Target Loses Billions After Changing Bathroom Policy To Allow Transgender Men In Ladies Room

“On Friday, the shares of Target Corporation Common Stock (TGT) fell 2.52 percent in one day, according to recent reports. In addition since April 19th, the day they announced the new policy, the stock went from a share value of $84.14 to $79.27 per share,” reported The Daily Caller.

Target stock prices dropped 5.8 percent 10 days after the corporation announced their new store policy, allowing customers to choose the bathrooms they use based on the gender they identify with, regardless of whether it matches their biological sex.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: If the over 1.1 million people who signed the pledge to boycott Target will adhere to that pledge, perhaps they and other retail outlets will get the message. Christians are called to be ‘salt and light’ to a lost and dying world. Fight the good fight, resist the Devil, and stand for something. You were not saved to be silent.

The drop in stock prices amounts to an estimated loss of $2.5 billion dollars, according the Family Policy Institute.

“On Friday, the shares of Target Corporation Common Stock (TGT) fell 2.52 percent in one day, according to recent reports. In addition since April 19th, the day they announced the new policy, the stock went from a share value of $84.14 to $79.27 per share,” reported The Daily Caller.

Target Stock Dropping, Major Corporations Jump on Transgender Bandwagon

Christian activist group American Family Association pledged to boycott Target in response to their new transgender-friendly bathrooms. 1,148,335 people have signed up in the last week.

“We’re hoping that other corporations will see that there is a price to pay, potentially at least, for pushing this LGBT agenda too far,” said Tim Wildmon, president of AFA. “We just think this is a bridge too far.”

AFA announced last week that they’ve gained a lot of support

“More than one million people have pledged to boycott Target (#BoycottTarget) until it stops allowing men to use the women’s restrooms and dressing rooms in Target stores,” reported AFA on their website Friday.

Though Target will “comply with all local laws” in places like like Oxford, Alabama where it’s a misdemeanor for people to use a bathroom that doesn’t correspond with the sex on their birth certificate, Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder told The New York Times, the corporation is still standing strong by their new bathroom policy.

 “Our belief in and commitment to inclusivity has not changed,” said Snyder. source

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • James Staten

    My family started boycotting about 3-4 years ago.

    • Ky

      It’s been 5+ years for me since I bought anything from them.

  • Brother Geoffrey,

    Please check out the two articles I wrote on Target’s Inconsistent Policy Practices
    and, The Transgender Bathroom Solution!

    Many of the LGBT community are criticizing those pledging to the Target Boycott, claiming boycott’s as such are useless, and ignores all of the other things we’d have to boycott, but interesting enough, the LGBT group, CFUC (Canvas For A Cause) boycotted Target in 2010, to which Target replied by suing them for “canvasing” outside of their store (Target lost).

    Other critics have suggested that the loss of profit was predicted by Target, which is nonsense. First, these critics have confused predictions which are based on previous year-to-date sales patterns, with current stock trends. Second, no company predicts a $1 Billion shortfall for a single week.

    In addition to Target cooperating with the globalist liberal agenda, I believe Target will write this loss off as a tax write-off and blame the profit loss on discriminatory consumer retaliation.

  • RobiMac

    Think that 2.5 billion loss will slow them down? I don’t know. Seems to me all store chains have billions upon billions so, a 2.5 billion loss is just pocket change, very easy to recover. I don’t think they’ll sweat it in their push to pander to all evil agendas.

    • Phil

      It isn’t pocket change if you’re a stockholder. A 5.8% loss is a 5.8% loss. I should have been on top of this and shorted. I’m sure there were people who were.

    • GRACE

      oh it will hurt them for sure, just takes a bit of time for it to reach a point where they have to start closing their doors from lack of customers, we just have to be strong in our commitment not to shop there.

  • Richard

    They have been loosing money and closing stores for a few years now. This is just on more nail in their coffin.

    • GRACE


  • Clay

    I signed. My wife and I are going there any more. We hardly went anyway. Come Lord Jesus.Amen.

