Why Are Catholics Unable To Admit That, Yes, They Do Pray To Mary?

Part of our Catholic training was learning how to pray to the Virgin Mary. Statues of Mary were everywhere you looked, we were taught about the many apparitions of Mary around the world, celebrated Mary on May Day, and gave her the top spot in our thoughts and devotions. St. Mary's school and Roman Catholic Church taught us these things by order of the Vatican.
"Therefore, in order not to fall in these days in which we prepare for Confession, we ask the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, to heal the wounds of sin that each one of us bears in his heart and to support the Church" - Pope Francis, 12/23/14, from the Vatican

Statues of Mary were everywhere you looked, we were taught about the many apparitions of Mary around the world, celebrated Mary on May Day, and gave her the top spot in our thoughts and devotions. St. Mary’s school and Roman Catholic Church taught us these things by order of the Vatican

“Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:10-12 (KJV)

In the interest of full disclosure, I was a Catholic for the first 30 years of my life. I was baptized as a baby, received “first holy communion”, was “confirmed”, spent 3 years as an altar boy in St. Mary’s Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ, and in total was educated in the Catholic school system for 12 long years. Part of our Catholic training was learning how to pray to the Virgin Mary. Statues of Mary were everywhere you looked, we were taught about the many apparitions of Mary around the world, celebrated Mary on May Day, and gave her the top spot in our thoughts and devotions. St. Mary’s school and Roman Catholic Church taught us these things by order of the Vatican. Every other Catholic school or church I ever visited in 30 years did likewise. So with all that being said, why am I constantly hearing Catholics denying that they pray to Mary?

One reason for this, I suppose, is because prayer to anyone who is not God, who is not part of the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is blasphemy. So Catholics are taught to play “word games”, ala Bill Clinton, and get you debating the difference between praying to someone and simply “venerating” them. But as you will see below, this is nothing more than linguistic hogwash. Catholics absolutely do pray to Mary, and worst of all, they look to her for salvation!

But we shall let the words of some of the official, Vatican-approved Catholic prayers to Mary speak for themselves. There are hundreds of Catholic prayers to Mary, I just simply did a search and picked the first 4 at random. Read and decide for yourself:

  • The Memorare To Mary: “REMEMBER, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to thee, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother; to thee do I come; before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.” source
  • Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help: O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant me ever to be able to call upon thy powerful name, since thy name is the help of the living and the salvation of the dying. Ah, Mary most pure, Mary most sweet, grant that thy name from this day forth may be to me the very breath of life. Dear Lady, delay not to come to my assistance whenever I call upon thee; for in all the temptations that assail me, in all the necessities that befall me, I will never leave off calling upon thee, ever repeating: Mary, Mary. What comfort, what sweetness, what confidence, what tenderness fills my soul at the sound of thy name, at the very thought of thee! I give thanks to our Lord, who for my sake hath given thee a name so sweet, so lovable, so mighty. But I am not content merely to speak thy name; I would utter it for very love of thee; it is my desire that love should ever remind me to name thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.” source
  • Hail, Holy Queen: “Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope! To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.” source
  • Prayer To Our Lady, Help Of Christians: Most Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, how sweet it is to come to your feet imploring your perpetual help. If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, how can you, the most loving of all mothers forget me? Grant then to me, I implore you,  your perpetual help in all my necessities, in every sorrow, and especially in all my temptations. I ask for your unceasing help for all who are now suffering. Help the weak, cure the sick, convert sinners. Grant through your intercessions many vocations to the religious life.  Obtain for us, O Mary, Help of Christians, that having invoked you on earth we may love and eternally thank you in heaven.” source

On January 1, 2014, during the Roman Catholic Feast of the Mother of God, Pope Francis declared the following to be true about Mary:

“The Mother of the Redeemer precedes us continually and confirms us in the faith, in the vocation and in the mission. With her example of humility and of availability to the will of God, she helps us to translate our faith in a joyful announcement of the gospel without frontiers. In this way our mission will be fruitful, because it is modelled on the maternity of Mary. To her we entrust our itinerary of faith, the desires of our heart, our necessities, the needs of the whole world, especially the hunger and the thirst for justice and peace; and we invoke her all together.”

Have you ever look to see the references to the Queen of Heaven in the Bible?

So as you can clearly see, not only does the Vatican teach it’s followers to pray to Mary, they have put her in place of Jesus Christ, to provide as they say “the needs of the whole world”. They call her the “advocate”, the “redeemer”, they call her “holy”, they call her the “intercessor”, and many other titles that belong to God alone. When you read the Bible you see that Mary was “blessed among woman”, but she was not blessed above women. The Bible in no way says or implies that she was “sinless”, and in fact, she goes to the Temple to make a sin offering. Lastly, no where in the Bible does it say or imply that she can now hear prayers or answer prayers. None of that is in the Bible. But you do find this reference to the Queen of Heaven that’s pretty interesting:

“The children gather wood, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto other gods, that they may provoke me to anger.” Jeremiah 7:18 (KJV)

Yikes! That’s not good…

Do Catholics pray to Mary? Absolutely. They just don’t have the guts to admit they do.


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • Larry/vietnamvet1971

    In my opinion, brain washed, indoctrinated, DECEIVED people have a hard time facing the TRUTH after years of believing doctrine that has been force fed to them. Jesus said He is the WAY, the TRUTH & the Life not Mary or any other god.

    • John

      If it had not been for Mary’s fiat. “Let it be done to me as thy say” in answer to the angel Gabriel’s announcement “Jesus
      would not have been born of the virgin”. Think about that.

      • Joe

        John, are you saying that the only way God’s will was carried out was because because Mary was obedient? Do you believe that God is that awfully weak? If Mary would not have been obedient, God would have already known that and not chosen her and just chosen someone else. This among all the other reasons set out in this article is why praying the Mary is wrong. If you pray to her, suddenly you put yourself in the same category as those who worship any other idle, and by default, in danger of hell.

        • catholic and proud

          you are right God foreknew Mary would be obedient ,the point is whoever would have agreed…. in this case Mary……would have carried out his will.we pray to mary because of the precedence she set at the wedding of cana. she knowing full well our weaknesses6nuft
          will intercede for usheaven to her son Jesus like she did at the wedding . you must understand Mary for catholics is not God.. for lack of a better way of putting it, she is an ally in a strategic place (heaven). her relationship with Jesus she ensures she can influence his decisions… if she did so on earth why not in heaven???? then you say Mary is dead … what does the bible say ….??? the dead are alive in heaven …or hell . that’s it death happens to the physical body … as we are all christian we all agree that the spirit cannot die it is eternal . Mary is definitely not in hell so where is she? obviously in heaven… the mother of God (Jesus) can’t be in hell. so why all the fuss about Mary … its like the same thing you would do when you want to see the queen or the president or whatever… you need to be well connected … and Mary is well connected. this is not to say we do not pray directly to Jesus or God we do. our prayers to Mary are not for her but they are for God what we ask is she help us to obtain mercy from God… we christians do that a lot and it produces results … prayin for a loved one who is ill we really scores of people to help us pray and God hears us… imagine asking Mary the mother of Jesus to help you pray … im sure God will equally hear such prayers. so in heaven mary prays to God therefore she is not God.

          • Bill

            The second person of God, the Word, always was from eternity past and does not have a mother, the Word became flesh and the man Jesus had a mother. Jesus is true God and true man. He is our Lord and our only Mediator.

          • catholic and proud

            thats your opinion revelation 12 shows there is a woman in heaven… who that woman is depends on your interpretation … for me that Mary. Jesus’ mother does not stop being his mother coz theirs is a special relationship

          • John

            Bill, what you advocate is called Nestorianism and it was condemned as heretical by the early Church at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD because it denies that Jesus is one substance and nature. Jesus is both true God and true man and, as a result, it is theologically correct to say that Mary is the Theotokos (the mother of God).

          • Bill

            John, the Bible clearly teaches that Jesus was and is true God and man. However, The gospel of John is clear as to their beginnings: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. John 1:1-2 God is from everlasting to everlasting.
            “…and the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us..” John 1:14 The man Jesus began to exist when the virgin Mary conceived of the Holy Ghost.

          • Rick Deacon

            You’re following the Calholic teachings. They put Mary on the same level of Jesus. You don’t pray to her, she doesn’t pray for us or mediate between God and man. Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. Read the bible and ask the holy spirit, whose job is to lead us into all truth and to bring glory to
            Jesus. Jesus said ” I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except thru me.”

          • catholic and proud

            any catholic you ask will tell you you are wrong … the fact that you believe that does not make it any truer .

          • BK

            “her relationship with Jesus she ensures she can influence his decisions… if she did so on earth why not in heaven????”


            The Savior was obedient to YHVH … YHVH ONLY !!!
            He was obedient to YHVH on earth and He’s obedient to YHVH in heaven … YHVH ONLY !!!

            He NEVER needed Mary’s input … STILL DOESN’T NEED IT !!!

            He has “the mind of YHVH” … PERIOD !!!

            Caps are for emphasis only – not shouting.

          • catholic and proud

            yet he listened to her and did as she asked …. im not saying Mary has authority over Jesus no… she is the creation Jesus is the creator.but she has influence being his mother … just like you mum has influence over you . he doesnt need Marys input but he does listen to her because he respects her as his mother.

          • Hettie Bezuidenhout

            As Christians we ask the Holy Spirit to help us to pray . The only way to reach God it thruogh Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is our Helper and where we do not now how to pray we ask the Holy Spirit to help us.

          • Sojourner Truth

            Praying to the dead is strictly forbidden in the Bible. Deuteronomy 18:11 tells us that anyone who “consults with the dead” is “detestable to the Lord.” The story of Saul consulting a medium to bring up the spirit of the dead Samuel resulted in his death “because he was unfaithful to the LORD; he did not keep the word of the LORD and even consulted a medium for guidance” (1 Samuel 28:1-25; 1 Chronicles 10:13-14). Clearly, God has declared that such things are not to be done.

          • Carlos

            I can assure you the mother of my saviour si not dead she is very much alive and she doesn’t Live in heaven she has Her house in México and in my heart it is a matter of love and faith

          • catholic and proud

            you have clearly not read the catholic bible… and you are mistaken … praying for the dead and consulting the dead are two totally different things… please educate yourself

          • John

            In scripture, Jesus refers to the “living” and the “dead” in spiritual rather than physical terms. See Luke 9:60 and Matthew 8:22 – “Let the dead bury their dead” makes no sense unless Jesus’ emphasis is on spiritual rather than mere physical death. In that sense, those saints who have passed from this life to the next are not “dead.” Quite the contrary — they are more “alive” than are we, as they are now in the presence of the eternal God. It was Saul’s consultation with a medium to force a communication with Samuel that got him into trouble (Proverbs 16:18 – pride goes before the fall). Otherwise, how do you account for Jesus’ conversation with Moses and Elijah in Matthew 17:3? If Jesus was “consulting with the dead” then he should have been “detestable to the Lord”; but just two verses later, a voice from Heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” Mary is not dead in the scriptural sense. Like Moses, Elijah and all of the elect, she is very much alive. Go to her as your spiritual mother and she will lead you to her Son.

          • Clovis Robinson

            I guess that is the reason there will be so many catholic in hell because they are so ignorant. Mary has nothing to do with intercession to God. Jesus is the intercessor and there is no other. If you pray to Mary you just waste your time. Mary can’t save you and you can’t pray to Mary because Jesus sees that as blasphemy. Which means you have took his name in vain. shalom

          • Carlos

            You are right Clovis Mary deos not save, but she is the highway to Jesus, and he deos save.

          • catholic and proud

            fine for you … thats just your opinion and not fact you are entitlled to it . until we get to heaven you cant be sure …

          • John

            Jesus is the sole mediator between God the Father and Man; but Mary intercedes for us to her Son. In John 19:25-29, Jesus gave his own mother to all of humanity as our spiritual mother. As our spiritual mother, she now labors tirelessly to bring each of us to faith in God. We Catholics do not pray TO Mary under the belief that she is somehow divine or otherwise co-equal with God. We know well that she is not Divine. Mary is the pinnacle of God’s creation. She is the daughter of the Father, the mother of the Son and the spouse of the Spirit. As such, she holds a place in the Heart of God above all others. She loves all of humanity with an intensity likely only surpassed by God, Himself; and as the Woman of Revelation 12 and the new Eve of Gen 3:15, she plays a central role in God’s plan of salvation for humanity. How she fulfills that role is summarized perfectly in John 2:5 when, during the wedding at Cana, Mary said to the servers, “Do whatever he [Jesus] tells you.”

          • Elizabeth

            We also know that Jesus listens to his mother. He performed his first miracle because she told him to even after he told her it was not his time.
            Of course we pray to Mary, and the saints, we ask them to intercede for us on out behalf. Its the same as asking your neighbor to pray for you. Why wouldn’t we want someone on our side that lives with God.
            Its much ado about nothing really. God personally chose her before she was born. If Jesus is going to honor her, I certainly should.

      • Suzy

        So wrong.

