Vatican Representative In Israel Declares That ‘Jews No Longer The Chosen People’

“We Catholics cannot speak about the Promised Land for the Jewish people”, the synod’s document said. “There is no longer a chosen people. The concept of the promised land...

Vatican says Israel’s existence as Jewish state has nothing to do with the Bible.

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

DISCLAIMER: When the Vatican uses phrases such as “we Christians”, NTEB goes on record as saying that we are not part of whatever group it is they are referring to. The bible says that real Christians are to love the Jewish people and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. NTEB whole-heartedly supports the Jewish people and the literal, visible, physical, modern-day nation of Israel.

From YNET NEWS: In a special interview with Die Tagespost last week, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal, named by Pope Benedict to represent the Vatican in the Jewish State, declared that “Israel’s existence as such has nothing to do with the Bible.” He then compared Christians’ condition in today’s Jerusalem with Jesus’ Passion: “We Christians never forget that even our Lord himself suffered and was mocked in Jerusalem.”


Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal, named by Pope Benedict to represent the Vatican in the Jewish State

“We Christians cannot speak about the Promised Land for the Jewish people”, the synod’s document said. “There is no longer a chosen people. The concept of the promised land cannot be used as a base for the justification of the return of Jews to Israel and the displacement of Palestinians.”

Twal’s position on Israel and the Bible has been embraced at the highest levels in the Catholic Church. The Vatican synod in 2010 declared that Israel cannot use the Biblical concept of a promised land or a chosen people.

A few days ago, Patriarch Twal responded enthusiastically to the agreement reached between Hamas and Fatah. He also denounced “the Judaization of Jerusalem” and attacked Israel for “trying to transform it into an only Hebrew-Jewish city, excluding the other faiths.” Elsewhere, Iraq’s Archbishop, Louis Sako, asked to “separate between Judaism and Zionism.” Indeed, in the most influential quarters of Christianity, Jews are still regarded as an apostate group not entitled to a sovereign state of its own.

Jesus, the Palestinian prince of hope and peace?

Backed by the Catholic clergy, for the first time in history the Palestinians asked the United Nations’ cultural body to register Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity under the name of “Palestine.” According to Omar Awadallah, who heads the UN department in the PA Foreign Ministry,

“Jesus is the Palestinian prince of hope and peace and Christians all over the world want that church to be a World Heritage site.”

In a period when the Vatican’s anguish at the catastrophic decline of Arab Christianity should be palpable, the Catholic Church chooses to demonize Israel and to increase its collaboration with the PLO.

The confirmation comes from the intensity of high profile meetings in recent weeks and the participation of bishops not only from Arab countries, but from Europe and the United States as well.

Elimination of Jewish state has become a priority

Last January, eight Catholic bishops from Europe and North America, including UK Archbishop Patrick Kelly and French Archbishop Michel Dubost, visited Gaza. “I asked prisoners in the largest prison in Europe (in Evry) to pray for you,” Dubost told Gazans. The inference was clear: Palestinians are living in a big prison terrified by Israel. In the same period, Father Manuel Musalam, head of Gaza’s Catholics, met with Hamas leader, Mahmoud al Zahar, and declared that “Christians are not threatened by Muslims” but that everyone faces the same problem, that of Israel’s “humiliation.”

The Vatican’s criminalization of Zionism, which Arab Churches made a basic condition for Muslim-Christian rapprochement, grants the elimination of the Jewish State priority over defending the rights of their own beleaguered communities. After Arab nationalism failed to eliminate Israel, Arab Christianity and the Vatican are now building a Palestinian identity hostile to Israel and the Jews. source – YNET News

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • They are a bunch of liars and i will never stop believing what God told us in the Bible. I guess they think that people will bow down to them, but i say God is my Father and i believe that they are only trying to decieve people.

  • He who blesses Israel I will bless, he who curses Israel I will curse


  • Detecting anti-christ is simple. Protecting one race of people over another is 100% anti-christ. Paul plainly told us the difference between Jew and Gentile is an illusion. Like Al Pacino said in the movie “The Recruit,” “Everything is a test…Everything.”

    If words on a page tell you to endorse casting billions of people into eternal suffering, you can bet your donkey ass it’s a test of who we really are and what we embrace in our hearts.

    What temple does the whole world have access to 24/7? The holy bible….Revelation 11 says, “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod; and the angel stood, saying, “Rise, and measure the temple of God and the altar, and them that worship therein.”

    Interpretation: Wake up and do the math. Measure not only what it says in this book, but measure what the people say who read this book.

    Math: God of Mercy = Eternal suffering alive in hell; the most violent act one can conceive in their mind?

    Math never lies; Rise and measure

  • but glory honor and peace to evrery man that worketh good to the jew first and also to the gentile

  • This policy and position by the CChurch is incomprehensible! The Vatican has chosed to blatenly disregard God’s word and commandment regarding the Jews and their pre determined territory carefully carved out of the regional geography for them to occupy. No one has the right to change what has been for 3500 years, or really the beginning of time.

