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“Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 (KJV)

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Our Reader’s Respond:

  • “I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you for keeping the masses ……. Christian masses, informed.  Thanks for doing the footwork.  I am subscribed and love the frequent articles which I pass on to my brothers and sisters in Christ.” – Clarence M.


  • “You really have one enjoyable and truthful website. The Lord has really given you some deep insights into how the world is going in these last days.  Your love for the Lord really comes through.” – Jeff


  • “Thank you for your most informative website.” – Mike S.


  • “I want to thank you for the excellent web site and informative news. I love the Lord Jesus Christ too, our blessed Savior, Hebrews 13:8. And I stand with Israel, and pray for Israel, and believe our Lord will soon turn back to Israel. We are in the closing moments of time my brethren. God bless you all, I stand with you each as well.” – Randy G.


  • “I love your NTEB gospel tracts and the size is perfect. Thank you very much and I am praying for your wonderful ministry. – Suellen A.


  •  Thanks for telling the truth. I love the articles on NTEB site. You are a faithful watchman and the truth is a hard thing to find these days. May the Lord richly bless you and this ministry. Sincerely ” – Chris MCPO USN Retired


  • I’ve been born again since 1976, and have seen thousands of so-called Christian websites proclaiming one kind or another their version of truth. I will and must say, when you have the Holy Spirit lead teaching, it shows, and you have it. You “rightly divide” the truth with little or no personal flesh agenda. a job very well done. Thank you for your humility and service to both Jesus Christ and the gospel. – Johnny T.


  • christine

    this is the fourth time I have tried to sign up
    at one time I was receiving the email and
    then they stopped
    thanks for all the tries

    • Jessica

      I am trying to get back on the mailing list. It told me I had unsubscribed which I had not.

  • Dario and Paula Hernando

    I’m not sure why we were disconnected from the subscription to nteb. ..about 4 to 5 days ago?
    We’re back.
    We were concerned about your safety.
    May God continue to have His hand of protection upon you all.

  • Douglas Brown

    I am Roman Catholic, and a subscriber to your site. Yes, we have the Mass, Mary, the saints, and a 2,000 year old collection of awesom Christian writings, but what we lack, you folks have in abundance. Which is: an awareness of the times from a Bible perspective. This is what is so cool about your site. I wish the Catholic Church was more aware of these things. Forced vaccinations, chemtrails, the Ukraine, the ascendency of Islam, that jade helm thing in September, the weird Walmart closings for plumbing problems, the militarization of our police, Agenda 21, etc. And now the sickening implications of constitutionally approved gayness. Scary stuff. Thanks Now The End Begins. Doug in Oregon

  • kobina mensah

    Am very grateful for offering yourself to research and updating us on what is going on in the world…thank you very much..

  • I need to know the world news daily to see how the signs are showing of prophecies fulfilled so I can be “found worthy to escape these things that are coming upon the world”…..and I know I can’t get the real news but in special places like this…and it’s the best kind…those who compare it to the Biblical prophecies. Jesus said “WATCH and pray…and if ye do not WATCH…….” a warning. Thank U and I will look forward to your daily notices and pass them on. Thanks a million

  • Thank you for keeping everyone informed. I go to your wesite several times a day. Thank you for your radio program “rightly dividing the truth.” The Holy Spirit is divinely leading you and thank you for giving the truth. May GOD be with you always.

    Peace of GOD be with you and your staff.

  • Ruby Goertz

    Your article on the Hebrew roots movement was just great. Half of my bible study grou left because of that movement. I understand now where they went and took so many of my bible study with them also many Christians out of many churches. What a deception that is.

  • Teresa Osuna

    Thank you

  • Extremely interesting

  • Lee

    I never unsubscribed. When I try the box just shakes telling me something, I am not sure what. The Box with SUBSCRIBE in it. It will not take my email address I really hope we can figure this out as I truly enjoy the site

    • skywatcher

      Geoffrey sent me a suggestion as to how to solve the problem, but it doesn’t. I just unsubscribed and then subscribed again. I’ll see if it works this time or not… is most unhelpful! I cannot remember my password, and I’m not able to change it because they won’t recognize my email address that is always used! What a mess!

      • Your issue is with WordPress, and not with NTEB…but we are right now installing social login for commenting to make things easier. Hang in there!

        • Dianne

          Hey Geoffrey, I have not received an online article from you in about a weak. Is something wrong. Please let me know. I hope and pray that you are well. Today’s date is Tuesday, January 19, 2016 I hope to hear from you soon. God Bless
          Sincerely in Christ,

          • The email address has opted out of subscription emails.
            You can manage your preferences at

          • Dianne

            Hey Geoffrey, still cannot get your blog????

        • Dianne

          Hello Geoffrey, I’ve tried the website at and still cannot subscribe to your website. They say that they do not have a match for NTEB. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dianne
          P.S. Please send me your latest articles

          • Success! An email was just sent to confirm your subscription. Please find the email now and click activate to start subscribing.

