US Ambassador Chris Stevens Was SODOMIZED Before Being Killed

An Arabic language website has just reported the horrific claim that U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, 52, was raped before he was killed by the...
Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens Raped And Sodomized In The Name Of Allah
Ambassador Chris Stevens was brutally raped and sodomized in the name of Allah before being executed by Muslim terrorists

Sodomized in the name of Allah

You may think you know what Islam is all about…but you don’t. The Muslim terrorists who follow Mohammed and murder in the name of Allah don’t just kill their male victims, often times they sodomized them as well. The only question now is, was he dead or alive before they had gay sex with him? Most reports are saying he was sodomized before being killed. Read Sodomy For The Sake Of Islam to increase your knowledge on Islam.

From Lebanon News: The Arabic language website known as Lebanon News ( has just reported the horrific claim that the heavily armed mob responsible for the murder of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, 52, actually raped him before he was killed.

Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens Raped And Sodomized In The Name Of Allah

Ambassador Chris Stevens was brutally raped and sodomized in the name of Allah before being executed by Muslim terrorists

The Google Translation of the report follows:

  • “The U.S. ambassador to Libya was raped sexually before killing by gunmen who stormed the embassy building in Benghazi last night to protest against the film is offensive to the Prophet Muhammad”
  • “The sources told AFP said that ‘Ambassador was killed and representation of his body in a manner similar to what happened with Gaddafi, such as murder.'”

Ambassador Stevens was killed on Tuesday along with three other embassy staff as a group of terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate office in Benghazi, where Stevens was hold up. The mob fired countless gunshots and rocket propelled grenades at the U.S. compound, eventually setting the consulate ablaze.

Also on Tuesday, a violent mob scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, replacing the U.S. flag with that of al Queda’s.

Over his career, Stevens served two diplomatic tours in Libya, and was confirmed as ambassador to that country by the Senate in May. Until Tuesday, only five U.S. ambassadors have been killed in the line of duty, according to the U.S. State Department. source – Examiner

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  • This just keeps getting worse and all the prez can say is that he will tighten up security… I don’t even know what to say to that. God bless the families who have to live without their loved ones, and go on living knowing how they died. It’s despicable.

    • Agree with all comments. Islam is decidedly NOT the religion of peace. It is time the US condemns Islam as an amoral terrorist creed….period. If US “moderate” Muslims have a problem with this, tough, go back to your home countries. Note that there have been NO, NADA US Islamic clerics condemning these acts. Enough said.

  • Yes, the ambassador was raped (sodomized) before he was MURDERED. What no one is revealing is that the 2 marines who were killed had NO WEAPONS to protect themselves or their wards. Please investigate this and print it. This is important. No marine should be without their weapons at any time, whether on home soil or foreign soil. The military can no longer defent themselves.

    Also, there are also PEACE KEEPERS (what a joke) in the Sinai between Egypt and Israel. You can almost bet they aren’t armed either. The Obama white house wants to kill, maim, etc. their troops. Who do you know that does that. He wants to steal, kill and maim.
    Love ya, Marjorie

    • They sent our guys into Viet Nam unarmed as advisors in the 60’s. We sent guns and ammo to my Dad to at least give him a fighting chance. I didn’t think it was right then and certainly don’t agree with the policy now.

  • This is terrible. An outrage. These men and all people will have to give an account to The Lord Jesus Christ for their actions and their thoughts.

    It is such an evil day we live in. May The Lord Jesus come quickly.

  • And this country is teaching our kids in school to be nice to the Muslims because they are nice people. Well whoever the moron is who started this bullsh#t is either a muslim or a retarded idiot and should be kicked out of the USA.

  • This is a sad state of affairs for our country! What is going on? God help us!

  • and still the ppl think they want this male to be in for 4 more years.. thats not saying much for the PPl of the USA does it… are we really that bad in picking a man for our President.. hes not fit to tie Romneys shoes.. hes a horribl man and hes quilty of those 4 deaths by not doin ghis job and protecting our embasasy. I cant even think of him as a good man…

  • “Kill ‘em,” he said. “Kill ‘em all.” – Stonewall Jackson after the sacking of Fredricksburg when asked “What can we do about this kind of barbaric behavior?”

  • Just watched an interview with a Swede who talked about how the Muslims have held her country hostage for years. They have demonstrated outside temples, rioting, shouting hateful things to the Jews, much like they’re doing at our embassies. One of her friends in another country asked her why they had gone so “Nazi”. She explained it was Muslims, not Swedes! The press had NEVER reported it was Muslims because they were afraid to. There is one city in her country where women never walk alone for fear of being gang raped by Muslims. It, too was never reported for years. Finally, their politicians grew some spines and demanded the press start telling the truth. This has also happened in Denmark. Ever hear of what’s happening in Michigan? or in Ontario in Canada? They are all over the world. It is their intention to take over. The Muslim Brotherhood has started to say this out loud, even write it on their signs in their demonstrations. The only defense is to deport ALL of them! That’s the only way to be safe in our own beds! That and praying without ceasing.