        She has never been the only woman of her age at that time neither the only woman on earth and she will never be.
        She just found unmerited favour (grace) before God, and was a vessel of honour meet for the Master’s use – that’s all.

        God choses who He wills to do His work – and that’s final. But that does not give any room for idolatry.

        Since she is who the Catholics say she is, why did she have to pray to God with the disciples to receive the Holy Spirit?

      • God did not ask, “You will conceive” He was telling her what was going to happen.
        It was Gods plan that Jesus be born of a virgin, so if not Mary, then another Jewish women who was a virgin would have taken place.
        Think about that.

    • catholic and proud

      i think the same of you protestants … i think you are deceived , have been deceived and you wont make an extra effort to learn the truth for yourselves. many rely on what their pastors say about us never taking time to understand for yourself .i agree Jesus is the way truth and life … who told you we dont believe that after all the bible came from the catholic church. mary is not the way truth and life ask any catholic who knows their faith. the fact that we pray to her does not make her a god.she is our ally is a stategic place.. thats all. not God ,not worshiped,only respected and honoured . and if the bible commands us to honour people why not the mother of god??

      • Larry/vietnamvet1971

        catholic and proud, sorry your name is wrong, it should be catholic and HUMBLE, IF you have any thing to BOAST about BOAST about JESUS and the Cross, you say we listen ONLY to our pastors, WRONG I read, study, and find the TRUTH for my self I do not need a pastor,priest,bishop, POPE and all the rest of your Dressed up men that pretend to act in the place of JESUS, I will have to say the BIG BILLION DOLLAR catholic church has the money to Flaunt their Lavishness and with ALL your POMP & CEREMONY it looks Impressive and Authentic a real deceiving False church, the Bible came from the catholic church, now I am really IMPRESSED and of course your pope is GOD. YEP you have it all figured and thought out.

        • John

          It is important to remember that the Church is comprised of men and women with human faults and human frailty. Although there are certainly some members of the Catholic hierarchy who abuse their positions and spend money lavishly, the Catholic Church is, at the same time, the single largest provider of charitable assistance in the world to those in need. This has been true from the very beginning — would you throw out Peter because of Judas?

          • Gabe

            Can we all just just agree to disagree. I was raised Catholic and attended a Catholic school. Mary, along with the Saints, are not prayed to but prayed through. And no matter what you are, be it Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox, you can’t use your variety of the Bible to say another is wrong. Whether it’s the New American Standard Version or the King James’ Version, it was written by man. It isn’t directly God’s word is there is a god at all. If it was directly God’s word then there wouldn’t be so many variants of the same book.

        • Donna L.

          Please read what your Bible says, then:

          So many people are stating that Jesus is the ONLY mediator. While it is true that reconciliation with God is only possible through Jesus, all of us mediate for one another when we pray for one another. If Jesus is the only one who can mediate, and asking Mary to pray for us is considered idolatry, why do you ask your friends and family to pray for you? This is mediation, but not idolatry.

          Mary is not dead. Jesus said, God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. The Apostle Paul said nothing can separate us from the love of God – not even death. Jesus said Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob saw his day and rejoiced. We know in the spiritual world, both the spirits of angels and demons hear us and see us. Why not Mary?

          In the Old Testament, the most powerful person in the kingdom next to the king was the Queen Mother. This is why Bathsheba wanted her son Solomon to be king. Jesus is the King of Kings in the everlasting Kingdom, and Mary is the Queen Mother. The apostles were well aware that others do reign with Jesus and hoped to sit on the thrones next to Him (James and John). Jesus said that God the Father would choose. Catholics are pretty sure from the Old Testament model that Mary occupies one of those thrones.

          Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit (and therefore using the words the Spirit had given her), called Mary “the mother of my Lord” and wondered what she had done to deserve such a great favor from God that the Lord’s mother would pay her a visit. She said the baby John the Baptist leaped for joy when he heard Mary’s voice. Mary said, “All generations will call me blessed.” It is obvious to all Christians that it is only Catholics who pay Mary this kind of honor and respect.

          All this facts are in the Bible – but Protestants either misinterpret them or ignore them.

        • catholic and proud

          how many definitions of pride do you know . i mean that i am proud to be catholic ….of course i dont glory in being catholic because its nothing at the end of the day … its my love for Jesus and care towards others that matters. i however will not back down from defending the catholic faith which is to me the very essence of Jesus’Church wich he founded on peter the rock.

      • Suzy

        Mmmh… sorry (on the personal aspect only) to say this, but there is NOTHING proud in being a Catholic!

        I read most, if not all of your comments above and all I see is justification of your doctrines and practices.
        But one thing you said that really touched me was something like “none really knows until we get before God”… something in that sense.

        Oh my, you are already living judgment. The Word of God IS the Judge during our life here and even after death. Do you think standing before God on Judgement day is debating with Him on dos and don’ts? You know the truth and you don’t practice it. Funny how you talk about protestants following their Pastors whereas you people are N° 1 in doing that, and worse of all, you don’t even know the foundation of your church – which is not Christ of course.

        And YES YES YES… You worship Mary. Stop justifying yourselves in respecting or honouring her whereas you don’t follow her footstps – Obeying God’s Will which is His Word. And by the way, she is NOT the mother of God. Just because Christ is God does not make her God’s mother – she was just a vessel for use, just as all other God’s True Children. She did not ascend to heaven bodily. She was dead and she has never heard you people pray to her nor will she ever hear you – she is dead and gone and that’s it. Prayers to saints also is a sin, because they are dead and the Bible forbids us to have any relation with such practices – there is nothing honourable in praying to dead saint Paul or whosoever… that’s pushing aside the Lord Jesus Christ and spitting to His face, he does not need man’s help to do whatsoever, it is just His will or desire to USE man (His people).

        One thing is the Truth – THE WORD OF GOD. And most certainly and truly, the Catholic Church does not practice the Truth in innumerable ways.

        There is really NOTHING proud in being a Catholic. Please just REPENT before it’s too late. Jesus loves you so much, he doesn’t want you to go to Hell – God help you and worldwide Catholics.

  • Richie

    What happened to the “Hail Mary”?

    • Geoffrey Grider

      I figured everyone knew that one 🙂

    • catholic and proud

      nothing it still exists … if you read your bible you will see it is the greeting of the angel to

      • John

        And the greeting of Elizabeth to Mary (Luke 1:42)

  • Edwitness

    Thanks Geoffrey,
    I have conversations like that all the time with Catholics. Their favorite thing is to play with words to excuse their being a part of a religion that worships idols. How would you answer someone who says he was once a born again Christian? But, now is Roman Catholic. I would like to get your perspective on this since you were RC for so many years before coming to Christ.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      It’s all about word games and that makes it very hard to have a sensible discussion with them. But none of what they believe about Mary comes from the Bible it is all from the Vatican and tradition.

      • Laura Marie

        My dad being hard core old time Catholic, used to say it was a sin to even go to another church! And ohhhh the guilt I felt leaving the Catholic faith ….. my uncle called me a traitor last week and it has been over 20 years since I left it! They worry I won’t make it to heaven…. I pray for them all the time because they are soooo brainwashed

        • catholic and proud

          not brainwashed…i dont think they are brainwashed at all. i always say if you look for the truth you will find it. have you sought he truth??. i don’t believe non catholics are damned and wont get to heaven.. thats silly .however i think that they will miss a great deal of the christian experience . if you heart is in the right place christian r not you are going to heaven even moslems and atheists might also find their way to heaven.

          • carson

            jeremiah 17:9, romans 7:18..of ourselves, of our flesh is nothing good.
            So an atheist or a false religionist can achieve heaven based upon their ‘heart being right’? IMPOSSIBLE! If they don’t have Christ and His righteousness they fail. philippians 3:9, 1st john 5:12, john 14:6 and a ton more.

            If a non believer could achieve heaven then why was Christ sent anyway? there’d be no need of Christ then, which is what the inter-faith statement you parroted in your comment breaks down to, that any can achieve heaven based upon their own goodness or right heart thus making Christ and the cross and resurrection of no importance….PLEASE wake up, save yourself and flee the inter-faithing catholic and other inter-faithing false churches, they lie and make Christ of no importance.
            Investigate these things, what they say vs what God say’s in His word and come away from it all and unto Christ in truth.

            ‘right heartedness’..like the law, fails, and is why Christ was sent and came, to save what is lost and salvation is only in Christ.

          • catholic and proud

            in the years of drought the prophet elijah was sent to widow i zarepath an outsider , a gentile and a woman … and not to widows in israel though they were many …. jesus even makes reference to this and the Jews were angry with him…. Gods mercy works with his justice . if the gospel never got to you im sure god will make a way for you to enter heaven. rejection of his gospel is not the same as ignorance of it.

      • catholic and proud

        that’s true …. if you understand anything about the bible you will se it comes from the tradition of the saints … so tradition produced the bible.

        • Lisa

          Mark chapter 7 verse 7: Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

          1 Timothy chapter 4 verse 1-5 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them with believe and know the truth. For every creature of God is good and nothing to be refused if it be received with thanksgiving; For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

          Catholic and proud: 2 Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.

          Romans chapter 8 verses 26-27 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

    • catholic and proud

      i’m catholic i promise i wont play word games … i’m assured that the catholic church is not only right but true …. ask me anything and i will give a straight answer

    • Donna L.

      When I was 28 years old I underwent a profound conversion and I took this to be my “born again” experience. I was a Baptist for 15 years but was always troubled by the way our pastor contradicted passages of scripture. I have returned to the Catholic Church because it is clear to me that not only did the RCC collect and preserve for 1500 years the writings found in the New Testament, but the Bible supports Catholic doctrine and only Catholic doctrine.

      Yes, the Bible supports these doctrines: You can lose your salvation. Jesus is present in the Eucharist. Baptism is necessary. Confession is necessary for the remission of sins and without it one can be damned if he has committed a mortal sin. A priesthood is necessary.

      Think of this: Jesus said he built his church upon a rock and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. He selected his leaders of the church, and they (the apostles) selected leaders after them (see the Acts of the Apostles) for preservation of this leadership. So where is this church today if Jesus promised us that he would be with that church ALL DAYS even to the end of time? The Catholic Church is the only church that survived the fall of the Roman Empire and the subsequent Dark Ages. It is the only church that can trace its leadership back to the Apostles and Jesus Christ. All other denominations were created by sinful, proud, rebellious men.

  • Julie

    Cathlolics need to know that it is a sin to worship Mary !

    • froggie

      Julie– Catholics only believe what the Pope says. LOL !!

    • cyberman777

      We do not worship idols. We worship the Holy Trinity.

  • Both of my kids are in Catholic schools…this is disconcerting to say the least. I do take solace in the fact that I often discuss the authority and context of the bible with them and encourage them to compare traditions vs. truth.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      I was a Catholic for 30 years, then I got saved.

      • GP

        Thank you Mr Grider for your post and exposing the truth. Can you tell us how you got saved? I married into a Catholic family and meet many Catholics as I was born and raised in “Mary”land. All say they are Christians. It feels hopeless witnessing to them.

        • catholic and proud

          according to you i am not a christian because i am catholic .. pray tell me how you know this since you don’t even know me ??? maybe try witnessing to me … hope that works …..

          • Suzy

            By your fruits we know it already – Just as our Master said “By their fruits you shall know them”.
            This also goes to all Catholics and non Catholics who profess to be Christians, whereas they are not!

      • I need to clarify. My ex, who has primary custody, insisted that they attend a Catholic school (that’s been disconcerting…not your article). Honestly, would rather homeschool them and teach them how to rightly divide.

        • catholic and proud

          i am glad they will get to experience being catholic and if they are taught well i hope they convert

          • Suzy

            God forbid!!!

      • catholic and proud

        no you were probably baptised catholic but you were never really catholic. coz if you were you would have never left. what is this you call being saved??? what is that … a sinners prayer ??? thats what saved you??? and you belive you wer not saved at baptism in the catholic church … you amaze me

        • There is but one intercessor between God and man that being Jesus Christ. Not a pope, a priest, pastor or anyone else…God gave us those words for a reason not so you can call Him a liar by praying to others. You are so blinded to the truth, there is so much wrong with Catholicism. You can not see the truth because you don’t want to so God has left you to your desires. All who are born again are saints, Catholicism responsible for murder of millions and YES catholics do bow and pray to idols.Mary is idolised. Perhaps you should go to the vatican websites and see who is brought first Mary or Jesus but I suspect you already know the answer to that. Matthew 12:46-50 has a great answer. By the way I was brought up with family members and schooled Catholic but the good Lord blessed me with strength not to be brainwashed. Hallelujah. I will pray for the veil to be lifted but you have to want to know the truth not stagger around blind.:-)

      • Bill

        I was a Catholic for 30 years, then I got saved. Our family were “devout” Catholics. My dad, mother, older sister, and
        younger brother and I. none of us were saved. My sister became a nun. I attended seminary but left to have a family.
        Dad, mother and my sister were all saved when they left this world. Praise the Lord for rescuing us from the domain of darkness.