  • Char

    Well, as a kid would say “na na na na na na! They were breached a few years ago and had to recover from that and now they are being boycotted. I think the lowly employees won’t be getting as good a raise this time around. Everyone that signed the boycott needs to keep up the good work and NOT go there ever again. It will eventually hurt their pocket (we hope)!

  • Sapling

    My husband and I transferred our perscriptions from Target’s pharmacy. Although, the pharmacy is owned by CVS now. A change a that happened a month or so ago. I wonder how CVS feels about all this. I just didn’t want to step into a Target store again. Not even if they change their policy back to what it was. They done showed their true colors. It would only be about the money to them at that point. I’m done with them.

  • Rebecca Mays Desormeaux

    I don’t have a problem with transgenders using the ladies room, I know some transgenders, they come in use the bathroom and leave, they don’t hit on women or bother kids. The problem is the perverts and the pedophiles, this has open the door for them to perpetrate and pretend they’re transgender to gain access to the ladies room, to peep and take pics of women or molest a child. This has to b stopped, we have to protect the children! What is wrong with people, why can’t you see the danger, People have already been arrested for this very thing! I pity the fool that comes in the restroom and I’m in there, or I catch them messing with a child! Target only cares about the $$$$$$$$$, so glad I don’t shop there anyway!

    • Susan Johnson

      …”I don’t have a problem with transgenders using the ladies room”…

      WE DO.

      pretending to be transgender??

      Aren’t transgenders already pretending? Just because they don’t “hit on women or bother kids”…it’s OK?

      How do you explain this to young children?

      This should be a problem for everyone….a man pretending to be a woman is still a man. A woman pretending to be a man
      is still a woman.

      The problem is NOT JUST perverts and pedophiles. Transgenderism is a serious mental disorder, an illness that is never
      normal, natural, or OK.

      There is NEVER any COMPROMISE with the realm of darkness…EVER.


    Yipee Kay Ye! The trampling on the heads of scorpions begins! Thank you Jesus. This is a sign for the world.

  • Larry/vietnamvet1971

    Target….what a Slezzie store….run…owned…operated by Slezzie liberals.

  • David Flynn

    Fries n toast is all i can stomach from the french.theyve allways seemed a little bit wierd.

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  • Howdy Y’all, The losses should continue for Target and they should eventually capitulate. Now if only the same thing could happen to ESPN. Perhaps cancelling the ESPN subscription on Comcast and the satellite networks would send a message. I am a huge sports fan, but I cancelled all cable tv services because of the offensive programming and lawyer commercials and I have managed just fine. It CAN be done. Blessings to all, BuffaloBilly

  • Kennedy

    All those losses and they are still being stubborn We need to ratchet it up more through the power of prayer. Nobody can stand up against the power of prayer. Then they will see the truth in action.

  • Southern Belle

    Remember a couple years ago when the Chickfila owner said marriage is between a man and a woman and the left freaked out and tried to get everyone to turn against Chickfila but it backfired and business shot the roof? Yeah, me too! 🙂 Maybe Target should understand that, as bad as it seems in America right now (and it is), people are still morally conservative, in general. This just goes to show you that immorality is being FORCED on us! Now, as far as this millennial generation goes, that may be a different story. At the rate we’re going, the “moral majority” will probably end up being a minority by the time these young people start running things and raising kids. But clearly, right now, this is not the case!

    • Ky

      Southern Belle,

      I regret to inform you that Chick-fil-a caved to the homosexuals after all of that nationwide support. They wanted to open stores in new locations and ended up compromising their values. Truett Caffey never would have backed down, but he died and his kids inherited the business. They decided to worship the almighty dollar instead of God. I refuse to support them also. The generations coming of age in the last 25 years are cowards in Bible truths.

  • Stand firm against the companies who allow behavior that is obscene, and morally wrong. Never will I step into a Target store again, and my family also are going to boycott them. I know just from my siblings they are going to lose a lot of business, as they shopped there a lot. I think that there is a lot of people that are unaware of the new policy, as they do not keep abreast of the news. Maybe we need to align people to stand out on the street where the entrances are, and carry signs to inform them. May deter more business. Every business that joins Target and adopts their polices will be boycotted too. Sick of these jerks dictating policy at the expense of women, and children’s safety.

