Time Magazine Denies Putting Devil Horns On Hillary Clinton’s Head In Cover Photo

Time magazine is denying charges that it put Devil horns on the head of Hillary Clinton for magazine cover....
Oh yeah, this was totally an "accident".

Time magazine is denying charges that it put horns on the head of Hillary Clinton for magazine cover

Everyone quickly sees the obvious white horns over the top of Hillary’s head, but the real genius of the positioning are the smaller, blue horns that you don’t see right away. Those are the ones that look truly devilish. Excellent job on the graphics, Time magazine!

The controversy all centers on the cover of time’s latest issue which features a cover story on Clinton. If you look closely at Clinton’s head you can see what appears to be Devil horns.


Oh yeah, this was totally an “accident”.

Time says it is simply an optical illusion because of the way the “M” in Time lays over Clinton’s head.  This week’s not-so-subtle jab at Clinton, intentional or not, comes as she is under fire for using a secret, private email system during her years as secretary of state. Democratic insiders are beginning to reconsider her role as the party’s ‘inevitable’ 2016 presidential nominee, and other potential candidates are testing the waters.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explains her reasoning for not keeping a government-issued email address, saying that she didn’t want to manage two e-mail addresses, and that her government correspondence was transparent.


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  • Bart

    As a designer myself, I can tell you that this wasn’t intentional for the fact that the “TIME” text is perfectly centered with the Hillary Clinton silhouette. It’s centered from the bottom of the silhouette, not the head. So this is easily debunked.

  • Jerry

    I believe it was a mistake. However, mistake or not: it fits!

  • John

    Accident or not it befits her.

  • Inasmuch As

    Sarah Palin, the Pope and others have had the same “horns” over their head. It may or may not be intentional. Look at Google Images and search for time magazine cover to see.

    • MRH

      It’s definitely intentional with horn thing. Just Google ‘devil horns’, and you will be literally shocked 😉

      P.S. And to think that the horned clan rules this wicked world? 😯

  • mountain saint

    Time magazine did the same thing to Hillary’s husband and lived. It was not Bill Clinton’s time (2 Thessalonian 2:6).,,Obama has betrayed Hillary several times, even offering her the VP position if she would just drop out and still she refuses to disclose info that could get Obama impeached. She needs the Black vote…This time Obama may be going too far by releasing info that could destroy Hillary… Bill Clinton may not tolerate this betrayal this time because he needs Hillary in the White house if he ever wants to become the Secretary General of the United Nations…If this is Bill Clinton’s time, then Obama could suffer a mysterious death just like 400 other people have done who were in Clinton’s way. Let’s hope so,

    • John

      It is Obama who intends to be UN Secretary General. He has been preparing his resume for that job since his inauguration.

      • mountain saint

        John, Obama has only knocked off three lovers so far and Bill Clinton up to 4oo who were in his way…Bill Clinton is from the tribe of Dan (the antichrist tribe – Genesis 49:16 and 3;15) and Obama is a half African nobody with an Indonesian birth certificate…Bill Clinton is a royal b***ard (related to all of European royality) while Obama is an ordinary Black b**tard with no papers (Daniel 9:26)…Bill Clinton is a man of peace and has negotiated a peace treaty that lasted for thiry years while Obama is a man of division and is setting the world on fire, race against race, religion against religion…Bill Clinton’s real name is mentioned as 666 in Bible Code under and around the antichrist passage of Daniel 9:27 while Obama doesn’t even know who his real father is…And Bill Clinton is a Rothchild and worth trillions while Obama is an illegal alien feeding at the public trough and making himself rich at our expense. etc

  • Heather

    All I can say is LOL.

    • Bart

      Yeah, this is kind of sad. It’s like they’re looking too hard to make an article about anything. It’s losing the site’s credibility honestly. I’ll all for keeping an open mind, but really?

    • mountain saint

      Hi DB in skirts (Norbert, revelation 2:9 etc) LOL

  • mountain saint

    Nobody reads these magazines anymore. They are too liberal and the schools aren’t teaching reading and writing in any language. Didn’t someone pay one dollar to buy Time a few years ago?

  • H Rotten Clinton is so evil, they don’t dare let her be the next president because they can’t control her. She aught to change her name to Lillith, wife of Satan. The old saying goes, with a twist in this case.

    Well if the horn fits…. Time obviously knows it suits her and any informed voter would agree and vote for the obscure, just to get rid of the politicians that are all corrupted and of no use accept to the synagogue of Satan.

  • Jenny

    H “Rotten” Clinton lololol!

    Consider that one “borrowed!”

    Thanks for the chuckle, David!


  • no accident here. time magazine owned by time warner, the same creeps who own hbo and give us the hour of nausea called bill maher. their logo is the eye of horus.

  • mountain saint

    There is a battle going on between the Clintons (American Marxists) and the Obamas (Enemy Jihadists). Who will win? Bill Clinton (Revelation 13)…And there is a battle going on between the God of Jacob (Jews) and the moon god (Arabs). Who will win? The God of Jacob, of course, and the Arabs will be annihilated (Psalm 83, Isaiah 17:1 and Amos 1-2).

  • David

    This is nothing, compared to the video last year when her eyes narrowed into vertical slits.

    • MRH

      @ David: You don’t know the half of it brother. They are all cloaked reptilians. At times their cloak falls, giving glimpses into their true visage. It can occur with visual and vocal effect. I’ve seen many videos of things, which don’t make logical sense. Reptile eyes and skin, and garbled speeches, etc. They communicate with each other through satanic signs and symbols. They are the aliens among us, and they hide dark agendas. They hide behind strange symbols, which are scattered literally everywhere nowadays; pyramids, eyes, tridents, etc. Worst of all, they run the show!

      Eph 6:12 KJV – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      If my words don’t give you nightmares, then below video surely will 😯



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