      • cyberman777

        How do you know that you are “saved”? Even the demons believe that Christ is Lord and tremble(James 5)?yr5cv

        • BR

          Because the entire theme of the New Testament covenant explains that those who are born again spiritually through faith are saved and confident of it!

      • Sally Geyer

        Geoffrey: If you left the Catholic Church after 30 years, you weren’t saved.

    • catholic and proud

      tradition does not mean non truth … just putting it out there . I hope that being in a catholic school will teach them the true values of being a good christian … and why by the way do you send your children to catholic schools if catholics are so bad????

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    • catholic and proud

      I admit we pray to Mary … what is your problem with that ???

  • Jim

    My wife is a devout Catholic woman. She knows Jesus Christ is the Lord. Critizise the hypocritical catholic church not the Christians

    • Paul

      If a person is a true believer in Jesus Christ and His words, they would reject the lies and hypocrisy and LEAVE. Pharisees and Saduccees indeed

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Christians pray to Jesus, not Mary. You cannot have it both ways.

      • Laura Marie

        And not the saints either…just Jesus

    • Jim

      Good luck arguing with my wife Marisol

    • Joe

      Does she pray to Mary?

    • Jimmy

      The devil also believes that Jesus Christ is Lord. Is your wife trusting Jesus Christ blood atonement, death, burial, and resurrection ALONE for her salvation? Or is she trusting ALSO trusting in the Catholic sacraments?

      • catholic and proud

        who says that is the truth??? catholic sacraments are in the bible what are you talking about ???. you trust in your pastors and self interpretation of the bible. as catholics Jesus’ death is the atoning sacrifice for sin who ever said it wasn’t.the sacraments do not atone for sin and don’t replace Christ’s death on the cross … Who told you these things … you have been erroneously taught …. shame.

        • j erwich


        • Leonard

          Can you offer evidence of the sacraments’ appearance in The Bible–I mean chapter and verse? I’m betting that you can’t.

  • Rosalie Tormos

    Great article! I love that as an ex-Catholic you are exposing the lies they’ve been taught! Thank you!

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Thank you! Not trying to “bash” anyone, just hope some will read this and come out of that system and get saved according to Ephesians 2:8,9 (KJV)

      • Larry/vietnamvet1971

        Exactly, in Revelation people are Warned to come out of ALL these False religions/ systems or face the wrath of GOD,come out of Her do not partake of Her Sins.

    • catholic and proud

      no lies … the fact that you don’t know or understand catholicism does not make what it teaches a lie.

  • They not only pray to her, some of them consider it their special privilege to come and sit in her kitchen and talk to “Mamma Mary”. They consider themselves to be on an equal plane with Jesus whether he likes it or not, whether he knows it or not, whether he knows them or not.
    I was raised in a Catholic family and I know. The Catholic Church has never considered Jesus to be the only way to heaven.

    • catholic and proud

      Mary is not God therefore not equal to God. you think you know but actually yoou do not know. being raised in a catholic family won’t and can’t make you catholic . just like living with protestants won’t make you protestant. so which othe way do the catholics say is the way to Jesus. the only way is Jesus. on what do you base your ignorant statements.

  • Cooleemeeedd

    I see no change in this from when I was a boy, over 50 years ago, except for one thing…Mass is now in English!

  • Franny

    I, too, was a Catholic for the first 35 years of my life. I also attended Catholic school for 12 years. What you are saying about the Catholics view on Mary is 100 percent correct. I remember the May Day processions and bringing flowers to lay at the feet of Mary’s statue. It took me years, but I finally came to know the truth. I even went so far as to grill our parish priest on all the questions regarding praying to Mary and the saints. The answer I received was that I was to accept these things on faith. I thank God every day for bringing me to the truth. If you ever want to see what’s up with all this Mary devotion, go to the official Medjugorje website (Mary has supposedly been appearing here since the early eighties). The messages that this “supposed” apparition has been giving will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

  • carson

    it is sad.
    I pray that just as you and many others were awoken to the falsities of the catholic church and were pulled out from it all and unto Christ in truth that many more will be also.

    Many people have many excuses for why they hold to that church, one person told me after admitting that they could see many of the teachings were false that they.. needed.. the tradition of it all. revealing the pull of traditions of men, a pull strong enough to make them turn a blind eye to falsity and continue onward within it..
    …lots of examples in the bible of people holding onto falsities and traditions even after having seen the truth of Christ. afraid to confess and follow Him lest they be thrown out of the establishment and place of status they’d gained, choosing the temporary world and personal desires over the eternal truth of Christ. Hopefully these articles wake some up.

  • I too was raised a Catholic and had 15 yrs. of religious education.When I was 21 the Holy Spirit told me that priest could not change a communion wafer into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ. My Godly praying mother didn’t give up on me and I gave my heart to the Lord a few years later. Many Catholics are unaware of their church’s doctrines because they don’t teach them now like they did in the fifties and sixties.I pray for all those who are being deceived.Keep up the good work, bro Grider!!!!

    • catholic and proud

      you were never really catholic , the holy spirit can never say the the eucharist is not the body of christ .that spirit that told you that is not from God as it contradicts scripture. and to show that protestants are losing it and are not the true church … they have split up thousands of times … now many of the acceppt homosexuality … its shameful ….may the real church of jesus Christ stand up for a witnessaka the catholic church !!!

  • Xen

    I was a catholic, though non practicing, for the first 30+ years of my life. I think it has its appeal in the solidity of its traditions. The Mass, the hymns, the special holidays, the saints for every need, the massive churches, the ornate images, and items you can hold on to, like rosaries and the pictures of saints.
    When I was born again, I learned to worship and pray in spirit. It took a long time to outgrow the catholic upbringing. Now I savor the simplicity with which I can enrich my relationship with the Lord.
    I still find some aspects of Catholicism wonderful, but they have to realize that some of its beliefs actually drive a wedge between us and God, rather than bringing us closer to Him.

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      Sad, all Pomp & Ceremony looks good & Impressive but that is all.

    • catholic and proud

      you have been misinformed .. .i find the catholic experience beautiful as well. if you want we can discuss and we can share concerning catholic beliefs. i always want to tell how much i have learnt that being catholic is not the same as the messages out there about them . many catholics don’t know what it means to be catholic i like to set the record straight whenever i can

  • Missy

    That is EXACTLY what my sister says…”we don’t worship Mary. we venerate her.” Having also been a Catholic for 28 years, I am aware that they also pray to many of the saints. Remember, “Dear St. Anthony, please come around, something is lost and can’t be found? Pray that their eyes and minds might be opened.

    • Carlos

      Please Missy don’t confuse worship With intercession not to God but to Jesus because the sainetes aré Jesus friends

  • Kimberly

    The increased effort to “unite” Christians and Catholics together, sweep away the reformation, introduce contempletive prayer and mystical, unbiblical patterns that ultimately deny the Truth is more apparent. We need to tremble at His word more than ever!!

  • Sola Scriptura

    It is crazy that they deny it…and even if they just “talk” to her, that is called necromancy(talking with a dead person rather than with a living God) and is forbidden by Deuteronomy 18 in no uncertain terms. They pray to her as the babylonians prayed to Semarimis and the Egyptians to Isis, etc. Catholicism is quite wicked, hiding God(and his word) from men, all while stealing there money and often their children’s innocence.

    • catholic and proud

      scripture says the spirit cannot die so are you talking about the human body or the spiritual one???? you are quite misinformed …have you read the bible … the events you talk about have since been stopped are you living in the dark ages???? which church can claim perfection ??? we have all sinned and this is the human condition.when we pray we pray to mary who is alive and in heaven …like i said her spirit is eternal…we also believe she was assumed into heaven in bodily form .she takes our prayers to Jesus who arranswers them…kinder like how you ask your mum to help you pray for your daughter or son …thats exactly what we do. your mum is alive and can offer prayer for you … mary too is alive and can offer prayer on our behalf whats the problem in that …

      • We’re in scripture does it state that we can pray to those who have passed on? Where does it state that others in heaven intercede for us?
        Scripture only please 🙂

  • Anon

    What pure deception and blasphemy exists in the Church of Rome. Mary, a Jew, was chosen by God to be the vessel to bring forth our Savior who is the Christ, our Jewish Messiah. How Mary who was a Jew, was transformed into the Catholic Mother of Heaven, I’ll never know. I guess it was the same transformation that made the Jewish Apostle Peter, the first Pope. The Church of Rome is indeed Satan’s masterpiece, to be able to deceive millions who worship under this system. The system needs to be exposed for the heresies it promotes, and more articles like this one, need to be written to shed light, so that many will see the hypocrisy and evil that thrives within the walls of these churches. Carry on Geoffrey, and by the grace of Almighty God, many will come to know the truth and be saved.

  • Zhang Hong

    Catholics (of which I was one for decades) consider Mary a “Mediatrix”. But the Bible says, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.” (1 Tm 2:5.) “In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.” (Ep 3:12.)

    I asked a lifelong Catholic: When a person prays about a matter, how should he decide whether to pray to God or to Mary or to his guardian angel or to one of the many “canonized” saints? She could not answer.

    The Rosary contains 50 Hail Maries and a handful of other prayers. I believe that pre-written prayers stifle a person’s relationship with God. Mt 6:7 prohibits repetitious prayers.

    “Marian devotion”, while being disrespectful to God, also creates a dangerous distraction and a stew of confusion. Not to mention that Catholic sermons are so fluff-filled that Bible verses and concepts are neither reinforced nor learned. The Cross is never the subject.

    The Catholic Church’s works-based salvation formula and its ensuing atmosphere of guilt and fear may make Catholics even more susceptible to Marian devotion, because it offers a maternally-cozy buffer to the more-distant God of their perspective. Whereas, for Bible believers, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Rm 5:1.)

    Please pray for the deliverance of dear Catholics, most of whom were raised in that way, and who are generally conditioned not to think nor to study the Bible, but to humbly accept the teaching of the local clergy and “the Magisterium”.

    • Zhang Hong

      Geoffrey, my above comment appeared twice. Can you lop of the top half? Thanks.

    • Amen!

  • Char

    I don’t understand who or how this idea got started. Did someone, many years ago, just get up one morning and decide that Mary was better than all other humans so she should be worshiped? I know she was a very devout believer chosen by God, but like I said, who started this idea along with all the idol worship and the hand gesture of the cross? I was fortunate enough to be raised in a Christian home, so I don’t know anything about Catholicism, other than having friends who are Catholic and very hard to talk to about the Lord. One of my friends was amazed when I prayed at her house when we were about to eat because it wasn’t a memorized prayer like they have. She even told another friend of hers what I did, like I was the entertainment for the evening.

    • Geraldine

      The early Christians did not worship Mary. When the Roman emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, he used the cross as his symbol in his conquest of many lands. Many pagans who worshiped the idols and images of the Roman and Greek mythology also fearfully converted and they brought with them their idols calling them with different names as Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Saint Mary etc. saying they don’t worship but only venerated them. It was only in 1960s that Mary was elevated to the position as Queen of Heaven by the Pope. If they will just read the Bible their eyes will be opened and know that it’s forbidden to worship the Queen of Heaven and to make any handmade representation of anything from heaven or here on earth to worship, kneel and bow down to or venerate. This is what is happening here in the Philippines. We have life-size and bigger than life size idols here which they buy and sell and parade on the streets. They even constructed a very big and distorted image of Mary along one of the main roads in Manila ascribing to it the miracle that happened in the peaceful People Power Revolution that happened in February 1986. that’s why the Philippines is under a curse right now. Only the prayers of true Bible-believing Christians help in opening the eyes of these people.

      • Char

        Geraldine, thank you for your explanatory reply. It’s unfortunate that you live in a place where they have blatant idol worship. American will soon be under the judgmental curse of God too for all of her blatant sins. God Bless.

      • patrice

        1960’s? I was in catholic school in the 40’s and Mary was called the queen of heaven then and we would sing songs to her and do the rosary. You mean 1860? Or 1760? That thought has been around longer than the 60’s.

      • Alex

        “The early Christians did not worship Mary.”
        Sub tuum praesidium
        “Emperor Constantine”
        If i had a nickle for every time someone who has no idea of history blames Constantine(or Paul) for ruining their mythical version of Christianity. First of all, it wasn’t Constantine that did that, it was Theodosius. Secondly, if he was guilty of all that you said, the non-chalcedonian Churches would have been absent of all that you say, due to their geographical position outside of the empire(i am mean way outside in certain cases, in India and Ethiopia). And even if, even if that wasn’t the case, we should have seen some remnant that fled in some corner of the Earth, just as the monophysites fled to Egypt when the politics of Byzantium turned against them.

    • Carlos

      Mary should not be worshiped as a Godess but she should be reveered because we didn’t deserve to receive Jesus directly from God, so he geive us Jesus trough Mary because she si holy.

  • Mike au

    I still don’t hear the preaching of Christ crucified, and there is
    only one mediator between man and God, Jesus, so Mary can’t
    help you. In the top picture Mary has a crown, so they have made
    Mary Queen of Heaven by their own appointment, just like everything
    else that they can conjure up that distracts from the true worship of God
    alone. Give God the glory !

