Thousands Of Potheads Gather In Denver For First Legal 420 Day

“This is what freedom smells like,” attorney Rob Corry told the crowd, as he counted down the moments until 4:20pm CT, at which point literally thousands of people simultaneously...

Watching the fall of society

If you are a student of history, you will know that before the fall of every great world empire certain events occurred. This events include but are not limited to the glorification of homosexuality, public intoxication and open debauchery of every type.

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

So it is no surprise to us here at NTEB that in the same year we have seen the rise and implementation of gay marriage, we are see states now making public pot smoking legal. America, in so many ways, is a great parallel of the old Roman Empire. And like the Roman Empire, we are showing all the outward signs of a swift and fearless fall from grace.

So have at it, America. Smoke your pot in the street, promote gay marriage and all the other things that God hates. But pretty soon, He’s gonna pay y’all a visit…and you’re really not going to like it very much. Repent now while you still can.

From Yahoo News: DENVER, CO. — Ten years ago, Ken Gorman, the founder of Denver’s annual “420 Rally,” stood inside the city’s Civic Center Park with about a dozen supporters as they pushed for marijuana legalization.


Today, an estimated 80,000 individuals gathered in the same location as they celebrated Colorado voters’ decision to legalize the recreational use of cannabis last November.

“This is what freedom smells like,” attorney Rob Corry told the crowd, as he counted down the moments until 4:20pm CT, at which point literally thousands of people simultaneously exhaled marijuana smoke into the air, creating a haze that was visible for blocks away.

“You’re going to be in the Guinness Book of World Records,” rally organizer Miguel Lopez told the crowd, eliciting a roar of cheers and laughter. “More people will have smoked pot at ‘420’ in this location than anytime, anywhere in the history of the world.”

The day’s events formally kicked off at just past 10:00am on Saturday morning. And while it was readily apparent that many, if not most, attendees showed up simply for the novelty of smoking marijuana in a large public gathering, there were hundreds of people there to make money money off the attendees.

Dozens of vendors quickly set up shop, offering items ranging from marijuana smoking pipes to various food offerings like “giant turkey legs.” And one didn’t have to walk far without being offered several varieties of marijuana for sale, which is still illegal under Colorado law.

In November 2012, more than a million Colorado voters (55.32 percent) supported the passage of Measure 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in the state. However, the consumption of the drug remains illegal under federal law. A similar bill passed by a broad margin in Washington State. source – Yahoo News

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  • william hogan

    do u really think God hates pot smokers? considering God planted it on the earth for our use and enjoyment…pot enhances the state of the pineal gland, which is the connection to the spirit..this iis one of the dumbest things uce said, relating it to homosexuality, nowhere in scripture does it dpeak of it as evil even tho it was ib the earth since probably teach it was an apple on the tree of knowledge of good and evil..this is almost as stupid as ur teaching of pretrib rapture and u being assured of heaveb by claiming Jesus as ur ssvior..scripture clearly states you knoe not whether u r saved or not, born again of the spirit.only God knows who is born again of the spirit, just ad u know not from where the wind blows…and clearly says rapture is after tribulation, for there is none that does goid, no not one and u will suffer all these things befote the end are an evil false propget withva lil knowledge..God commands you to stop, only the spirit needs to teach man, not sn evil man

    • God doesn’t hate pot smokers, he doesn’t hate murderers or rapist…He loves the sinner and hates sin, but as sure as we are here now, if the sinner doesn’t accept Jesus, they will not see heaven.
      No one related pot smoking to homesexuality…the presence of certain things are evidence prior to the fall of a great nation is what the article is referencing.
      The Bible tells us clearly that in Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior you ARE saved…that doesn’t compute to saying Jesus is your Lord and living like the devil…there is an inward change, not a winning ticket confession. The Church will not go through the rapture. Jesus’ Death and Resurrection is the Great Exchange…He took our sins and made us the righteousness of God in Christ. God is looking at your heart…He knows the truth, the motivation…no secrets from God are hidden. I hope this helped you…it would be best to not judge anyone, for in judging, you are judged. God bless.

    • ama

      so you are advocating NEW AGE Jesus who supports using hallucinogens to open our third eye?Please tell me where is this mentioned in Bible?
      Secondly,God DOES say homosexuality is a sin – Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable. (Leviticus 18:22 NIV
      If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. (Leviticus 20:13 NIV
      Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.(Romans 1:26-27 NIV etc.

  • NTEB News Desk

    God loves pot smokers so much He died on the cross and rose again on the 3rd day for their sins. But God hates drunkenness and intoxication, it’s all through the bible. And yes, the bible very clearly states that homosexuality is a sin:
    “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” Romans 1

  • NTEB News Desk

    …and the Rapture is very clearly before the Tribulation –

  • I stayed home tonight.


  • “This is what Freedom smells like.” No this is what stupidity smells like. The article states that he was counting down to 4:20 CT. I suppose CT refers to Central Time, or maybe Connecticut Time, either way he has forgotten Denver is on Mountain Time, an hour earlier than Central time, and a couple of hours earlier Connecticut Time. I guess he could be referring to Colorado Time, but that would indicate Colorado is in some time zone akin to The Twilight Zone. Good Luck with that.

    Marijuana & Alcohol kill brain cells. This original post is proof positive of it.


  • Another sad day for the dying country. Seems we as a nation just can’t rush to judgment fast enough. If there is anything more evil, I’m sure we will discover it and rush right out and do it. This makes me sick. Trouble is, the wrath falls on all equally while we are forced to live in this fallen world.

  • Amen,Erlene.

  • The boston bomers smoked pot. ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus said without question:

    (Matthew 24:29 KJV) Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:
    (Matthew 24:30 KJV) And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.
    (Matthew 24:31 KJV) And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

  • Jesus Christ dwells with you. While your here on this earth your a temple for him. If you trash the temple I highly doubt he dwells with you. Thats what the Lord thinks of pot.

  • D City So Nice, Dey Named It Twice. (Titus 2:15 & Proverbs 27:5):

    Jesus Christ dwells with you. While your here on this earth your a temple for him. If you trash the temple I highly doubt he dwells with you. Thats what the Lord thinks of pot.

    Amen and ive missed you 🙂

  • As christians we are told to be filled with the Holy Spirit not by unholy smoke! The world is lead by what feels good, but christians are lead by the truth in the word of God and the Holy Spirit. The bible tells us to not be drunk with wine or anything else but be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pot smoking is not one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit but is definitely a great tool of satan to deceive the ones who fall for it! This is just another nail in the USA’s coffin! God’s judgment is at the door and the world is still looking for another way to have fun and ease the pain through drugs! Repentance is the key to peace not pot!

  • Just saw a news article out of Denver, Pot Smoke is now mixed with Gun Smoke. What a surprise,
    Drugs & Guns, Denver will soon be Chicago West.


  • D City: Been busy?
    any comments on Brett statements that Obama is the AntiChrist?

    • Pastor, If you can’t handle this looney, how are you going to handle the gay, they will chew you up and spit you out. Anyone teaching Michael Jackson is a prophet can not be helped, brother. They need healing not teaching. He makes us post tribbers look really bad.

  • D City: I smoked pot when I was 19 and I never bombed or hurt anyone. I don’t smoke it now. I just want you to know that statements like that sound like the Democrat’s claim that guns are responsible for people mass murdering. As for Pot use. I don’t know why God planted it in the earth, Then again, maybe he did and maybe Satan put it here. At any rate. Anything in excess is sinful. I wouldn’t have voted for that law, I live 90 miles away from Chicago, and No You really don’t want your city to be like Chicago. It is a very bad place to be. In fact all of Illinois is bad, I think it’s the criminal training state personally and would move in a heartbeat if I could. My reason for this reply is just to tell you pot is not the reason that terrorist bombed Boston anymore than guns cause murder and any more than alcohol makes a drunk drive and kill people, or that mental illness causes mass murder. ALL These kind of people had the CHOICE to stop, say no, accept responsibility for their actions.

  • All of Life is about choices. Where we live, where we work, if we work, to do drugs, or not, to become a terrorist murderer, or not. Just as accepting Jesus Christ is a choice. Most of us make choices based on our life experiences. Some of us, through choices we have made, realize, before it is too late, that, in and of ourselves, we can not solve the problems of our own making. That we need Jesus Christ, and we act on that decision. Some take a wrong turn on the road of life, and never get back on the correct road. Some flat out refuse to even give Jesus Christ a thought. This older brother was asking allah for forgiveness, huh? He knew he was doing wrong, and did it anyway. The younger brother is a real piece of work. Reports I am hearing this morning say that when his older brother was being arrested after he ran out of ammo, the younger ran over him in the stolen vehicle, and dragged him to his death. A Cain & Able story, I guess.

    I know guns are machines which require humans to operate them. I know marijuana is a plant, which has good uses, [hemp fibers for a type of cloth], and also requires humans to produce the hemp, or burn the leaves or whatever, to get them buzzed. I know Chicago is a city which has alot of good folks in it. I also know that there are numerous criminal gangs, politicians, located there. It has a history of violence. Denver, really isn’t much different, just a smaller town. As a matter of fact, any major city, and even small towns across this country suffer from these ills, and they are only getting worse. Kinda like “in the days of Noah”. The time is late, the harvest is ripe, but, the workers are few. Why are there so few workers? Because many are on Food Stamps, have dropped out of the Work Force, and they are Partying in Denver like there’s no tomorrow, and they very well could be right.

    In Yeshua,

  • He never said they bombed Boston because they smoked pot. I believe we should count on the Lord to bring us peace in this troubled world. Put our faith in Him alone and we shall find true peace. Peace can not be found by altering our state of mind through a bottle or smoking pot.

  • AMEN!

    In Yeshua,

  • One day you will be able to buy pot like cigarettes, the only reason is that Washington got to have their cut before they make it Law.

  • 250million given by US to Islamic terrorist in Syria
    more proof the Obama admin is in full control of global terrorism, where is the outrage over this???????????????

