Startling Graphic Evidence Of Widespread Democrat Voter Fraud Starting To Surface

"It is an absolute disgrace," said Shannon Royer, deputy secretary for external affairs and elections in Pennsylvania. "Election materials and electioneering inside the polling place are prohibited by state...
Pennsylvania election law states "no person within a polling place may electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body, or candidate, nor may any unauthorized written or printed materials be posted within the polling place."


From Chicago: Here’s a photo of an election judge checking in voters in Barack Obama’s Chicago ward–wearing an Obama baseball cap:


“This photo, taken by a voter this morning at the Ward 4, Precinct 37 polling place (1212 South Plymouth Court, Chicago), shows an election judge checking in voters while wearing an Obama hat,” a source writes. “Chicago’s 4th ward is home to President Barack Obama.”

The voter who took the photo says: “Woman in front of me also given an extra ballot.”

And the voter adds that she has in the past been an election observer abroad. “I had greater confidence votes mattered [in a foreign election in a transitioning country] than I did about my own vote today,” says the voter. source – Weekly Standard

From Pennsylvania:  One polling site in Philadelphia apparently had a mural of President Obama emblazoned on the wall directly behind the voting machines. The mural, at a local school being used as a polling site, contained the words “change!” and “hope,” along with a quote from the president.

Pennsylvania election law states “no person within a polling place may electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body, or candidate, nor may any unauthorized written or printed materials be posted within the polling place.”

Republicans were drawing attention to the image Tuesday morning, with one Mitt Romney spokesman tweeting: “Voters in Philly’s Ward 35 are being forced to cast their ballots next to this.”

“It is an absolute disgrace,” said Shannon Royer, deputy secretary for external affairs and elections in Pennsylvania. “Election materials and electioneering inside the polling place are prohibited by state law. This can be interpreted as trying to influence voters inside the polling place. I am told discussions are going on now about covering the mural.”

Pennsylvania election law states “no person within a polling place may electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body, or candidate, nor may any unauthorized written or  printed materials be posted within the polling place.”

Elsewhere in the city, a representative from the New Black Panther Party was also spotted outside a polling site. The New Black Panthers stirred controversy in 2008 when members appeared outside a polling site, one of them holding a billy club. The representative seen Tuesday morning was not armed.

The flap over the election judges, though, was widespread. Republicans claim they are obtaining a series of court orders to seat the so-called election “inspectors,” and sheriff’s deputies will be available to escort them. source – Fox News

From Detroit: Tensions are high all over the country at the polls today. The Michigan Republican Party is alleging that a poll watcher in Detroit on Tuesday morning was threatened with a gun. According to the Michigan GOP the poll watcher’s 911 call was rejected. Below is a press release from Michigan Republican Party spokesman Matt Frendeway:

This morning, a legally credentialed poll watcher was threatened and intimidated while attempting to perform his legally allowed duties of observing the election process at precinct polling location 289 in Detroit. The poll watcher, a lawyer, was confronted by a voter in line, who demanded the poll watcher produce his credentials, which he did.

However, the voter said that wasn’t good enough and that he had “a badge and a gun” and told the poll watcher get out of the precinct. Rather than allow the situation to escalate, the poll watcher left before the voter produced a badge or brandished a gun. Fearing for his safety, the poll watcher exited and called 911, however the Detroit Police refused to respond to the call – neglecting the fact that a voter alleged to have a ‘badge’ and a ‘gun’ in a precinct, putting other voters at risk.

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak issued a statement concerning the issue the following statement:“Poll watchers, precinct workers and voters should not be put in danger when performing their duties, our Republic requires free and fair elections.

“I can only hope that this morning’s outlandish, reckless and dangerous behavior, was not part of a coordinated effort by the Democratic Party and therefore, I am calling on Mark Brewer, Democratic Party Chairman, to condemn these threats of violence and pledge to ensuring all election workers, volunteers and citizens remain safe.” source – Washington Times



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  • The mural of President Obama emblazoned on the wall looks like something you would see in a third world dictatorship.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • What are you talking about? We are in a third world dictatorship.