    • Carlos

      Remembre Jesus last Wil in the Cross he said, son here is your mother and looking to Mary said mother thats your son, so Jhon to ok Her to his house, we should follow Jhon’s example and take Mary to our home that si our hart. It si in your Bible in the Gospell of Jhon.

      • Mike au

        @ Carlos

        Yes that’s correct Carlos, John was given the responsibility of
        caring for Mary, but Mary is physically dead and her spirit in
        heaven, so we can’t bring her into our homes can we ? Another
        point, God will not share his glory with anyone, that includes
        Mary or any images of Mary or any idols of saints.

        Isaiah 42:8 (KJV)
        8 I am the Lord: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to
        another, neither my praise to graven images.

        All worship is to be directed to God alone. Jesus atoned for the sin
        of humanity, and Jesus alone is the only name that one can be saved
        through Carlos.

        Acts 4:12 (KJV)
        12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other
        name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

        Faith in Jesus Christ is all we need ! The rest of it is not biblical !

        • Carlos

          Hello Mike I think that when Jesús spoke, he spoke to me not only to the guys of his time.

          • Mike au

            Hey Carlos,
            Carlos you can’t look after Mary, because Mary is physically
            dead ! Mary’s spirit is in heaven, and God is looking after Mary.
            Mary can’t intercede for you, pray for you, care for you. All
            you have is a plaster statue or picture ( image ). Jesus is the only
            person that can intercede for you, I’m not telling you this ? I’m
            relating what the bible says. I can see that you deeply believe in
            what you are relating about Mary, but Jesus is our saviour our
            great hope and the only mediator between us and God the
            Father. Please read the bible Carlos, you will find that the man
            that died on the cross “Jesus” is your best friend ! Take care !

            1 Timothy 2:5 (KJV)
            5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men,
            the man Christ Jesus;

  • Steve B

    I know the Bible teaches not to pray in vain repetition and obviously the prayers to Mary are said over and over again. I have always wondered if that is why there are manifestations of Mary that often contradict Biblical teaching. When people willfully contradict clear Biblical warnings, maybe deceptions are allowed to happen, like playing with a Ouija board, taro cards, spiritualism or any of the multitude of ways people seek the spirit world outside of God’s will.

    We know that satan transforms himself into an angel of light, are these sightings of Mary a satanic delusion? Well if it leads people to pray to Mary and rely on her for Salvation I think the answer is clear. Is it actually bringing glory to the mother of heaven so clearly hated by God? When you see these people bowing down to idols you know it can’t be of God. We know that in the end days there will be lying signs and wonders, it is a scary thing to ignore the clear warnings in God’s Word.

    Thank God he has preserved his Word so we can study to show ourselves approved of God, being able discern truth from error.

  • Suzanne

    And the Catholic bashing goes on and on. Why? Catholics are not evil people! Catholics are Christians, just as most of you are. I am a “cradle Catholic” and will die a Catholic. I concentrate on the Mass most of all. And yes….I pray to Mary. But I do not, and never have “worshipped” her. Furthermore, I would never lie about whether I pray to her, or not. I also do not know one person (and I know many) of the Catholic faith, who would lie about such a thing. I pray to God and Jesus, just as any CHRISTIAN does. I consider myself a Christian. Catholicism is actually beautiful. I don’t feel that I have been brainwashed. I also don’t feel the need to be “born again”. I already know my Savior and I have already been “saved”. Mary has actually been a role model for young girls. Today’s world could take a few lessons from the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church. By the way…I am the biggest conservative you would ever want to meet. Like I said…I concentrate on the Mass and that’s it. God is in my heart and soul. Oh, and I say a Hail Mary every single night before I fall to sleep.

    • Joe

      Praying to Mary is worshipping her! And so as you say you will die a Catholic, so to will you die in your sins. I tell you, to get to Heaven you must stop praying to and worshipping your idols. Are you catholic or Christian? One follows a religion, one follows the messiah. They are not one in the same.

    • lioness

      my dear suzanne it is not the catholic bashing it is the word of God Jesus said except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God, so if you have not got that experience you are lost read john 3:1-5. no amount of good can save you for only by the grace of God are we saved through faith it is the gift of God lest any should boast. you need to surrender your life to Christ and let him have his perfect will in your life God bless. please read the bible and ask the holy spirit to give you understanding

    • Elaine


    • carson

      feeling the need to be born again, and acknowledging the need and understanding the need are 2 different things.
      Why do you suppose Christ even said a man must be born again if it had no purpose or truth or need to occur?
      If you’ve ‘already’ been saved, then you acknowledge that there was a time when you weren’t? or do you consider you were somehow saved from the womb or when being dunked in water when you were a tiny baby? Receiving Christ in answer to God’s calling to Him takes acknowledging our state we’re in without Him, a baby can’t do that nor does it happen from the womb. And water baptism..examine the terms used in the bible so often in those passages about water baptism along with the many verses on..’calling upon the name of the Lord’, a baby can’t call upon the Lord….so the water is symbolic and the ‘calling upon the Lord for a clear conscience’ must accompany it, without calling out to Him water is merely washing away dirt. In acts and peter’s epistles you’d see this ‘calling upon the Lord’ along with baptism, paul and peter both spoke of it in acts 22:16 and 1st peter 3:21 as part of baptism which goes along with the many verses on ‘all who call upon the Lord shall be saved. A baby cannot do these things nor adults who get dunked yet never actually call out with a truly sincere heart to the Lord to be saved.

      Also what is ‘in adam’ or born of adam or born of the flesh? 1st corinthians 15:22, john 3, romans 5:12/5:18 and many more verses, and why are they written? In adam all die, a person must be born again in Christ, 1st peter 1, john 3, john 1:12-13.
      The truth is written so any could flee to Christ to have life in Christ, doesn’t it merit to find out the truth more wholly, doesn’t it merit to find out what happened when adam sinned then when we each sinned?
      Compare john 1:12-13 and john 3 and 1st peter 1 born again in Christ with romans 8:9, then how is it that the Spirit dwells within them per romans 8:9 without being born again born of the Spirit? Without the Spirit of Christ they are none of Christ.
      All people’s default starting position is born of adam/born of the flesh and why any must be born again in Christ, and nobody can walk in the Spirit unless they have the Spirit, without Christ one can only walk in the flesh nature which is contrary to God, even good works done in the flesh do not merit heaven, being found to have Christ’s righteousness is the only thing that will do, philippians 3:9 and others.
      I know catholic affiliated people who say the same things- I don’t need to be filled with the Spirit etc, they’d say-I see no need to be born again or baptized in the Spirit, and ‘baptized’ is ‘filled’..so they saw no need to be filled with the Spirit, yet the Word say’s be filled with the Spirit and walk in the Spirit and etc.
      One reason they didn’t wish to was ‘the world’, the world would ..laugh, mock, ostracize, and they didn’t want to associate with ‘those born again type folks’….so they sided with the world and symbolic not heart felt water baptism and the church was the all in all and they practiced many traditions. NOT saying that’s you, but we all can and should always examine ourselves to see if we’ve ‘run off with the world’ over finding and holding to the truth of Christ.

      • patrice

        Christ was dedicated as a baby in the synagogue; later as an adult he was baptized by John the Baptist.

        • carson

          please wake up, how many kids who were dedicated later grow up and walk completely in the flesh showing dedication is not being filled with the Spirit.

          and could Christ have walked in the flesh nature of sin when He grew up in age anyway??!!
          and Christ was baptized as an adult..did He also need to repent of sins and call upon the Lord for a clear conscience?!!!!
          ..read the bible, all these things and more are in there.
          sinners are menkind, Christ was not a sinner, sinners must call upon the Lord, being dunked in water without the heart being dunked (calling out with all we are) is then just washing dirt from the body, plenty of people get dunked and live like hell, they never called with a broken contrite heart upon the Lord.

    • Lisa

      Suzanne the word of God (Jesus) states in John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God

      the word of God (Jesus) states in John 3:5 Jesus answered, Verily Verily I say unto thee, “Except a man be born of water an of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God

    • BR

      What exactly is your definition of worship?

  • Avy

    I grew up catholic, our house had statues of mary in all the rooms – even in the garden. My brothers were alter boys. Priests were constantly visiting, confession was a must – most of our stories for confession were made up because we didnt know what else to say. We became guilt ridden from a young age. My aunts were always drumming into our heads that we will grow horns if we did anything wrong and we must say ten hail marys if we did and we all had rosaries which were recited endlessly. I went to a convant also. When my own family changed churches and fellowshipped in christian churches with Jesus as our center we were ostracized by our catholic family & are no longer welcome to any family gatherings. We dont care that we are unwelcome by them – Jesus welcomed us with open arms. Thats all that counts.

  • I too grew up Catholic and find all that you say is true. but reading the Bible there is so much more that we are taught that is not Biblical, we love to point our finger at the Catholics but do we look in our own mirror? I have had to look in that mirror a lot and change so much of my life. In Revelation 17 the Harlot on the Beast is named: “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the MOTHER of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth”. Paul in Romans says when we criticize others do we do the same? I do not believe in what the Catholic Church teaches and I am not a Catholic anymore, but there is so much more they teach and we become hypocrites when we follow other traditions they teach and think it is okay, God knows my heart right? We full well know Christmas is pagan, we know Christ was not born on Dec. 25 We know the Christmas tree and all that goes with Christmas comes from pagan practices, yet we go right along with all of it, is that not hypocritical, how about Sun-day worship, idols in the church, how about the nativity scene. The Catholic Church calls herself the Mother Church, are we the Harlot Daughters of Revelation. When reading the Bible do we listen, learn and change or do we all go along with tradition and only point out the ones that are important to ourselves and continues on with the rest? It is important to bring into the light the worship of Mary and for that I thank you, and it is so important to expose the rest so we remove all tradition from our life and live for Christ and Him only. Your article was very good and eye opening! Have a wonderful Jesus filled day!

    • Amen. I no longer adhere to Christmas and Sunday and so on. The closer you become to the Lord the more he reveals. I am not under any denomination there is corruption in the majority as they are all willing to unite with Catholicism as one..take out the plank out of thy own eye, y all should be coming out of all denominations who bend and twist scripture to suit their own ends. Gay marriage, baptising transgender children, holy laughter, soaking up atmospheres and so on there all going astray!

  • bob

    horrid heresy.
    i couldnt even read the 4 examples that article writer has used as examples. made my skin crawl.

  • Christene

    In this regard, I will let the early Church speak:

    From 250 A.D., “Sub Tuum Praesidium” or “Beneath Thy Protection” one of the earliest hymns found to be sung throughout the Church:

    Beneath your compassion,
    We take refuge, O Mother of God:
    do not despise our petitions in time of trouble:
    but rescue us from dangers,
    only pure, only blessed one.

    “Blessed Virgin, immaculate and pure you are the sinless Mother of your Son, the mighty Lord of the universe. You are holy and inviolate, the hope of the hopeless and sinful; we sing your praises. We praise you as full of every grace, for you bore the God-Man. We all venerate you; we invoke you and implore your aid…Holy and immaculate Virgin…be our intercessor and advocate at the hour of death and judgment…you are holy in the sight of God, to Whom be honor and glory, majesty, and power forever (373 AD, St. Ephem of Edessa).

    “It becomes you to be mindful of us, as you stand near Him Who granted you all graces, for you are the Mother of God and our Queen. Help us for the sake of the King, the Lord God Master Who was born of you. For this reason you are called ‘full of Grace’…” (373 St. Athanasius).

    “Blessed Virgin Mary, who can worthily repay you with praise and thanksgiving for having rescued a fallen world by your generous consent? …accept then such poor thanks as we have to offer, unequal though they be to your merits. Receive our gratitude and obtain by your prayers the pardon of our sins. Take our prayers into the sanctuary of heaven and enable them to bring about our peace with God…Holy Mary, help the miserable, strengthen the discouraged, comfort the sorrowful, pray for your people, plead for the clergy, intercede for all women consecrated to God. May all who venerate you, feel now your help and protection. …Make it your continual care to pray for the people of God, for you were blessed by God and were made worthy to bear the Redeemer of the world, who lives and reigns for ever (St Augustine in 430 A.D. ).

    From the Magnificat, Luke 1:46-55;
    “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
    my spirit rejoices in God my Savior
    for he has looked with favor on his lowly servant.
    From this day all generations will call me blessed:
    the Almighty has done great things for me,
    and holy is his Name……”

    The first miracle worked by Jesus that began his ministry was not His idea. The changing of the water into wine (Jn 2:1-11) came at the behest of His mother. He was not even aware of the need, and when Mary “interceded” for the couple and brought it to His attention, how did He respond?
    “Woman (Eve is referred to as “Woman”), why do you involve Me? My hour as not yet come.”
    To which, Mary turns to the servants and says “Do whatever He tells you to do.” Her message to every one of her spiritual children since.