    • I can’t stand the government; bunch of mean-spirited people. They have no idea that God is in control of everything.
      God help Us is my prayer.

  • Soooooo., any smoke entering your lungs is not healthy for your body. And I think everyone knows what the bible states about how to treat the temple. Period! Now considering that God put this plant on the earth, and the plant contains medicinal properties that when brewed in a tea, not over concentrated, not processed by man.., can help the body in ways that even the US Government was in support of up to the early 1900’s (prior to the Big Pharmaceutical Industry involvement in taking over our Medicine Industry, TV, Air Waves, and lobbying congress..,) would prove that it could be utilized in a sensible medicinal way. Of course the key words are “brewed tea”, “sensible”…, “not manmade over concentrated” But since it cannot be “patented” The Big Pharma companies will instead mix up a bunch of chemicals that are far worse for your body and extremely toxic and it will be given the go ahead and celebrated and plastered all over to get you hooked on it. Rather than to use common sense and medicines that God provided on the earth. And of course anything in overuse can have severe health risks.., you can even hurt yourself drinking to much water., But our country overall is past the sensible.., and is now embracing the satanical…,(new word?)…, well anywho.. Jehovah/Yashua/El Shaddai Bless The United States..,

    • Whisky is good for medical purposes, also, but the Bible says not to be a drunkard. If you alter your mind it can not be receptive to God, wherefore grieving the Holy Spirit. My Spirit shall not always strive with man, saith the Lord.

  • Ron:
    When we first met on NTEB, it was mostly you, Debra, D City and I, remember Zion in his theory of UFO’s.
    Every so often these guys come out of their closets, just to put some looney spice into the conversations. Now we have Brett and Ross!
    When we discussed intelligent conversation together its enjoyable. But these guys, must be from a satanic group, and I believe Satan is laughing so hard, enjoying his fruitcakes!

  • Agreed , Pastor. God blessed, brother.

  • Ron:
    As you said, this guy makes the post-tribber, look really bad!
    I really enjoy Brett and Ross comments about the Tribulation, they really make post-tribbers stand out in front as loonies? Aren’t you proud of the guys, there really helping your theory of Post Tribulation? Maybe, you should really see if Michael Jackson, can help your cause, proving Post Tribulation?

    • The devil always tries to interfere with the truth. No thanks, Pastor. I’ll stick with the Word. I don’t care much for junk food!

  • These young people have no respect for anyone, God will not share his truth with these. They love not the truth, so we know what becomes of them.

  • Ron:
    Come and see the laughter in Brett’s conversation’s, He’s helping you to prove that Post tribbers are completely correct! He’s using scripture, he must be right? lol
    Maybe Brett will start a new movement, proving your theory of Post Tribulation?
    On another note! How’s your wife doing? Is everything cool at home?
    Have you ever been to Washington, D.C? In May 23, 2013 I’ve got a Veterans Affair Board Hearing, to discuss 38 years of retroactive back pay for my veteran’s disability being wounded in combat action in Vietnam War. Its a 5 hour hearing! I’m going by bus, I have fears of flying. Its a 6 day trip, at least I’ll see all different type of people?
    God Bless your cause! Post-Tribbers lol

    • I have been to DC, got lost in the circle. Had to go for an invention of mine. I wouldn’t care for going back. She is doing great, we are enjoying life, for now. God bless you on that hearing. We will be praying.

  • Ron:
    I use Jim Beam Whiskey, it smooth going down. I use it when I have a bad cold and its cheaper than all these cold remedies!

  • Nothing wrong with that , Pastor, as long as it doesn’t alter your mind. Over do it and then you’ve sinned. It’s not so much it’s a sin to get drink, it’s that being drunk leaves you open for sin to reign in your state of drunkenness. The same applies for drugs. Your conscience is seared with a hot iron.

  • Ron:
    Last Oct.2012, I fell and fractured my right hip and my injuries to both knees from combat being blown up, these injuries cause me alot of pain daily, so I must be a drug user, as I use about 2000 mgs. of pain meds per day! Its hard getting treatment at VA Medical Center, as I waited 14 hours in Emergency Room, to be treated! Then 4 hours just to recieve 3 months supply of drugs to kill the pain. I’ll sure be glad to get to heaven and get my new body!

  • Not being personal! What kind of invention’s have you invented?
    Its a good thing to use your mind, in inventions, what makes the world go around some for beter, some for worsest! I really hate computers, when I use ask a question, it comes up with 10,000 different hits and not one I wanted!

    • Just one, brother. But I have fabricated others for some friends. Mine was a knife to split large flat cables. I used it extensively in the mines as a repairman, on mining cables.

  • the marijuana plant is the tree of life that is written about in the bible. the whole plant, seeds and all, has multiple uses beneficial to mankind. the only reason it was made illegal was because the people in power wanted to patent synthetic products that could not compete with the hemp or marijuana plant.dont believe the hype by the power brokers. if marijuana was so bad to be made illegal why was it legal during ww2 to grow and why were the farmers who were given seed by the government and their sons exempt from military service? because our traditional source of hemp the phillipines was under japanese control.we needed the hemp for commercial uses. so dont believe the hype about marijuana being the devils weed.

    • Yell, That’s why you potheads look so old, your as old as the tree of life, I guess. You are sick. I guess if gays can get to heaven then pot smokers should, too. Heck why not just let the whole world go. Do not be deceived, evil manners, corrupt good communications.

      • Evil communications, also corrupt good manners.

    • Brian, you been reading to many “High Times”.

  • Ron: The air is getting thick with these closet nuts! Now Brian, stated the tree of life and it was written in the Bible, it was a marijuana plant. I thought marijuana plant was a brush not a tree? He been smoking too much weed! lol

  • Ron: I just read! On Sunday! Secretary Hagal told reporters Isreal has the right to attack Iran. He said, Isreal will do that, Its a must do that, from the Wall street Journal today!

    And the U.S. Senate voted in Resolution 65- give Isreal the right to attack Iran. Not long before Isreal going to attack! Prophecy Psalams 83 and Ezekiel 35 will happen!

  • Ron: Also in the news, Iran wants to sell oil to North Korea, by going around the U.N. sanctions. The USA sure does not want this to happen, any day Isreal going to attack iran. The USA has delivered 10 Billion in Nuclear weapons to Isreal, that was in the news yesterday!

    • This is all got to happen for the antichrist to come onto the scene. He will offer peace and safety, to the Middle East, especially Israel.

  • Pastor, I believe these wars are on the day of the Lord, this is the Battle of the Lord Almighty at His return to reign, in the midst of His wrath. There is no evidence they are before this time anywhere.

  • Ron: Be more clear about what wars on the Day of the Lord!

    Its for sure, Isreal is going to attack Iran! But after this attack, Iran will get Russia, Libya, Northern Sudan, Turkey, Germany to join into the attack on Isreal and by then USA will be in conflict with North Korea!

    • Any time God, describes Himself doing destruction to the nations it is in his wrath, after tribulation and the rapture. The other wars spoken of is the antichrist as the red horseman, his fist enemy will be Egypt, according to Dan. 11. The king of the south.

    • Israel might attack Iran, but someone in the region we move to stop the war, even if Iran attacks back. It would surprise me if it went on very long as seeing the lateness in time.

    • All these nations gather against Israel in the very end, pastor. or else little Israel would be totally destroyed. But Jesus will Plead for His people in the valley of Jehoshaphat, Joel 3:2,12-16

      • Micah 4:11 and Micah 5:3 all say the same, Pastor. Zeph. 3:8 and Zech. 14:2. All these are the same as Ezek. chapters 38 & 39. In 39:22 plainly says Israel shall know that I am the Lord from that day and forward. And in verse 23, the heathen knew why Israel fall from God. Ezek. 39:25-29 all proclaim this. The Obadiah war and Psalms 83 war is all the same. One war of God Almight, one sided, the nations don’t stand a chance. It is His wrath, 7th trumpet and 7th vial of Revelation.

  • Ron: Only time will tell?

  • Ron: What are you going to say! If Isreal attack Iran and later Iran will plan a counterattack to Isreal and there is no AntiChrist in the news yet? There several more Prophecies needs to happen, before the AntiChrist appears to the World!

  • This war with Isreal and Iran, will bring in the Magog war which the Tribulation begins. Also Damascus has to be total destroyed with a nuclear weapon ( Isaiah 17:1) before the Tribulation!

    • I disagree with you on that, Pastor and Hal Lindsey, also. The Magog war is stated at the very end of God’s wrath, The Day of the Lord, The Great Battle of the Lord God Almighty. When the antichrist is destroyed and the kingdom is give to the saints of the Most High. This is when He calls the fowls of the air to come and feast.

      • Hey Ron,

        Did you ever consider that The Gog-MaGog War may be a 2 parter. Something about, say Modern Russia joining with Persia, [now Iran], and coming to take a spoil, [off shore Natural Gas Reserves], and getting their collective butts killed on the Mountains of Israel, leaving only a sixth part of them to head for parts unknown. Then there is AC who makes a Peace Treaty for 7 years, but can’t keep his crap wired together, and who hears rumblings out of the East and does battle with them in the Valley of Har Meggido. Round 2.

        I take it you are Post Trib? I never could figure that point of view out. I mean, what’s the point? GOD didn’t wait until after the flood to save Noah and the family. The Angels didn’t do a Search and Rescue for Lot and family after GOD nuked S&G. So why would GOD not do the same for HIS Faithful, as HE did for Noah and Lot?

        In Yeshua,

        • King, Trib is not wrath of God, They are separate events. that is where pretibbers err. Matt. 24:29 correlates with Rev 6:12. Rev. 6:17 tells His wrath is come. Rev chapter 8 begins His wrath.

