Vatican In Full Damage Control Mode After Pope Francis Justifies Islam Attack In France

Pope Francis statement seemed to condone last week’s terror attack at a French newspaper, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported Thursday. On a flight to the Philippines, the pope took questions,...

The Vatican is furiously backpedaling as they try to clarify some extremely controversial comments by Pope Francis

When speaking of the Charlie Hebdo murders at the hands of Islamic terrorists, Pope Francis said “You cannot provoke; you cannot insult the faith of others,” the pontiff added.


Some say his statement seemed to condone last week’s terror attack at a French newspaper, CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported Thursday. On a flight to the Philippines, the pope took questions, and raised eyebrows.

A French reporter asked about the attack at Charlie Hebdo, which was carried out by Muslims outraged over the paper’s mocking of the prophet Muhammad.

Francis condemned those who kill in the name of religion, but then said, “If my good friend says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch. It’s normal.”

This statement has outraged people all over the world still mourning the 15 deaths in France at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Francis was obviously saying that the Islamists were justified in doing what they did because their “prophet” was insulted, hence the reference to his own mother being insulted.

The Rev. Thomas Rosica, who collaborates with the Vatican press office, issued a statement early Friday stressing that the pope was by no means justifying the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

“Pope Francis has not advocated violence with his words on the flight,” he said in a statement.

You can hear the whirring of blades of the spin machine in the Vatican from all the way over here in America…


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  • watchman48

    In the last 1400 years it has been estimated that devout muslims have murdered over 270 million non-believers….

    The Koran contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.

    * Muslims, who belong to and, or, support ISIS, are threatening to kill innocent
    * Muslims, who belong to or support AL Qaeda, are threatening to kill innocent
    * Muslims who belong to or support HAMAS are threatening to kill innocent Americans.
    See a common thread here?
    * The barbaric act of beheading an innocent American in Oklahoma by a muslim
    * the Boston bombings(by muslims)
    * the Foot Hood mass shooting (by a muslim) that killed 13 people and injured over 30 people
    * and the murder of 3000 innocent people (by muslims) on 9/11

    On the issue of religious discrimination:
    I view Islam as a theocracy, not a religion. Islam is the union of political, legal, and religious ideologies. In other words, law, religion and state are forged together to form what Muslims refer to as “The Nation of Islam.”
    It is given the sovereign qualities of a nation with clerics in the governing body and Sharia law all in one. This is a Theocracy, not a religion.

    The US Constitution does not protect a theocracy.

    The 1st Amendment is very specific about protecting the rights of individuals from the government, as it concerns the practice of religions, not theocracies.

    It clearly differentiates between government and religion. Again protecting the individual’s religious beliefs and practices from (the state) government.
    In Islam, religion and state are one.
    We are a Nation governed by laws, the U.S. Constitution. We are not a Nation that is governed by religion, politicians or clerics.
    A theocracy is not protected by the U.S. Constitution?

    Islam allows Muslims to kill their own children, (honor killing) if the behavior of those children embarrasses or dishonors the family name; which has already occurred several times in American.

    Since 9/11 muslims have committed over 21 thousand deadly terror attacks world wide.

    • Leon

      True! No doubts!

      But, when we point finger at others, we forget the rest of the fingers are pointing at us 😉
      Here are just Few samples of, the other side of the coin!


      • watchman48

        Catholic Christians are not true Christian, never have been and never will be unless they leave the Catholic Church.
        The Blood bought true Christians risk their lives and fortunes to share the love of Christ Jesus with the lost… They do not threaten death for conversion as the crusaders or muslims do…
        You should study the Bible and open your eyes to the truth of God’s WORD.

        • Leon

          OK, you maybe correct!
          But what if anyone crosses or cuts your statement with the SAME belief/logic you are giving – the Muslims who are engaged in mass killings are not the true Muslims, but are similar to the crusaders? (That is, they are following the same features/role that crusaders had once)! 🙄

          • watchman48

            I wish this were not true but the Koran calls for the killing of those that will not convert to Islam… It calls for stoning of those that omit adultery… Where in the Koran does it speak of allah forgiveness of sin, his have mercy, his showing grace, or that we should love our enemies? Allah was a false god who couldn’t love, forgive or die for anyone…
            True Christianity is sharing the love of Christ which He showed all through His ministry and to us as He was dying on the Cross saying forgive them Father they know not what they are doing…

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  • kathe

    excellant comment.

    Re: Pope -It is not right to curse or retaliate but
    To protect, to stop the attack – YES, we have a right to do that !