    You can go to Jesus for anything. Go to Him for this issue. Please. Are you honoring His mother as you should? It is no small question and it is incumbent upon each Christian to find the answer. You may not embrace His mother as Catholics do, but you do not want to treat her with disrespect, vitriol, and hatred either. Do you???

    • Lisa

      Christene Mary is NOT sinless. Luke 1:47 Mary says And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior. She needed a Savior just like us.

    • BR



      verb: venerate; 3rd person present: venerates; past tense: venerated; past participle: venerated; gerund or present participle: venerating

      regard with great respect; revere.

      Synonyms: revere, regard highly, reverence, WORSHIP, hallow, hold sacred, exalt, vaunt, adore, honor, respect, esteem More

    • BR

      Colossians 2:8-10

      8 See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ. 9 For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily, 10 and you have been filled in him, who is the head of all rule and authority.

  • florida1

    Mr. Grider. I stop by your website often. There are Many ills and wrongs in this world today, so of course you must run an article judging an entire group of people. I was born and raised in the Pentecostal church. Most of the sermons were only addressed to women. “You must wear; long skirts, no slacks, nothing showing the curves of your body, no sleeveless, no jewelry, no makeup, long hair, no dancing, no cussing, no smoking, no drinking, no movies, no rock n’ roll, nothing. FUN? Eating. That was it. Wow. Soooo I began my journey which ended in the RCC. I too have an ‘opinion’ on other folks’ churches. But to state those folks ‘pray-ie. ‘worship’ someone besides our Savior is pretty low. I am a ‘born again’ Christian who is ‘born anew’ each time I confess and spend alone time with my Savior. We believe in the Communion of Saints (which is the same as asking someone here on earth to ‘please pray for me’). I have asked our Lady to go to Jesus and intercede with Him for my urgent prayer. She did. He answered. I also pray, worship and glorify my Savior on my own; as do other Catholics. With God’s grace and mercy I will indeed see you and others in Heaven. Thanks be to God. PS We should lift each other up not tear each other down; that is the j.o.b. of Lucifer.

    • Joe

      The thing is, the facts put forth in this article are all Biblical. The things you say to be ok are not Biblical and cannot be found anywhere in the Holy Word of God. No where does it say that you should have another mediator. In fact it teaches exactly the opposite! THIS is the job of lucifer! To make you believe in a false god, a false jesus, so that you can continue to worship satan through his false religion. Jesus said if you love Him you will obey His teachings. You sir are believin and teaching others exactly the opposite!

    • lioness

      God bless Mr Grider for this amazing article what you are saying is contrary to the word of God you lift people up on the right path not when multitude are going to hell all the things you said you were doing did not make you saved. you never had that testimony where Jesus came into your heart and old things were passed away you were lost and you still are if you do not have that witness within your heart.Mr Grider is a watchman and he is sounding the alarm but the devil is hardening your heart please read the bible and ask the holy spirit to speak to you for we all must be born again to see the kingdom of heaven read John3 1-5 God bless all the statues you worship and pray to are abomination before God read Jerimiah,Daniel and Revelation.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Mary is dead, and she hears none of what you say. And if she COULD hear you, with tears in her eyes, she would implore you to stop praying to dead people and trust in Jesus alone.

    • Why do you not pray to Jesus for intercession as scripture states?

  • I cried as I read this post having had the same education experience and number of years as a Catholic, and had memorized most of the prayers you quoted, and recited the rosary hundreds of times, and did multiple “good works” to try to earn my salvation.
    Oh, how I praise God for bringing me to my knees in total repentance and surrender of my life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, alone!
    Let us be in continual prayer for our Catholic family members and friends to seek salvation in Jesus; “For there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Amen, it’s good to be free! 🙂

  • Leigh

    I’ve heard “We don’t pray to Mary, we ask her to pray for us.”
    I believe it’s in scripture to not contact the dead. “Mary isn’t dead. She ascended to heaven. That is why she can make appearances and intercede on our behalf.” Only Jesus intercedes at the throne of God on our behalf. ” All of the saints will, if you ask them.” That’s a typical conversation with my husband the Catholic

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Yes, but NONE of that is in the Bible. Not one bit.

    • Carlos

      jesus is God in the flesh and God took Enoch and Elias to heaven don’t you think he would take his dear mother too.

      • Don’t you think that would be mentioned in scripture? We have God’s word for a reason not so we can just go and make up anything that we want to 🙂

    • BR

      I think the first thing we should do before a debate is define the words that are used.
      nec·ro·man·cy /ˈnekrəˌmansē/

      noun: necromancy
      The supposed practice of communicating with the dead.

      •witchcraft, sorcery, or black magic in general.
      Synonyms: sorcery, (black) magic, witchcraft, witchery, wizardry, the occult, occultism, voodoo, hoodoo; More

      Or whatever you want to call it.

      Necromancy in the scriptures is clearly referring to the dead as people who lived on the earth and have passed on to the next life. They are no longer in the flesh. Jesus said to the Sadducees in Matthew 22:29 But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.

      Asking your neighbor to pray for you is practiced by the early church but never do we see anyone in the Old or new Covenant praying or communicating with any other spirit but God.

      Mary was a wonderful person but now she is in the spirit like all those who have passed on. They are not omniscient.

      Omniscient /ämˈniSHənt/

      Knowing everything.
      Synonyms: all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing

      God clearly condemns praying or communicating to any other spirit. It is an abomination to God.
      The Saints in the new testament (the Covenant between God and his people) are those who have professed with their lips the Lord Jesus and believe in their heart that God raised him from the dead. Romans 10:9-10 They have been sealed with the Holy Spirit. The Saints in the New Testament are mentioned over 70 times without exception as people living in the flesh. “Born again believers”

  • Liz

    I was a Catholic for 30 years, I started reading the Bible and realized the majority of what I was taught in Catholic school and during the mass was not Biblical at all. I read in 1 Timothy 2:5 “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus” – it was shocking that I didn’t have to talk to a Priest or Jesus Mother, Mary. I read in Hebrews 10:11-12 “Every priest stands daily ministering and offering time after time the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins; but He (Jesus), having offered one sacrifice for sins for all time, SAT DOWN AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD”, and Hebrews 10:18 “Now where there is forgiveness of these things, there is no longer any offering for sin”. I was taught that the sacrifice of the mass was needed for forgiveness of sins but the Bible contradicted the practice. Not long after beginning my study of the Bible, I repented of my sins, confessed them to the Lord Jesus, and asked Him to by my Lord and Savior.

    • patrice

      I can relate to what you say Liz re confession. I dreaded it because the priest would yell at even the slightest venial sin and when you got out of the box to your pew all the kids would look at you like wow you really got it. Every week, friday was confession time. Then to discover thru the bible I only had to confess to Jesus and then be washed white as snow, that was such a relief and eliminated that nervousness and fear of going to confess to some angry priest.

  • Dean

    Luke 11:27And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked. 28But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.

    If Jesus wanted us to pray to his mother or even worship her, then why did he rebuke this woman? Why didn’t he take this opportunity to hail the queen of heaven?

  • Sandy

    I also grew up catholic but always felt uneasy about some of the traditions like confession and the classification of sin into mortal and venial. I was born again in a Christian church and I thank God for showing me the light. The catholics keep referring to Mary as the blessed virgin. She wasn’t a virgin when she went to heaven. She and Joseph had other children after Jesus. Far too much emphasis is placed on Mary in the catholic church. No wonder the muslims think that the Christian holy trinity is God, Mary and Jesus.

  • Elaine

    “I also don’t feel the need to be “born again”.

    St. Matthew 3:17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased

    St. Luke 9:35 And came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.

    St. John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, verily, verily, I say unto the, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. KJB

  • Jimmy

    Amen. Great article!

    • Thank you! It’s part of my personal testimony of getting saved 🙂

  • Catholic I am

    Here’s the funny thing about protestants, they’re so consumed by this insatiable rebellious attitude towards the true church that they’d still go after Catholic’s mean while Catholic’s and Christians are being slaughtered all around the world each day. Look the illuminati has penetrated the vatican with francis. He much like 97% of pastors in america are bought and paid for like the politicians. Now to the authors claim that Catholic’s pray to the Virgin Mary, it is true we do but not as the source of salvation but as help much like with the holy saints. Virgin Mary is not higher than our beloved saviour Jesus Christ, she plays a big part in Catholic faith trying to help us through the conversion of sinners and the world. For the times that we have right now we pray to her INTERCESSION and we do the same with Our Lord Jesus Christ. My deepest condolences for you leaving the church, I am not surprised seeing as how the holy mass since Vatican II has been so watered down, ireverent, and been much like a social gathering than an real deep encounter with Our Lord. Its been 500 years, if you do indepth research on the subject, you will find that the protestant revolution was a move for satan to come in and break up the Catholic church so it would be easier for him to break up all the other churches. Now look at what we’ve got you protestants are still PROTESTING. The true teachings of the Catholic church will always be around but you people nit picked what you liked and disliked to the point that this countries got multiple varieties Christianity. Its sad to see this quagmire of infighting while the countries burning, I’m sure it’ll be another great divisive tool for satan to use upon this country. Blessed be the true Holy Catholic Church!

    • Feet-washer

      It is clear in the Bible that you shall have no other God other than Almighty Yahweh, and I worship only Jesus the one who died on the cross and raised on the 3rd day. Jesus is my Lord, and our intercessor, he is our high priest and there is no other. I don’t think I have to quote the specific Bible verses, because we are all so familiar with these basic tenets of our Christian faith.

      And that’s pretty much all I can say to you, and hope you’ll understand where we Protestants are coming from. We love you and all others who are still in Roman Catholic, but we cannot participate in the ecumenical movement with you. How can we be united when we are of different faith? We would loved to engage you as much as we would loved to engage with Muslims to share with them the salvation plan, but sad to say the door seems to be closed to us.

      The only thing I can say is see you at Christ’s Judgement seat, where he will separate the true Christians from the counterfeits.

    • Suzanne

      Catholic I am: Thank you for your post! I am terrible with words, but in my heart, I know that for me, having grown up in the Catholic Church is a blessing. Your words here mirror my thoughts. How can people say that Mary, the mother of God is an idol? In my humble opinion, we, as Christians need to pull together, instead of tearing each other apart. Yes! Blessed be the true Holy Catholic Church!!

      • catholic and proud

        amen we find so much joy tearing at each other it makes me wonder if we are christian at all. i would like to challenge anyone to prove that being catholic is unbiblical and a one way ticket to hell…

        • Lumberjack

          Dear catholic and proud. First, pride is the one sin God hates the most. I was born and raised in an Italian, catholic enviornment. I started teaching confirmation as an adult back in the lates 80’s. Confirmation is just that, CONFIRMING that the Holy Spirit is guiding you, not the donkey dirt I was taught in catholic school that “I a soldier in Christ’s army.” Oh paleeeeze, give me a break. As I was teaching, I started READING the Bible. All these red flags started popping up. One of the biggest flag is the catholic church CHANGED the TEN COMMANDMENTS! Yes, they didn’t think God’s word was correct, so they toook it upon themselves to eliminate the Second Commandement, “THOU SHALL NOT CARVE ANY IDOLS.” In short, the catholic is FULL of idols, statues, rosary beads and the like. What a joke. Then they had to fill the spot so they took the Tenth Commandment, “Thou shall not covet,” and made two commandments out of it. HOW can you change God’s word and feel you’re going to get away with it. The last chapter in the Bible, Revelation 22:18 basically says, “DON”T ADD TO OR SUBTRACT FROM THE WORDS FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE OR ELSE!” But the catholice feels they have a special right to do so? As I read the Bible I was led by the Holy Spirit and my eyes were opened. I left the catholoc church over ten years ago and has changed everything. We are living in the End Times and if you were to read Revelation Chapter 17, it describes the catholic church to a T and calls this false religion “The Mother og Harlots.” I pray for you that you will be led by the true Holy Spirit and your eyes will be opened. Mary cannot hear your prayers, ONLY GOD can do that, she can’t answer them either. Sorry, not Bibical.

          • Lisa

            Amen Lumberjack!!! Keep earnestly contending for the faith!

        • Read scripture it’s all in there!

      • Suzy


        But a Catholic is NOT a Christians and being a Catholic will never take you to heaven. Please refer to acts 11 to see who are Christians.

        And that’s what many other people don’t understand. Being a Christian is not lip profession only. First and foremost, it is being born of the Water (the Word) and of the Spirit and then serving God afterwards and working out your salvation with fear and trembling – continuing in the Lord’s Words is what is being His True disciples indeed, that is what being a Christian means – Nothing else.

    • I am a Jesus Loving Protestant

      Satan’s been in the Roman Catholic Church since its inception. And don’t tell me that the RCC was the first church that began with Peter who was the first Pope, because it wasn’t, and he wasn’t. Peter wasn’t a Pope. Popes aren’t in the Bible. You don’t need the Pope. No one needs the Pope for anything.