  • Revelations: the Catholic Church is called the “Whore of Babylon”. Now we know why….

  • The Pope sounds like he’s on drugs. The Jewish people have been his chosen people from day 1, it’s in the Bible and now, I guess the pope is changing Gods mind. It isn’t happening. Time to get another pope.

  • The Vatican is owned by the Rothschilds who appear to have every intention of presenting David Rothschild as Christianity’s false prophet. I suspect that Obama, with the help of the UN and EU, will divide Israel and give parts of it to the islamic caliphate via the Palestinians after the next election. Muslims may then worship Obama as the Mahdi/antichrist. The Rothschilds can then traipse David Rothschild out of the temple in Jerusalem at which point many Christians will likely believe that he is Christ returned. Muslims will believe that he is Isa and pagans will believe that the is Horus reincarnated. I write more about my theory here:

    The Rothschilds are able to present David Rothschild as the pope because Catholicism is a false religion likely founded by Simon the Sorcerer in the book of Acts Chapter 8. Rumor has it that the Rothschilds worship Satan/Lucifer as does the Vatican:

  • Furthermore, Madonna, during her Satanic superbowl half-time show, tried to sell the Eye of Horus (David Rothschild) as a symbol of peace seen here:

    The EU is also using the Eye of Horus as its symbol seen here:

    Satan’s prostitutes in the Vatican will likely call David Rothschild the ‘Prince of Peace’ and use Madonna and the EU’s eyeball symbol as David Rothschild’s symbol…perhaps the sign of the beast/EU.

  • Satan’s filling his head with lies. Too bad the man is in so much of a fog he can’t see he’s being lead around by the great deceiver!

  • I always knew that the catholic church was false, but now this has definitely confirmed it!
    It clearly states in God`s word that the jews and the nation of Israel which He gave them in perpetuity are the `Apple of His eye`
    Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes in these last dreadful, evil days before the Lord Jesus returns to put the world to right! Then only will there be peace and an end to all the terrible suffering around the world!



  • Hey, somebody needs to tell the pope and his minions to read his bible KJV if he has one (psalm 83) and see what happens to all those who come against Israel. The pope and every army in the whole world couldn’t and won’t remove Israel or the Jewish people form their land. The pope needs to repent and give his life to Christ.

  • Wonder which Bible they are reading. Evidently not the same one that I do. If it was not for the Jewish people, we would not have faith in G-d, nor our Messiah, nor the Ten Commandments. Also, the Apostle Paul, and others, warned against anyone teaching a gospel different than what he taught.

  • Only in the sense that Israel is a Secular State, as opposed to a being a heavenly established, fully God ruled state, does it (Israel) not have anything to do with the Bible. This is one reason why some orthodox Jews do not recognize the Modern State of Israel. It seems to me, somehow rather strange however, that the secular powers that rule the State of Israel, so frequently ‘kow tow’ to the whims, (no matter how ridiculous and thoroughly non-Biblically based) of the orthodox community. Still. I believe that God has allowed Israel to be re-established as a modern (if secular) State in order to fulfill His prophecies and His word.
    Sadly, many Jews, world-wide, tend to think of Christianity to be as it is portrayed by the Roman Catholic Church. This is a huge error and an obvious Satanic deception. Amen!

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  • These people run the Catholic church and they disregard the Word of God. Their final destination is already reserved for them, they will be cast into the lake of fire with all non believers.

    Jesus said ‘ I am The Way, the Truth, and The Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me’ He also said ‘You reject Me you also reject the Father’.

    The Word is also Jesus and thus the Fathers, so you reject the Word you reject both Jesus and the Father.

  • YESHUA\JESUS was and still is Jewish. The BIBLE says three times that YESHUA\JESUS will Reign from Jerusalem, Israel. Israel is GOD’S LAND, that HE Promised to Father Abraham, lead Moses to it, and brought Joshua into it to posses it. It will always be GOD’S LAND, and the world will Know It, when YESHUA\JESUS REIGNS from it, for a thousand years.

  • The Lord God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham to protect and raise up His people. Which part of ‘everlasting’ does the Catholic church have a problem with? If they spent more time studying the Scriptures instead of demonizing Israel and the Jewish people, maybe just maybe, they would learn something. I feel sorry for the people who blindly follow the Catholic church, they are heading for destruction. I pray for Israel in these dark evil times.

