REVEALED: Shock As Hillary Clinton Speech In Ohio Is Unable To Fill Dozens Of Front Row Seats

The main stream media, who are campaigning so very hard for Hillary to win, want you to think that it's a Hillary victory is a foregone conclusion. But that's a lie. The truth is Donald Trump is standing on the precipice of pulling off the greatest political upset in American history.

Liberal media trying in vain to keep you from seeing all the empty seats at Hillary’s events

A worn, haggard looking Hillary Clinton gave a speech the other day at the American Legion in Ohio, and the camera kept her in extreme close-up the entire time. The reason for that? There were dozens and dozens of empty seats in the front section. In stark contrast to that, Donald Trump’s rallies have them lining up around the block for hours before start time, with untold thousands unable to get in.

Hillary Clinton speaking to a lot of empty seats, but the liberal media cameramen won’t let you see that

Take a look at the photo at the top of this article to see the massive gaps in Hillary’s audience. The cameraman stayed hyper-close on her so you wouldn’t see the holes in the audience.

Showing the AMAZING HUGE Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ

Now compare that with the massive crowds at a Trump rally given the day after Hillary’s, there is no comparison.

And then this from a week ago in Ohio, the same state Hillary was in in the top video

The main stream media, who are campaigning so very hard for Hillary to win, want you to think that it’s a Hillary victory is a foregone conclusion. But that’s a lie. The truth is Donald Trump is standing on the precipice of pulling off the greatest political upset in American history.

All he has to do to win is stay alive, and avoid joining the Clinton Body Count.


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  • Dennis

    The real shock to you is going to come November 8 when Hillary is elected president of the United States. Then maybe you will come out of la la land.

  • Tracy

    @Geoffrey, this is what I’ve been seeing this entire time. You can tell that Trump has a packed-house, and his people are fired up. But, Hillary appears to have a much smaller crowd and the people aren’t nearly as excited. That’s another reason these polls just aren’t making any sense. Something is way-off here. The media keeps telling us that she is leading in the polls; therefore, that’s most likely the way the rigged-system will place her in office. However, common sense tells me otherwise just by the size of the crowds.

  • Sherie Mercier

    Then on the other hand, please look up footage from the next day when Trump spoke in front of the American Legion

  • Hilarious!! Lot of Empty Suits and Air heads there as well
    It’s a Win-Win for Hillary! (1) If she loses to Donald Trump, look at all the Millions she and Bill stockpiled in 9 years with The Clinton Foundation..what a gigantic Rip off.(2) If She wins ( Please, NO!!l ) She keeps on raking in the Cash for 4 more years, and Soros gets partial recovery money…

  • And if she doesn’t win Denny then you can go back to you motels basement and shut up and whatever it is you do there in the dark.

  • Sherie Mercier

    That was my point. Very few Legionnaires shared Hillary but they shared Trump and his main 2 points on fixing the VA and him wanting to get children to learn patriotism.

  • Meg

    Soros predicts that Trump will win the popular vote, but Hillary will win the electoral vote. Isn’t that what happened to Gore and Bush?

  • Lee Rice

    Dennis why do you even bother coming to this site. There are so many Liberal sites. Go join one and leave us to our conversations that you really do not agree with. You never have anything nice to say. I for one am so tired of seeing your name. I will pray that you change your opinion of us and of Trump and wake up to the crimes Hillary is guilty of.

  • Lee Rice

    The popular VOTE should be the final vote in the election. The Electoral Vote seems to run with issues of possible fraud.

  • Lee,
    I agree with you!
    Dennis, just get saved, then you will see what we see!
    Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!”
    Freedom is so GOOD!
    Thank you God for sending your Son!

  • Elijah

    The most likely reason Hillary seems to have such confidence that she will win, despite the record low attendance at her public appearances, and her absolute denial to have live interviews, is because she only needs 270 electoral votes, and she has probably either bought or blackmailed that number of electors already. The electors are not bound legally to vote for the person who receives the majority of ballot votes. You can read about the electoral college here:

    This is why it more critical that you pray for God’s will in this election than it is for you to actually go vote. 270 hearts of men being steered by God is all it takes to keep Hillary out of the White House.