      Satan is, and always has been, inside the Roman Catholic Church’s organization. One needs only to look at the real life testimonies and horror stories of children caught in the web of the Roman Catholic Church. And yes, while I am aware that horrible things do happen to children in other places aside from your beloved church, the difference seems to be, that within the RCC, the abuse is actually organized, especially in the upper levels of your “church government.”

      And all this stuff about Mary. Think for a minute, if the Bible doesn’t tell us to worship Mary (which is what you’re doing when you pray to her, whether you admit it’s worship or not), but your Church tells you that it’s something you must do, then why is that? Well let me tell you that it’s been the work of Satan through the ages to spread this lie around through the tradition of your Church. Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44). If you will believe the Pope, Vatican, Catechism, or whatever it is that commands you to pray in an un-Biblical manner, and if you believe, as many other Catholics do, that there are apparitions of the real ‘Virgin’ Mary appearing around the world, it seems dangerously certain that when the ultimate deception comes, your path is clear. The proud Catholics such as yourself, no doubt, will do whatever their Pope or Marian apparition tells them to do, even if it is un-Biblical, and takes you straight to hell.

      The bottom line is that if it were required, or even important, to pray to Mary, it would be in the Bible. But it’s not. The bottom line is that if the Pope were really that special of a human being, and important to follow, it would be in the Bible, but of course it’s not. If the Pope were the ‘vicar of Christ’, it would be in the Bible. It’s not. He is not Christ’s equal on the earth. So much of what you Catholics believe is un-Biblical. Not just one or two things, but the actual majority of beliefs are NOT Biblical. How on earth do you explain that. I know how I explain it. Satan. Deception. How are you not going to be deceived in the end when you have been deceived for your whole Catholic life?

      And by the way, 1 Timothy 2:5 states, “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” You should be praying directly to Jesus, not Mary. But you don’t. Someone has taught you to pray to Mary. What’s the matter, isn’t Jesus good enough?

      Give your rosary beads to the round file, you don’t need them. Go to your local Christian bookstore. Purchase a King James Version Bible. Read it and pray.

      God Bless

      • patrice

        Well said and may I add..for catholics to stop “tjhe vain repetitions” which actually are the 10 hail marys and 1 our father for 5 decades…so 50 hail marys and 5 our fathers all numbered on the rosary. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes to the folly of the false church of Rome. 12 years of catholic indoctrination, never being good enough, fear or burning in purgatory and of course figuring out venial and mortal sins….and hoping I’m able to make an act of contrition before I die, provided I don’t die outright in an accident….Arrgh!! Freedom in Christ Jesus alone.

    • Dean

      Why did the Protestant Revolution happen? For one reason it was because the Catholic Church was selling indulgences, they were murdering people for reading English Bibles and refusing to participate in a mass that was an abomination to God, purgatory, “celibate” priests, salvation through works, Mary worship, blessed crosses, holy water, magic amulets, idol worship, etc. These are the true teachings of the Catholic Church? I can think of at least 15 scriptures that refute Catholic theology. I understand that Catholic traditions are put on equal par with scripture but when scripture contradicts tradition, the scriptures are the ones that get thrown out the window.

      I suggest reading Revelation 17. You will find a description of a harlot that rides a beast. She is a city that sits on seven hills while also sitting on many waters and is decked in gold, pearls and precious stones and purple and scarlet clothing. She carries a golden cup full of filthy abominations and she is drunk with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus. What does this sound like to you?

      • Carlos

        Dean the protestant revolution came as a punishment for the catholic church a good father punishes his son if he misbehaves. And God uses evil when he wants to punish. Protestantism has a rebel spirit enbeded in it and reveldy is Satan.

        • Dean

          There is nothing rebellious about shunning false teachings and God’s word says to rebuke them. Granted, many of the Protestant Churches have become corrupted over the years but only the mother harlot has a special place in scripture.

  • Martus

    Catholic that worship Mary in truth are Marians, in that Christ’s mother plays the pivotal role in their faith and Jesus is just an afterthought.

    Jeremiah 7:18
    The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes to offer to the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to arouse my anger.

    Matthew 12:46-50 (NIV)
    Jesus’ Mother and Brothers
    46 While Jesus was still talking to the crowd, his mother and brothers stood outside, wanting to speak to him. 47 Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you.”
    48 He replied to him, “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” 49 Pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers.50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

    2 Corinthians 11:13-15(NIV) 13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

    Galatians 1:8
    But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!

    Revelation 2:19-20Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)
    19 I have known thy works, and love, and ministration, and faith, and thy
    endurance, and thy works — and the last [are] more than the first.

    20 `But I have against thee a few things: That thou dost suffer the woman
    Jezebel, who is calling herself a prophetess, to teach, and to lead
    astray, my servants to commit whoredom, and idol-sacrifices to eat;

    God has given time for all churches to change to a true faith in Jesus and the Tribulation will sort out the faithful. Only those faithful to Jesus will be taken out before the Tribulations and the other will have to face the Tribulation and will be crying to Jesus to take them out of it but they will have to endure it and if they make it to the end of the Tribulation those that are ready then will be taken out also. After that life on Earth will be extinguished by the fallen angels thrown out of Heaven and later those angels will be locked up in Hell, the planet restored and Jesus will return with those taken out to finish their life cycles.

  • catholic and proud

    im amazed that so many people claim to know what the catholic church teaches simply because they were once catholic… the catholic church is 100% biblical. i too was a sleeping catholic for many many years . i reached a point in my life that i wanted to know the truth for myself . i read my bible and i know it very very well, it does not contradict the catholic faith at all… if anything it supports catholicism. trace the history of catholicism … it starts with christ and the preparation for the church is in its hebraic forebearers. from the apostles to today there has been a broken line of successors of St Peter … on this rock is the church of Jesus Christ built. the bible is a catholic … protestants seem to think luther wrote a bible… he didnt . he infact did what is forbidden by the bible to do … he removed 7 books from the catholic bible and claimed that after he had edited it it was inspired by God and is the true word of God .. now i find that alarming and dangerous . if i am asked to choose between 40 000 plus sects created by the protestants all claiming to be led by the one Holy Spirit and the one church church that has weathered many storms and remains one, united, apostolic and universal i will choose the latter because it makes sense… many people say catholics worship idols … i put it to you that in your life you have an idol you pay homage to consciously or unconsciously…. however that is not my point . well first if any catholic worships an idol then they are wrong and are wrongly taught. we do highly respect blessed images(like any other thing .. blessed water, oil, or sacrametals) we pray for intercession of the saints … images help us to imagine what these people looked like for those who cant think abstractly .. it helps us to focus… it works well for me and a myriad of other catholics . it is not forced mind you no one is forced to say a prayer while kneeling before an image of Mary … its an act that’s truly voluntary , you can be fully catholic and never kneel before an image of Mary . it’s not a prerequisite for being catholic. so just as you are free to choose not to use images/idols when you pray it is m free will to do so likewise.
    in the bible moses put up a snake and those who looked at it were saved. is that iron snake not an idol ??? why would God tell his people to look to a snake for salvation??? they had moses after al;ll a man who spoke to God directly . and the arch of the covenant had images of angels … and it was the dwelling place of God ,…. now you want to tell me that having idols is a crime ??? i put it to you that you are wrong … do your research you will find the catholic church is true and holy and the church of God ….Amen

    • I am a Jesus Loving Protestant

      So to quote you…”im amazed that so many people claim to know what the catholic church teaches simply because they were once catholic”…

      If someone who was educated by the Catholic system of indoctrination doesn’t know what they teach, then who does? Your statement makes no sense.

      Not only that, one doesn’t need to actually be a part of the Catholic church to see that none of it makes Biblical sense. The Catholic organization has gone to great lengths to put major, and I mean MAJOR, importance on Mary. Even more so than the Bible actually does. Ninety-nine percent of what the Catholics believe about Mary has been completely fabricated by the Catholic Church Organization. The rosary? Not in the Bible. The scapular? Also, not in the Bible. But the Catholic faith puts so MUCH importance on these items. As a matter of fact, Pope Benedict in 2011 actually said that wearing the scapular is a sign of unity with Jesus and Mary. Why do Catholics need unity with Jesus AND MARY? Again, I ask, isn’t Jesus enough for Catholics?

      Perpetual virginity? Not in the Bible. As a matter of fact, as I’m certain you already know, the Bible mentions that Jesus had brothers and sisters. But, instead of just believing what the Bible already says, the Catholic church has twisted the Bible’s words to say that Jesus’ brothers and sisters were actually his cousins or maybe Joseph’s children. But yet in the Bible, these individuals were SINGLED OUT OF THE CROWD OF PEOPLE AROUND JESUS AND ACTUALLY CALLED HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO WERE WITH HIS MOTHER. And not only that, WHY is it so important that she was a perpetual virgin after the birth of Jesus or not? She WAS A VIRGIN WHEN JESUS WAS BORN, which is pretty amazing in and of itself, and that is the only thing about her virginity which is actually important. None of the rest even matters. Why does it matter so much to the Catholic Church?

      Immaculate Conception? Fabricated by the Catholic Church. Not Biblical. The Bible itself said that Jesus was also Mary’s savior. Only sinners need a savior. The Bible never mentions anything close to an immaculate conception.

      It is clear that within the Catholic Church, scripture has been manipulated and details have been fabricated for the sole purpose of placing as much, if not more, importance on Mary than on Jesus. Why is the Catholic Church so desperate for a woman to worship? And yet again, I ask, why isn’t Jesus enough for you?

    • Bill

      My whole family including my grandmother were practising Roman Catholics. I went to catholic school, was an altar boy and went to seminary; I know exactly what they teach. It is an antichrist, idolatrous system.

    • Natalie A.

      Exodus 20: 4 (KJV)
      “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

      Exodus 20:4 (NIV)
      “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.”

      This pertains to Scapularies, Saint Prayer Cards, etc. Only let Holy Spirit inspire you and give you an image while you pray. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you pray. Blessings to you.

    • Suzy

      I would have loved to finish this particular comment of yours. But when I reached “…trace the history of catholicism … it starts with christ and the preparation for the church is in its hebraic forebearers. from the apostles to today there has been a broken line of successors of St Peter … on this rock is the church of Jesus Christ built….” I just stopped because it’s SOO WRONG!!! That is why I said that most of you just go with the flow of what you do not know.

      Are you kidding me? the RCC starts with Christ and the preparation of the Church? Oh my, you don’t even know on what ground you are standing.

      Even if you have read the Bible throughout 1 million times, without the guidance of the Holy Spirit (not by your own manly wisdom and understanding), you will not understand the Truth out of it.
      By the way, the Bible has never mentioned any name or word like “pope” neither does it ever say that Peter was the first pope, I wonder if it is the Bible you claim to have read that has them written inside. I will understand there is the title of Bishop and deacons in the Bible, but even RCCs with such titles do not walk according to what the LORD awaits from them, so on what ground do you think they stand?

      Oh and you’re still doing word games, which you said you will not do above.

      God open your eyes.

    • Suzy

      I would have loved to finish this particular comment of yours. But when I reached “…trace the history of catholicism … it starts with christ and the preparation for the church is in its hebraic forebearers. from the apostles to today there has been a broken line of successors of St Peter … on this rock is the church of Jesus Christ built….” I just stopped because it’s SOO WRONG!!! That is why I said that most of you just go with the flow of what you do not know.

      Are you kidding me? the RCC starts with Christ and the preparation of the Church? Oh my, you don’t even know on what ground you are standing.

      Even if you have read the Bible throughout 1 million times, without the guidance of the Holy Spirit (not by your own manly wisdom and understanding), you will not understand the Truth out of it.
      By the way, the Bible has never mentioned any name or word like “pope” neither does it ever say that Peter was the first pope, I wonder if it is the Bible you claim to have read that has them written inside. I will understand there is the title of Bishop and deacons in the Bible, but even RCCs with such titles do not walk according to what the LORD awaits from them, so on what ground do you think they stand?

      Oh and you’re still doing word games, which you said you will not do above.

      God open your eyes.

      • Donna L.


        “Are you kidding me? the RCC starts with Christ and the preparation of the Church? Oh my, you don’t even know on what ground you are standing.”

        This is accurate – Christ came to found His Church and he selected 12 apostles. When and how do you think it began?

        After losing one of the apostles (Judas), the apostles then – by the power of the Holy Spirit – selected another (Matthias). Christ had given them the authority to make decisions (“Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”). We read in Acts of the Apostles about all of the Church’s growth, meetings, decision-making. If you would look outside of the Bible and study some history (like you do when you study the origin or other things, like the United States, for instance), you will find that the first bishop of Rome was Peter, succeeded by Linus, succeeded by Anacletus, etc: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_popes

        Can your church be traced back to the apostles? Does your church have the authority given by Jesus to teach, minister communion, select leaders? If you are not in the Catholic Church, your church was started by a man, and it is less than 500 years old. Therefore, you would make Jesus a liar because He said He would be with His Church ALL days, until the end. According to Protestants like yourself, Jesus deserted His Church (His bride!!) after a hundred years and went looking for a new one a thousand years later.