    • kat

      Three years later conditions have further deteriorated and those speaking truth are called bigots.

  • Can we spin up several of our ICBM’s; after all we paid good money for them. I’d like to see what kinda of bang for our buck we could get. Lets start with Benghazi…..

  • I am sickened by the horrific violence carried out in the name of Islam. It is tragic that such atrocities would be related to anyone’s idea of their god. This “allah” they cry out to during their barbaric behavior condones and orders this?
    I can speak with confidence that God the Father of Abraham, the Lamb who is worthy, acts in love, grace and mercy.
    We have been instructed to love and protect Israel and it has occurred to me on an almost constant basis to wonder how long He will tolerate our government’s blatant disregard for Jerusalem and His people.
    He has shown us so many times that He is merciful to those who cry out and repent. It is not too late now for us to call out to Him and repent and ask for mercy. May God protect Israel and His children in America.
    Thanks, NTEB, for keeping us informed!

  • disgusted

    I am thoroughly disgusted by the misunderstanding of peoples attitudes towards this and I am also disgusted by the acts of violence in such a hateful way toward Americans. I honestly believe that this attack was a direct result of the attacks of the US on Libya. I truly believe that Ghaddafi’s son is behind this. Especially since they said the killings were done in the same manner as Ghaddafi’s death. I feel it was revengeful on their part. but it was wrong on the USA’s part to go there for control of oil and gold. As for those who say Obama should’ve had extra security for our diplomats: What you need to understand people is that it is the responsibility of the “hosting” country to had adequate security for diplomats…
    We just all need to stop blaming muslims for standing their “ground”, and sympathize with the grieving families! When will all the non sense stop? I’ll tell you when, when the Lord comes back and plants His feet on the Mount of Olives..Lord, plz come quickly…

  • The pictures I have seen of this mans who looks to be dead in the pics have him with his clothes on….

  • Nothing will be done, and if you don’t think this will happen here, you aren’t paying attention,The Black Panthers are making threats,Samuel L.Jackson is stirring the pot, and all that’s missing is some radical to start it all up in America.Then martial law will be declared, the president will stay in power indefinitely as America goes down the tubes just as Rome did. I know Christians are waiting for the “rapture,” to save them, but it may not happen until the Lord returns in His glory to put an end to the whole mess.

  • Typical…first blame Israel, then blame the Christians in Egypt, then blame American’s free speech…while those committing murder and chaos are the victims of having their feelings hurt! the real crime are those who are being persecuted by Islamic hands due to these false claims made by Washington to hid the fact as to why the Muslims are burning Obama in effigy…because he betrayed them, making promises that he could’t keep…because he is not a dictator, and he has to answer to We the People, and we are not for overthrowing countries with secular dictators so they can be replaced by Islamic Democrats. The Revolution is unraveling, and the Arab Spring is becoming the Fall of Islam as the world is witnessing this evil disguised as a religion, and the fruit thereof is bad

  • I fear that it is a matter of time before the sleeper cells in this country activate their plans. We are weak before the world and these people feel nothing but disdain for weakness. I am glad I do not live in a major metropolitan area and am not quite so vulnerable. On the other hand, this is a college town and we have a significant Middle Eastern population. This was an act of war and requires a deffinative response not a foreign aid check. We give them money we borrow from the Chineese to support the military and they do this? Is it any wonder this country has lost its standing in the world? We are just a few more crisis away from being a third world country ourselves. We better protect ourselves while we still can.

  • This OOO is a Moslem, and should be tried for treason. Too numerous betrayals to denote, but a few recent: 1) Failure to attend presidential intel briefings, standard M.O. but NO attendance since 9/5/12, hmmm…; 2) No bullets at embassies’ 3) Yet to inform Egypt it shall not get another nickle; 4) Letterman trumps Netanyahu’s request for meeting; lastly, 5) Failed to know the whereabouts for 16 hrs of our ambassador.

    We should demand impeachment, now.

  • “Most Reports”????

    This report was flat denied by the AFP.

    Man o Man, you Republicans have really outdone yourselves this time.

    I’d check the alibis of Cheney, Rove and Priebus.

    They have the blood of a million innocents on their hands.

    They sacrificed the lives of thousands of Americans for oil and power.

    Murder an American Ambassador to win the Presidential election?? They wouldn’t think twice. After all, he was a Democrat!

  • This so called religion Islam/Muslim is FAKE!!! May they all burn in HELL for all i care!!!…SICKOS!!!

  • X

    have u google translated?
    I read the word mutilated?

  • In the Koran, it is death to homosexsuals, those Islamist who commited sodomy on the ambassador will not have the luxury of the virgins after death according to the Koran and will suffer an eternal pain in hell because they acted like Homos………These people act worst than monkies in Africa.