  • Suzanne,. amen! Just get saved

  • dennis i sure hope not for all our sakes

  • Donna Brown

    I just can’t figure out how she’s “earned” such devotion from the media that they’re so willing to cover for her. It’s a huge, grand scale deception to try to convince voters that she’s got as many adoring audience members as Trump, when she’s not even close. Not only that, but when she’s caught red-handed, main-stream media is slow about releasing the info, and does everything they can to minimize the situation, again covering for the woman. Who owns these reporters that they’re so willing to fall in line with these deceptions? How did she buy their devotion and what’s in it for them if she wins? I just don’t get it.

  • The election will be rigged for the puppet of satan to win. The angel of darkness will not go down easy so Hillary will probably win and then the gates of hell will open on America!!!!!!

  • Lee Rice

    Donna, I can tell you there are many people on here who cannot figure out the allegance to Hillary. It is like they are so ignorant that they cannot see or hear what is going on with Hillary. And, if they do hear it, they are taught to not believe the information. Instead they are taught that the Right Wing group in Government are terrible people who want to make things worse for you. As for the Media, they all went to college with Liberal professors. What do you expect. My two grandchildren went off to the University and are now supporting Hillary.

  • Lee Rice

    Donna, Nothing is in it for them if she is elected. They will go back to their liberal thinking and neighborhoods and do what they are told. When the Country begins to unravel, they will wonder why they are hungry. Because most of the food will be used for the wealthy first. Hillary will lock herself in the White House and will gain even more wealth. Sorry Hillary, can’t take it with you. And when the Lord finally places you in front of the throne, all the money you have will not get your anywhere. Accept the Lord Jesus Hillary and change your ways.

  • Donna R Brown

    I think you’re right, Lee Rice. And those liberal professors are relentless in their brainwashing! I remember even back when I was in college they were bad, but it’s even worse now.
    And all the money and power Hillary can accrue on the backs of Americans will mean nothing on judgement day. Tragic indeed.

  • RandallB

    I am also concerned as is Lee Rice regarding the Electoral College. There just doesn’t seem to be any constitutional oversight on their vote. No ties to the popular vote. They seem to be able to do what they want.

  • The woman shouldn’t even be running for office. This is a huge sign that this country is near finished. Even if (which is another big Lie) she had No Intent, according to Comey, that still means that she is incompetent to lead this country. Either way, this is near insanity. Another sick thing, that others have touched on, is that our media that is to give facts on what is going on, without bias, but points out every single little thing that Trump does. When it is a good thing and a show of leadership they turn it around and make it all look bad. Anyone with any mind left at all can see this in interviews. They question their guests, butt in if they want to silence someone that is too positive about Trump, and bring out negative whenever they can. They rarely have news on Hillary. They aren’t even hiding it well these days. They must be under mind control?
    It has been said before by ohters on this website; God Is In Control and His Plan Will Be Fulfilled regarding this election.

  • Only one Life, will soon be passed.
    Only what’s done for Christ Will Last.

    So simple, So True

  • alain humbert

    ” You can fool

    ” _ somebody all the time

    ” _ you can fool everybody some time

    ” but

    ” _ you cannot fool everybody all the time ”

    Courtesy From Abraham Lincoln.

  • alain humbert

    Apparently right from the beginning,
    the Electoral College was instituted to trump the popular vote.

  • alain humbert

    … Whenever necessary.

  • Beth

    I am saved, and I see an unsaved, vulgar man in Trump who is not capable of leading in a Godly manner (Matt.12:30, Luke 11:23). One whose past is quite checkered. My question is, why don’t all Christians see this? You’re right, the truth does set you free. Especially when you are willing to embrace All the truth and simply trust in your Lord and God.

    This is the “stand up” guy you are suggesting Dennis needs to come to the light about?

    WARNING- profanity

    There are no secular solutions to spiritual problems.


