Vatican To Force Thousands To Take ID Cards With RFID Microchip Tracking

Vatican clergy and employees will be issued with an identity card complete with a microchip-tracking device in sweeping new security measures designed to prevent a repeat of the Vatileaks...
Vatican introduces new security measures after Vatileaks scandal


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Vatican clergy and employees will be issued with an identity card complete with a microchip-tracking device in sweeping new security measures designed to prevent a repeat of the Vatileaks scandal.


Vatican introduces new security measures after Vatileaks scandal

Much tighter controls have already been introduced for anyone seeking access or photocopies of the Holy See’s archives, dossiers and documents.

The Papal Apartments, which include the living quarters of Pope Benedict XVI and the offices of his personal staff inside the Apostolic Palace, are totally off limits to anyone without strict authorisation.

Slovenian priest, Mitja Leskovar, an anti-espionage expert nicknamed ‘Monsignor 007’, is in charge of implementing the new security procedures with the identity cards expected to be introduced from January 1.

Leskovar, who grew up in the former Yugoslavia under Communism, is responsible for the transmission of confidential documents between the Vatican and its papal nuncios or diplomats inside the Secretariat of State and also supervises all requests for document photocopying within the secretariat.

Thousands of clerical and lay staff working inside the walls of the Vatican from the Apostolic Palace to the Secretariat of State will be affected by the tighter scrutiny that will also enable their superiors to monitor when they clock in and out.

The security shake-up was revealed after Claudio Sciarpelletti, the computer expert convicted of aiding and abetting the pope’s former butler Paolo Gabriele in the Vatileaks scandal, dropped his appeal on Saturday.

The move came as the three judges who assessed the case raised doubts about Sciarpelletti’s credibility and the friendship between the two men.

Sciarpelletti was convicted in November of aiding and abetting Gabriele, who himself was convicted of stealing the pontiff’s private documents and leaking them to an Italian journalist in an embarrassing security breach that rocked the Vatican earlier this year.

According to a report in the Italian daily La Stampa, Gabriele’s replacement – Sandro Mariotti known as ‘Sandrone’– is prohibited from carrying out any secretarial tasks or even sharing an office with the pope’s personal secretaries, Monsignor Georg Gaenswein and Monsignor Alfred Xuereb, as Gabriele did in the past.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told The Daily Telegraph these kind of security measures had been talked about within the Vatican for years but declined to comment on any details and said he did not know the precise timing of the measures. source – Telegraph UK


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  • So what’s the big secret?
    Men of God doing God’s work…right?

    So what’s the big secret?

  • NTEB News Desk

    Ummm, the Pope is many things, but “man of God” he is not…

  • I would tell that rascal where to go!!!!!!! This shows everyone something is not wright with this or any pope.

  • Only a matter time that everyone will be chipped! Bible Prophecy just before our eyes! Incredible ! I am glad i am SAVED! Thank You Jesus.

  • Just another wake up call for us

  • It’s only a short leap to the realization that people can leave their RFID cards anywhere and thus breach security–the only solution (the Final Solution) is to have the chip imbedded under the skin, preferably where its “mark” is visible to all so we can all know that person is “chipped” and can be trusted. An unchipped person (without the mark) will be scarey, irresponsible, and untrustworthy.

  • The Vatican is now showing itself to be the antichrist..When will people wake up….everyone knows the RCC is against GOD….

  • God is All and in All everywhere. What do You know and believe can still exist in God and His Son’s Omnipresence? That is what is in You already, your knowing. I Eternally pray for thanks of God’s will being done, for I already asked for all of existence and whatever is going to be allowed to exist, to receive Him and His Son’s Spirit, Glory, Blood, Sun, Substance and Water knowing He did it on the cross. This turned on God particle in Air, Water, All Heavens Universes, Stars and Suns. He grows my food as His flesh and every Water molecule is His Blood as my drink. My body is transformed into Him and Me and My Soul are in Him and His presence. Anything thought of or known to be able to be done or exist against us in these body of Immortal Living Christ substances, shall be done unto them first and not Me. We Are the body of Jesus Christ and so is everyone the same. But they add their own living or perishing Christ conscience unto themself on top this same body, which their free will allows them to receive that mortality or immortality. They shall all receive My kind of immortal living Christ body too while their own anti-christ conscience makes themselves zombies or Children of God living in a Christ body. All gets the same kind of pure, Holy Spirit and Jesus Blood filled Sun, light, energy, water, radiation, atmosphere and substance that God is giving Me, then to each his own conscience truths accepted as reality, added unto their own immortal body, individually. What do You think can still exist, in God’s Light and bodies?

  • People in the world see all the corrupt things that are going on in the churches and they want nothing to do with God because of this. This is what I have experienced when talking to unsaved people. Just another way for Satan to keep people away because they think we are hypocrites. What should we tell people when they say this???

  • I have heard for many years that the Pope is the false prophet, but I don’t think that it’s this one. But, we will know very soon.

  • friend of God

    Is the catholic church in bible prophecy?….just wondering

  • The catholic church is in REVELATION 17..

  • Victor

    Yes this is another revelation for us true born-again Christians to be aware of the the FALSE Roman Catholic Church, which was the false church for the day it began just under 500 years AD!

  • Victor

    This is in answer to Zion, what a load of rubbish in that comment of yours, you are a “new -age” nutter, just call out to Jesus to save your lost soul, please! For Gods sake!

  • The Pope does not speak for all of Christiandom, although whenever religion is discussed it is usually by a Catholic Father. The Protestant view is not discussed unless by Jesse Jackson or some other liberal Christian. I know plenty of Catholics that are fine people. However, Jesus said “you must be born again” and “no one comes to the father but through Me”. As for me I dont get alarmed at these statements because is still in charge, He allows what he allows and in the end all those who have trusted Him will be saved. That does not mean I tolerate all the garbage that goes on today because we must put feet to our prayers. Too many are not doing that nor are they praying for those in authority as the Bible tells us to do. God is bigger than all of it and in the end, we win.

  • At the end of the day people only hide if there is something to hide, if everything was up front and clean within in the Catholic Church there would be no need to go to such great measures to hide or conceal all truths.

  • every time we lost our card we would take a long process in it so we need to be careful with it specially its very important to us no matter we may go we should take it with us.

    card tracking system

  • what does that mean they are paving a way to antichrist to come over and rule.Not much time left get ready to meet God “prepare to meet thy God”

    we got to pray earnstly for the great outpouring of holyghost mighty revival among brethren throughout the World.Hi Senior man of God you can help us one way why dont you print bibles countles in various languages ditribute throughout the world I mean uttermost parts of the earth.I hope you can do that with your retirement money.Hospitals schools your churches got to build with god given money and educate the poor children.You guys are now wealthy enough or well to do churches than others .why more sin you do moregrace is given .weakness of God ?I dont know
    All the best

  • 2 months ago a person named Zion wrote a lot of utter rubbish, he or she is a ranting new ager in need of deliverance! But the truth about the Pope or the Roman catholic church is that they were never ever true Christians, even when they first started 1600 years ago, Jesus said that Salvation is from the JEWS not the ROMANS! And it is this false church that is mentioned in Revelation 17 and 18, and to the people who are in it are asked by GOD to come out of her, so I ask all the Innocent catholic people to come out of this false church that is doomed for destruction after the Rapture of the TRUE Church of all Born-again believers who incidentally cannot be catholic’s!

  • Voyant a domicile pendule et tarot de Marseille


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