Donald Trump Tells Liberty University That ‘Christianity Is Under Siege’

"We're going to protect Christianity," he said. "If you look at what's going on throughout the world...Christianity is under siege." Trump pointed to targeting of Christians by terrorist groups in Syria and urged Christians to work together to use their "power" within the United States to enact change.

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump touted his faith at Liberty University on Monday, telling the conservative college that Christians have to ban together because their religion “is under siege.”

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17 (KJV)

“We’re going to protect Christianity,” he said. “If you look at what’s going on throughout the world…Christianity is under siege.” Trump pointed to targeting of Christians by terrorist groups in Syria and urged Christians to work together to use their “power” within the United States to enact change.

Donald Trump Speaks at Liberty University on MLK Day

He added that “I’m a Protestant. I’m very proud of it, Presbyterian to be exact. …[but] bad things are happening, very bad things are happening.”  The speech comes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Trump dedicated what he called a record-breaking crowd to the late civil rights leader.

The speech could give Trump a chance to strengthen his outreach to evangelical voters, whom he said he’s doing “great with” in Iowa. He noted that he’s heading to the early-voting state, as well as New Hampshire, after his speech on Monday.

“I want to win Iowa,” he said. “Then we’re just going to clean the table.” Trump is narrowly leading in Iowa ahead of the state’s Feb. 1 caucus, according to Real Clear Politics poll tracking.

Trump got a warm introduction from Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty. While he noted the college doesn’t endorse presidential candidates, Falwell said that Trump is a “breath of fresh air,” “loves this country” and wants “more than anything to make America great again.” source

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  • Cooleemeeedd

    I’d like to see a bit more of the “Fruit of the Spirit” in Brother Donald. If he’d let his little light shine just a little more, he would make more points with me!

  • Larry / vietnamvet1971

    The Sodom & Gomorrah of the Untied States has a New Religion called Islam and their Muslim in Chief is their Biggest Fan / Supporter and I agree with Trump we are being Attacked, made fun of, Mocked Ridiculed,(Remember obama said we cling to our Guns & Bibles) in a Mocking tone.

    At least Trump is a REAL American and can SEE what obama and his Evil plans have done to America.

    • Hope

      I’m not sure you are right about where Trump’s loyalties lie. I think he will always serve Donald.

      • Larry / vietnamvet1971

        SO Trump is not a REAL American and that “THING” in his white mosque is the REAL one. At least Trump talks about what is on American’s minds whether as President he will do all he has talked about remains to be seen.

        I for one am TIRED of the Bought & Paid for Beholden to Every one “Career Politicians” that go along to get along, do you get it.

        Did my part about O’Blow Hard calling Christians Clinging to their Guns & Bibles as stupid as he Mocked made fun so you can forgive obama but Trump is to FAR out there for you.

        • Mike-neubam

          Were in trouble precisely because Trump is speaking about what is on the minds of Americans, which tell us what’s on American’s minds is vulgar, reprobate thoughts. You shall know them from their fruits. Trump doesn’t have the chance any more than a camel passing through the eye of a needle when it comes to knowing righteousness, mixing my metaphors notwithstanding. Trump is a merchant and the balances of his weights are corrupt like most rich men, period. His popularity is testimony of the unrighteousness of American, especially the contemporary Laodicean condition of evangelicals.

      • Ron

        Do you think that he doesn’t realize the NWO’s plans will make him a slave of their regime, and he could lose all his wealth because of them. Trump loves America and what it once stood for there is no doubt he wants it back he is from the same era as myself. A time long gone from leftist plans installed and the good paths once trodden removed from the landscape both figuratively and literally. As far as loyalties lie, we all serve our own loyalties to some degree.
        For some of us those loyalties are our desire to please The Lord.

  • Only a few seconds ago whole sitting over family house,bI heard Trump quote scripture bI said wow,trump is quoting the bible.
    Wow! Talk about filing a void, a US presidential hopeful pretending to actually care about the faith of Christians. Gloriously, Jesus hath said, when you do it to the least of them, you do it unto Elohim, of course there’s the trust issue. Awake! Apb,

  • Hope

    There is no question that Donald Trump is not born again and no question that he has a nasty habit of denigrating people to get his way. I do not like him. I will not support him and I think other Christians need to really think about supporting him. If we ask for Saul, we will get him. The good news is that Saul came right before David.

    • We already have Saul….

      • DDRAKE

        We have the son of satan in the WH now, not Saul.

        • Larry / vietnamvet1971

          Exactly, Son of SATAN is so OBVIOUS !!

          • smh

            Why,cause he’s black.that what really Turks you,huh.