  • Beth, you are correct that Trump is a worldly man, and one that’s actions demonstrate this. At this time, in our fallen world, I do not think that a God loving person full of the Holy Spirit would ever be elected. I thought about your comment for a long time, trying to draw from God’s word any situation that would bring light to this election. I thought about God’s people wanting a king, when God told them they didn’t need a king. They wanted Saul for their king, and God gave them Saul. Was he a Godly man?

    You said that there are no secular solutions to a spiritual problem. You are so correct. As a country we have turned our back on Truth and the Creator, and it is as if the entire world is yelling, “We need no God; We are higher than God.” With that said, I feel that we have to view this election as choosing which candidate will do the best job (in a worldly manner, as we live in the world for now) to bring our country to a ‘better place,’ ‘to a world, that for the time being doesn’t see Godly people as the enemy,’ ‘that at least wants to secure our boarders.’ and that ‘does at least state that they will Be For the People.’ Then, we put all our trust in the True One and Only God. Regardless, It Is God That Is In Control. To just sit back, and not vote because we do not have a Godly person to choose from, doesn’t seem right to me. Have we ever had a Godly person for president? For God’s people Not To Vote and have no voice in who will be leader in this secular world, means to me that we do not want to be the light and salt in an evil Un-Godly world.
    Thank you for your comment. It caused me to really think about this situation.

  • Beth

    Hi Jan, I’m glad my post got you thinking. 🙂 What I am trying to say (but wasn’t as clear as I should have been), is that I do not believe we need (or are supposed) to vote. Why would God expect us to put our support behind ungodly people (you are right, there has never probably been a saved President)? I personally don’t think He would. I think he wants (and expects) us to let him deal with this country’s leader, and the worlds for that matter. He tells us this in many verses. MAN tells us we need to vote, not God. 😉

    Romans 13:1,2
    13 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

    2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

    Daniel 2:21
    21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings:

    Daniel 4:17
    17 This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

    Daniel 4:32
    32 And they shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field: they shall make thee to eat grass as oxen, and seven times shall pass over thee, until thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will.

    Daniel 5:21
    21 And he was driven from the sons of men; and his heart was made like the beasts, and his dwelling was with the wild asses: they fed him with grass like oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven; till he knew that the most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that he appointeth over it whomsoever he will.

    1 Peter 2:13-17
    3 Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;

    14 Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.

    15 For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:

    16 As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.

    17 Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

    Do you see? It is our Lord and God that puts ALL these men in office. Each of those verses clearly states that. Look to Him, not men.

    Psalm 118:8,9
    8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

    9 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.


    And Dennis, every one who suggested you need to be saved is absolutely right. Jesus Christ is who you truly need. God bless. 🙂

  • Ron S

    I seem to recall that the polls and MSM gave Ronald Reagan no chance at all of defeating Jimmy (second worst president in US history) Carter. The MSM although biased back then, was not as blatantly untruthful as it is today. The only way Trump can lose is by rigged voting where we will see the occupants of cemeteries across the USA being temporarily resurrected in order to vote for Swillary. I’m hoping that enough true America-loving citizens will vote, to counter the certain voting fraud that will occur. What happens in this election will affect the entire Western world, so US citizens are not just voting to protect freedom and democracy in their own country, but much of the Western World as well.

  • Hello Donna:

    Why do (most) of the Main Street Media (MSM) “reporters” fall in line with the liberal narrative? It always amazes (and disgusts) me to watch them in action. The best answer seems to be that they do it for two reasons. (1) The MSM giants are owned and controlled by a mere handful of very powerful men–who are in turn controlled by the “rulers of the darkness of this world.” These elite men push the liberal agenda. (2) The reporters want to keep their jobs. If they undermine Hillary by reporting the truth–They risk being fired. Besides; most of them agree with the liberals. They’ve been indoctrinated by Marxist propaganda all through school. It’s amazing to watch them spin their stories. They wouldn’t say p%%p if their mouths were full of it.