    Also do fear based slaves, have peace, when they are incited to kill?
    ( maybe when you no longer value life, living is not valued or important anymore.)

    • You said. “This guy is no pope. Then again, he is taught as a priest that all priests are descenndants of the oriiginal deciples as well. never understood that but a priest told me that is how a priest hearinng a confession has power to forgiive sin….hmmmmm, just sayin”

      If he is no pope well, I’d be more open to what he says! Let me understand, A POPE SAID THAT ALL POPES (INCLUDING HIMSELF) ARE DECENDATS OF THE ORIGINAL DICIPLES” Yeah maybe Judas Isracot!

      Wiliam seems to be a Roman Catholic & if so, antichrist!

      Should we listen to such.
      Jesus said, “If a man speaks of himself then that is not true… ”
      DON’T BELIEVE WHAT A POPE SAYS! The Roman Catholic church doesn’t have Jesus as the Head therefore it is antichrist. & lost!

  • TeresaB

    Bret Baier’s forced withdrawal from Catholic conference

  • mike watchinski

    Just a quick comment:

    Read “Foxe’s Bood of Martyrs” for the proof of what the Catholic church thinks about religious terrorism. Search out facts about the Inquisision.

  • TeresaB

    Be skeptical of Dr. Oz’s remedies and Rick Warren’s “plans”

  • mark williams

    Off Topic – NTEB when will you be commenting on History Channel’s “Apocalypse”. You had said that you would, and it’s been a few weeks since it aired.

    Thank You

  • mike watchinski


  • The Final Pope continues to be the ‘darling’ of all media…

    The Great Delusion is waiting in the wings:

    • watchman48

      You need to realize there is nothing holy with this pope or any previous pope… , No allah, no bubba nor any man is holy, Only God Almighty is Holy.

  •  “A French reporter asked about the attack at Charlie Hebdo, 
    which was carried out by Muslims outraged over the paper’s 
    mocking of the prophet Muhammad.”

    “Francis condemned those who kill in the name of religion, but
    then said, “If my good friend says a curse word against my 
    mother, he can expect a punch. It’s normal.”

    What about the police, three of them were shot dead, one of
    them was a muslim. Or the four Jews that were murdered in
    the supermarket. Not one of them had anything to do with
    Charlie Hebdo ? The Jews were shot dead because they were 
    “Jews” and no other reason ! The punch in the face analogy
    doesn’t fly, and no ! it’s not normal ! it’s barbaric ! One million
    French citizens and leaders of the world are not protesting
    ” normal” are they ? A ridiculous statement and quite callous.

    Also a bit rich coming from a religion that made torture and
    murder an art form.

  • watchman48

    The Bible says, The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm 14:1 But this old man would say that I believe it is the fool who doesn’t make a truly honest search for the truth, he accepts what others say without question.
    If anyone says there is no God than their wisdom would have to encompass everything there is to be known from the past to everything here in the presence about God…. But in truth, they know what they know but to have knowledge of God when they have no understanding of His WORD nor His ways is nothing less than mere speculations.Have you ever studied or read through the Bible? My guess is no or you would have read of many truths in the Bible that only scientists have proven hundreds if not thousands of years later as being true…. Here is a website that you should check out, I would hope this website would cause everyone who might read this to wonder how could this be that these facts were written 600 to 2500 years or more before the birth of Christ?
    Within the Bible there has been found several thousand prophecies which has been fulfilled… 330 or so that were written approx. 600 to 1500 years or so before the birth of Jesus all speaking of the His birth, life, death and resurrection.You can think whatever you want to think, but if your thinking is not in line with the truth, than all the sincerity in the world will not change a lie into the truth… All have sinned, (Or as with a new born baby.) we all are born with the sin nature so we all have or will sin…
    This is from God’s WORD -The wages of sin is death, whether it be a lie or murder the transgressor of just one of God’s Laws is guilty of having broken all of God’s Laws… For the man who thinks he knows all that there is to be known, is nothing but a fool unto himself. Knowledge is gained from what man has experienced in life, wisdom is what man does with this knowledge, but true wisdom is given by God. There is nothing in this life that man can say for a certainty, unless he has seen, or experienced directly or indirectly that which pertains to his statements, beliefs, or faith. In other words, for man to say, “I know God does not exist,” just because he personally has not experienced a life changing spiritual event is nothing less than pure ignorance.
    Even if a wise man claims he is wise or he displays his degrees from years of studying, without faith in God he still lacks the ability to comprehend or understand the existence of God, because his wisdom is that of the world’s. If you say you are wise then please tell me if you can, why should God reveal himself to someone that does not seek Him, or to someone that is not seriously wanting to know him in a personal way, much less to someone that does not believe in Him?
    God has chosen to hide Himself, but to those who fear Him, He will reveal His heart’s desires. In Psalms 91:1 He refers to His place of hiding as the secret place. Only those who fear God will find this secret place, as we are told: The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. Psalm 25:14 NIV.I most always suggest to the non-believer that they should read, The Case for Faith or The Case for Christ both of which were written by a former atheist, Lee Strobel…. I will also challenge you to read, “The Greater Message,” at and ask yourself how could this have happen it there is no God…. Now why would an old man such as I go to the trouble to try to open anyone’s eyes to the truth, because I know that my sins have been forgiven… And even greater than that, I have seen what the love of Christ Jesus has done in my life and I wish to share His love with others.