          • Ron,
            Sorry to be in this again; but, if little children are starving and thirst and we, adult Christians, are getting our heads chopped off, I definitely think it’s punishment of some kind. There is still to much scripture supporting the pre-trib few not to believe it.
            God Bless

          • Tracy, punishment from the antichrist, not from God. What will you say to all those Christians dying today over in Africa, and China and the Middle East? Is that punishment from God, too, Tracy? Be careful what you blame God for. You do not reason very well at all, Tracy. It’s because you fear the truth. Jesus said, not me, it shall be a time like no other. Will God punish those that are willing to die for Him? We are not looking to be blessed to escape great tribulation, but the wrath of God, the 7 trumpets or the 7 vials. Ignore my scriptures, but they are not mine, they are what God says. Ignore what God says and you will not understand. The Spirit leads us, but by the Word of God. They are hand in hand. Can not have one without the other.

          • Ron,
            You sure know how to take a sentence and turn it around. I don’t blame God for anything. But, I know what the scriptures say. Some people are called by God to be in certain places and to do foreign missions, etc. Why aren’t you over there?
            I am willing to die for Him, if that’s what I need to do. But, I also know that He’s not planning on leaving all the little children here in this world to beg for food and water because their Mom or Dad will NOT take the mark of the beast.
            I notice how you like to throw punches; you just might be highly rewarded for it too.
            God Bless

          • So your saying, God will punish those that are left behind, right, Tracy? What about their children? Will they suffer? Or do you believe they will be raptured as well? If so can you give me scripture for that, or is that conjured up, also, from your minds. Just anything that sounds good, I guess. If it sounds bad then it just can’t be God’s word, can it? I don’t throw punches. I swing God’s Word. If it hits you, Well I’m sorry, take it up with Him. Grab a sharp sword by the wrong end and you will get cut.

          • Yes, Ron, the children who have not reached the age of accountability will be taken up with the church at the Rapture. To me that would be one of the worst things about the trib. is that my children would be gone, and I would still be here.
            I would welcome death in that case. And, as for as going to the chopping block, I would go, but would pray that my children would be right beside me.
            Maybe you should read NTEB’s post above: ” …..and the Rapture is clearly before the tribulation.”
            With that said, I rest MY case on this one too.
            God Bless You Ron

          • There is scripture supporting Catholics and Mormons, and Jehovah Witness and everything, else. You can even start a few new ones if you like. There is only one truth. That is God’s infallible Word.

  • Ron: The only person can stop this war with Isreal and Iran is God, and He wrote these Prophecies, so it might be a short war, but this Magog War will happen before the 1st day of the Tribulation! And I’ll beg my total settlement the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation, so I’ll see you in heaven before the Tribulation begins?

  • Isa.17:7 clearly shows Israel looking to their maker at that day. This is clearly at the end of trib when the 144000 turn back to their Messiah.

  • The 144,000 jews witnesses are at the beginning of the tribulation, but again the arguement will be sovled by time!

  • Again, you are not making a distinction between great tribulation and wrath of God. 144000 are seal to protect them from wrath.

  • Miss Spell www.

  • Stuart: God gave us hops, too. He specifically speaks in the Bible about intoxication – he does NOT specify what kind. He gave us poppies, and we could get cocaine from a specific kind of poppies, if we are that foolish. But again, there is God’s admonishment against intoxication. What is so very wrong with life that people need to get stoned or drunk to deal with their problems? If they knew the Lord, they wouldn’t need drugs. That’s why AA tells their clients about Jesus: He is the best Healer in the world! When the Holy Spirit fills you, there is no room for drink or drugs. This fiasco today is almost as sad as it is disgusting – all those lost souls cavorting in celebration of Satan’s “freedom”. They’ll soon find out it isn’t freedom at all; it’s another form of slavery into which they are falling. If and when they can finally pull themselves out, their brains won’t work like they used to, neither will their bodies. Ask my brother: 64 yr. old, still talks like a 16 yr. old.

    • Jody,

      I am a 66 year old Vietnam Combat Veteran, 155mm Self Propelled Howitzers. I spent 17 months and 16 days in Vietnam. I have participated in war, and experienced it, as well as the results of it. The thing that is so wrong with life today that folks need to get “stoned” or “drunk” to deal with their problems, to the best of my knowledge is this one simple fact: GOD has been kicked out of this once Christian Nation. Under color of law HE has been dis-invited from the land which was originally dedicated to HIM. YESHUA doesn’t force HIMSELF upon us, HIS Children. HE comes in where HE is invited, and HE leaves when HE is told to do so, at great peril to those who think they don’t need HIM. I never used drugs, or alcohol as a crutch for my problems. But, I know many who did, and do. I do know something about AA, and as I have been told AA doesn’t mention Jesus. The AA talks about a Higher Power. Therefore, they are screwing up. Nowhere in my Bibles does it say Yehweh, [GOD], Yeshua, [Jesus Christ], and The Holy Spirit are a Higher Power. They are the Pinnacle of On High. To suggest a Higher Power, only indicates some power above our power. I see the “Higher Power” of AA, could be a “Higher Power” from a Lower Realm. AA is being Politically Correct in using the term Higher Power. They don’t say Jesus, or GOD, because it might offend someone who doesn’t recognize JESUS as GOD. And there in lies yet another problem. How can one seek a cure for these and other personal issues, without First Seeking The Kingdom of GOD? Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Pornography Addiction, Homosexuality, are all systematic of seeking self satisfaction, remedies for problems of their own creation. There is no Freedom away from GOD. Among Combat Veterans, AA does not have a good track record. Revolving Door results. As long as Yeshua is denied, the problem persists, because the solution is denied.

      I see sadness in your post, yet an understanding of the Love Yeshua has has for HIS Children. Fervent Prayer avails much. Something we all should be engaged in during these perilous times.

      In Yeshua,

      • King:
        I’m a Combat War Veteran, I did 4 tours in Vietnam, Firebase Ripcord, RVN. I Corp Rear Base Camp Eagle. I was would in 3 area of body in 1970 and another wound in my arm. It took me 43 years to recieve my Service Connection 100% Disability, VBA abandoned us! I rather put my faith in Jesus Christ than our leaders over the last 40 years. Its funny drugs were everywhere in ‘Nam, but I never got stone, I was more worried about getting back home! I’m 63 years old, and all screwed up on medication, trying to kill the pain in my body about 2000 mgs. per day, so I guess I’m a drug user? Our time is finally short, I’ve been waiting since 1973, the day the Lord Jesus came into my heart, how wonderful that day was to me! I will be glad when that 1st day loving feeling came to me, when I enter through the gates of Heaven. When I first became Born Again, my life started changing to the better, now I’m flying high on Jesus, not these medicated drugs! Soon all my pain will be gone, in the Rapture or my death. Praise Jesus Christ for our Salvation. God Bless you serving this screwed up country!

  • # 1 William Hogan.

    You do not know that you are saved because you are not.

    I know that I am saved because I am.

    ” The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God”
    (Romans 8:16)

    Be well. Be saved.

  • Micah

    If you truly have God and the Holy Spirit living in you, you wouldn’t need the Bible to specifically list everything down of what to do or not to do. It’s called using the wisdom that God gives upon you. Jesus didn’t talk about many issues, for example child rape, but does it mean just because He didn’t teach against it, then it’s ok? No, use wisdom!

  • Micah

    One of my favorite quote I heard from my Bible studies teacher is “knowledge will not get you into the kingdom of Heaven, but wisdom will” Amen everyone and I hope everybody is having a good Sunday. God bless

    • All good points, Micah. God bless you.

  • Wheres the videos from city regarding the texas explosion?

  • Sorcery is what this potidiocy is all about.
    The greek word pharmakeia .

    Re 9:20 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:
    Re 9:21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

    not repenting of their sorceries, it’s this crowd and the rest of the druggies.

  • Pastor LaRue,

    Welcome Home, Brother. Our Base Camp, not that we saw it much, was at Xuan Loc. We left Ft Carson, CO as an Artillery Battalion in 1966. We operated from Xuan Loc to Lai Khe, to Chu Chi, to Tay Ninh, to French Fort and any place in between. I was never wounded, as one could see. But war takes it’s toll on all the players. I was Born Again in 1985, best day of my life. Life here is short, eternity, infinity, with Jesus is all I desire. Thank you for your service.

    A Brother in Arms & Yeshua,

  • Pastor LaRue,

    Does the name Kittanning, mean anything to you?

    In Yeshua,

    • King:
      No, for Kittanning! But I have terrible time with people names, after 43 years! My time in country was ’69 to ’73, yes! War has destroyed us! And it cause us to ruin alot of peoples lives, as x-wives. My biggest problems even trying to change into my new self, was PTSD. Satan sure used that against me! After I got saved and after several years in PTSD programs, I went back looking for people in my past and told them I was sorry I screwed up there lives, being my old self! Without Jesus Salvation, I would possibly be dead now or in prison for life! I spent most of my life being a preacher in Homeless Shelters and Rescue Missions acrossed the USA, had a problem staying in one place, move around alot, the last 20 years I have lived in Mazatlan, Mexico. It reminds me of my life in ‘Nam. And actually psychological it has help me, how to deal with my PTSD. On May 23, 2013 I’ll be in Washington, D.C. for my BVA Hearing. VA has jack me around for 7 years waiting for this hearing. I’m fighting for my retroactive back pay, after 9 Rating Decision’s, I appealed every decision denial, but as usually va states they do not have the evidence for NOD Appeals, but after 10 years requesting for my entire claim file, VA gave it to me! And all those NOD Appeals were in my claim files. I have fear of flying so I’m taking buses to D.C. 7 days of travel just one way! I guess I’ll meet alot of people again, maybe I can witness to them. But still have problems dealing with people, I have alot of ghosts in my closet, I still have Hallunications, I see these guys! My master Sgt. in my Unit lives about 2 miles from me, here! He help me get my Service Connection Disability, as I draw 90% service connection, Unemployability, Housebound Benefits at 100%.
      You know VA does not help us recieve our benefits, there more interested in saving their jobs, than helping the war veterans? All Medical and Personnel Records are at NPRC St. Louis, Mo. And our unit records are at N.A.R.A. in Balimore, Maryland in found 4200 pages of my unit records that provided the evidence of my battle wounds, my bronze star and 3 purple hearts, on my DD 214 form they were not listed. I served with the 101st Abn. Div. 327th Inf and the 501st Inf. Firebase Ripcord was in the middle of the Valley of Death, we got hit every night! Those North Vietmanese climb that mountain side every night, they were determine to kill us, I wonder why, we came there to destroy their country ( but the USA politicians said, we are here to give you your freedom). Every afternoon, at 5 p.m. we would here the thunder, we would get unto the wood pallet and wait for the the rain to come down, as we took showers, VC would take pop shots at us, it was exciting to us! Later in years,we find out that the thunder was B-52 Bombers over head and the rain was Agent Orange, now we have several diseases and skin rashes from those chemicals.
      Do you after all these years, still have problems sleeping, I’m up and down alot! I believe my tribulations in life are my nightmares, they never went away, even after I committed my life to Jesus Christ!
      I’ll sure be glad, when the Rapture comes or my death, I’ll will be with Jesus in Heaven.
      I tried even being Born Again, suicide several times in all different ways, but Jesus kept me live, but those stupid events has now caused alot of pain in my body! The closer I get to my date of Hearing, more I’m uneasy about it! I’m sleeping alot less!
      I took up enough of your time brother, hope to see you at the Brides Supper!