  • Wow! I am impressed. A story here that has imbedded in it a video from, a Catholic oriented web site.

    I am wondering why Geoffrey Grider allows this from whom he claims is the ‘Whore of Babylon’?

    It’s a good web site…check it out.

    • shosh7154

      G-d uses everything for His glory, even Catholicism which is blasphemy on the highest level.

    • There’s a difference between citing a source for its fact reporting and citing the source as an endorsement of its religious views. Many of us Bible believing Baptists cite Infowars, Hagmann & Hagmann, or Drudge Report because they have access to information that many of us don’t have. That does not mean that we endorse, support, agree with the liberal or charismatic views any of them adhere to. The apostle Paul cited Gnostic Greek philosophers in Acts 19 to prove a point, does that mean Paul was endorsing Gnosticism?

      It is a genetic fallacy to discount information based solely on its source. The Roman Catholic Church IS the whore of Babylon (Rev 17:3-9), but that doesn’t mean they’d be wrong if they wrote a story claiming that tornadoes decimated wooden outhouses in Oklahoma. It is not inconsistent to affirm that the RCC is antichrist while quoting from one of their sources when the purpose of the post was reporting on a subject that was not a denominational contention or doctrinal expose, but simple news/fact reporting.

      • Dr. James,

        This is another case of Geoffrey claiming that Satan casts out (exposes) Satan. Jesus said that this DOES NOT happen. If he really believed that the Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon, he would give them time on his website, and if you really believed it, you would be appalled if he did.

        • Tim,

          No offense but that didn’t make much sense. The Catholic Church believes that abortion is wrong. Does that mean if we agree with them on a moral issue that we necessarily agree with them on matters of doctrine? Going to that extreme without putting categories in their proper places, we may as well be Muslims, too, since Muslims are monotheistic. We could even apply this absurdity to voting. If you vote for Trump, you support his views on transgender bathrooms. If you vote for Cruz, you support his signature and endorsement of fast-tracking the NWO globalist TTP.

          Why would Geoffrey give the RCC “time on his website” by believing they are the Whore of Babylon? But again, you completely ignored every argument I made about the distinctions between simple news/fact reporting and endorsing and accepting doctrinal views. Geoffrey may not have even known the cite was/is Catholic. However, that’s irrelevant because what he cited had nothing to do with their view of penance, auricular confession, Mary worship, papal infallibility, indulgences, faith and works, purgatory, infant baptism, nor any other demonic doctrine espoused to by the RCC. Since I know where Goeffrey stands on the RCC which is clear as day on numerous articles (including ones he wrote before creating this website), there’s no question he was not, is not, and never will endorse the RCC. You are trying to find a skeleton in the closet that doesn’t exist, and attempting to create contention by making a big deal out of what you perceive to be an inconsistency where there isn’t one.

          By the way, sometimes when a person stands with his arms folded, he’s really just standing there with his arms folded because he’s comfortable that way, not because he’s displaying a Masonic gesture. I’m one of the biggest conspiracy factualists there is, but not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.

          • Dr. James,

            I did accidently leave out the word ‘not’ in my reply. What I meant was that if Mr. Grider truly believes the Catholic Church to be the Whore of Babylon, it would make no sense to use a video from a Catholic site when discussing a moral issue. I do admit that the video was neutral and just stating facts, but that bolsters my point. If the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon, why would one perpetuate their deception by giving credence to one of their news videos? It is not like voting for a candidate that differs in some things, and it is not like Christian denominations which have some differing beliefs. I never hear of Baptists calling the Methodist Church the Whore of Babylon. No, this seems to be reserved for the Catholic Church. And many here say the Catholic Church is controlled by Satan and that they are evil. If this is true, then why use a neutral video clip from them to give credence to your new story?

            I am not trying to find a skeleton. I was genuinely impressed that he used the video. But it is inconsistent with his usual rhetoric about the Catholic Church. And I agree with you that not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy as nearly every ‘news’ story here has it. I am pretty sure that if a picture of the Pope could be found where he is folding his arms, this site would call it a Masonic gesture. Geoffrey did it with the hand sign for ‘I love you’ not long ago.