          • Larry / vietnamvet1971

            @smh, looks like I struck a nerve, color is not the problem.

            SINNERS & Evil Men are of ALL color and as a so called president he has shown his True colors
            matter of Fact 6 Evil Rainbow colors (SODOMITE / SATAN colors)since you are so concerned that I may not like him for being black then throw in his DEFENDING Planned Parenthood with MONEY and telling them he has their Back so another color (RED, Children’s BLOOD) seems we can not get away from Colors.

            IF speaking out & standing up to men of EVIL is wrong in your book then in the Book (Bible)I read it talks about SINNERS practicing SIN & EVIL men. I can not question your presidents salvation BUT I can & have inspected his Fruit it looks Rotten, Dirty.

            Let those that Love GOD to speak up & out against Evil, its in the Word.


    Trump could win with a 3rd Party. He does not need the “debased trash” that have destroyed and enslaved America. Traitors that need to be executed for their treason, subversion, robbery and murder of the American People. Those INSTALLED in DC by the Rothchild/Jesuit satanist Banker Cabal that serves Lucifer.

  • Mary

    Hmmm. Jerry Fallwell? Wasn’t he a Freemason? We need true Christian leadership! Many churches today are deviating from God’s Word with regard to abortion, homosexuality, and even the diety of Christ.

  • Honestly I don’t trust D Trump at all. He is a billionaire wanting us as Christians to belive him.
    I have no trusr in billionaires at all.
    All they want is to take money, and totally forget homeless and people around the world who have nothing to eat.
    Jenny. It’s an privileged as a Canadian Christian to stand with Israel and Christian people around the world.

  • Rae gennarelli

    Trump couldn’t even give one Bible verse as his favorite – not even “God is Love” that we all learned in pre-school Sunday School. He kept saying “Two” Corinthians today at Liberty – doesn’t even know it is Second Corinthians. I could go on and on. Yes he is in need of salvation and even more, so is our country. Praying those who support him will see that he is no different than Obama – promising change, telling people what they want to hear, and yet so so not what our country needs. We need a true Christian, Conservative who will strictly enforce the Constitution and the only person running for President who has that consistent record is Ted Cruz. Please do your homework and lets continue to pray for repentance and revival in our country and that God isn’t through with us yet.

    • carrierwave

      Ted Cruz is a globalist insider. His wife, has since resigned when Ted decided to go for the White House, from the commission board of the “NORTH AMERICAN UNION”, which seeks to erase the borders between Canada and Mexico. She is neck deep in the NWO and so is Ted. NOBODY gets in power with out God’s permission. He lifts up Kings and throws them down–remember that. Just pray we don’t get whom we all deserve!

      • A spouse’s beliefs should not automatically be used in judgment of a person. Recall that President Reagan’s wife Nancy was involved in astrology, and that President GW Bush’s wife is pro-abortion. Ted Cruz is a Bible-believing Christian (as if the adjective were necessary) and is one of America’s staunchest defenders of our Constitutional freedoms, having successfully defended our right to bear arms as Texas Attorney General. He is brilliant, articulate and fearless. He stood alone (as leaders often do) on the Senate floor defending our liberty, filibustering to defund Obamacare, while the other Republicans had no will to fight. The chart on (scroll down a bit on the site) lists a dozen main issues, each with a green, yellow or red dot for each candidate indicating a record / position that is good, mixed or bad. Clicking on each dot will reveal further information. Senator Cruz has the best score by far!

        The way that some people (and I am not attributing a motive to you, Carrierwave) are shying away from him, especially after his rise in the polls has attracted more attacks from various quarters, reminds me of the way that many people shied away from Sarah Palin following her ticket’s defeat 8 years ago, as if the attacks of the Left rendered a candidate “damaged goods” and henceforth unelectable. Every true conservative will be hated and targeted by the Left: Reagan was before, during and after his presidency. Cruz has it all, and needs our support. Remember that the polls showed President Carter with a sizable lead just before Reagan’s landslide election. Cruz and a few of his competitors lead Hillary in the polls, so let’s pray and hope.