    I can’t prove any of this; but it seems to be the best explanation. Finally; I was looking forward to the presidential candidates debate. However; now that the deck is stacked with people like Anderson Cooper and his ilk (ugh) I think I’ll pass. One final thought: OBama boasts about his administration being “The most transparent in history.” Let’s see…hmm…The brazen, constant lies coming from him, and everyone associated with him–are very transparent to anyone with ears to hear. That’s the only transparency from his time in office. It’s so painful to listen to him and Hillary.

  • Jan,. The decision to vote for Trump is hard for all Christians. However, there are Supreme judges who will be selected by our next President. You already been know what Hillary will do. She will select judges who will comply with her plan. To kill more babies, to pick up our guns to imprison us eventually. She has said she needs to change the backward thinking of religious people. Can you handle this? I will fight to the end. I believe we are close to seeing our Lord. I for one will not be complacent and allow Hillary to be elected with my NON vote.

  • Elijah

    We live in a time when people have more liberty than our parents had, because sins of all kind are more tolerated.Homosexuals now have the freedom to be open and even have achieved status so that if you were to attempt to limit them, you could be brought up on criminal “hate speech” charges. Abortion, which once would have led to ridicule and shame is now forced upon every tax payer to support, and they even feel no shame in trafficking in human body parts. Much worse is available to everyone, especially our children, through the internet. The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life was shown to me by my 13 year old nephew, and is now an internet meme. I’m not even going to mention it because of how offensive it was, but my point is that mankind is openly sinful, which of course sends them in the direction opposite of God. Why? Because God is holy, and in order to approach Him you must come without shame. It’s in our nature to hide, like little children do, when we know we’ve done something wrong.

    Jesus came to bear the judgement of God for our sins. By dying on the cross, he brought us into liberty to approach God free from guilt and the judgement of sin. When he rose from the dead, and ascended to heaven, he became our advocate, so that we can be free of the accusations that the enemy would bring against us, even when we fail. And God sent His Spirit to live inside of us, to perfect us, and to commune with us while we are here on earth. What an awesome Savior!

    The unsaved world is full of sin, and cannot understand the things of God. Those who have believed on Him and put their trust in the finished work of Christ see a part of reality that those in the dark can’t see. Even if they wanted to see it, without salvation thought Jesus it would make no sense to them.

    Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

    We see things because of our faith. It is a fruitless effort to expect that unbelievers will see without faith. In fact, we should expect them to behave just as they are, believing lies and supporting evil. They have no understanding of what they are doing. This is what Christ said of the Romans as they crucified him: “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

    If you are a believer, you are to live in obedience to God; not by any laws or commandments, from which you have been set free, but through the Spirit. Walk in the Spirit of God. Be filled with the Spirit, Do not grieve God’s Spirit by disobedience. Be good children, and seek to make your loving Father happy each day. Tell Him that you love Him, and trust in Him no matter what is happening in the world. This is life in Jesus Christ.

  • Lee Rice, yes you are correct. I stated the same. I feel it is right in the eyes of the Lord for us to be a part of the election process. God’s people are the good in this world. I personally do not think the Lord would want us to sit back and do nothing when we can make a difference in a dark world. That certainly doesn’t mean that I have faith in mankind above the one true God (through Jesus Christ). We are presently in this world, and when we can make a difference in any measure for the good of this country over evil, I believe in my heart that as a Christian, God would want us to.
    I must not have made myself clear in the earlier comment. Lee, I too will fight to the end. May our Lord and Savior guide each one of his own until he comes for us. God Bless