        Like it or not, the Catholic Church is the ONLY church from ancient times. It is the oldest organization/government in the world. It is the only body that survived the fall of the Roman Empire and the subsequent Dark Ages – which is to be expected since Christ is Her Head and nothing – NOT EVEN THE GATES OF HELL – can remove her, since she is built upon a rock.

        • Yes I can trace my church back to the apostles in fact I can go further and straight to Christ where there is no corruption. And Wikipedia is certainly not a good source from which to site. Catholicism is man made as with all the others. You should stay with the Lord he gave us the Holy spirit to guide us and his word.

    • The Images help you to imagine what they looked like? How is that possible? There is no proof of what Mary looked like..we know she was Jewish that’s about it.. but I guess the vatican has to regenerate some form of income to keep them in what they are accustomed to as well as the dead bodies they dig up and put up on display the whole thing is disgusting and my heart goes out to you.

  • Levi

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life… there is only one mediator between God and Man and that is through Jesus Christ. no one else.
    pray that my catholic friends and family come to know Jesus Christ and the truth.

    • Carlos

      Dear Levi you aré right but Mary is a mediator to Her son just as it happened in the wedding at Canan. Please do pray for us catholics because the ones like me that sin a lot can beneffit a lot from your intercesion.

      • patrice

        Carlos you begin reading the New Testament. And in Romans 7:13 you can read Paul’s lament about how he tries to be good but that which he hates, he does etc. BUT after reading to the end of CH 7 you come to Chap 8 which starts with there is “..no comdemnation in them that are in Christ”. And that is the grace that God bestows upon us..the flesh is weak but as we keep on trusting in the Lord we are washed white as snow and remain in his loving care. Sure we are going to fall but God is faithful to forgive seventy times seven and of course we work at not giving in to sin. But the guilt is not there. Christ paid the price of all our sins. Now if one continues to keep on sinning then I question whether he/she is truly saved and actually loves the Lord.

      • We are told to pray for one another on earth.. you will find that is actual scripture. Where in scripture was Mary the mediator for Christ? From what I read Jesus basically told Mary not to interfere and so she told the others to do as Jesus said. Or do you mean that Christ was incapable of speaking to others so Mary did…

  • vomit “O”

    let the dead bury the dead.

  • light

    If praying to mary and asking for salvation is not IDOLATRY, then what is now the meaning of it?

    • Carlos

      We as catholics do not ask Mary for salvation, we ask her intercesion to her son, just as if you knew the mother of superman and ask Her a favor from her son.

      • patrice

        Well you need a direct line to God the Father and Jesus is that direct line. Not Mary. You don’t need the chain of command with going to Mary, who then I gather is supposed to go to Jesus and then to God the Father???? Very strange.

      • Perhaps you should go to the head of your church the pope and ask why the prayers on the vatican website are for salvation through Mary after all that’s what Catholicism is about. If you don’t agree with what your popes say then your not a Catholic and if you do then you are calling God a liar!

      • BR

        Why not ask the Son???

  • RICH


    • Carlos

      Depends of what kínd of catholic you ask a good catholic would say, first came Jesus and then his church,we catholics believe that te church is Jesus bride.

  • RICH

    excuse me they will all choose the former not the latter…..sorry

  • Natalie A.

    Wow! I am feeling very blessed by reading your article!! These past days I’ve been wondering, again, on the prevalence of the Virgin Mary and why she is worshipped instead of God, or Jesus. Or even WHY she came to Earth to appear to people. Is this Mary from God or a deception of satan? I too, was a former Catholic– a rather loose one, before becoming atheist in my teen years, and finally meeting Jesus by the end of high school.

    Geoffrey, may I contact you privately over email regarding my questions over Marian worship, and what the role of the Lady of Guadalupe (that one is a big stumbling block for me) plays in the Kingdom of Heaven IF she even is from God? I am highly curious and I have been seeking answers for months. A big thank you on writing this article, and a thank you in advance for willing to discuss my questions over Marian worship.
    Praise be to God for giving us wisdom and sharing that wisdom between us brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you!

  • RealChristiansRiseUp

    Great Article….Catholics are not Christians if they still pray to mary and the saints. Jesus is our only way to the Father and because He has torn the veil I have access to the Holy Spirit and Jesus is alive inside of me.

  • Rick Deacon

    Henceforth the non use of the 2nd commandment from the Roman bible
    They leave it in their church catechisms to show it’s ok to pray to Mary and other saints, And to bow down to their statues, The 2nd commandment forbids this. The bible says we are to pray and bow to no one except God thru our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • William

    Growing up a protestant boy and questioning the Catholic’s belief of Mary, the wisdom of my father put it in prospective. If you received a check for a million dollars in the mail, which would be the most important to you, the check or the envelop it came in? The envelop served it’s purpose bringing the check to you just as Mary served the purpose in bringing Jesus to us. Other than that the envelop or Mary have no more significance.

    • Carlos

      If through one woman came sin to earth, through one woman would come our salvation. Compare to God Mary is only an atom but as a saint said, one single breed of Mary in front of the holy Trinity is moré powerful then all the prayers of all te saints put together. She helps catholics get to his son and With Her help it is easier to become a saint.

      • Hettie Bezuidenhout

        Carlos, Where in Gods Word have you found THIS? That is blatant nonsens.!!! That is what the “church” tought you NOT the Bible.

        • Carlos

          Hello Hettie it is common sense sin came trough Eve and salvation came trough Mary because Jesus was in Her first. We didn’t deserve to receive Jesus directly from God so he geive us Jesus trough Mary be cause she is holy. She si a good and trustly road to Jesus.

          • Hettie Bezuidenhout

            Dear Carlos, Show me in the Bible where you find it. Not common sense. What is common sense for you is not for me. You will have to back up what you say in Gods word. Sin came from Satan who deceived Eve. As he is still doing today.Salvation is through Christ and Christ alone. He came into this world and He died for our sin. He took all our sin upon Him and He died for our sin. He rise on the 3 rd day and he walked this earth for another 40 day where He went Up to Heaven leaving us the Holy Spirit to lead us. He now sits at the righthand side of God intervening for us. God is so Holy that He cannot stand our Sin. Jesus now is standing betweeen us and the Holy Father. Our Heavenly Father now sees us through Jesus Christ our Saviour’s eyes. Mary is no where in the picture.We don’t need her because we have Jesus that died for us. The way you think makes Jesus death a mockery. If Mary did the job Jesus Died for nothing .Jesus paid the price for my sin and now I have access to the Father through Him. I Shall pray for you my Friend that the Holy Spirit shall open your spiritual eyes and your heart. I cannot convince you and it is not my place.Only the Holy Spirit can, But I love you with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and He said that there is only one way to get to the Father and it is through Jesus His Son. The Devil dont want us to believe this because it is the ONLY truth and he is the father of all lies.God be with you.

          • Carlos

            Thank you Hettie God bless you too.

          • carson

            God’s word tells us, why not check into what He said..
            1st corinthians 11 and ephsians 5..man is the head of woman..
            Romans 5:12/19..through one man sin entered..NOT credited through eve, but credited through adam sin entered, Because Adam is the head of eve and in adam since he sinned all die now etc etc.
            adam-the first man, Christ the last man, 1st corinthians 15. sin and death passed on via adam, but now life is in Christ.
            Salvation is not from woman just as sin is credited as entering by the man-not the woman.

            also related, Christ had no earthly father, and why is that important…
            But anyway please stop ..just listening to what some church or another is saying..-and check all things in the Word, and don’t rely on common sense or own wisdoms or man’s wisdoms and sayings, everything you’d wish to know is in the Word of God. Seek Him and find Him, be saved, flee false churches

          • Carlos

            Hello Carson you aré right in every thing sometimes the Spirit of God let us use our heart instead of our intelligence to understand, Eve is the deceived one and Mary the obedient one totally diferent thats why God found grace in My sweet, God loving and beatiful Mother Mary.

          • Why do you never use scripture!? Let those with ears hear! SCRIPTURE you need to use scripture ask the holy spirit for guidance, not a priest. Pray to the Lord not Mary…you claim that Mary is so holy yet you use her name to blaspheme. You speak about the wedding where Mary tells others to do as Christ says because he is the one with authority not her.

      • patrice

        what absolute rubbish. Who pray tell indoctrinated you into such false worship. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light, there is no other name under which one can be saved. He is the conduit to God the Father. God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost…nowhere is Mary mentioned in that Trinity>

  • MadasMel

    I have never seen so many Chritians who utterly despise and hate Mary mother of God! May God have mercy on your soul!

    • Why do you say that. There is no hatred for the real Mary of scripture. It’s a case of reading scripture and what Jesus taught us so please do not misconstrue.

    • BR

      No one hates Mary. We remember her earthly life. We just don’t try to communicate with any spirit other than God (necromancy). This is condemned over 20 times in the Bible. God chose her but could have chosen any number of Godly women. Jesus is the bridge between God and man. There aren’t two bridges.

      You are confusing this life with the next.

      In Matthew 22 the Sadducees were questing Jesus about marriage in the next life. Jesus told them that they did not understand God or the Scriptures because in the next life we become “like the angels”. (A spirit)

      As an ex Catholic of 40 years I used to believe as you do, but I simply cannot ignore the plain teaching of God’s word.
      I believed the doctrine but always felt like something was missing. When protestants (Catholic label) talked about being “born again” I would kind of laugh to my self. But somewhere deep inside I felt as if they possessed something I did not have. It was only when I sought the truth of God through his testimony he gave us that I began to ask questions. And then began to pray for discernment. And finally it became very clear that the traditions of men are in a wrestling match with the word of God.

      There are two baptisms described in the new testament(Covenant).
      The baptism of water which in every instance in the new testament is an expression of your faith. Everyone did this after they believed and accepted Christ as their Lord and savior.

      The other is the baptism of the holy spirit when you no longer walk in your sins because Jesus made the one and perfect sacrifice for all sins for all time.

      Hebrews describes Jesus in ch. 7:33 He is without father or mother or genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son of God he continues a priest forever.

      The priesthood was only instituted until Jesus came. Hebrews ch’s 7,8,9 and 10 clearly explain this. Now He is the High Priest who lives forever. The bible calls all believers priests.

      Jesus is the creator of all things. Jesus has always existed.

      Jesus created Mary.

      A really good book you should read is the gospel according to Rome by James McCarthy.

      I would Highly recommend you read this before you pass on to the next life.

      I love you and I will pray for you!

  • Rogério Maciel

    I don’t care about the pope .But i Do Care about Our Lady !
    I Love Her deeply . She’s the Mother of Heaven and Earth and She’s the MOther and Queen of Portugal
    And what is the problem of Praying to Our Lady ?!
    She’s Powerful in LOve and She Can Help you .

    • Bill

      Rogerio, on what ground do you base your belief that Mary is powerful and can help you?

      • Rogério Maciel

        Bill , on the Ground of my Spiritual Experience with Her for 60 years now , which is very much practical in my Life .It’s not just a Matter of Believing without seeing , but it’s a Matter of seeing Things happening in my Life by Her Divine Power , by Her Deep Connection with The Sacred Heart of The Lord .

        • Bill

          Rogerio, The Son of God, Jesus Christ willingly laid down His life on the cross for our sins, shed His blood to pay for our sins. When Jesus ascended to Heaven, His Father sat Him down at His right hand and gave Him all power in Heaven and on earth. Daily Jesus intercedes for those who confess Him. He gives His Holy Spirit to those who confess Him as their Lord and Savior. If you want to go to Heaven, why would you confess your devotion to Mary?

        • And Satan came disguised as an angel of light!

  • Carlos

    I think all the protestants that write something in this page aré good people and have good will and I am sure mother Mary loves them all.

    • Please don’t include me in that remark Mary is most certainly not my mother.. the only Queen of heaven in ‘THE BIBLE’ (which you keep evading) is a fraud an idol. But bless you all the same P.s I’m not a protestant I’m a Christian.. I belong to Christ not a denomination

  • patrice

    My background is the same as yours and I still remember the Hail Mary and the Hail Holy Queen to this day 50 years later. Mary got more attention than Jesus and God during my school days. Even our song, Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue we had to sing every day. The greatest gift to me was being delivered from catholocism.

    • Carlos

      Hello Patrice you are a very inteligent person, but speaking from the heart not intelligence I can tell you that the Roman Catholic Church is you’re home, and waits for your return with patience and love, God Bless you

      • patrice

        Thank you for your kind words, but I don’t believe that will ever happen.

  • Alex

    I am sorry, but this article does not understand neither how the theology of prayer works, neither why the Virgin Mary has the devotion she does(read on the Council of Ephesus).
    While am i Orthodox, and Catholic mariology goes into weird places sometimes, i feel the need to bear witness to our common understanding of Mary’s role, as a voice of the Eastern Church(and i dare represent the ancient Oriental Churches in absentia, since they always held true to their rightful devotion to Mary as well)

  • John

    We Christians need to stop bickering among ourselves and realize that as we were in-fighting over the last 5 centuries, those who are opposed to the message of Christ have been busy destroying Christendom piece by piece. While Protestants and Catholics do not agree on all points of theology, we do all agree that Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Trinity and the only means of salvation for the world. Let us focus on that. Jesus, himself, warned us 2,000 years ago that not all believers in Jesus would be united (Mark 9:38-41) but he clearly communicated that Christian unity was his desire (John 17:20-22). If we are truly his followers, then we must do as he desired and learn to work side-by-side in love for the coming of the Kingdom.