        • carrierwavehr

          Ted Cruz, has fully supported Obama’s TPP with traitor rino, Paul Ryan. It is a policy that will destroy America and is proof he supports the “North American Union” right along with his wife. He is also disqualified by his birth, according to the Constitution. These are serious issues that will continue to erode our nation. Whether he is a christian, only God knows, but that does not automatically mean I should support him. Obama came in “sheeps clothing” proclaiming himself a “christian” also, REMEMBER?? His foreign policies on trade, and other issues prove, he is a globalist– I DO NOT TRUST HIM. He should never have decided to run, knowing he is NOT natural born citizen. This is further proof he will not follow the Constitution when it gets in the way of his global agenda. I would encourage you to deepen your research on him before accusing me of being anti-christian because I will never support a traitor who claims to be a “christian”. REPENT

          • While Cruz initially supported the idea of TPP, (which ideally should have merely streamlined commerce by clearing excessive red tape (a conservative position) with no ill effects, had it not been authored by sinister forces), after the 5,594-page text of the bill was made public, he reversed his position and was one of only 5 Republican senators who voted against it.

            Constitutional scholars differ on the definition of “natural born citizen”, which the Constitution does not define. Some say it includes people who have American citizenship at birth and hence do not need to be “naturalized”, and thus are “natural born”. This includes Cruz: Being born to an American mother and Canadian father, albeit in Canada, at birth he received dual American and Canadian citizenship — not half and half, but dual. Here is one reference:

            On a separate note, Ted Cruz has lived in the U.S. since age 4, so I don’t see a strong case for divided loyalty here. Any nursery school friends are probably a very dim memory and not an incentive for him to give Alaska to Canada. He grew up in Houston, about as far from Canada as you can get in the U.S.

            Cruz has earned a 100 percent score from the American Conservative Union:

            Just because Cruz is a Christian and you do not support his candidacy does not mean that I accused you of being anti-Christian in my first post — I made no such accusation nor implication.

            Rather, I appreciate the love of God and country you have expressed. And I wholeheartedly agree with your statement in your other post that churches should have never registered as 501(c)3 organizations and put on the government’s muzzle. Such churches’ decisions to muzzle the proclamation of the Word of God for money / tax advantage / “filthy lucre” (1 Peter 5:2) were a grievous wound to the church and to America.

  • Maria

    At this point I’m not sure as a nation we deserved a great leader. Leaders are put there for a reason and this country’s moral continue to decline with no change in site. I rather trust in God Almighty because he continues to be in control of everything.

  • loz

    Who do we trust? Donald may not be the nicest guy, but he sure is talking about a lot of things that nobody else is & that’s a start! I wish someone would start talking about how thousands of America’s are on the streets, our broken family’s, no dad’s in the home, the Hugh drug problems , the health care system & how it dose not help millions of people that are seeking alternative medicine?

  • Kiwiwatcher

    Maybe Trump will get the opportunity to put a microscope on the ‘more than 140 charter’ schools across 26 states that are islamic funded. Most have a nondescript name like Horizon Science Academies, Harmony School of Excellence and Magnolia Science Academies so as to slide under the radar.

    All are promoting Shariah practices but sell themselves to parents as a secular and more academically focused alternative to public schools.

  • carrierwave

    Did you hear that? Jerry Falwell Jr. stated, the college, Liberty University, doesn’t endorse presidential candidates. The truth is THEY CAN’T ENDORSE ANY POLITICAL CANDIDATES WITHOUT BREAKING THE LAW. All tax-exempt IRS 501c3 religious corporations, are bound and gagged by their own choice. That’s right, you have sold out your Constitutional rights to speak the truth from the Word of God about many subjects God says we as believers are supposed to be “REPROVING, REBUKING, and EXHORTING”.

    Falwell is scared! So are all 501c3 hirelings, “sell-outs” who have done the same thing; you are scared to speak out because you will lose $$$, tax-kickbacks, the ability to go in debt, build your buildings, losing your rich membership, worldy recognition. IRS 501c3 has legally muzzled everyone of you. Yes, go get out your 501c3 hand-book and read it for once, and see you have turned over your Constitutional rights and are now controlled by the STATE.

    “Pastors” are now CEOs of a “registered, religious corporation” and are become “agents” of the STATE and stewards of STATE PROPERTY! As a “steward” of the STATE, Jesus Christ is no longer HEAD OF THE CHURCH, because you divorced Him and are in bed with Obama! That is why you must obey Obama’s LGBT agenda, and marry queers, and allow them into “membership”, teach Sunday School, and volunteer in any capacity as anyone else who are “members of the corporation”. Most important, You are “muzzled” and can be sued, for preaching any doctirnes, commamdments, or statutes in the Bible against queer life-styles, effeminate transgender behaviors, or pedophilia. You CANNOT endorse any political candidates, even if they are godly men or women seeking to serve Jesus Christ in government positions.

    So stop belly-aching when the LGBT “task force” fines you and sues the ‘church’ for breaking the law you legally promised to obey under your new HEAD, THE STATE! Jesus Christ is not happy about this and He is judging His church for spiritual fornication. It is an unequal “yoke with unbelievers” and you will pay the price!