  • Pastor LaRue,

    Kittanning is a town on the Allegheny River in Armstrong County, PA.

    Mostly I don’t sleep much, especially at night. The VA has diagnosed me at 50% for PTSD. They say I have a sleep disorder. I worked mostly graveyard shift back when I was working. I don’t know if I sleep days and am awake nights, is from my PTSD, or from my shift work. I do notice I have less night terrors when I sleep during the day. I too, after being Born Again, attempted suicide. And, Yeshua did not let me die. Must be something to that.
    I live 18 miles south of Montana, in Wyoming. Can’t stand to be around too many folks. I’ve never been to Mexico, no desire to leave here.
    I’m just marking time, and getting the WORD out to as many who will read it. My ministry, I guess. When I write about Jesus and Salvation, that’s my fingers, but Yeshua is doing the writing. I’m just a rather small tool in HIS Toolbox. Never think you take up too much of my time, time is what I have plenty of.

    At the Marriage Super, look for me. I hope to be hanging out with The 40 Martyrs of Sebaste.

    Good luck with your claim. GOD Bless.

    In Yeshua,

  • Steven,

    Actually I’m a couple of hundred miles east of the Yellowstone Caldera. I’m on the east side of The Bighorn Range. I can see The Bighorns from my window, and today we are covered in about a foot of snow.

    My 1st marriage was to a Greek Catholic. That lasted 12 years, the other two marriages didn’t last nearly as long. Now I live alone, and am happier for it.

    I long for the moment I can leave this world. Not by suicide, by HIS Call. It’s what I live for. But while I am here I want to use this keyboard to get HIS Message out to as many as will read, will listen, and will seek. We may write something, that some person, on the edge of the abyss will read, and what we have written, will turn on a light for that person. That person may be on the verge of suicide, just as we were, and Yeshua will guide them to something we have put out there. And, just for a moment, they will stop, and think. And then, they will seek Jesus. That is my hope, and that is my prayer.

    In Yeshua,

  • King: stay away from Ron committment, he’s a devolted Post-Tribber!
    I’m doing the same thing you are on this web site! But some of these blogger are completely in the left field, and other so stuck in there theory of Post Tribulation! All we can do is put out the message!
    Do you have a dog? I have a 10 year old male Lab. He’s my best friend, he’s full of love for me, not like some people I know! I really wish he’ll meet me in Heaven? I guess that’s up to Jesus! Look up they have alot of interesting views and daily events!
    Peace and love from the ’70’s Steven

    • Steven and Stuart, my heart goes out to both of you in gratitude for your sacrifice. We didn’t get much choice in those days about serving and the price was heavy. My husband was in the Army but didn’t go overseas. One of the hard things for me has been knowing how difficult life has been for so many vets like you but having no way to touch the pain. So, all I can say is God bless you both.

      • Thank you, and may Yeshua watch over you and your family, always.

        In Yeshua,

    • Steven,

      I have no dog. I have had many dogs over the years, and they have been the best friends I have ever had. Now, I don’t want to have one because of my age. I would hate to raise one up and die on him. I have been abandoned by friends and family, I don’t want to do it to my dog.

      It didn’t take to many readings of Ron’s post to know where he is coming from. I was raised Presbyterian so until 1985 I had never heard of The Rapture, or gifts of The Spirit. I have never spoken in Tongues. As I read in Acts, on that 1st Pentecost after Yeshua ascended into Heaven, The Holy Spirit arrived and indwelled the Apostles. They spoke in Tongues unknown to them, but not unknown to folks who heard them. They were giving The Word of GOD in the native languages of the folks who heard them, not in some Angelic Language, which nobody would have understood. And, that is my problems with Tongues today. Why would Yeshua cause people to speak in a language no one understands. Even if there is another person who gives an interpretation, can we really trust it? Like AA I think a High Power from a Lower Realm may be at work here. I see Ron as a person who seeks to scatter The Flock after The Shepard has been struck. It is those on the edge of Faith which are at risk by what Ron is trying to sell. My rule is simple, Read The Bible Daily, Pray Daily, Seek Jesus with all your questions, if you are Faithful and Sincere, HE will respond. Yeshua warned us there would be folks who come to pervert the FAITH. We are Watchmen on the Wall. We watch and sound the alarm when the enemy approaches.

      In Yeshua,

      • King:
        I really believe Ron has many issues to deal with in life, as most of family do not believe like he believes and that can cause people alot of problems! I really do not believe he’s trying to be difficult with the Scriptures, he’s just confused! And very stubborn nature, but maybe the Lord Jesus will bring him around to see the truth or he’ll find it in the Tribulation? That will be a sad day for him!

  • Pastor, Left field might be where the rapture is. I hate see you miss it.

  • Ama:
    Pot is good for people as for cancer, but to use it to get high God did not intend us to use it that way! Look at Dr. Pepper soda drink, it was 1st use for stomach problems, now its used as a soda pop!

  • Ron: I’ll never miss the Rapture before the Tribulation! when you finally get to Heaven after you go through the Tribulation, oh! you might be killed at the beginning in a earthquake! You can tell me of all your bad experience in the Tribulation? But I’ll be enjoying Tracy and King in heaven for that 7 years, but actually keep it to yourself, I really won’t be interested in negative experiences you went through in the Tribulation! I’ll be set down listening to the major and minor prophets, the apostles, Paul speaking to us! Oh! How great it will be to finally get a hug from Jesus? And be at the Bride’s Supper, listening to Jesus praising us and recieving our rewards!

  • Ron: I won’t be in left field, the whole ball park will be in Heaven!
    I’ll be in so many tears, just being with everyone, while other experience the Tribulation! I can not wait until I go! No more pain in my body, no more loss or being abandoned by others, only true love! I only wish Jesus would of gave us more stories about heaven, but when I arrive in Heaven, I’ll finally be at peace!

  • Three people were shot and there was panic at this event. The world is spinning into chaos and there is no force that can stop it. Pot vs no pot is not the issue. Holiness is the issue. We are not going to find it on the increase again. Jesus will return instead. All we have left to do is to pray for those who don’t know him and for ourselves that we will stand firm until the end. Not getting overwhelmed by evil is a full time job in and of itself. There is no risk of homosexual sin or drunkenness or murder or theft or a myriad of other things on my part, but I would consider pot if I had a medical condition that could benefit from it. Regarding end times events, I would like to caution against getting into disputes over debatable theological issues. We need to focus on the bigger picture of whether or not people know Jesus and whether they see the gravity of the time we are in. Denial of end times prophecy and refusal to see the state of the world as it is puts people we love at real risk of being in the wrong place spiritually when Jesus calls us up. Our churches are full of apostate theologies that are based on being tied to this world. Our streets are full of people who deny God intentionally and vehemently. The number of us who fervently love the Lord and yearn for his return is small.

  • One of his Own:
    I do not know about King but I was Drafted into the Military, with one choice jail or Vietnam. Now I wish I picked jail? But my dad served in 101st Abn. Div. 501st Inf. The Band of Brothers unit, he was a POW in France! We did not get close at all, we both had severe PTSD! The Big Picture is not drugs, gays, money, its Satan deception. He trying to take the light away from Jesus, so his followers run in circles, worrying about things that really don’t matter! As they say, the road to hell, is a super highhway, and the road to Heaven is just a pathway!
    Jesus we be here soon, to catch us up in the air, as we will be with him forever!

    • Steven,

      I joined the US Army on a 180 day waiver while a Senior in High School. I was 17 years old. There was still a Draft in 1964 so I was going in one way or the other. Something like 8 days after High School Graduation I was at Basic Training.

      After serving 13 months in Korea, 22 miles south of the DMZ, I was reassigned stateside. I saw a notice about a unit forming to go to Vietnam, and I volunteered. I was RA All The Way.

      My Dad drove a DUKW, [duck], from D-Day to the end of that war. I think he had a pretty severe case of PTSD, except it didn’t have a name then. He got reassigned in 1989, and I don’t think he ever received Jesus. I tried, I guess, not hard enough.

      In Yeshua,

  • Hey, King, Gog and Magog was only mentioned twice in scripture, the one in Rev. 20:8 is clearly after the thousand year reign of Christ with the Martyrs of Trib. Now the other only place is Ezek. 38:2 Is talking about His wrath, again as signified in Ezek. 38:18,19-23. This is clearly the end, in God’s wrath, as signified in verse Ezek. 38:20. You know, I can’t make you people eat this, you have to want the truth. You have to love it, even if it doesn’t taste good.