  • Hi everyone, it’s my first pay a quick viszit at tthis web page, and post is in fact fruitfhl in favor off me, keep up posting hese articles.

  • Alish

    A transgendered man is biologically female…. So really this article makes no sense.

    • shosh7154

      but his DNA speaks loudly that he is a man in addition to the attending physician’s report of the gender of the newborn

    • Ky

      The vast majority call themselves transgender, but refuse to cut their appendage off, so no, not so much.

    • Howdy Alish, A transgendered man is still a man. He has a man’s DNA and physical stature. Some things modern science just can’t do. This article then, does make a lot of sense and a pandora’s box has been opened for perverts to exploit defenseless women and children. Sexual perversion and sexual confusion are nothing more than the manifestations of demonic activity in the world and the lives of those that the demons affect. A true Bible believer would understand this…all others would not. Have a good life, BuffaloBilly

    • First of all, there is absolutely zero scientific or biological evidence that a transgender identity is anything more than a mental assent to an idea of what a person’s gender is ( or isn’t). That is why even the APA classified transgenderism as a disorder (GID).

      Second, your statement is itself, self-defeating. A transgendered MAN is never a biological female.

      Thirdly, if you think through Target’s claim that they are concerned with the future of children, how is that possible? If that lifestyle was consistent, there would be no future children at all because producing a new generation of children requires the cooperation of a male and female sexual union. “Caitlyn” Jenner will never get pregnant because he is biologically male. Ellen Degeneres will never be able to impregnate her “wife”. Sure, they can go to a sperm bank, but then they have capitulated on their consistency of homosexual unions, and tacitly admitted that you can’t have a family without the biological binary system God created for procreation.

      • Shell

        Wow. Very well put Dr. James.

    • Mary

      Biologically he was born a MALE.

  • Mike

    Just this morning, I took aim on Target: I am boycotting your company. I don’t want to be using the men’s room and have some lesbian cozy up next to me and pee standing up! And, I’m definitely not OK with guys going into the ladies room where they are vulnerable to predators. Some dude who thinks he is “Princess Di” can become “Princess Guy” unannounced! Take your bathroom rules and… Next stop, unsubscribe from your email notices, cut up Target card… Who needs Target anyway?

    As soon as The White House transgenders into The Rainbow House all this kind of !@#$@ hits the fan!

  • SS

    I am proud to Boycott them. I always preferred Target over WallyWorld, but now I am stuck going to WallyWorld. What happened to good ole’ Gibsons and WoolWorth. SIGH!! With that said, I can’t see how ONE – Conservative Born Again Christian thinks it is ok for even a transgender “woman” to go to the women’s rooms. They are still men, regardless of how their crazy mental state tells them they are not. It is never ok and never will be. We must fight this garbage or we will have been pushed so far down the libtard pathway, that we won’t be able to save anything.

  • Tia Stewart

    Amen my fellow believers. It’s always amazing how the Holy Spirit works within us, unawares ALOT of times. For some reason, I had stopped going to Target like, years back. But once I found out about this transgender crap, that pretty much sealed the deal for me. I reposted this article on my FB! Sooooo happy! And as a brother said in an earlier response “please come Lord.”


  • Thereisnogod

    Started shopping at Target more now. It sickens me to be a part of a nation that would use their personal bigotry and religion as a club to beat people over the head who have a different outlook on life. Your ancient religion is dying out among young people. It gives me hope to know that the backword, archaic viewpoint regarding other people your imaginary friend teaches will die out.

    I am ashamed to say I used to think as you do, I even spent years at seminary preparing to enter the ministry before the years of studying caused me to become an atheist.

    You can continue you doctrine of hate sure. But there is a revolution brewing in the minds of the young generation, a revolution of logic and reason. The end of your teachings of exclusion and hate is imminent.