    • Heather

      Amen carrierwave!

  • Char

    Trump probably doesn’t have a chance of being “IT” anyway because the Hildabeast is going to be the first female (if you wanna call her that) president of the U.S. Hopefully, we will be gone and she can lead the unsaved blind that are left behind. I’m still praying for those (including my family) that they will NOT be left behind to be under her dictatorship.

    • Larry / vietnamvet1971

      I feel the same way & Agree with you 100%.

  • I am afaid of Trump. When you call for Christians to use “their power” to enact change, you know right there Trump is not a true Christian. A true Christian knows it is not “their power”, but “Gods Power” that can change every thing. This Country has rejected God, just as the Israelies did. Until we ask God back into our Country, nothing will change. No canidate or people power will make this a great Nation again, only God. Now is the time to Pray unseasingly, and get God’s Word out to as many as you can. The signs are here.

    • Char

      Donna, you are correct. Trump has too much ego to think that there is a God (that’s bigger than him). He thinks he’s the biggest and best thing this world could ever have. He’s in for a rude awakening some day soon. It’s too bad we can’t come up with one good presidential candidate out of ALL those who are trying/lying so hard.

    • Jessica

      Thank you! These are my thoughts as well.

  • smh

    This is soooo hilarious……… cazy,lol!!!!

  • If we want a Christian, we should be promoting Ben Carson, we should not be promoting the lie. Ben Carson never threw his people under the bus in the name of bankruptcy to fill his pockets with money. But you see Ben is not loud enough for this sick nation. I really do wonder how popular Jesus would be if He were running, think about it personally, you know Jesus and His ways, would you As a Christian vote for Him?

    • Skywatcher

      Unfortunately, Sue, Ben Carson is NOT a Christian either; he’s a Seventh Day Adventist. So you see, you really do not have any real Christian candidates. You have people who pull the “Christian” trump card for their own convenience. Ovomit did the same thing during his campaign, and look what you got!

      Ted Cruz has his own skeletons, and they aren’t all in the closet either! Folks are overlooking one serious issue here: Donald Trump has a huge family, and I believe he is downright serious about wanting to get the Muslims out of the country, to protect his loved ones. That would be a great start, from my perspective! Even if he did nothing else during his time in office, that would be a mighty huge feat! However…you would then have unrecognizable “home-grown” Muslims that would intercede. N. America is doomed from many different angles!

      • Larry / vietnamvet1971

        I read most comments and there are a LOT of opinions of course every one has one.

        But I agree with you we in America will NEVER have a Christian president and at least Trump is talking about the things on Americans minds and as such he is Voicing our thoughts.

        This election will be HUGH as to which direction the USA will take if Trump a veer toward the right or if the other party wins then MORE of the same. I know it is sad we have to pick some one and vote and hold our noses BUT that is what we have to do.

    • DEAN

      Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist which is a cult based on the false prophecies of Ellen White who believed Jesus was Michael the Archangel and she called God the “all seeing eye”. It is full of false doctrines like soul sleep, the Investigative Judgment and the non-existence of hell and they believe we should still be under the law. It is not considered a mainstream Christian denomination.

  • taylor

    I am not looking for a savior. I have a Savior, and his name is Jesus Christ! He bled and died on a Roman cross with me on his mind, and because of that precious work he did, my life is saved from the pit of hell. I am not looking for a savior in 2016. I’m looking for an American patriot. Trump 2016!

  • 1 John 4:1

    The personal cost Trump has had to pay to stand firm with what he considers are priorities stand out more than his fame and Clinton’s political privilege. When Trump states Let’s Make America Great Again, he includes all Americans.

    Defenders of Clinton, a woman who is a rape apologist, a criminal and a divider, are familiar with the practice of How to Defend Clinton from Americans.

    Trump’s priority is to effectivly ensure Americans are safe and secure. Trump has addressed violence in our communities. Mexican drug cartels have members in Texas school systems. It is not enough for them to push violence and drug addition into US and Mexico communities, they must recruit. Mexican youths in some areas south of the border want to grow up to become human traffickers; these youths do not have leaders. With advice from experts ready to send a firm message to the Mexican drug cartels and their supporters, Trump is approachable by all who have had enough of this form of violence.

    Trump has put Americans before himself.