    • Donna

      “But when the multitudes saw it, they marvelled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.” – Matthew 9:8

      Jesus uttered the words “thy sins are forgiven”, and the crowd was offended – just as Protestants today are offended – when they hear a man saying these words. Jesus, knowing their “EVIL” thoughts, demonstrated his authority by healing the man. The result?
      “(T)hey marvelled, and glorified God, WHICH HAD GIVEN SUCH POWER UNTO MEN.”

      Soon after, Jesus gives the disciples this authority to forgive sins in His place, because He will have ascended to Heaven:

      “And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” John 20:22-23

  • CrissCross

    VATICAN and … 😯

    …WHAT I CAN ?

  • So much for the sanctioning of violence and retaliation from a ‘Christian’ world leader. I can never recall any record Jesus giving any one a good punch when they insulted him…..

    • Donna


      Everything that the Pope said is correct. No damage control is needed. The media and people like yourselves either are so accustomed to thinking like the world, or (like NTEB) you deliberately misunderstand him to increase traffic. Let me explain:

      The media (especially) have long defended the “right” to manufacture nastiness on all levels, whether it’s gossip, slander, porn, or any other highly offensive material…. all in the name of “freedom”.

      Pope Francis not once said he understood or agreed with what the terrorists did in France. The media is exaggerating – once again. What he is saying is that we will NEVER HAVE PEACE – in our homes, societies and world as long as we hide behind the cover of the so-called good of being able to say whatever hurtful things we want to say. “Freedom of Speech” is meant to protect us from repressive, too-powerful governments, and to protect our freedom to engage others in healthy religious debate. The Lord wants us to treat others as we would want others to treat us – with respect!!! As long as people (or the media – which loves to stir up trouble for greater traffic or sales) humiliate and provoke others because it’s their so-called “right” to do so, calling this hurtful, provocative speech “good”, we will continue to have fighting, violence and pain.


    • kathe

      we all have free will..even God doesn’t mess with our will. it’s free. so the newspaper can do what they did and what happened happened… free will operating freely. BUT what is right to do and not do ? was it right to do what the newspaper did? Was it right to do what happened ? is it right to curse someone? is it right to retaliate with hitting back? Without a God – centered right and wrong we have relative right and wrong these days, and we have my right is your wrong and vice versa depending on our moral code and what we believe and practice…. stoning a woman for adultery , killing homosexuals, killing non believers who believe differently than you do…. my code may or may not be the same as your code. so what rules in nation or country ? and more importantly what God do you serve….the God of Abraham Isaac and Joseph or other. And what right do I have to impose or threaten others who believe differently than me? who gives me this right? and does a nation have to honor god given rights of inhabitants when their ” rights ” oppose the rights of the nation as a whole for moral conduct. wrongs don’t justify retaliation to kill steal or destroy on a personal basis, stopping wrongs is justifiable for protection of life. Pope should speak from God’s perspective ; not mans’ or a cultures’ or a nations’.

  • mountain saint

    The Roman Catholic Church was not started by Peter. He never visited Rome and he died two hundred years before someone istitutionalized the Catholic Church…The religion quickly became paganized and corrupt and did the work of the devil by killing millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims over the years…True Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ and not some organized paganistic practices…Even the Eucharist can kill you if you are not right with the Lord (1 Corinthians 11;29-30). You will never find salvation in a Euchariat but only through Christ Jesus by grace and through faith.

  • mountain saint

    The Pope should borrow Obama’s teleprompter… Both Obama and Reagan were lost without their teleprompters…Being thoroughly indoctrinated as a Marxist and a Muslim, Obama couldn’t think like an American and had to use ghost writers to write all of his speeches. He is a good reader…Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s and couldn’t think on his feet as evident in debates. He, too, needed ghost writers to write all of his speeches. As a former actor, he was a good reader.