    • Ky


      It sounds like you were not capable of learning anything in seminary. It is good you dropped out before you embarrassed yourself more than you did. If you were honest with yourself and looked at this wondrous world we live in with the almost unlimited variety of flora, fauna and other amazing things, you would have to conclude there has to be a God to create all of this. It takes more faith to believe this is all a cosmic accident than a creator God spoke it into existence. It does not matter how many people no longer believe. God does not go by polls as you will one day find out. The clock is ticking. There is still time to turn back to God and ask his forgiveness. Heb_9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

    • Howdy Lost One, Well…whether you want to admit it or not…”Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD. You’ll be no different–just SOL! Don’t blame it on Seminary–worthless as they may be–YOU MADE THE CHOICE!! And, you can use your progressive liberalistic God-hating bigotry as a club to beat people over the head who think differently than you do and who do know the truth that you bailed on. BuffaloBilly

    • Interestingly enough, neither I, nor any of my Christians friends and church members, have every sued a gay business, or sought out a gay business to sue simply because we know where that stand on marriage issues. But you know who has done that to Christians? LBGTS. They have purposely sought out privately owned Christian business to sue them. So shame on them for using their “personal bigotry” against Christians to shove their agenda down our throats.

      Furthermore, 6 of the US’s most notorious serial killers were homosexual child molesters. Shame on the LBGT community for using their clubs to literally beat our children to death after sodomizing, torturing, and eating them.

      Moreover, the most infamous mass murders on a national level have been carried out by atheist regimes (Tung, Pot, Linen, Stalin, et al).

      And speaking of “archaic religion”, yours was mentioned in the Bible over a thousand years before you thought about it: “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God” Psalm 14:1. So since atheism is archaic, I’ll expect your resignation letter soon.

      And let’s face it, seminary didn’t rob you of belief in God, that’s simply a poor excuse for something personal that didn’t go your way, and you got mad at God for it.

      And speaking of logic and reason, I’d like to see your reasons for denying any of the premisses and conclusions from the Kalam Cosmological Argument, Leibniz’ Contingency Argument, the Teleological Argument (Fine-Tuning), the Axiological (Moral) Argument, and the Ontological Argument.

      And anyone who thinks there’s a “revolution of logic” coming has never watched a Mark Dice video (example: )

      What’s ironic about your hatred for exclusivism is that you are intolerant of our views, and unwilling to accept any other view other than an all inclusive view that albeit excludes any exclusivists. That claims is in itself, and exclusivist claim. So if there’s not really any objective standard on which to judge anyone’s exclusivism-including your own-there’s really no reason to take you seriously.

      • Dean

        Dr James PhD your comments were spot on. Do you have a blog or fb page?

        • Dean,

          Thank you, and yes, I do. DoRightChristians.Wordpress.Com

  • CHAR

    @Thereishogod, you say: The end of your teachings of exclusion and hate is IMMINENT. Well, so is the rapture, so we WON’T see you in the air, I trust! Many of us feel sorry for you that you allowed Satan to deceive you.

  • CHAR

    KY, you said it so much better to ThereisAgod that I did. God Bless!

  • Laura L

    I wonder how the employees at Target feel about this. If any of them are Christians, they might want to consider changing jobs if they can.

    • Religion

      Fortunately, there are still a few good “Jesus-like” Christians left that don’t hate and want nothing to do with you and your hating ilk.

  • Religionisevil

    Proving once again that Christians are hateful liars.

    Targets loses in recent weeks are a mere blip on there overall earnings. In other words, insignificant and whether or not bigoted Christians had anything to do with the tiny change is laughable. The change is nothing more than normal market adjustments. Don’t believe me? Just look at Target at the beginning of the year, their stock value was significantly lower than now. Did you do that too? LOL

    BTW, Target is still an a-rated recommended investment. But by all means, boycott a company that believes in inclusion…no one really cares. You are becoming an insignificant hate group and your hatred is resulting in greater numbers of atheists!

    You think gay people are sinners because the bible tells you so, you justified slavery because the bible condones that vile practice but where in the bible does do you get your justification for hating transgender people?

    I think that your ilk just hate what is different from you. You don’t need your bible for that.