  • Suez

    Suez. Trump is a joke. A plant, saying everything the average American wants to here. He is no different than any of the rest of them, except, maybe even more tricky. He, like the rest are all brought and paid for. All in the Illuminati, and Jerry Falwell Jr. is probably along there with them. I don’t trust any of them. We have not had a true, “we the people” voted in man in the White House for years and years and years…It’s all fixed, so if you think your votes really count, think again. It’s all just a horse and pony show, to appease the masses!


    Skywatcher. Ignorant comment about SDA’s. Of course they are Christians you are uneducated on this point. The only way to God is through Jesus Christ. The closest real unedited bible we have is the King James Version. These are two learnings you have from the SDA’s. There is not one perfect religion, we know that religions have been manipulated and there are many problems with that.
    Personal relationships with our father and creator is where we shall be judged.
    Christians are people who have accepted Jesus as their saviour, who believe he died on the cross for our sins, have repented asking for forgiveness and who try consciously to follow a life as much as free from sin as possible. The Ten Commandments set out the rules we need to follow.
    Of course SDA’s are Christians flaws and all.

    • dean

      SDA is about as Christian as Ellen White was a prophet of God, which she wasn’t. Her gift of prophecy was about as accurate as any tabloid psychic.

  • lee Williams

    Dear Editor,

    You bring us thirsty people real news long before the MSM, and sometimes you’re the only source, and I thank you for that. I appreciate you and your ministry, but I sometimes truly do not understand you. You excoriated Liberty University and the students when Bernie Sanders spoke there. He, by the way, travels with a cheering section, and there was no way to discern from the video who was clapping and cheering for his socialist and ungodly agenda, yet you declared it was the students and told them to be ashamed. I’m paraphrasing not quoting you.
    Yet, you seem okay with Donald Trump, a non-believer who never says anything about protecting the constitution, speaking at Liberty U. Sure he may say one or two things that the people want, but he is just as narcissistic and arrogant as the current POTUS and would use executive orders to bypass the Legislature and do what HIS heart desires, not what the people want.
    He claims he is a Christian. The current POTUS also made the claim, and I did not believe him. Yes, God is the judge of all hearts not us, but He did tell us that we will know them by their fruit.
    I’ve yet to see (I could have missed them), any articles from you about Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum. It’s your website, so you can support whomever you want, but it would be nice if you would be more clear about it. It would be even nicer if you gave us your view point on the other candidates, in particular the ones who do show Christian fruit and pledge to uphold the constitution.
    From your articles and comments, you seem to be supporting Trump. My warning: Be careful what you wish (pray) for–you just might get it. And the rest of the people who see him for what he really is will suffer the consequences too.

    • Because Donald Trump is not a Communist.

      • dean

        Why is he praising one then? It’s a matter of Congressional record that Martin Luther King Jr. had connections to communist organizations and this is a guy whose files are sealed by court order and his wife said what was on them would ruin his reputation. I’m disappointed because I thought Trump wasn’t PC but you can’t get anymore PC than this.

  • DEAN

    Does Donald Trump even know what a Christian is? Some of his remarks like wanting to bring boatloads of persecuted “Christians” from the Middle East make me want to cringe. How many of these people are actually born again Christians and how many are Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox? All this will do is strengthen the hand of the harlot that rides the beast in Rome. They already have one front open on the war on America’s Christian heritage with this invasion from Latin America. We don’t need another one. I don’t have any misgivings that Donald Trump is actually a Christian but what exactly is Mr. Trump’s denomination? Is it Orthodox Presbyterian or is it the apostate, rainbow, homosexual affirming, Presbyterian USA? And don’t get me wrong on this. The Presidential hopefuls are getting worse and worse every 4 years. Trump is the best possible candidate out of a field of mostly circus acts but that doesn’t say much and he is quite a departure from the traditional candidates of yesteryear.

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  • lee williams

    Dear Editor,

    Are you still standing behind Trump when a collation of conservatives spell out the reasons that Trump is NOT a conservative? He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a liberal running on the GOP ticket. He has shown to have no values or principles, regardless of whether is a Christian or not. There are non-Christians who have morals and will defend the constitution. Trump has demonstrated neither. He is not a communist but rather a populist. And if not being a communist is your simple answer to why you are supporting him, then why don’t you support the many other choices, who also are not communist and have years and some decades of history, showing their principles and values that reflect our Christian beliefs, along with supporting the constitution?

    I’m sure you have read the National Review’s article. Others are listed below. One is from the NYT which I never read, but a conservative wrote it and presents reasons that conservatives should not vote for Trump.

    He will most likely get the nomination, but I will be greatly disappointed in the Christians who support and vote for him.

    Do emotions Trump facts?

    Why I will never vote for Trump

    Huckabee and Santorum: Champions of faith, family, and freedom


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