    • Ron,
      Please understand that you are trying so hard to change us, but you can’t. The Holy Spirit leads us to the understanding of the scriptures too. Also, not one of US are afraid of the chopping block, because you can only die once and then it’s on to Heaven. But, why fret about it when we know that we’re going to be caught up into the air in the twinkling of an eye. So let it go. Preach it to the ones who want to hear you. Believe me it’s not us. You remind me of a school boy trying to bully people. According to your post, it’s not about reaching out to people, it’s like you enjoy taking stabs at the ones who don’t see it your way.
      With that said, I rest MY case.
      God Bless You

    • Ron,

      Clear to who, not me. The only thing clear to me about the events of the Post 1000 Year Reign of Jesus from the Throne of David in Jerusalem, Israel, is that:

      Satan is set free for a shot time from the bottomless pit he was put into, in chains, after
      Yeshua came at the end of The Tribulation and defeated The False Prophet, and The Anti-Christ, who got tossed into the Lake of Fire at that time. Satan got put in chains and sentenced to spend 1000 years in the Bottomless Pit.

      Jesus Christ, having ruled Earth for 1000 years, allows Satan to be released for a short time, and he runs amok recruiting his last ditch effort army to try to defeat Yeshua one last time. Like muslims and others, who shall remain nameless here, to protect the innocent, are slow learners who wouldn’t know The Truth if it introduced Itself to them, which is exactly what has happened.

      Once Satan joins his buddies, the false prophet, and the anti-christ in the Lake of Fire, all those who were not Raptured, before The Tribulation or, Martyred for Faith in Jesus during The Great Tribulation, and have not their name written in The Lamb’s Book of Life, will be judged at The Great White Throne Judgement. While the entire population who has ever lived on earth, with the exception to the Raptured/Martyred Believers, are being judged, the Earth is being Purified with FIRE.
      When the Judgement is completed, and, the Earth has been purified and renewed to what it was at Creation, The New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven, and GOD, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit, live and reign for ever and ever, as we live with them, Happily Ever After.

      That’s the way I understand it. I would love to stay on this, but Pastor Perry Stone is coming on TBN, and I try to never miss his teaching.

      In Yeshua,

      • Stuart, you have it pretty well, right. But Rev. 20″8 is talking about when satan is released after the 1000 years and he deceives the nation to attack God’s kingdom once again, This is were Gog & Magog are clearly mentioned, again. That’s what I was referring to. Now with that out of the way. the oter only time Gog was mentioned in scripture is in Eze. 38. That was my point. I hope it’s more clear now.

        • By the way, why would you want to go listen to a false prophet for? Yes, go and learn thing that will poison your mind. If you are looking for mysteries, then go.

  • I wish to bully no one, sister. You are welcome to ignore my post. I’m not here to teach you or Pastor. I here to teach, never the less. Some people love the truth. As long as you keep teaching lies, I’ll keep teaching the truth. I’m not hurting anyone. If God’s word offends you, maybe you should examine yourself. Because that is all I teach, nothing but that. If you will not look at the scriptures , then God has a people that will. You don’t won’t to jump for joy at what I am saying , fine neither did Jesus when He walked to be crucified. You may not feel good about dying for Christ but it is truth. I give you scripture to look at along, to put it together and you ignore it, fine, others will see and they will teach, what thus saith the Lord.

  • Avery

    Hello brainwashed church people. You say “the lord” or whatever you people talk about hates marijuana. God created everything “apparently” and along with everything there is cannabis. A plant not man made. A plant that grows along with vegetable and other things we grow as humans. In the bible it reads “the hemp plant is one of many useful herbs, “yielding seed after its kind.” I don’t even know religion but I know somewhat more than you do. And I don’t go to church. So if you believe in the “oh so great lord” you’ll be pro cannabis. Just like you appreciate every flower on the earth

    • God Made cannabis for rope, rope, rope, not smoke, smoke and smoke.

    • Avery I will pray that someday you will have the love for our OH SO GREAT LORD! He is our greatest joy and our Savior. I hope you meet Him soon. He is amazing.

    • Brainwashing is good as long as you have the right soap. Just use the B. I.B. L.E. brand and I be happy.

  • Avery:
    If you think pot is so good for you, please explain to me, when smoking the pot, causes lung damage, just as cigrettes do to you! Drinking too much booze rots out your liver! You said, you appreciate every flower on the earth! start smoking all those flowers, again the smoke will damage your lungs!

  • Oh! My brother Ron:
    Soon you’ll see the truth and when that happens, please do not lose faith in God!
    God Bless You!

    • Don’t you worry about me non, Pastor I be just fine. I trust in Jesus.

  • Ron:
    I’m waiting for your counterattack!

  • Ron my Brother in Christ: This might sound awlful to you! Would you like to wage amount of money, maybe $ 100,000.00 dollars. If I’m right and I’m gone, you can donate it to the homeless, If your right, I’ll be out of $ 100,000.00 dollars?

    • Money will not be any good when trib starts , Pastor. Besides I’m very poor, I barely have what I need to make it. But I ask my Government for nothing. The Lord sustains me.

      • I don’t have much either Ron but I will share everything I have with you brother in Christ. I also trust in the Lord…not Uncle Sam.

        • God bless you brother, Roland. We have all we need , don’t we brother? As long as I’ve got Jesus what more could a Christian ask for?

  • Ron: All those people dying in Africa, if they are saved by Jesus Christ Salvation, there happy in spirit being with Jesus and the one’s were unbelievers, they had there chance to recieve Salvation. They will be waiting for Judgement Day, to be cast into the Lake of Fire!

  • Ron: Do you think God ( Jesus) would allow little children to go through this terible Tribulation? About the children who are retarded, they have no sense of right or wrong, do you believe God would put these little innocents one to the chopping block?

    • He let Herod and Pharaoh, Pastor. What makes us different , now.

  • Ron: If God would do that to innocent retarded child and your right about the scripture,( heaven help me) but I rather go to the Lake of Fire!

    • Pastor,
      I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this post. It’s just the way you stated it.
      All laughing aside, if all the little children are here crying for food and water for days on end, I could see how that would play on a persons mind. It would probably cause a normal, decent person to turn into a wild animal. Even Mothers would do crazy things if their child was starving.
      God Bless

      • Something like take the mark, Tracy? Jesus said woe unto them with child, Now if all the children are gone how could that be???

  • Tracy: How could our God be so mean to a child who is retarded and has no common sense what the sriptures were stating? And I also believe under Jewish law, 12 and under are not accountable for their sins. That’s another good reason the Rapture will ocurr before the Tribulation, our children! Ron said, for the one’s left behind would be punished! We all have the rights to read the scriptures and you choose the world over Jesus Christ, you will be punished, but God is a forgiven God, they get one more chance in the Tribulation, but all these christians will die a horrible death being left behind, and the 144,000 jews will be preaching God’s word for all unbelievers and christians in name only! If your totally devoted to Jesus, you’ll see the truth! But people like Ron and others will blame God, as they we feel decieved by God. Being left behind and these will fall away from grace! And the worest of the left behind christians in name only, will be the ones attacking the new christians in the Tribulation. Look how they attack us now?

    • Pastor, Judge me all you want I don’t care, but please, Sir quite Judging God, I beg of you, Please!

  • Tracy:
    There will be alot of parents on this planet crying out loud, where did my child go? They left behind their clothing, but they just vanished into thin air?

  • Woe unto those that give suck in those days, Matt. 24:19 – Matt. 24:21 for then shall be great tribulation.

  • Ron: when I 1st became Born Again Christian, not only reading Scripture’s, I need all the proof I could fine about Jesus Salvation, in 1973, I ran acrossed Late Great Planet Earth book, it show me how to prepare for this time on earth before the Tribulation. Each week after pay day, I brought gold at $ 7.00 dollars per ounce and I brought oil stocks. Now gold is $ 1,500.00 dollars per ounce and oil is very expensive, so God enlighten me for these days! It paid for me to listen to God! Now I can support my family, that’s another reason I moved to Mexico, its alot cheaper to live here than in the USA? Back in the 1980’s a few Christians listened to me, as they live here supporting their families! I love my family, so I needed to be responsible for them!

  • Amen! Pastor, you do.

  • Ron: Stop your crying! I have never judge you and I never judge God! I just state my comments and my beliefs. I allow you whatever you want to believe! I’m not accountable for your sins, only mine! When things don’t go your way, you start complaining about others people comments. Maybe Brett the Mid Tribber will believe you?

  • God bless you, Pastor.

  • Ron: When D City, Debra and you ganged up on me pushing your Post-Tribber beliefs for more than 6 weeks? Did I ever give into your beliefs? So why should I do it now?

  • what the difference, between now and herod time, the Pentecost?

    • Pastor,
      That’s what I believe. Acts 2.
      Let’s just drop it. I worry that we might hinder others who are looking for salvation. They are the people that we need to try and help on this site.
      God Bless You

      • I know what you’re afraid of, Tracy. I’ll respect you. I’ll leave it at that. God bless you, and enrich your understanding, sister.

      • Tracy:
        look at blog 147, then tell me to drop it?

    • What’s Pentecost got to do with tribulation? I speak in tongues almost every day, I don’t see the connection. Oh, the restrainer, do we have to do that again? the restrainer is the mystery of iniquity working in until he is removed for the antichrist to step in. You know it was already working in Paul’s time, also. I wouldn’t mind if it kept right on working, so the antichrist wouldn’t be revealed, but I’m afraid time has run out for us end time Christian.

  • Ron: So you saying that God going to make retarde children go into the Tribulation’

    • Are you saying it’s God’s fault because little children are starving to death every day? Are you saying it’s God’s fault good people die of cancer. Are you saying it’s God’s fault Christians are martyred almost every day. I don’t blame God for anything, Pastor. Evil did this, rebellion. Matt. 24:19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!!!! That “!” means serious. Look at it in Matt. 24: 19. Matt. 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world. Now, PASTOR if the children are gone in the rapture as you say they are, WHERE DID these LITTLE BABIES come FROM that are GOING THROUGH TRIBULATION, that Jesus spoke of in Matt. 24:19? Would you care to answer that one for me?