    • Ky

      “Target is still an a-rated recommended investment.”
      No one hates transgender people even though the sin is disgusting; we hate the sin. Believe what you want to believe. If you had a clue you would understand that the sudden down turn in their stock price had nothing to do with “normal market adjustments”. I recommend you stay fully invested in Target, with a little luck they will go to ZERO. It is just a matter of time, You have been warned. Good luck with the stock market 😉

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      Proving once again…you LGBT Perverts know nothing about nothing….Sorry we will not spoon feed you the ABC’s of becoming a Christian…which you obviously do not want to be ONE……you had rather Wallow in your Hog Crap & Depravity…& Reprobate minds where any and ALL Perversion is what you like….LGBT are the Biggest BIGOTS & Haters spewing your Silly little speech like a good Pervert.

  • Ice
  • CHAR

    Well, this family in Texas should definitely sue the pants off of Target for this “incident” with the little girl. Of course, they may never find him because he will just change into men clothes and they will never recognize him.


    Anyone can go into any bathroom. You cant stop a few evil people by discriminating against an entire group of a population. DENNIS HASSERT REBUBLICAN SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE MOLESTED SEVERAL BOYS -HE WAS A CHRISTIAN. SO I GUESS ALL CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE BANDED FROM BEING WRESTLING COACHES.

    • Howdy Dick Butkis, Anyone can profess to being a Christian. The Bible is clear that “We shall know them (Christians) by their fruit (fruits of the spirit and their overt behaviors). Dennis Hastert was no Christian as a true Bible-beliver would never do the things he did. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of those politicians who claim to be Christians are really liars and deceivers and should not be trusted. Case in point…Obama claimed to be a Christian, but he attended a hate-mongering church under a demonically-inspired preacher (Jeremiah Wright), and then his first act as president was to fund worldwide abortion with taxpayer dollars. True Christians abhor abortion so this act alone should tell us that Obama was/is no Christian. Of course, we now know that he is a muslim. Bill and Hillary Clinton claim Christian roots, but one has only to look at their overt behaviors to really see the truth. And I might add…Ted Cruz is no Christian either…and Trump is a pagan. Want to know why our country is in the state it is in? Turn to Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived. Blessings, BuffaloBilly

  • Yes, actually we can and should stop a few people by “discriminating” against an entire group, we do it all the time.

    I discriminate against any other man being with my wife.

    I discriminate against my children living with someone else’s family even though that family may not be able to have children. Emotional arguments would not persuade me into giving up my children.

    I discriminate against murderers and other criminals because I think when someone breaks the law, the criminal should go to prison as opposed to just locking up random people for no reason.

    I discriminate against others who want to drive my car. It doesn’t belong to the entire neighborhood.

    I discriminate against professed communists wanting to run our country.

    I discriminate against murdering Muslims that want to infiltrate our country with the explicit stated purpose of beheading anyone who doesn’t kowtow to Allah (which, ironically, none of the businesses crying out against Christians boycotting Target, like PayPal, are pulling their businesses in countries where Muslims hang homosexuals).

    We discriminate against people all the time. Even those anonymous trolls posting here are discriminating against the choice of Christians to boycott Target (even though they haven’t said a word about the LBGT groups like CFUC who boycotted Target in 2010). The problem is that discrimination has become a rite in and of itself without any qualifications. The bottom line is that you can’t make everyone happy, and if everything is relative, then everyone is right. The person who believes black is white is just as right as the person who believes blue is yellow. The determining factor then is whether or not there is an absolute objective moral standard that determines whether one group is right and the other wrong. The relativist can have all the opinions he wants, but he can’t explain why he has the values that he does. Neither can a relativist reject absolute values without creating an absolute for himself, the very proposition he attempts to reject.

    The Christian has such an absolute standard that transcends the opinions and relativism of human opinion. That standard says that is it an abomination for a man to wear that which pertains to a woman, and vise versa (Deut 22:5). It says that the fear of the LORD is to hate evil. Prov 8:13. It says that homosexual is sinful. Romans 1:26-28, 1 Cor 6:9-10. It says that God designed humans as male and female. Gen 1:27, 5:2, and that marriage is between one man and one woman. Matt 19:1-6.