  • Carlos

    The Holly Ghost enlightened me today, remember When Jesus said his last will in the cross, Mother that’s your son and Son that’s your Mother, protestants tend to think that he was asking Jhon to take care of Mary, but its totally the other way around he asks her to take care of us. Mary loves the protestants because They love Her Son.

  • Paul

    Geoffrey, Your testimony mirrors my own, praise God.The Bible, Catholic or KJV, speaks of only one kind true Christian …born again.
    The Catholic church teaches you are born again when you are baptized into their church as an infant which is a direct false doctrine according to Jesus in Jn.3. So being ‘born again’ to a Catholic has a totally different meaning than a Bible believer understands. Catholics believe wrongly that they are a Biblical Christian.
    Jesus is the ONLY intercessor the Bible teaches that we MUST have between God and man. Catholic doctrine teaches Mary is an intercessor between Jesus and man. An absolute unbiblical damnable heresy. If any one puts their hope in Mary for help with salvation they will NOT be saved because their faith for salvation is in Mary, not Jesus alone.
    Praying to Mary is useless because, being human, she does not know the heart of the one praying. Only God can know through the Holy Spirit. How can she hear the prayers of countless millions of Catholics word wide praying to her all at the same time? Unless you are giving to her attributes only God possesses.
    Many other points can be made on these subjects but the bottom line is Catholics don’t believe the Bible is the final authority… their church is.
    Over 30yrs. ago God had me make a choice. Believe the teachings and put my trust in the Roman Catholic church or trust in God’s preserved words and receive Jesus Christ as my ONLY hope for salvation in his complete and finished work on the cross in my behalf. I praise him for opening my eyes!!

    I feel sorry for Catholics… it is only their pride that keeps them from Biblical salvation and knowing the true freedom Jesus Christ alone gives.

    • The true church is the body of believers, not a religion made by men, as all of them are.
      Mary is dead, you cannot worship nor pray to her… that is evil and against the holy spirit of GOD.

  • Carlos

    Hello Paul, in Baptism we are raised to the level of adopted sons of God and he adopts us because he want to do it not be cause we deserve so, no matter how much converted you aré, you don’t earn that level of highness that no Angel has. So it’s not that you accept God is God who accepts you, it soberb and proud that just because you repented from previous life you deserve to own Gods properties as his Son. Stop thinking revelious it is not good for any one start being ovedient not only to God but to others like your Pastor, that is good.

  • Tusitala

    I am not surprised to see that a Catholic here referred to Mary’s “divine power”. Dear Jesus, thank You for calling me from idolatry and blasphemy into the Light of Truth.

  • Lets face the truth. The catholic church is satans church of old, filled with idol worship, replacing Jesus Christ with a mary, praying to the dead, rituals and wicked doctrines, calling priests fathers, making a man as god on earth to be worshipped….. need say more? I forgot the killed millions of people and revered the Nazi regime.
    ALL those who are unsaved are the antichrists, against GOD, Jesus Christ is GOD and the salvation… not some sick religion. Did YOU know ALL religions are made by men for man…for power, for control and wealth. GOD is the word in the Holy Bible, the Yahweh and his son the Yashua, TRUST the bible alone and GOD commands in these last days to ‘come out of her’ the harlots of churches and to ‘flee into the mountain’ Turn to Jesus Christ in prayer for mercy and salvation. YOU may not have tomorrow.
    We are in the ‘great tribulation’ age which ends with the last day of judgement, also called judgement day. GOD is judge, redeemer and will save about 200 million from the 8 billion people of the world…
    more at godsaveme2 com

  • Carlos

    Why don’t you face the reality that the Catholic Church has taken the Gospel of our Jesús to every córner of the world, do you “minister” think that’s the work of satan rethink reality in God’s name please And be blessed by the Holly Spirit.

  • Reygie iglopas


    Thank you for this article. I was amazed and I praise God for your testimony. I was also a Catholic for 22 years. I was a Bible believer Christian persecutor like Paul, I used to debate and defend my previous belief but glory to God for revealing Himself to me. Now as a 2-year old evangelical born again Christian, I learned that it is the LORD who reveals Himself to men, it is He who saves, it is He who says in Romans 9:15 “I WILL HAVE MERCY ON WHOM I HAVE MERCY, AND I WILL HAVE COMPASSION ON WHOM I HAVE COMPASSION.” We could sincerely believe on what we believe but without God’s revelation of Himself, we could be sincerely wrong, we could be just like another Pharisee who know what is written but missing the total point. But indeed, God is good that He called us, chose us, and revealed Himself to us to testify to all the world that indeed He is alive, and true. Now, He wants us to share of who He really is to the world. No need to debate – everyone has their opinion. Like we do, we have the right to share the truth in love, saying “our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through Him” is not condemnation, it is just the truth and nothing but the truth. People who hear it may believe or not but it is the Lord who will reveal Himself to the person in His perfect time. All we do is just pray to God to have mercy and compassion on the person, to forgive the person’s sins and reveal Himself to that person. It was hard to give up the previous belief but praise the LORD, Hallelujah – HE IS ABLE to set us free and nothing is too hard for Him.

    Thank you Geoffrey, and please continue the work that our heavenly Father has called you to do. Please always pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the whole world that the LORD may always give us the strength to live for Him, for the glory of His Name. Be blessed and “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4). 🙂


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  • Maximo

    All I know is that the Mary you are praying to is a fake Mary because its unscriptural. Just like there are fake Jesus example LDS Jesus. The true Mary can’t hear your prayers because she is not omnipresent.

  • Joe s.

    I’m not much for making comments here. But I think it’s important to say this. It’s not my place, nor that of any human, to say who is going to hell. It’s not our place to judge another, that there is no way to heaven except through him. And Jesus not to debate on his words but to come together in his name and in his love. I’m not saying this as a judgement of any of you. Or any of your beliefs. I’m not a biblical scholar, nor will I pretend to be, nor judge who is or isn’t. I have my own that some will disagree with. But the only belief that I will state here. That the warnings and signs of Revelation are being fulfilled. And there will be a time when we are beheaded for our love of Jesus. And we must love one another, even if we disagree. Maybe you already do. I admit that this article makes sense to me. And i am not Catholic. But to say whether or not someone is saved is for God and God alone. Not for me. I believe that Those who Love Jesus and follow his command to forsake our old ways and repent (though we all still sin), and live by the laws of God to the best of our ability, are said to be saved. And until I see otherwise, I will believe it. Catholic, Protestant, why not just Christian? That’s all we are to the atheists, wiccans, Satanists, Muslims, and even the Jews whom I believe Jesus said are our brothers and sisters. May God bless all Christians, forgive us our sinful ways, forgive me if I speak any foolishness or untruth and shine the light of his truth upon us all.

    • Leonard

      Joe S:

      Most people who self-identify as “Christians” have never actually read The Bible. They find time to read Bestsellers, and other popular books, but seem to prefer to let a priest or preacher tell them what The Bible says. I’ve found that you miss a lot that—and can be instructed not on what The Bible actually says, but on the “preacher’s” interpretation of what The Bible REALLY means. For the first time in my life, I’ve actually read the Bible from front to back—in the past, I’d skipped around, reading some books (Proverbs, Revelation and a few others) that were fascinating to me, but I’d never read it in the order in which it’s compiled. Even now, I don’t consider myself to be an expert, and I’m starting to read it again hoping to retain some of those things I may not have picked up on the first time through. Geoffrey’s blogsite here is a huge help–so much scripture is quoted here, and dissected leading me (if no one else) to understand more.

      The 66 books of The Bible are the story of civilization—from the beginning of creation to the end, told in chronological order (some books overlap). God’s interactions with man occurred in response to Man’s imperfect understanding of what was expected of him and his inborn sinful nature along with man’s occasional rebellion against God. Other than references to the prophetical arrival of our Savior, Christianity isn’t part of the Old Testament.

      Most church-based Bible studies jump around from one book to the other and back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. The thread of civilization’s story is impossible to maintain, studied in this way, and it’s easy to get things out of sequence. For many—myself included—this leads to confusion as to what comes first, what comes next and what comes last.

      In the Old Testament, God gave Moses the 10 commandments, which are the original covenant between God and man (not including the agreement not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge between God, Adam and Eve, or between God and Abraham). The people with whom God made this covenant were the “children of Israel”–the people that would later be known as “Jews”. These laws apparently applied ONLY to them. In the New Testament, Jesus offers a New Covenant—only two commandments, those being to love God with all your heart, and love your brother as you love yourself.
      There few other restrictions but for these:

      Acts 15:24-29
      “Forasmuch as we have heard, that certain which went out from us have troubled you with words, subverting your souls, saying, Ye must be circumcised, and keep the law: to whom we gave no such commandment: It seemed good unto us, being assembled with one accord, to send chosen men unto you with our beloved Barnabas and Paul, Men that have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have sent therefore Judas and Silas, who shall also tell you the same things by mouth. For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.”

      Fare ye well, Joe S!

  • Joe s.

    Some of my previous post didn’t come out the way I thought. You can get my point, but sorry for the grammatical errors.

  • BR

    I think the first thing we should do before a debate is define the words that are used.
    nec·ro·man·cy /ˈnekrəˌmansē/

    noun: necromancy
    The supposed practice of communicating with the dead.

    •witchcraft, sorcery, or black magic in general.
    Synonyms: sorcery, (black) magic, witchcraft, witchery, wizardry, the occult, occultism, voodoo, hoodoo; More

    Or whatever you want to call it.

    Necromancy in the scriptures is clearly referring to the dead as people who lived on the earth and have passed on to the next life. They are no longer in the flesh. Jesus said to the Sadducees in Matthew 22:29 But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.

    Asking your neighbor to pray for you is practiced by the early church but never do we see anyone in the Old or new Covenant praying or communicating with any other spirit but God.

    Mary was a wonderful person but now she is in the spirit like all those who have passed on. They are not omniscient.

    Omniscient /ämˈniSHənt/

    Knowing everything.
    Synonyms: all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing

    God clearly condemns praying or communicating to any other spirit. It is an abomination to God.
    The Saints in the new testament (the Covenant between God and his people) are those who have professed with their lips the Lord Jesus and believe in their heart that God raised him from the dead. Romans 10:9-10 They have been sealed with the Holy Spirit. The Saints in the New Testament are mentioned over 70 times without exception as people living in the flesh. “Born again believers”

  • J.C. Montoya

    Did you know that the book of Acts tells us that after Jesus was resurrected, He still had to explain the matters of heaven and of His incarnation to his disciples? How is that possible? They lived through it all with Him. How could they still be unsure, or doubt? Yet they did. The difficulty I have with the Protestant approach to our relationship with Jesus is that it seems to facilitate the thinking that the church became, to some extent, static after the Lord ascended into heaven. The fact is that Jesus understood that intervention would continue to be necessary for humanity. That’s why from the cross, he charged humanity to His mother Mary, and established her as humanity’s mother, “When Jesus saw His mother and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, “Woman, here is your son.” Then He said to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” So from that hour, this disciple took her into his home… John 19:26-27. Also, it is interesting to note that our Lord approached St. Paul only AFTER He was resurrected. What clearer example is there of things to come in the church than this most significant encounter beyond the Lord’s natural life? So when it comes to Marian or angelic apparitions, it seems to me perfectly consistent with God’s long established method of intervention.The church is NOT static, nor is the intervention on it’s behalf by our heavenly family… yes family. Not only do we have God our Father who as the Holy Trinity, is above everything and everyone, but we also have the saints (canonized and otherwise), as well as the angels and archangels who, believe it or not, are in constant engagement on our behalf. This living, breathing, body of Christ is alive, that’s why we still have saints recognized, vetted and canonized. That’s why there are STILL miracles everyday in life. We, as individuals and the church as a body desperately continue to NEED these things. Yes, we Catholics pray to Mary, not for our salvation but for her intercession. She, NOT being God, is the greatest example of submission and obedience to the will of God. We should all strive to find the same faith in our own humanity. I encourage everyone to find reconciliation with what to us Catholics is the clear, and natural growth and progression of our faith in Jesus Christ. I can only say that this and other rich faith traditions were all part of two millennium of growth and discernment that unfortunately were abandoned by many after the reformation. Please don’t serve as a stumbling block to your brothers and sisters. Instead, serve to unite us in Christ as I’m certain He would prefer to have it in the family. God’s peace and love to you and may Christ rule in your hearts today and forever.

  • J.C. Montoya

    By the way, if your reply is filled with fear and anger, let that be a warning to you about the spirits that are behind your attempt to reach out. God’s peace and love be with you always.


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