    • watchman48

      Pres. Obama wouldn’t even make a good pimple on Reagan’s backside.

  • mountain saint

    There is a perfect description of the Roman Catholic Church in 1 Timothy 4:1-3)…Note the “doctrines of devils” and the “forbidding to marry.”…In only one generation, the evangelical churches have abandoned the Gospel of the Bible and have picked up the Social Gospel of Secular Humanism, Marxism snd Replacement Theology…Can you imagine how much garbage the Catholic Church has picked up in the last 1700 years?… You won’t find true salvation in the Catholic Church and most Protestant churches today.

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  • Donna


    You wrote: “Where in the Bible does it state apostles are given authorith to forgive sin.. NOWHERE that is where.”

    Now see what the Bible says:

    “But when the multitudes saw it, they marvelled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.” – Matthew 9:8

    Jesus uttered the words “thy sins are forgiven”, and the crowd was offended – just as Protestants today are offended – when they hear a man saying these words. Jesus, knowing their “EVIL” thoughts, demonstrated his authority by healing the man. The result?
    “(T)hey marvelled, and glorified God, WHICH HAD GIVEN SUCH POWER UNTO MEN.” (Matthew 9:8) Jesus gave this power to men, as we shall see.

    Soon after, Jesus gives the disciples this authority to forgive sins in His place, because He will have ascended to Heaven:

    “And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” John 20:22-23

    See what the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians: “For to this end also did I write, that I might know the proof of you, whether ye be obedient in all things. To whom ye forgive any thing, I forgive also: for if I forgave any thing, to whom I forgave it, for your sakes forgave I it IN THE PERSON OF CHRIST;(2 Cor 2:9-11)

  • kathe

    i grew up Catholic but now am a born again christian. I still have a heart for Catholics. I can be a critic but I also feel very much like their protector. I talking about the people here who are Catholic , not the beliefs of the Catholic church. I been reading this blog for days…a whole lot of Catholic bashing and Catholic defending….. Really now, is this the way Jesus would be handling this commentary. My heart goes out to the Catholics who have been getting bashed; I would be hurt and angry and defensive too if I were them and not real akin to listening to anything outside my very personal beliefs. Its like attacking your family members when this stuff goes on. You can’t even think outside your family and consider what is being said if what is being said is in a bashing mode. GRANTED the “bashers” are trying to bash…. They have just come to a place where they have seen some things within the Catholic church that are not supported by the Bible or God and are speaking of it. How they do it is probably in a spirit of love but the words sometimes come off as “bashing attacks”.
    Then there are the Catholics who either don’t know about about this contradiction between what the bible says and what they have been taught and believed. they have trusted completely what they have been told and have placed their faith in what they have been taught. They don’t put their emphasis on the bible the way non-Catholics do and they have put their focus on what they have been told by their priest and the Pope. They have been given Truth in part but don’t know they don’t have the fullness thereof. Not bashing here just making a statement. Took me many many years to unravel some of my beliefs that I swore by in Catholicism. As muslims are radical, so was I about Catholicism. How dare anyone touch my holy beliefs. I had no reason to search out anything outside of Catholicism and I had the TRUTH. I didn’t know i only had it in part and some of it was not truth but I had to find that out gently ….Remember the people told Moses to go up the mountain and hear from God, they were afraid. That was not what God wanted but that’s what happened. It was the start of the rabbinical priest, the Catholic priest etc. So it is today..its what the Pope says…. and He hears from God and what he says is, is ! Catholics are not taught they can hear from God themselves. It is time to stop bashing them for what they don’t know or do. They are innocent here and need to be supported and encouraged. the catholic church on the other hand needs to be accountable , as ALL churches and teachers , for what they say that is NOT TRUE or contradicts what GOD has said. God does not lie , nor is the author of confusion ! Truth is TRUTH. right is RIGHT and wrong is wrong PERIOD. BTW – a lot of “mistruth ” is also preached in non-catholic churches too if we are honest about it….If ever there was a time , it is now to search out TRUTH for ourselves, to align it with what God has already said to us and discard the contradictions. It doesn’t have to get complicated. God keeps it simple if we seek HIM first. It is OK to ask questions ,it does not weaken our faith in God. I am praying this “I’m right; no I’m right attitude” just plain stops and we instead turn to God to follow HIM and HIS ways in seeking truth and sharing it with others. To Catholics and non- catholics. May we be ALL blessed with God’s grace and mercy.

    • watchman48

      Friend; Christ Jesus is our intercessor to God the Father… Of course God’s WORD always says it best,
      For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; 1 Timothy 2:5

      Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. Ephesians 4:31-32


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