    Even without the Bible, it is clear from “nature” that men and women have certain and incontrovertible binary roles and functions. No woman has ever got a man pregnant and no man has have been pregnant.

    And as far as Christians “forcing” Target to do something “our way” or the highway, isn’t that exactly what they’re doing to us? Target told people that didn’t want to share the bathroom with a transgender that they could use the handicap stalls. Why tell the 99% of your customer base to use the handicap to let the 1% use the bathroom designed for men or women? Isn’t that “discriminating against an entire group of people”?

    When Bruce Springsteen, Pay Pal, Apple, Pearl Jam, Texas, and umpteen other celebrities vow to not to business with North Carolina and hurt the businesses of Christians and Non Christians alike who didn’t even have anything to do with NC’s policy, liberals, atheists, relativists, are like “Yeah, get them dirty bigots”. So it’s OK for all the celebrities to boycott North Carolina, Chick Fil A (whom they have now bullied into being gay affirming), sue Christian bakers, sue Christian florists, sue Christian bed and breakfast diners (Illinois), sue clerks, but God forbid Christians take a stand because if WE do it, we’re bigots.

    Not only do I discriminate against men sharing a bathroom with my children, but I can probably save the transgender some money on his medical transformation if I were to catch him near my little girl.

  • Victoria

    A person may declare themselves to be whatever gender or non-gender they like; but that doesn’t automatically reorganize their genes and DNA – nothing changes, they remain male or female according to their birth.

    There were homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah, probably some transsexuals as well and maybe some other variations that we haven’t even heard of. Very scary times we live in.

  • The LGBT movement is causing all kinds of ‘issues’ we’ve never had to deal with before. I applaud American Family Association for their efforts to stop this madness, but I think we’re in for more ‘madness’ as the movement is intent on destroying the Family as God created it to be, and erasing all gender lines as God created them. It’s always been Satan’s plan to PERVERT and destroy everything God has created. We must all get involved, speak out, write or call our leaders and make them hear us.

  • The LGBT movement is causing all kinds of ‘issues’ we’ve never had to deal with before. I applaud American Family Association for their efforts to stop this madness, but I think we’re in for more ‘madness’ as the movement is intent on destroying the Family as God created it to be, and erasing all gender lines as God created them. It’s always been Satan’s plan to PERVERT and destroy everything God has created. We must all get involved, speak out, write or call our leaders and make them hear us. Debra Website:

  • kdnsmom

    I have no respect for any business that tries to push the rule that I must be in the same restroom or dressing room as the men. Shame on their stupidty.

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  • Lyndel Beckwith

    Their stock has dropped another 5 dollars a share since this article. So now at a 5 billion dollar drop. The problem with that, for them, is regardless of their shareholders personal feelings about the transgender garbage, savvy investors sell stock that is costing them money, and they sell it at a loss, which continues the trend of a loss…could actually be the end of Target. LOL! Yeehaw!

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      Yes…I enjoy watching their Stock prices FALL and hear this Pervert company official Spew…Speak his Bravado like their Policy is something REAL American and we should be buying their products…and NOW Hussein Barack Obama the Pervert in Chief & that Evil AG comes out and are forcing these Perverts…Freaks in all Schools to use what ever bath room they feel like using…today they may feel like a boy…tomorrow they may feel like a girl.

  • CHAR

    LOL!!! I was just thinking about that when I drive PAST Target today. Good news for us and bad news for Target. They may be closing some stores soon. Maybe the only thriving ones left will be in San Fran.

    • James Staten

      They closed one in the Memphis area recently

  • CHAR

    James, well Memphis can get the ball rolling on these store closings except that the folks in Memphis lose out on having a Target store because of Target’s idiocy. It remains to be seen if they will back track on their decision to keep their stores from losing anymore money. It will be a little embarrassing for them to do that though.

    • James Staten

      Char, As I said in an earlier post, my family quit shopping at Target about 4-5 years ago over their Pro-Homosexual Agenda.

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