  • Lee

    Ok, I subscribed AGAIN

  • jc4God

    Thank you so much for your great information and application with the Word.
    we need to come together and figure out how we can bring the world in the right direction. This will require unity of all Christians again the “enemy” taking over the atheist that is trying to get rid of God in every part of the world. We need to come toget her as soldiers of God now..Where can we begin..?A new Christian organization specifically connected to bring more light into the world. Let us not allow the atheists’ view to take away our freedom of religion,our faith,out purpose.

  • Nathan Hall

    I have tried numerous times to resubscribe. Nothing seems to work.

  • Marie comfort

    I want to sign up but keep getting rejected. I want to order more tracks to. Its hard for the seniors. Thank you Marie

  • connie horn


  • Randy

    Sign me up

  • Sunette Jooste

    Very interesting.

  • Agatha thuo

    The site blesses me alot. God bless.

  • Jennifer Gumayagay-Sun

    I’m an avid Bible student of Eschatology/end-times theology, so it is indeed a very great privilege for me to discover your website when I posted and shared your article and video about Pope Francis asking for prayers for a dialogue/collaboration among people of all faiths, erroneously claiming that “we are all children of GOD”. When I shared that post on my FB page, I got a very strong opposition from my first cousin who’s a priest, who said that we are putting words into the Pope’s mouth… Needless to say, I was able to share with him our Biblical standpoint that “NOT all people are true children of GOD” according to John 1: 10-13, especially John 1:12 and John 14: 6… It is my prayer that through that response to my Opus Dei priest cousin’s opposition, he would come to a saving knowledge of the LORD JESUS CHRIST! All Glory and Honour to GOD Almighty alone, through JESUS CHRIST and by the power of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in all of us. Amen!!!

    • michael j. samuel

      Well said Jennifer. I have had strong oppositions when the HOLY SPIRIT of the true Elohim YAHWEH plucked us out of the ‘House of Egypt’ way back in 2002. We were accursed by the Roman Catholic religion and was labelled INFIDELS who have sold our souls to Satan / Lucifer; BUT little did they know or should I say….ZERO knowledge in the truth that their so-called “HOLY FATHER” is an ANTICHRIST whose god or deity / elohim is Lucifer himself. I pray for the salvation of their souls that ‘perchance’…., some of them have their names written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before they were born into the world. Their adage that says: “Born Roman Catholics, Dying Roman Catholics” is a quote from Satan / Lucifer – their father – really! Yet, they are so filled with spiritual pride, ignorance and arrogance to realise their great follies that are anathemic to their souls.

  • Marie

    Why is my email address not being accepted, when I try to subscribe for NTEB Blast.

    Also I cant not figure out how to get into the chat room when I listen of Sunday night.

    Marie hope

    • It would appear that you have opted out of subscriptions, this is the message I get: “The email address has opted out of subscription emails.
      You can manage your preferences at”

  • I thoroughly enjoy the NTEB site and very thankful to be taking Bible studies with Geoffrey Grider. Up until now I’ve been able to get NTEB updated news by either going through google or from a faithful friend of mine.
    The problem is that I’ve been trying to join your FREE Subscription Service but on every try, I fail to understand the following response which is, “The email address has opted out of subscription emails”. With each attempt I am asked to manage my preferences at and I’m sorry to say I just can’t seem to get anywhere. I would appreciate your help on this matter as I am very puzzled. Though I do recall clicking on an undo subsciption not that long ago, from a specific site, but didn’t realize at the time that it meant to all subscriptions that were assigned to my email!

    Thank you very much, Claudette

  • Paola

    Just wondering what happened to all Radio presentations.

  • dd


  • Given

    glad to have found this website.

  • I have tried to get back on your web-site but not being successful in doing that. Will you please but me back on the email list so I can receive it. Thank you, Eleanor Thompson

  • Please remove me from your email list. Thank you

  • I have tried to get back on your mailing list but have not been sucessful, Can you get me back on the list so that I receive the Post on my email? Thank you and God Bless.

  • melba

    I have missed your emails and I couldn’t understand what happened. I subscribed again, just now, and am being told to go to

    Can I just receive your emails like I did before, not complicated, always anticipated! Thanks for your ministry. …..and MARANATHA! !!

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    the shepherd had sacrificed himself for them.

    Bless and power of God in abundance. Visit
    Second Coming of Jesus Christ is in a short time.

  • joan wick

    WordPress continually BLOCKS your emails so I keep reapplying but they keep cutting me off.
    Your emails are very much appreciated!!! I have tried in every way to block W.P. but they are
    in total control.

  • Jackie Kettenring

    One thing that amazes me is how quickly the up to the minute news appears on your web site. I see things here long before I see it on other sites. You do a fantastic job.


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