  • Jesus say`s to love God with all your heart, mind, body, and soul. and to love your neighbor as yourself, this fulfills the whole law and the prophets. we need to love every one people. with out love you have nothing. and evry time it mentions the remnant in both the ot and nt it is talking of His chosen people ( jewish people ) I Thank God that My salvation is through Christ, He is our only HOPE, all of us, the whole world! it is sad to know that multitudes will not make it

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  • It’s interesting to me how this site likes to BLAST the Catholic religion, the OLDEST and ORIGINAL Christian religion in history. Moses penned Genesis over 3000 years ago; the King James version of the bible was written from 1607 to 1610, thousands of years after the “original” bible came to be. The KJ version omits and changes the writings of the original bible. How can anyone in good conscience state that the KJ version of the bible is the true version of our Lord’s teachings?

    Does any of the Catholic blasters out there realize that Jesus Christ himself started the Catholic religion while he was alive on earth over 2000 years ago? He named Saint Peter as the first Pope of the Catholic Church with the intent that St. Peter and the future Popes would carry on with Christ’s original teachings. For the record, when the Popes speak on certain aspects of the faith they are deemed to be “infallible” in accordance with Christ’s original teachings. Perhaps someone should do their homework before throwing stones at a religion they clearly do not understand.


    You speak against lies but you lie, you interpret the bible, but you interpret it wrong, you judge a church but you hate being judged, you have the beginning but you are missing the end. You want allies , but your words destroy them. After so many years, you are still waiting for the Messiah, but HE has already been here and you didn’t receive HIM. Hatred and words will NOT help you. You are breaking the 2nd Commandment by your very hateful words.

    • wow u r a poet and didnt know it!We are taught by he that no man can cometh unto the father but him.They teach us that god not dwellth in temples made with human hands because ye r the temple.Yes we r living in the last days told from the beggining.Yes we want allies but not those of this world.Yes after many millennium them which r asleep in jesus god will bring back for this we say unto u by the word of the lord that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the lord shall not prevent them which are asleep, then we will no longer need to worry about sin for death shall be gods last enemy he destroys and sin=death 1 Corn 15:26

  • NTEB News Desk

    @Wanda – No one on this site is “bashing” the Catholic religion, we are simply stating facts. And your claim that Catholicism is the “oldest christian religion” is quite in error. The Church that Jesus started somewhere around 25AD came almost 3 centuries before the church that Constantine started in 325AD, the Catholic church. One has nothing to do with the other.

  • Andrew Yardumian

    I am praying for my brothers and sisters in Isreal; may the people plotting to bring harm them be revealed and may they be consumed by the evil within their hearts.

  • I still have not come to a conclusion based on scriptures of who the finale best is. It would be easy to say it is Rome, because they were in power at the time of Jesus. But as they named the lion, the bear, and the leopard, the final beast was just described as dreadful and terrible. Could this be a combination of some of the many who persecute Jews and Christians? I don’t know if I can add these two links, but I think it is important for many to be alert.
    95 lies by the RCC
    and the Islamic Christ.
    Could they be an iron and clay mix.

  • Roy

    Its important you don’t take someones word for your fate. You need to read and pray that God opens your heart to understand. The devil even tempted Jesus. The devil is the prince of lies. We can only go to the Father (God) through Jesus. Even if we are told something we need to reserch the Bible. I know I don’t have all the answers, but God does. I hope and pray that you will take this as to heart. The Pope your Preacher will not explane your sins at judgment.

  • I suggest people first learn what is meant by “Jews being the Chosen People”. It is a requirement placed on Jews to keep their covenant with God. It does not instill Jews with any benefits denied others. Considering Jews were the first monolithic religion, it makes sense that they would be the ones to have this placed on them (no other monolithic religion around to have it placed on). Judaism is the one major religion that doesn’t proselytize or try to convert others. I believe in Judaism, and have no problem with you choosing to believe in somehting else. No wonder everyone hates us …. LOL.

  • Roy

    I am blessed because of the Jew, NOT in place of the Jew. God will protect the Jew. I just hope and pray that the U.S.A. never comes against them like the RCC.

  • Jeremiah 33:23-24 Warns of the FALSE Prophets; GOD’s everlasting covenant with Israel as long as the fixed laws of heaven and DAY and NIGHT. Today the sun still rises in the morning and the moon at night! Another False prophet from the Harlot of Babylon/Rome… Is it any wonder she will be completely destroyed in ONE HOUR!!!!! If you believe in the FALSE PROPHETS of ROME or any other cult, you too will share her fate! God doesn’t lie SATAN and his minions do! Satan said ADAM and EVE wouldn’t die… do you see them hanging around anywhere? SO WHO TOLD THE TRUTH?

  • Jody:

    Revelations: the Catholic Church is called the “Whore of Babylon”. Now we know why….

  • It is just amazing how people are concerned about the endtime profecies,and I realy understand and have simpathy with every one.My advise is to study the Bible,go to Matthews24:3-4(in my Bible witch is the 1953 translation,so your Bible could perhaps differ,but defenitly Matthew 24) where Jesus warned everyone about deception.I would love to hear from my fellow believers.

    God bless and He promised to bless everyone who studies the word.


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