  • I’m so furious about all this and I don’t care if someone thinks I’m racist! It’s always blacks that do this!!!!!

    • You are racist…If you believe that Blacks always do this…This has been happening before Blacks got the right to vote….You should be furious about the lies Romney are telling…Yeah…You are racist…

    • Yes it is racist–the same racism the Dems have been stirring into the pot for weeks. It’s not always the blacks. But mostly it is all the Democrats, because they are the party of low moral standards and behavior. Remember, the O administration removed any prohibition against a soldier having sex with a monkey while in the service by taking out all restrictions against sodomy. They had to to allow gays to cohabitate. If the Dems allow that, you think they’ll condemn a guy for wearing an Obama hat?? ha ha.

      • Could you give me a little more insight into what you mean here. I mean about the racism “Dems” used also examples of low moral standards and behavior. Depicting someone as Hitler or a Monkey seemed pretty low to me. Made me pretty ashamed to be an American, but I don’t know what the political affiliation of those people was at the time so I guess maybe that could be an example?

    • Easy now, no it’s not. The hearts of men are exceedingly evil no matter where they are from. And as far as being a racist? There is only one race the human race don’t fall for that Darwinion garbage. We are all descendants from Adam and Eve. Remember who the enemy is, satan, Not people.

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  • Why aren’t these obvious violations being broadcast on our “un-biased” media providers?

  • Desperate times call for desperate measures? Apparently, somebodies are a little panicky this morning, so vote early, vote often. (SARCASM)

  • Jill

    If it was the other way around, the (UN)biased news media would be ALL over this!!! Evil seems to have a way of slithering into every crack and crevice and people don’t take notice but when its the Good, people rise up against it. Most of us voting for Romney are Christians, so I guess we should expect this kind of behavior against us..but its sad! Sad that the world isn’t being fair and just! I ask God to change this situation in our favor, in the name of Jesus!! God bless you all who read this, on Jesus name, Amen!

    • oh please…..this is a Mitt site..why would they show that they are doing the same thing.

  • See it as. A REMINDER

    • My thoughts precisely.

  • “… also given two ballots.”

    Herein is the problem; these folks fully believe they are righting the wrongs of the past (only God can do that) and DESERVE to vote more than once.

    Exhalting themselves above God, they receive a reprobate mind.

    Keep praying.

  • You know, I hear people fight and argue over some of the most stupid things. Do I care if there is a big picture of Obama or Romney on the wall? NO!! I know who I want to vote for and nothing is going to change that. Stop being petty and follow what these candidates stand for then place your vote. It’s your right!!

    • Obviously you refuse to understand that the same type of election officials that don’t abide by the guidelines of environment neutrality are the same type that are willing to engage in voter fraud.

  • Votes being counted in Spain and these hackable e voting machines (not just Diebold) has been known before the election of 08! You can do a u toob on diebold and learn more than you’d wish, it’s time Christians in this country to get the lead out and quit fearing (that a Sin) and as Gideon the Lord did all the work but we have to act! The Goons will come after the true Church first, then the Jews in this nation!
    Listen folks, its time we wake up to the tools they are using such as HA^RP, D^RPA etc. I understand, the Lord allowed Sandy, Joplin, Katrina etc But, these goons are directing the energy of haarp on the n orleans area, remember that huge sink hole that getting bigger all the time and the high pressured methane sub terrain bubble? Do you understand what this may mean? Go to to grasp what is being said, this could very well trigger the new madrid fault zone, I believe that this is intended. Remember, the Lord warned us of the end age events, it will be the doings of man that nukes the mid east where there skin will evaporate from the skeletons, same thing with these other tools, yes, the sun is acting up, the moon has shifted and the earth is wobbling but this does not mean that ‘they’ can not tweak to make things happen! Read Hebrews …13:6… and stand on it, Satan is not even a quark compared to the Lord, HE done kicked his rear end before he was even Created. Christians can really shine when things go south. God 1st, spouse and family then your church of worship and go and help the needy! Don’t expect Fe-ma to do anything they’re to busy buying ammo!
    We’ll be Home soon!

