapjaw today! lol

    • Abby

      CHAR, I can relate…although, happy to say, all my children are saved. I started praying Isaiah 54:9-17 over my household in the 80’s…and have never stopped…v13)And all my children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace of my children. v14) In righteousness shall they be established, they shall be far from oppression, for they shall not fear, and from terror for it shall not come near them.

    • Leigh

      Hi Sister, shame I am sorry to hear your children are not saved? How old are they?

  • This is so totally weird that I find it hard to believe. I DO believe it, based on other things that are going on in Europe and the rest of the world. This is NOT the Europe where I spent more than 12 years living in the 1970s and 1980s!! Come, Lord Jesus!

    • Joanna Loves Jesus

      Sad to say, but Europe is more pagan than most people realise, there are goddess temples popping up and worship of pagan deities and Satanic worship is on the increase, so much New Age everywhere too…South West England is full of pagan things and witchcraft things, especially places like Glastonbury and there are Druids and priests doing celebrations…well on your side of the Atlantic I heard about the ‘burning man’ festival…
      Pray against evil, talk and be a witness to those that are searching for the truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

      Most churches in England are being turned into Gyms, coffee shops as the churches lose members, some have multi-faith days which I find appalling and the churches concerned don’t see a problem with other false gods being worshipped in the House of God…
      It looks like in the future there will be more house-churches…
      There are too many pastors trying to please everyone and not doing what is right, some don’t preach the Gospel message. Some vicars say they don’t believe in God, and yet they are leading congregation.

      True Christianity, following Jesus Christ, obeying Him, reading the Holy Bible and preaching the Gospel and telling people the good news Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Where are the men and women of God?
      God bless you all.

      • Leigh

        Such a grim picture you have painted in your message sister, and unfortunately, you are 100% correct. May our Lord Jesus come very soon!

  • Clay

    If that isn’t satanic, I don’t know what is. I got a bad feeling on that.

  • DC

    The singularity is here. They all look like robots. “Resistance is futile.” (I didn’t watch the Star Trek series that said that but am familiar with the Borgs.) I think it’s connected to the LGBT stuff: no reason to reproduce when we can create hybrids in a lab with Planned Parenthood’s side-business; no gender as they’re all robots; no fear of God b/c they’ll become self-aware and their own god. Sick and sad but not scary for those who believe in the One True God—we’ll be with Him. Maranatha.

    • Joanna Loves Jesus

      Hello Dear sister DC
      There are scientists saying they want to grow clones ‘like a crop’ and use them for spare parts…totally sickening…they reckon they can upload memories onto some kind of technology then keep replacing organs by transplants, totally weird thinking and I don’t know how far they have reached with the technology but I am sure that they have been ‘helped’ along by evil influence, if it is true that the Nazi regime had ties with the Occult and they had demonic influence, perhaps the same is with these Scientists, certainly the way some experiment on humans is likened to the way the vile Nazi behaved.
      I don’t know if these strange beings are being created to destroy, I heard about the super soldiers who have had the DNA changing, and talk of changing behaviour and DNA for super strength…
      Then there is mind control projects going on….bizarre happenings taking place…there has been a lot of disclosure going on from the authorities lately, question is, why?…

      There are many things we haven’t really thought about, like why did Jesus warn us that it would be like in the days of Noah and Lot? If we had lived in Those days we would have seen amazing things, giants and all kind of weird things, it is true about these demonic men of renown and the Greek Myths are based on these strange offspring.
      Pyramids seem to be everywhere on this planet, what is there, if any, connection with Occult?
      We will be seeing more manifestation of evil in the years and days to come.

      • DC

        Another good post, Joanna. It’s all very dark but I keep thinking that the devil can only imitate our Lord’s creation. He cannot outdo the Creator. A prophecy teacher whom I greatly respect doesn’t think the one-world religion will be Islam but a renewed paganism, and I tend to agree. Here’s one of several good posts on paganism from just over a year ago. I even made a comment on it!

        • Abby

          Satan cannot create life, which is why he is instructing science on how to make him a synthetic strand of DNA. We see evidence of that in Exodus 7:8-8:19, when God through Moses is squaring off with Pharaoh’s demonic magicians. The demonic magicians were able to imitate by illusion their rods turning into serpents, they were able to imitate waters turning to blood, they were able to call the frogs up from the rivers, ponds, etc., but they were not able to imitate the creation of lice/life out from the dust of the ground.

        • carson

          interesting article DC.
          The rise of paganism, elements of that are earth worship/neopaganism..and the UN’s climate agenda, the pope touting the UN’s climate agenda, and much more, we can also see the inter-faithers and the politico’s are on board.

