UFO Flies Over Temple Mount In Jerusalem

Is it real? Video reports are coming in fast and furiously about multiple UFO sightings over the Temple Mount in Israel. Is it real, or is it a hoax?...

Is it real?

Video reports are coming in fast and furiously about multiple UFO sightings over the Temple Mount in Israel. Is it real, or is it a hoax? Watch the videos and decide for yourself.

What appears to be genuine footage of UFO's flying over the Temple Mount in Israel in January 2011

Is this proof that the Jerusalem UFO is real? A new video of the UFO over Jerusalem surfaced tonight from a tourist that was filming while on a late night tour of Jerusalem on January 28th 2011. The video is not the clearest because it was dark out, but it catches the same glowing orb that was caught on tape from across town.

This is the first UFO over Israel recorded on January 27, 2011

This is the second UFO over Israel recorded on January 28, 2011

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  • Demonic manifestations

  • A few days ago a FB buddy posted the same video, and we agreed this was not necessarily demonic in nature.
    We agreed this could be a sign from Heaven regarding the future erecting of the 3rd Temple.
    We also discussed that this may be an Angel.

    I seriously believe that UFO’s aren’t “alien” in nature, they are Angels and “princes of the air”.

    • Finally, someone with reason!!! Exactly what I thought it being a possible sign of the coming of the third temple. I can’t help it. I grew up with a bunch of zealots and everytime I hear people quickly explain every unexplainable event with “It’s demons!” I cringe.

  • I think this is part of “the government Star Wars program, or perhaps a preparation for Operation Blue Beam. I don’t believe in aliens/UFO’s, but I do believe in lazers.

    • Guns don’t kill people, Lazers do.

    • your dumb for not believing in lazers we have them already they may not kill but we have them. Plus do you think we are the only ones in the Universe think twice. You dont even know what UFO stands for damn people are scared from the truth.

  • Absolutely part of Project Blue Beam and absolutely demonic, just another step closer to a NWO.

  • May G_d bless the land of Israel. We are living in a time when things could move along very fast. May the Kingdom of heaven come soon.

    • AMEN!! Time is short!

  • D

    Personally, I think we live in the most amazing time to be alive!

  • I think it may be an angel from God investigating what is going on down here. I know God doesn’t need to send an angel down, but He does send angels. I believe what Bro. William Branham said about ufos. They are angels investigating what is going on here before judgment strikes. Notice this was seen around the same time or right before the riots in tunisia, and that have now spread to Egypt and Jordan, and Yemen. The muslims are on the move wanting world domination, and the vatican is using them all the way to further her own wicked agenda. This looked more like an angel that a ship. God bless you guys.

    • “The muslims are on the move wanting world domination”

      That’s possibly the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Well Eddie. I am sorry but you might want to back up your statement. People, just go to prophetofdoom.net. The person who has that site has spent a long time researching the koran and islam. He has set up his site so you can look up everything the koran says about murder, jews, women, lust, jihad, christians, etc. You can get it straight from the koran then. Islamic leaders and terrorists groups are publicly calling for world domination, the koran demands it, and Eddie wants to say that that is the most ignorant thing he has heard. I will let wisdom have her way. Anybody else reading this post, please go to the site I mentioned, and go to islamic sites and see what they call for. Read the koran and judge for yourself. have a good day. And God bless you all.

  • When the Lord was born a star came, and now that’s about time for him to come back, so it’s not surprising that something like this happens.

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  • @Brian. There is no need for us to read anything about what the Koran says, most of us have read the Bible and it has the actual events that are going to take place. The Muslims are led to believe that they can rule the world, but they will learn that the Devil looses in the end, and Gods people win. Israel will defeat the evil forces and they will be destroyed by God when he comes to Israel’s aid. God’s people will have Israel and evil will be defeated, that means there will be no more Muslims, only God’s people.

  • This comment is for Eddie and comment # 11 Im not so sure that Eddie has an understanding of the muslim religion “Islam” or their ideology. they are in fact seeking world domination, they are in fact wanting Shria law world wide, they are in fact the most dangerouse and violent religion in the world and would like nothing more than to kill all non belivers” that is any person who is not muslim for your information, all in the name of their sick and twisted religion. I should know I served in the Iraq war and have gotten a first hand education on not only how ignorant they are but how brutal and dangerouse they are to the free world.

    • i hate the muslims as you do i think they are the most violent people in the world i dont compare to the nazis but muslims are hell of dumb people.

  • Why cant people believe in UFO its just a spacecraft more advanced then our technology. we visited the moon.why cant Aliens come visit us?
    Plus why cant people believe in aliens. Think of how we got here how all of this go to where is now. The Univers is a millions times biggers the the milyway
    so how can people believe we are the only life.
    People are scared to know the Truth

    • well, in accordance with the people on this site, they probably don’t believe in aliens because of the fact that it would go against God in a sense. it would mean that he either is fake, or that he just left the human race and went and created life elsewhere. that’s my take on it. in my personal opinion though, i believe aliens exist, but i am still skeptical that that light orb is alien because i honestly don’t think they are anywhere near the milkyway galaxy or that they are advanced enough to travel thousands of light years.

  • yourdunn the Muslims were allies of the Nazis during the war, both working to eliminate the Jews, and their evil has been carried on for 1400 years, and getting worse.

    Yes the universe is a big place but their is no life on any planet in our universe and there is no way any living being could travel from another universe because of the time involved. I think considering the Nephilim would be the most plausible answer, google it and see what you think


  • investigating, soon they will see the very one they crucified in their time and that my brothers will CONFIRM that the door to the gentiles is closed….REPENT OR SOON PERISH……………..

  • HE is investigating…could it be the door to the gentiles has closed and now only judgement?To Israel, could it be as it is written that they will look at the very one they killed and now see him as saviour? Indeed

  • Preston

    I do think Gods signs and wonders are much more visible then any demonic sign, to ignore this is to stand in defense of the devil. I do know Gods kingdom is advancing at a powerful rate and muslims are coming to Jesus in record number, but the news and tv will tell you otherwise. Who do you listen to, and what words you use reveals what you believe. Pay more attention to heaven and more of heaven will be on earth through your life.

  • I have been facinated with UFO’s and the Bible since I was a small child. I have seen every video of this event which has been
    published. With the CGI technology available today this and many other sightings can be easily hoaxed. I don’t see the point
    in creating such an event over the Temple Mount of all places.
    Though I have no proof, something within me says that this was real and is only a sign that more is to come.

  • was a movie scam advertisment!



  • Just because this sighting is in a religious city, does not make it god. There is more proof of aliens existing then the magical fairy in the sky. The bible is a load of steamy poo. Two scenarios are 1 aliens or 2 hoax. Religious nutjobs.

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