      • Now since the children and Babies have to go through trib, wouldn’t that make sense that Christians would, too.

        • Ron,

          What children and which babies?

          In Yeshua,

          • The babies and children of Matthew 24:19. Notice the “!” at the end of the sentence. That means it serious, Stuart. Jesus says in the next few verses Matt. 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation. So you see Stuart that’s one reason why they don’t make sense with their doctrine. For Jesus said “Suffer not the little children to come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of God”.

          • Ron,

            I checked the passage you cited. I’m not a Pastor, and I don’t play one on this, or any site. I am not a Interpreter of Prophecy and don’t portray one anywhere. I read the Bible and I try to understand it to the best of my ability to do so.

            The passages, you cite, to the best of my understanding, is occurring a some point well after The Pre-Trib Rapture, about Mid-Trib when anti-chirst declares himself god and breaks the 7 year peace treaty. It is then that the Israelis split for Petra, or wherever they are going to go.

            So to answer my own question:

            Israeli Children
            Born and Unborn Israeli Babies.

            All the other Babies and Children under The Age of Accountability prior to The Rapture, will have been Raptured. I am far too unknowledgeable to understand how this all works. I just take it on Faith that it does work, and Yeshua/Yehweh/Holy Spirit don’t need my input on making it work. I also figure Yeshua knows what HE was talking about when he said everything, HE said. And I believe HE knew we could not possibly understand exactly what HE ment by all that HE was saying, while we live on Earth. Does any of us have The Mind of GOD? I don’t think so. So I just take it on Faith that all Yeshua said is True because HE Is Truth. I trust HIM totally, men, not so much.

            And while I am at it, Ron, you sound like a muslim. You speak of what GOD/Yeshua can not do. Muslims say GOD can not have a Son. You say Yeshua can’t receive the Scroll with 7 Seals while it is being passed to HIM from YAHWEH. Muslims put limits on what GOD can do, and you are saying the same, just in a question format. This is not something I came up with on my own. I got it from reading what you wrote in your posts. Think about this. I can receive something from myself. My right hand can pass something to my left hand. No problem. I can even toss something from my right hand, to my left hand. Perhaps, while in the air the thing is supported by a spirit, Holy or otherwise.

            As to my being “well off”, not at all. I live below the Poverty Line. Perhaps you should not judge me. I have laid up no wealth on this earth, where robbers can break in and steal. All my treasures are in a bank at Yeshua’s House.

            In Yeshua,

          • Stuart, Why are you always misquoting me. I placed these question to Pastor to prove that Yahweh and Yeshua are not the same person of the God Head. Pastor thinks they are. Why are you not seeing this? I said these questions to prove that Yeshua will take the book out of Yahweh’s hand, and that along was proof they are not the same. Passing from one hand to the other? Okay, what about, 1 Corinthians 15:28, and what about Daniel 7:13. You call me a Muslim, shame on you, brother. Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth is Lord of all the earth, He along rules, Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. I Swear to know this is the truth before My God. The only true and living God. I am willing to lay down my life for Him, and expect to sometime soon. So, Stuart Don’t call me a Muslim or a Devil. You just might be blaspheming. You have a right to your opinion, brother, But so do I. You fought for that right. God bless you for that. I do not believe God give us His word in vain. Do you actually think God just wrote His word, so He could say,” I told you so”. I don’t think so. Now my question to you is, “What is your motive, that you have come against me?”

      • BINGO!

      • Ron: the difference in our time since the death of Christ on the cross, children were being hurt in every which way by fuol people and I’m not saying God fault that children die of cancer. Since you brought it up, Misty, she was 2 years old died of cancer, she was my daughter, I did not blamed God for her death. But I do know she’s in heaven now as soon I’m caught up to heaven, I’ll see my daughter again, been waiting many years for that event to happen! But Christians and children at accountable age, will suffer more than any child in the last 2000 years, in this damn Tribulation? Ok1 Let’s put it into content! Matthew 24: 17-18; this is talking about that when the rapture happens, which no man knows the day or hour, it will happen in a twinkling of an eye, how fast does an eye twinkles? you will not have time to even pick up your coat and get ready for that event! Verse 19: But woe to those who are with child and those who nurse babies in those days. When Jesus calls us up to the air and we meet him, the woman baby in her stomach will just disappear and she will miscarriage, that will be very painful to her. And in the confusion of planes dropping out of the skies, car wreaks all over the world, hospital will have so many triage cases they will be under staff to handle on thses medical problems and the babies that are nursing that child and the little ones. the mother’s will be going crazy looking for these children, going out of the minds. ” where is my child?” Then within a few days after, they will learn, there not the only ones missing their children, it happen all over the world! Also in Matthew 24: 8 But all these things are merely the beginning of the birth pangs. I’m not a woman, but when they start going into delivery it continues to speed up the process of the delivery going faster and faster, is not this is happen this year? Mark 13:18 pray that it may not happen in the winter, possible Jesus stating it would be worest on mother in the cold part of winter? The Rapture will happen just right before the Tribulation begins, 1st Cor. 15: 51- Behold , I tellyou a Mystery, we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment , in the twinkling eye. In Luke 21: 23 is the same scripture as Matthew 24: 19 but right after this comment about babies and children/ there will be a great distress upon the land and wrath to his people and they will be led captive into all nations. Remember these Chapter are just like John of Revelation, its not in content or an order where its simple read and one can easy understand, because they were scared what Rome could kill them? So it was mixed up, and then Rome would think there just crazy frantics!

        • Misty is waiting in heaven, Pastor. You will see her again.

  • Ron: Any child over 12 years old is accountable for their sins until their are about 18 to 20 years old.

  • then they become adults, to pay for there sins!

  • pre, mid , or post trib is irrelevant, Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life , no man comes to the Father but by me,To be bornagain is to be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, and if you are , you are prepared for it ALL, ,,,,,,,,,,,,pre, mid, post

    It is a mute point………….

  • Children this very day are being abused . murdered, how many today were offered today on the alter of baal in the name of birth control, yes children are and will suffer

  • DM, if you have to go through great tribulation, wouldn’t you want to know it? The problem with this is when people seen they been lied to they will turn against their pastors and teachers and hate you and turn on you, and betray you. Have you but to death. They will never believe you because you lied to them, they will be angry at you and at God. It’s better to tell them the truth that God is in control of even death, there is no need to worry, our place is secured in Heaven. Then they will be ready to endure until the end.

  • It is not a mute point, The book of Revelation says blessed is he that keepth those sayings. It was wrote for you and me, for this time upon us , right now. We need to know.

  • DM2:
    There is a difference in all pre, mid, post, its not a mute point! If its a mute point, then everyone can say, every statement in Scripture is a mute point? So then why believe the Scripture? If one statement fails to answer your question, then every statement in the Bible fails the test! In 2nd Cor. 13: 3-5, since your seeking for proof of the christ who speaks in me, and who is not weak toward you, but mighty in you. Test yourself to see if you are in the faith; examine yourself. Or do you not recognize that about yourself, that Jesus Christ is in you— unless indeed you fail the test?
    1st Cor. 2: 5- that your faith, should not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God.
    Acts 17:11- Now these were more noble– minded than those in Thessalonica, for they recieved the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so.

  • easy Ron, not only am I washed in the blood of Jesus Christ,,, I am prepaired to do whatever my Lord wishes.
    Salvation does not depend on ones belief in pre, mid ,post trib,

    The only thing that matters is the blood of Jesus Christ……….

    • All the word of God matters, DM. it is the bread we live by. The blood saves us, but the Word & the Spirit sustains us.

  • Hey Larue,, medical studies have proven pot is good for ptsd, also cancer treatment

    • DM2: Pot causes damage to your lungs by smoking it, maybe by eating it, that might be ok? but its cheaper to eat grass from your front lawn!

  • Ron Jesus Christ himself dosent know, only GOD knows,,
    All we can see are the times, signs
    I know it is here

    • DM2:
      Great comment Jesus Christ Himself doesn’t know, only God knows.
      That really funny!
      Look at John 10: 30- I and the Father are one. There several Scripture proves God is Jesus Christ. You need to brush up on the Scriptures.

  • We have the knowledge, What we need now is , DIVINE REVELATION
    where are the old men with their visions,?
    where are the young men who dream dreams?

    • DM when the people see that tribulation will start and they must go through with it, they will get serious with God at that point, they will have to. Then shall come revival.

    • Where are the men seeing Visions, and tho men who Dream Dreams?

      Cleveland TN, Middle East, Africa, Canada, Israel, Finland, Japan, N & S Korea, China, OKC, Dallas, TX, Mexico, India, Russia, Egypt, who knows? I have read where many folks in Iran are seeing visions and dreaming dreams of Yeshua, and coming to HIM because of the experiences. Perhaps, it has happened on a street near you?

      In Yeshua,

  • It is upon us, DM. No we do not know the day or hour. Jesus said though when you see those thing begin to come to past look up your redemption draweth nigh. He was referring to the sign of the sun, moon , and stars.

  • Yes I know ron

  • Ron: look at DM2 blog 154, then blog 155!

  • Pastor, my whole family are Jesus only. I’m the black sheep of that family. I’m not Jesus only. Jesus said that we are one with Him as well. Now that doesn’t make us Jesus or God. But Jesus is apart of God, making Him God in the flesh. He is the Son of God. He will reign on the earth as God of the Earth, and His Father, our Father in Heaven, will reign in Heaven. DM is right, scripture says He didn’t know.