  • Howdy Beth, Even if you are saved, you are not immune from deception. Think on that. You are right in that Trump is not capable in leading in a GODLY manner…so tell me, who ever was capable in the past 150 years? A vote for Clinton is a vote for the rest of the dismemberment of the constitution and this country. It is a vote for the devil incarnate in a lot of our opinions. Trump is just a minion of satan…just as dangerous…but his “checkered past” pales in comparison to Clinton’s. We have always had the lesser of two evils to choose from, Beth, and this election is no different. But I think that the choice is clear about who gets our votes. So far, the vast majority of us who post on this site (except Dennis) do know the truth and it is the whole truth of GOD. Remember that GOD will put whomever HE wants on the throne in America, but we should still vote the lesser of the two evils regardless in hopes that GOD will be using Trump to give those who are not saved a chance to come to a saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST. You, Beth, and the rest of us who know the truth are to redeem the time and win souls for JESUS…and not bicker about the qualities of the candidates…something we have no control over. There ARE spiritual solutions to secular problems if we are obedient to the LORD! Blessings, BuffaloBilly

  • Beth

    Hi BuffaloBilly, I’m sorry if I gave the impression Clinton was a better vote. If you thought I was saying that, I’m not. I don’t vote. I don’t have to, I have a God who is fully in charge, and who puts the people in office He wants. That’s not for me to worry about.

    God bless

  • Lee Rice

    Elijah,. Total agreement with your words of wisdom. I only come against one statement. The Commandments must be followed. The Sabbath law was broken by historical figures and the Catholic Church. I have always gone to church on Sunday. One church has services on Saturday for Sabbath keepers. I believe the change was an evil way to get us to break a commandment. I feel the Spirit if God telling me to adhere to the Sabbath. One if the commandments. Any feedback welcome

  • Lee Rice

    Jan your words are so encouraging. The world is already seeing terrible times. We must not as Christians become complacent. We must stand our ground for Our King. I cannot wait to hear…Come up higher. Thank you for your words. All Christianity MUST vote this time. A Christian understands deeply how this world is moving to destruction.

  • Howdy Lee, I believe that the commandment is to keep the Sabbath Holy…and GOD tells us how to do this. As for worship on the Sabbath or on Sunday…I don’t think that it matters either way. Worship is from the heart and not a place or day of attendance. We worship in many ways besides attending services so I am persuaded that keeping the Sabbath Holy is paramount to time and place. If I am wrong on this, I am sure that I will hear about it soon (LOL). Blessings, BuffaloBilly

  • Howdy Beth, I did not get that impression. What I did perceive was that you were advocating what you just said in your post…it is better not to vote at all. I agree, we all have a right not to vote as well as I right to vote. I will, however, exercise my choice in voting,,,for Trump…the lesser (by far) of the two evils. Blessings, BuffaloBilly

  • Lee Rice

    Thank you Buffalo Billing. I am struggling with the Sabbath commandment at the present time and have been for almost two years now. I rarely go to church anymore.

    I was in a church and was corrected by the pastors wife on my strong stand against abortion. They had asked me to say a few words one Sunday. After my husband and I built a Pregnancy Resource Centers helping pregnant mothers keep their babies, for many many years, I guess when I spoke I was honest and tried to get the young girls to see the sin that they would be playing into if they had an abortion. I also wanted women who may have had an abortion to pray with me and allow God to remove the guilt they were carrying. I never felt comfortable there again due to the pastors wife telling me I might hurt someone’s feelings by my absolute belief against abortion. There are so many weak churches out there. The ministers preach to get people feeling good. I needed real teaching. The minister was such a wonderful man and I love him to this day but he is not TEACHING. I might wander out one of these Sabbaths and see what I can find out there. After all we are told to be among believers. The only believers I am among is this site and a few women I am friends with.

  • Lee Rice

    Tracy They will try to get the Electroial Vote to get her in. Somehow, they can work that thing. I really do not understand how they do it.

  • Lee Rice

    Ron, Beth, Jan….I almost feel like this vote is buying us time. If Hillary gets in, it could be horrible for Christians and Gun Owners. The Supreme Court would be filled with baby killers. We have no other choice but to fight by voting for Trump and praying he will pray about everything he does in the White House. I know I know, he probably won’t pray. But,this will buy us time….Eventually, we must all face whatever God has planned for our near future. I just look up everyday hoping the clouds will separate and I will hear the words, Come UP Here.