    Good Day
    God help us

    • Thanks for the reminder!

  • A judge has ordered the precinct officers to cover that obamination up – they taped 3 sheets of paper over it, which didn’t cover it enough, and didn’t cover the logo or the quotation. These crooks don’t care what a judge says! They intend to throw the election! I know who I intend to vote for when I go into the voting booth, so do you, but the weak-minded Dimocrats who follow the leader have to be told! Have you seen some of the interviews: they can’t tell you what happened in Libya, who the VP is, who is running against Obama, etc. They’re THAT DUMB! And Katherine, intelligence doen’t matter; THE LAW MATTERS!!! It’s always the Dimocrats breaking the law! You don’t hear about Republicans doing this because they respect the democratic process! They trust the American people! Please, Lord, bless America today!

    • If I was that judge they would be hit with contempt of court charges. They are mocking his ruling.

  • .
    Vote for Jesus, make YOUR election sure.

    • Amen! As one of my cousins said the other day, “America’s hope is not in the donkey or the elephant. It’s in the LAMB!

      By the way, I like your name.

  • wdc

    Great artistic work….very detailed even though it wasn’t president Barack Obama’s idea…if it was mitt romney would you people still be upset?…I wouldnt…I don’t think racism has anything to do with it..but why are some many people angry?

  • Jill

    Maybe people are angry because evil forces are gaining momentum. BUT God is in control, so evil won’t prevail in the END!!!!!!!!!! AMEN JESUS!!!!!!

  • wdc

    A mere art work is a sign of evil forces gaining momentum…if mitt romney get in office will that Change….I don’t think so…the fact we have a Mormon and a so-called Muslim running for office is the only sign …..artwork anger is very petty

  • I think the funniest part of it all is listening to the radicals from each side. The fact that most of them don’t believe they are radicals is comical, but the extremely sad part is that its this type of unreasonable, illogical thinking is killing this once great nation. We can’t progress because we can’t solve simple issues like “Should our kids have a good education?” It’s absolutely amazing that the answer to that question is so divided. And or course no one will stop behaving like kids because they don’t want to be wrong so we hurt those that really matter, our children. More importantly this will never stop until the youth of this country, those who will carry the torch and bare the load, formulate their own thoughts and conclusions without social influence as oppose to finding CREDIBLE, RELIABLE information about the topics that not only matter to their future, but to the future of this country as a whole. Oh well, I wish all my fellow Americans peace and good luck. I think we will need it over the next couple decades.

  • wdc

    Well said Mike

  • The only fraud that will be exposed by the re-election of Mr.Obama will be the Christian church. When he comes down hard on churches in America to stop preaching the Gospel or face taxes, closure, and registering with the government, we will then see all the fraudulent churches. American Christians have been working hard to avoid persecution. Now the party is over.

  • wdc


  • monroee22877

    Dont be Mad brothers and sisters the Lord said The Man Of Lawlessness would come. You cannot stop Him But Jesus Will when his Short Time is over take comfort in Jesus stay focused on the Race ahead God Bless follo me on youtube monroee22877 the Great Trib is soon coming…

  • Thank you Monroe you have encouraged me today 🙂

  • What else was to be expected from a man who said what happened in Benghazi, Libya, was the result of a movie about the prophet Mohammad.

    IT HAS BEEN PROPHESIED that Israel is going to make a seven (7) year Peace Agreement with the anti-CHRIST; and after three and one half years (3 1/2) will break the Agreement.

    GOD “ONLY” KNOWS IF CHRIST JESUS WILL “RAPTURE” HIS “CHURCH” – souls which HAVE BEEN SAVED THROUGH AND IN CHRIST JESUS – BEFORE the seven (7) year Peace Agreement, OR AFTER the anti-CHRIST breaks the Agreement.

    If you haven’t done so already, REPENT “BEFORE” THE “RAPTURE”: if you choose not to, I Highly Suggest that you don’t take the mark, name, or number of the beast in your right hand or forehead.

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