  • Ron: let’s examine the Scriptures?
    John 10:30 I and the father are one.
    Phiippians 2:5- 9; Have the attitude in yourself which was also in Christ Jesus, who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself taking the form of a bond–servant, and being made in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man. He humbled himself by becoming obediate to the point of death, even death on a cross.
    John 1:1- In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.
    John 1:14- the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.
    John 8: 58- Before abraham was, I am.
    Titus 2:13- The great God and Our Savior Jesus Christ.
    Acts 20:28 feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with His own blood.
    2 Cor. 4: 4- who is the image of God
    2 Cor. 4: 6- Glory of God in the face of Christ.
    Matthew 1:23 call Him Emmanuel, interpreted means, ” God with Us”
    2 Peter 1:1- Simon Peter, a bond–servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who have recieved a faith of the same kind as ours, by the righteousness of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    Is Scripture wrong saying God is literaly Jesus Christ?

  • Ron:
    I have experience alot of hell on this earth. I lost one child from a x-girl friend when I just got out of the Army. She killed it in her womb! I lost my 2 year old daughter to cancer! I lost my second oldest child, to drug overdose. My 1st wife committed suicide! I have severe PTSD from serving my country in Vietnam War. I’m a cripple now, living on pain meds! And still I keep my Faith in Jesus Christ!

    • Endure my brother payday is coming shortly. It will be worth it all many times over, Pastor. I’ll pray for you.

  • You forgot many more, Pastor. I heard and read them all. I’ve studied them all several times over and over with my family. As I said they are all Jesus Name People. Yes Jesus is God, no doubt about it. But He is not the Father. He’s of the Father, but not the Father. How could Jesus deliver up the kingdom to the Father if He was the Father? How could He take the book of 7 seals out of the Fathers hands if He was the Father? How could He be brought in before the Father if He was the Father? These don’t add up, Pastor. Jesus was with God in the beginning and then He can out of the loins of God to be the Son of God. That make Him and the Father, One God. Jesus is part of God. Or else would he of been praying to Himself in the garden? If He was the Father would of He forsaken Himself on the cross?

  • Ron:
    I realy truely do not want to sound rude and unthoughtful, but are you just crazy or your fighting against your family?
    Did you know what you just said;

    Jesus is God! But he not the Father? He is of the Father.

    Let’s look at who God was = John 5: 37- and the Father who sent me, He has borne witness of Me. You have neither heard His voice at any time nor seen His form.
    God has many different names, as Satan also has many different names.
    So are you saying, Jesus Christ is a lier? As He said, John 10:30 I and the father are one! Looks like to me he said He was the Father!
    In Luke 1: 31- you will bear a son in your womb you shall call Him Jesus. So God inserted His DNA into Mary’s womb, which backs up in Philippians 2: 6 Christ Jesus, He existed in the form of God, God took the form of a man DNA, live as a male person on earth, so he could die a death in man’s DNA, so we could be justified by His blood Romans 5:9.

    What’s so hard to understand? God is called Father!

    Isaiah 9: 6- For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us, and the government will rest on His shoulders, and His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Enternal Father, Prince of Peace.

    There, its in Scripture! Jesus is the Father in the Old Testament and the New Testament!

    Maybe you should become a Jew?

    • No, Pastor I’m not crazy and I love my family, they know how serious I am about the word of God, but they will not argue about it. I go to church( Jesus Name) with them, so I guess they hope some of it with rub off on me, lol. Yes, Pastor, I know exactly what I said, I guess you didn’t. I meant every word of it. I don’t cure for discussing this topic, with you. But let me ask you, Pastor, would Paul, Peter, or John, not of said something a little more plain to the fact if Jesus was the Father? And let’s just say for example that He was the Father, why did they try to hide it? Was it to keep down confusion? For they all, always called Him the Son of God and they all, always called the Father separate. So if indeed it was done to keep down confusion, then why should it make a difference today? So you see, you really don’t have an argument either way. If you accept the Son, you should accept the Father, also. If you accept the Father, then you should accept the Son, also. No sense in discussing this, any farther. I my family and Pastor can not convince me neither can you, brother. God bless all.

  • Poison Ivy grows on Earth too. Loco Weed is another flowering plant. I don’t like either. Poison Ivy makes you want to skin yourself alive, and Loco Weed addicts one to it, to the point where it is the only plant the critter seeks out to eat, thus starving to death, while healthy vegetation, abounds. And so it is with Marijuana. Those who use it die to reality, and it becomes their god.

    Good luck with that.

    In Yeshua,

    • Amen! Stuart, I’ll testify to that, I smoked it before, it’s all you want to do, until it became very dull to you. And even then you just keep spending you hard earned dollars on the stuff. It does become your god. It’s one that I hated. My Lord now is One that I love so deeply. I wish everyone knew Him. Soon that day will come. That glorious day. Amen!

  • King;
    Look at blogs 170, 171, 174, 175, tell me what you think?

    On the part, of the 1000 year reign! by adding my opinion, I believe a few Jewish couples for a few males and few females will be allowed to repopulate this earth in those 1000 years and the ones that are born in this 1000 years, will still have the curse, as Adam and Eve! And without any death, sickness on earth these will repopulate into billions of people, and Satan will go after these ones, a pick a fight with Jesus Christ, then off Satan and his cohorts into the Lake of Fire!

    Then we all go into enternal bliss, and I believe God has already created a new earth and a new universe, somewhere?

    • Steven,

      Yep, pretty much the way I see it. With the exception of “has already created a new earth and a new universe”. This one will be just fine after it has been purified with FIRE. Ron has a Hard Heart, just like Pharaoh, before Moses and the folks split, for The Wilderness and eventually, Israel. I am Pre-Trib all the way. However, I enjoy watching Irvin Baxter on TBN. He’s a Mid -Trib guy. Very interesting, but, if he can’t convince me to change my understanding, Ron has no chance. I am a history, and a, HIS Story follower. The End Times Ministry Program of Irvin Baxter is interesting, but the more I watch it, the more I believe Pre-Trib is the correct view.

      Here’s the thing. I believe everyone who has accepted Jesus as their LORD and Savior goes on the first flight. Even those precious little ones before they reach the age of accountability. So if Ron is truly Born Again, or any of us who are Born Again, believe in Pre, Mid, or Post Trib, we are saved. It then stands that whenever The Rapture happens, we go. Steven, you and I have both experienced some pretty horrendous events because of war. Most post Vietnam Americans, who have never served in a Combat Situation, have no clue how bad it can get on Planet Earth when nations decide to fight. Anybody who has Cable TV should watch The Military Channel occasionally. That will show any viewer the awesome weapons now in Military Arsenals. Just try to imagine those weapons in the hands of The False Prophet, The Anti-Christ and then add in the powers Satan himself can call into the fray.

      Now is the time we must bring in the Harvest. Any one who is not a part of the Solution, IS the Problem, and, perhaps an anti-christ.

      In Yeshua,

    • Steven,

      I just read the blog posts mentioned above. I think Ron is a tad confused. It sounds to me like he is struggling with past theology, [Jesus Only, ect.], and whatever he is currently trying to follow.

      There are many issues I struggle with. I just left The Church of GOD of Prophecy because I was not being fed there. Then I found out they are involved with The World Council of Churches through a sub group in N. America. On the WCC web site look at CCT, or CTC. This group which Church of GOD of Prophecy is a member of, is a direct supporter of The World Council of Churches. Can anybody say One World Religion? Now I am back to seeking.

      As I understand the 1000 Year Reign of Yeshua, the Earth will be repopulated by those who converted during The Tribulation and survived. They will still have a Sin Nature due to the fall in The Garden of Eden. They will have been Born Again, but not any of their children. As generation upon generation comes along, each generation will move further away from Jesus. By the end of the 1000 Year Reign of Christ, Satan will be loosed for a little while. He will go about deceiving, and to deceive. Ultimately, Satan and his army will meet to do battle with Yeshua. After all is said and done concerning Armageddon, after that mess is settled, I think that is when The Great White Throne Judgment begins. All persons who has ever lived, and not received Yeshua as the Personal Savior, [Born Again], will stand before Almighty GOD to answer for their sins. Then receive their Just Reward: The Lake of Fire.

      I believe all we who have been Born Again will be judged in Heaven after The Rapture and before The Marriage Supper of Our Bridegroom. We each will stand before Our Righteous GOD to answer for our Sins. We will stand Condemned, but when Abba looks at us, HE sees Jesus on The Cross, who has already paid the total price for our Sins. Charges dismissed, the Fine has Already Been PAID IN FULL.

      At some point we will receive Crown for our Service to Christ Jesus, while we lived here on Earth. I notice there are various Crowns for different types of Service. Then at some point we all cast our Crowns at the Feet of Yeshua. I’m not quite sure when we, who had Free Will, and choose to follow Jesus, get to Judge The Angels, and which Angels we get to judge. Way above my pay grade. I sure wouldn’t want to be the one doing all the planning for this party and wedding. It’s going to be a celebration like nothing any of us has seen.

      I have read where some teach that this battle will be the last Battle of Armageddon. I don’t know. I’m sure if Yeshua wanted me to know, HE would fill me in. There are some things Yeshua has opted to warn us about. [See MT 24, and The Revelation]. And, there are somethings which were then, and, still are today, which are a Mystery. Though, perhaps, less of a Mystery than in 101 A.D.

      I think, you and I and some others here are akin in what we believe. I think, some are not.
      I pray that Yeshua will use us and our words to bring HIS Truth into this world in peril.

      We who know Yeshua is One GOD in Three Persons, are but tools in HIS Tool Box. HE puts HIS Tool Box where it is needed. HE uses the tools to build HIS Church. When the job is completed, HE will come and pick up HIS Tool Box, be sure all HIS Tools are in the Tool Box, HE will pick it up and take it Home. And we shall ever be with The LORD.

      In Yeshua,

      • Stuart, just the opposite. It is Pastor that is Jesus only, Sir. You should study the comments before placing judgments.