  • Howdy Lee, First of all, you ARE among believers here on this site so don’t feel that you are not There actually is a fellowship of believers that has formed from some of those who blog on this site. The next time you see SKYWALKER 57 blogging, reply to him and tell him your dilemma. He will respond and give you info about the fellowship. It’s like church in cyberspace! We are all having problems finding locations that preach the WORD and don’t compromise it. Make sure that they preach/teach from the KJV, preach against sin, have a strong stand against abortion and the LBGT agenda, and have an invitation to CHRIST at the end of each service. They are still out there, just harder to find since so many pastors are compromising the WORD to save their 501C3 status for a federal tax deduction.. Secondly, I hope that you left that church when the pastor’s wife made her sinful suggestion. There is no better teacher than THE WORD so stay in it and GOD will witness to you as HE does to me when I read my Bible. You never need to struggle with anything as long as you know what the Bible says about an issue. Blessings, BuffaloBilly

  • Danie

    In the morning of 20th July 2016, in a vision (supernatural dream) of The LORD God Almighty, The LORD Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, I saw Barack Obama lose the elections. I then saw him so Bitter and full of Rage. I then saw him and his inner circles scheming not to hand over power. In the Public Domain, I saw them promising to hand over power, but in private it was a different perspective.

    NOTE: The LORD had already revealed to me that Barack Obama is actually “Running” for a third term. So there are essentially three main Candidates in the USA Presidential Race: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

    The Vision of The LORD then ended.

    The message that was imparted in my heart from this communication of The LORD is that there is a controversy that will bedevil the upcoming U.S.A General Elections. There will be a scheme (an attempt) not to hand over power.

    So, will there be U.S.A Elections or won’t there be U.S.A Elections? I don’t know. What I know (as revealed to me by The LORD), is that Barack Obama is “running” for a third term, and that he will then lose and will consequently be full of bitterness and rage, and he together with his inner circles will scheme (make an attempt) not to hand over power.

    The United States of America (and indeed the entire World) seem now to be sailing in uncharted waters, they thus need a Master Captain to steer the ship to safety and to calm waters. That Master Captain of the ship is The LORD Jesus Christ. The USA (and the entire World) need Him “very badly”, both at individual personal levels and national levels. To get access to Him, Repent of your sins, that you be forgiven the sins through the Blood of The LORD Jesus Christ, and thereby walk in righteousness, holiness, truth and complete surrender to The LORD Jesus Christ.


    NOTE: America needs neither Donald Trump, nor Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton, America needs The LORD Jesus Christ. America needs repentance that her sins be forgiveness through The Blood of The LORD Jesus Christ; both at individual level and at national level. No one can make America Great again; for her hour of Judgement has arrived. The LORD Jesus Christ will Protect and Shield those who call on His Name, even as The Judgments of The LORD make Landfall upon America (and indeed other Nations) very very shortly.


  • Meg

    Christians didn’t vote and we got the current president. If Christians don’t vote this time we will get Killary and the US will continue to become like a third world country and will have more crime and become more evil. God gives us a choice in how we want to live. I for one do not want to help Killary become the president. Who knows what God has in store for Trump? Maybe he will become a believer. I do believe that he loves this country and doesn’t want to see it go down without a fight. If the democrats win, it won’t be long before Christians will have to go underground to worship our Lord.

  • Judi


  • Buster

    That is exactly why it is there. If a candidate, the elite doesn’t like gets the popular vote, they can rig the election so the one THEY want wins. It is not about the people, it’s about keep power from the people. A previous post already said what George Soros says, he probably knows, since he funds Hillary. Just look at what the democrats already have been doing with the election. Getting the Obama appointed judges to overturn state election laws. Oh the dems say, certain groups can’t get ID, that is the farthest from the truth. Anyone can get an ID, if they really want it. No one has any problems getting free goods and services. After all this, I look at it this way. If Hillary gets elected, it has to be God’s will. After all he did raise up Nebuchadnezzar to do God’s will. Even if it were to punish Israel. I truly believe, if Hillary Clinton is elected President, it will be the end of the United States as we know it.


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