          Also here and there is brought up about devil worship and we can see in rev 13:4, and they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast AND they worshiped the beast.
          That verse seems to point to daniel 11:38-39-he (beastman) honors a strange god, wouldn’t the AC honor the one who empowered him? the dragon. as will those of the earth as shown in rev 13:4 and 13:8.

  • Dan

    Does anyone also realize how close in proximity this tunnel is to CERN? Hmmm……. Coincidence?

    For anyone who is not familiar with CERN ; one of its possibilities is tapping into a parallel universe.

    The occult elite is all about power and symbolism. The above ceremony showcased both. Through the opening ceremony of the world’s deepest and longest tunnel, the occult elite tells the world that they control the world’s resources and manpower. In other words, they are the only ones who can make such projects happen because they control politics, finance and business. Furthermore, by creating overtly occult ceremonies, the elite tells the world: “This is what we believe in, this is what we think of you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

    The opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel turned a great feat of engineering into a religious ceremony dedicated to Baphomet while somewhat ridiculing the workers who sacrificed their lives and the masses who will travel through the tunnel. Then, Europe’s most powerful people stood up and gave a standing ovation to this ceremony dedicated to the true ruler of the occult elite.

  • Joanna Loves Jesus

    The Satanic agenda is on the rise everywhere we look, in movies, books, music, loads of the the teenage books that mesmerise kids are full of fallen angels, werewolves and vampires…
    What makes the alarm bells ring is that there are a multitude of teenage books with the girl character falling in love with fallen angel/vampire/werewolf and my question is…are they conditioning this generation?
    In the days of Noah, human women had children with the fallen angels and produced the Nephilim halflings, so, is history to repeat?
    From Skywatcher in previous discussion I heard that this is indeed the case and they are again messing with the DNA, look what is happening around us, the Scientists in UK and America admitting things they are doing, England scientists admit they’ve created over 150 human/animal hybrid and goodness knows what else in the secret laboratories and they don’t have to reveal what they get up to and make their findings and whatever public.
    Another thing is the Alien agendas where both men and women are being abducted and experimented upon, and the women claim they have been impregnated with hybrid human/alien (demonic?) baby…

    Things will only get stranger from now on as the time of Jesus return grows closer. The enemy knows time is short and let’s make the most of the time where we can still communicate with each other online and spread the gospel…
    God bless you all.

  • carson

    Worldly people think, gee, how far and grand mankind has progressed, when in fact regressed is the deal. The ancient canaanites and mayans and such would have been proud of the ceremony except they’d of complained about no human sacrifice.
    nothing new under the sun what was will be again yes regressed is the deal.

    ..wouldn’t be surprised if they’d built a ‘high place’ (as per the old testament pagan did) on the tops of those mountains and are burning incense up there too.

  • Man, anyone that doesn’t think we are at the end of time, needs a checkup from the neck up!

    • pam

      Hahaha! @Lightship No doubt about that. Wow. Not only was it weird, it was terrible.

  • Leslie Johansen O’Donnell

    WOW! We are so close to the Rapture! The evil keeps growing and growing faster and faster! Come Lord Jesus, please!

  • CHAR

    DC, very interesting article on your post. I never even thought about paganism being the “religion” of the A.C. left behinders, but it certainly makes sense. Thanks for the link.

    • DC

      You’re very welcome, my friend. I am so thankful for that site, this one and (sadly only ) a handful of others. I learn so much. I pray that the movement to silence Christians on line don’t affect them and I pray that when the Church is gone that there will still be an internet where new believers can get strength to go on during the GT. I know I need them for strength for the time we’re in now!

  • JA

    Wow… That’s really creepy, and these people watch this like its normal!!!!… The end times sure are speeding up daily!! Ohhh come Lord Jesus.. one day closer to hearing Him say “come up hither”.

  • A Trober

    Wow. Thanks for the post.

  • Its even on Facebook, a friend shared it.

  • Look at what Hollywood pushes into the public mind. It’s not the public clamouring for satanism. It is satanism controlling the news, movies, and memes of the society. Who control the mind-machines? Turn off the tell-lie-vision propaganda.


    This is one of the most evil, satanic things I have ever watched. This demonic ritual made me feel just sick watching it. Things are happening prophetically at such a fast pace now. It can’t be long before Jesus calls for his church.

  • I saw this yesterday on another video and didn’t understand all the to do about a train tunnel but because it was obviously satanic I knew there was some satanic insanity to it so thanks Geoffrey for explaining the length, depth of it, location, etc. makes more sense now but still ridiculous imo, looked as bad as the half time shows and I’m sure most of the ppl there celebrating didn’t even know what or why they were making this to do over it, except for the evil elitists who understood what they were celebrating and declaring, sickening. I could live another 100 years w/out seeing that again! It all makes me feel so grieved and sad that so much of this is going on, I am glad the Lord is coming soon but I hate watching these things in the meantime going on where there is no restraint at all.