  • Glen Brito

    It has been confirmed by Kevin Dujan conservative and openly gay Journalist That Us Ambassador Chris Steven was a homosexual who used to frequent a Chicago gay bar named ‘Second Story’ so if they found him sodomized it was a pre existing condiction connected and common to the disease called homosexualality.

    • That’s an interesting twist I hadn’t heard yet. He was still murdered nevertheless

    • Gay or straight, there are photos in some corners of the net showing Ambassador Stevens bent over at the waist, his white boxer shorts–his underwear!–around his ankles and his shirt under his armpits as if someone had tried to pull it off over his head and failed. His head is just about between his knees while it is obvious he is at an angle where he is about to fall over, can barely stand and is likely being held in place by someone else. The bare pale skin of his legs was showing lots of red on them, unsure if it was blood or just bruising or something else but whatever it was it was just sickening. Whoever uploaded the photo edited and cropped it to keep it from being pornographic (thank goodness) but it was obvious just the same he was extremely vulnerable and completely exposed, and no matter what, it was ugly just the same. There was a large crowd around him in the photo in question and they do NOT appear interested in helping him in the least.

      So please do not tell me the sodomy was a pre existing condition! In this particular case I do not think it matters here, his final hours on this earth were brutal and he was savagely abused in ways that depict a bunch of animals around him. So many of them were so much more interested in getting their “street cred” with their very own cell phone photo than in getting or giving him assistance of any kind that I found it the most vile and disgusting thing I have ever seen in my lifetime.

      Another thing I have seen discussed in a few places on the web: why on earth would the State Dept send a homosexual man into a region where the penalty for homosexuality is so stark and the punishment so savage?

  • In spite of what the Bible says, the lion will never lie down with the lamb. Hourly, the Jewish religion is blasphemed by the Arab world … yes, and do we see Jewish and Zionist gangs torching embassies, murdering and assaulting diplomats? Do we see Jews rioting in western cities and beating unbelievers senseless? Do we see beheadings, amputations, stonings, and Jewish women veiled and owned as chattel? Certainly not.
    Just hours ago, Sydney Australia was awash with murderous street violence and children carrying signs asking for the beheading of non-believers – and these are immigrants, guests in Australia.
    Time to come out of your politically correct daze folks. The pox is upon us.

    • Gringo, I agree with much of your post, especially about how the Jews have not been behaving terribly as so many others have. They have not been aggressive and hateful to others, and they have every right to defend themselves.
      What I didn’t understand was what you meant by saying the lion will never lie down with the lamb. I mean, the way things are right now, no, there is so much hatred and violence in the world, and much of it directed toward the Jews.
      God, in His Word, has said that the lion WILL lie down with the lamb, so it will happen. If you refer to the scripture, there will come a time when Christ Jesus Himself returns to the earth to reign for a thousand years. During that time, every knee will have bowed, every tongue confess that He is Lord. At that time, He will reign from Jerusalem and yes, the lion will lie down with the lamb.
      As for the chaos going on in the world, you are right. The politically correct do need to come out of their daze and pull their heads from the sand. It is getting uglier by the day and will only be completely be remedied by the return of our Lord. May He bless the USA and may He bring peace to Jerusalem. I pray He comes quickly.

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  • Actually your link to the Washington Examiner says that AFP never reported any such thing as what your article states. The Examiner article further states that the Lebanon news site attributed the claim to AFP and that after being sent a strong denial by AFP, the Lebanon news site retracted that AFP was the source of the claim. The Ambassador’s death was tragic, as was the other Americans, but it is best not to inflame views of Americans who can’t or won’t do detailed research when they read stories like this on your web site.

  • Any man that rapes another man is a fag. All you muslims are a bunch of fags the US would destroy all of you punks.

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  • God help us all. What is being done about this atrocity and when will it be done? The president, Mr Holder, (oh what’s going on with the fast and the furious-executive priviledge???? WE THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!) on down the line, are accountable and should be held accountable. Enough of their lip service. It’s the first time in my life I am NOT proud to be an American.

  • Well …. after considered thought, here’s my answer to the Islamic threat to the U.S. Are you ready?
    Yes? OK … here it is:
    The United States sponsors and promotes a world wide WWF “Smack Down” between our top cage fighters and Allah ( and his asshole ringside assistant), Mohammed.
    We (the great Satan) openly challenge Allah, and his asshole buddy to meet in open ring Killer Kombat with real Americans – mano a mano.
    If Allah fails to show, the Muslims will have proof their deity is a poof. Problem solved. In other words, screw Allah.
    No es problemo

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  • Tghere is zero proof of this. Everything traced back to a false report that has since been pulled by AFP. Get the facts before you publish this kind of sensationalism. A lot of people are now angry over NOTHING.

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  • Frank

    Of course anyone who has done a little research know this is completely untrue. Shame on the Republicans.


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