        • Ron,

          Perhaps you should explain yourself more concisely. You say you go to church with your Jesus Only Family. You state you are “the black sheep of you family”, disagreeing with their perspective, but you still attend church with them. Seems you are unsure of what you believe and are still trying to get answers from the church from which you disagree with. I don’t study comments which keep reversing themselves. Frankly I don’t care if a person is Jesus Only, 1 in 3 Persons. I don’t make the the call on who makes the cut come Rapture Time. Fighting about Theology is a total waste of time, and does nothing to further The Kingdom of GOD. You want to engage in this type of activity, fine, come Judgement Day we all get to answer for every word we ever spoke. I would rather be judged for speaking the Truth as I understand it about Yeshua, Abba, and The Holy Spirit. Those who hear/see my words can accept or deny them, that is their choice.

          The Pastor is who he is. You are who you are, and I am who I am. We all have things in common and things not in common. But to argue over Theology only causes division of The Faith, and gives aid & comfort to the enemy. A Treason against Our Faith.

          In Yeshua,

          • King, if I would find a church that believed just like I did to perfection there would only be one member in that church. I don’t basic my salvation on doctrine, neither do I with others. It is that mentality, that is the reason behind so many different churches today. No one can agree, so they go their own way. Is all God’s children just a handful of a certain group. I don’t think so. The Corinthian church didn’t have the same problems as the Hebrew church, but that didn’t make one saved and one lost. And I’m not saying all churches are saved either. But don’t assume you can’t worship with a group just because you don’t see eye to eye. We will never see eye to eye until after our purification. The blessed hope, of our eternal body, when the mystery of God is finished.

          • So my question again is, what is your motive to move against me?

          • King, I didn’t ask for this. Pastor was implying to me. You are unjust to put this on me. I only ask to be excused from it and then you accuse me of starting it. Pat Pastor on the back when he started this and beat on me for trying to weasel out of it, that is not Christian like, at all. But never the less , God bless you any way, brother.

    • All of them will, Pastor. How could you say that without scripture. The 144000 will do that, along with the few left of the other nations that ask for mercy in God’s wrath. Look at Jer. chapter 30 & 31.

  • King: when I was a kid, I walk right into a patch of Poison Ivy and bunch of Hornets, that was not a good day for me?

    This guy still consider Pot is healthly for us. I asked him, when you smoke it, doesn’t it cause lung cancer, as cigrettes do? Have not heard from him!

    God Bless You

    • That’s putting it straight, Pastor. You can not serve two masters, either. Anyone on that stuff spends a lot of money on it. Do they love it more than God?

  • King:
    for our fathers it was called shell shock! Did you have the same relationship as I had with my father, oh! We did not have any relationship, every time we came into contact, we would start talking to others in the family! If I knew what I knew now, I would of forced him to hug me, and tell him I loved him! But he died as a drunk in 1990. When I was in the Danang Field Hospital with 3 bullet holes in me, the Army said, they contacted my parents, I beg that really went over big, with my Dad!

    You said, you did a tour in Korea. That a 13 month tour in Korea, I was station at Camp Casey, in a Engr. Bn. I remember going out the back fence to get some ???? on the weekends we would get a pass to go into the local village next to the base and again get some ????

    We almost walked in the same shoes, never know if we came in contact with each other. Remember the South Korean Military station with us, these boys came from rich parents!

    • Steven,

      I was 1st stationed at Camp Casey as well. I was a Chaplain’s Assistant with the 13th Engineer Bn. The Capt I worked for had a drinking problem and I got transferred. Got my MOS re-assigned to 13A10 Basic Artillery. I served at Camp Alex Williams between Camp Casey and Camp Red Cloud, at Uijombu. There were 175mm SP’s there, but I was assigned to a MSA Unit. It was a Detachment and we guarded some really nasty warheads and other fun stuff.

      My Dad and I never had much to say to each other, before Nam. After Nam I didn’t have much to say to anybody, but my Dad and I got along better. Just never talked about our service.

      In Yeshua,

    • Thanks for the link Rev Michael. Very interesting article

      God Bless!

  • King:
    seek no longer, we go to church everday, in our conversation on this web site! Matthew 18:20 For where 2 or 3 have gathered together in My name, there I am in the midst.
    We have another pastor on this web site: Rev. Michael Bresciani.

  • King:
    The best thing when I get to Heaven will be to listen to the prophets. apostles, Paul talking to us, one big think tank!
    Before you post your comments, please talk to Jesus, then he’ll post what comes from your heart!

  • Ron:
    You asked my a question and I’ll try and answer it for you!

    you said, Jesus is the Father, why did they try and hide it?

    My Statement: your talking about the apostleshiding it?

    Jesus had His appointed time on the cross, he did come here for us, and if it was brought out, his time would of ended much sooner.

    yes, your right, if you accept the son, your accepting God.

    But I like knowing who I am addressing them. I believe its called: RESPECT!

    But at the end of your blog, you said, this conversation is over. That not fair, you ask me a question but I’m not allowed to answer you! You sound like my dad, when I was a child, shut up and just listen!

  • No , Pastor I’ll listen to you I always do. I just meant I would rather not talk about it. I really can not see it going anywhere by discussing it. I’m not wasting my time on this subject, Sir. Tribulation is coming upon us, I have to warn people. Write what you will. I’ll look, let others comment. I’ve told you my thought already. But shame on you for belittling people, who don’t believe in Jesus only or pretrib.

  • Ron: Now your back to insulting me again! You don’t want to hear the truth, so be it! But by your insults proves where you stand! I’ve been kind to you, and never shameful to you.

    • You insulted DM , not me, I don’t cure if you insult me. I’ve already told you that. But I’ll take up for the others when you attack them, unrighteously.

  • Dera NTEB why do let all these post trib sorcery wolves own the comments, ask yourself why the are in a pro pre trib blog you dont see us pre trib christians hang out in their blogs but these are allowed to spread their propaganda and anti dispensational garbage unchecked much like the potheads. These commenters are a blight on this site, i request you moderate your comments and start not allowing these that lead the believers astray, especially the young ones. If you dont have time to moderate comments turn them off that is better than to let satan get a foothold on here as he obviously has now, as you can see there are people in here promoting the sin of sorcery, this because you have failed to let the enemy get a foothold in these comments i will bring up this failure in my conversations with Abba, you really need to think this over hard, this is not a democracy and satan dont have any rights to even be in Jesus sites, cast him and his servants out just as you would cast out the children of the bond woman. Check yourself because the wolves are in the house devouring the little ones because you forgot to close and lock the door.

    • n I would be very careful who and what you call a demon, They called Christ that, too. The warning and punishment was very extreme. I would know what I was saying, before I made a remark like that.

    • Why doesn’t NTEB remove you for calling someone that doesn’t see things your way, wolves of the devil. Careful, sir that could be blaspheming. I really don’t get you people, do you have no fear of God at all? Even if I am wrong, about post trib, you do not have the right to judge me as far as my salvation goes. I have no faith that you are a Christian at all. For even the apostles, had disagreements. But they did not devour one another. Woe unto these that call good, evil and evil, good.

    • Offences will come, but woe unto whom they come by.

  • Soldier for Christ:
    You are surely right! It will drive the new converts away from learning the truth!

  • Your truth, not God’s, Pastor. So now you have become my enemy. How you hurt me, brother. Just because I tell you the truth. Fine I’ll go.

  • Ron: Brett thinks I’m judging him! Help Him in his confusion. Please don’t go on my account, I have nothing against you personally, and if you feel I hurt your feelings, then I’m sorry!
    That was not my intentions, we were in discussion some small and some heavy. Don’t back down, continue the good fight, as your a soilder of God! You need to put on your amour of God, for your protection, but I like Psalms 91 the best!

  • Ron: why does some people like stating people are demons? have you personally seen a demon up close? I’m not saying they do not exist! But they state that the half animal and half human runs in our mountains, but I never seen one, have you personally? I believe Demons ( falling angels ) influence people through thought! But until these falling angels come down with Satan, we will not be allowed to see there appearance. But some people have said, they seen personally angels, they were beatiful men!

  • KING:

  • God let me see three demons in a vision, that were trying to hinder my life, just before He let me see my Mother that had past, on in 1999. I held her hand and told her everything was alright and she left us at that moment. 1 year later I saw the vision. The demons were reptile like, guffy looking creatures, diverse one from another. They were surprised to know that I could see them. I didn’t ask to see them. God just let me see them, so I would know. I don’t like being called those things, Pastor. They are wicked. You had no right agreeing with that person that calls God’s children, wolves of satan. They are his demons. That is not love, neither is name calling. If you love someone, tell them the truth if you know it. I love everyone of you, I think of you all as my brethren in Christ. I want you all to make it in. But we are not God. We can not dictate what God wants. Neither should we try. We must take His word for what He told us and Quite trying to manipulate it to our visions of what it should be. If indeed, you love God’s word you will love it, no matter how bad it sounds. I forgive you, brother. Let us not devour one another. I would never say you to be a wolf. I would defend you, against the devil himself, if he came against you or any of my brothers and sisters.

  • Ron: If you were in personal contact with satan, would you be nice to him, not judging him? Some of these people really are in the left field of psychological problems and they need help! But sense I’m not a Psychologist, I just call it as I hear it! We need to stop worrying if we insult someone we feel are not getting the real picture of being born again christian’s. Stop walking on our tip toes, feeling we might hurt their feeling, if I came into contact with Satan, I’m not going to worry if I insulted him or not!

  • #21 mbiajc, in response to why GOD created “pot”, my dad told me that when fighting, against japan in Burma (WW2), they would cut down HEMP to make ropes with. He commented that even then, people were getting stoned on it, he stuck with alcohol. Hemp has for thousands of years been used for rope. These guys and gals are hanging themselves with this weed, and opening up a satanic gateway (advantage, place,, foothold) so they can be manipulated by demons, and led away from the TRUTH, JESUS.

  • Ron: you asked King why he’s moving against you? Probably your just that kind of guy! HAHAHAHAHA LOL.

  • Jesus was ,too. HAHAHALOL

  • When you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.

  • Friends i just saw this very powerful video about the tongue im sick of the fighting here stop it !

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