  • It looks to me that “probably” the man of sin (Satan) will appear first, then the judgment phase starts, after the marriage feast of the lamb; that is when we go – not before, yet it is really just academic people seem more interested in following the Bible trying to figure it out in their heads, rather than just listening and abiding in Christ. The Father will show us what we need to know, when we need to know it. I don’t have to be “right”, but I am expected to remain with him by faith alone, not intellect.

  • “Christian”: “I waited for you, Jesus”.

    Jesus: “What do you imagine you could have done with your free will instead of waiting?”

    • Abby

      YOU, JESUS, YOURSELF caused me to surrender my free will (not my will, but thine be done) when I received you as my LORD. When first you drew me, and I only knew you as SAVIOR, I did still exercise free will, but when you revealed YOURSELF to me as LORD, you caused me to surrender all. YOU strengthened me to guard my heart, to occupy till you came…to watch and pray as you instructed me to do. YOU caused me to receive by faith, the grace that imparts righteousness to me as YOUR gift, and so, YOU have caused me to enter into your rest…by YOUR hand, I am looking up, and YOU are lifting up my head for my redemption draweth nigh. But, without you LORD, I can do nothing. Amen

  • Victoria

    That’s okay, world leaders love this stuff. This is the end of the end times, and the entire world will turn satanic. It’s prophesied. It’s here.

  • carson

    so those who bought into ‘we’re going to change the world for Christ’….were are they? did they fail at that?
    Was changing the world in place ever the call? Or reconciling men to God in Christ?
    And does ‘change the world’ ignore the prophetic portions of the word of God?
    Is there a difference between the great commission and the worldly saying of ‘change the world for Christ’?
    Yes, examine it.

    what are some others that are touted and popular phrases but when examined don’t hold up?
    ‘grow the church’ is one, look into it, most often it’s all about growing it via man’s strength and way’s (and light shows and concerts and fun fun fun as a bait..etc). And paraphrased 1st cor 3:6-7, one plants another waters but God causes the growth, also john 1:13, acts 2:47-God added to their numbers such as should be saved.., ephesians 2 faith a gift. Teach/preach the whole council of God, God will bring into the church those who are being saved.
    Another one is ‘the power of prayer’, that one should be easy enough-give glory to whom it’s due, God. Prayer is an action/work, faith causes it, God granted faith…
    the power is God and via faith, prayer is not ‘the power’ but God and faith granted by God. The reason I balk at many sayings and that one is some run off into even new age gumbo and think ‘prayer’ is an entity that has power even!
    Plus, saying-the ‘power of prayer’ doesn’t upset the worldly unbelievers like the power of God and Christ would, and today so many fear to upset the worldly unbelievers. And the sikh’s pray and attend the inter-faith prayer meeting, is there power in their prayers? as example. They’d say so and the other inter-faithers would tell them so, so you can see man’s phrases often mislead.

    So preach the gospel and whole council of God and in hopes men will be saved and don’t use shortcut phrases like ‘we’re gunna grow the church’..1st peter 4:11, let him who speaks speak the word of God, not coined shortcut phrases made by men which often mislead.
    Change the world sounds nice, but does it ignore the dire warning prophetic word of God and that all that is written will be fulfilled? So the world is perishing and will 1st john 2:17, rev 13 will fulfill and none will change that, but some will be saved, instead of saying-change the world- say preach the gospel that men might be saved and escape the wrath of God for sin and unbelief.

    with some it might be they like shortcut coined phrases because it takes time to look up scriptures and such etc…lazy?


  • Maria

    Europe is ungodly and their ideology is spreading like disease.

  • Maria

    That is so diabolic in so many ways.

  • Tusitala

    How Satan smiles at this and his eyes light with delight. These lost people have no idea what they will face before the Lord: “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. ” Hebrews 10:31

  • I believe your description of this event. That said; we must NOT watch demonic driven ads, films, tv shows or things like this ‘event’. If we do watch; one had better plead the Divine Blood of Jesus upon us to protect us at that moment. We are to Avoid what can lead us to sin at any time. Most of you have it right; the world has all but rejected God, His Son and our Blessed Holy Spirit in favor of this kind of filth.

  • Lawrence Gonzales

    This was hard to watch. The last scene when the “yodeler” is calling to something and then going to the tunnel, caused me to think that this individual doesn’t have a clue where he’s going.


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