Saudis Warn That New U.S. 9/11 Lawsuit Bill Will ‘Open The Gates Of Hell’ On America

The article continues by predicting that the Senate will come to regret its decision because of the economic damage to the U.S. should the bill be approved. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, to whom the article refers as “the most influential Republican politician in the U.S.,” understands this and tried to warn Senate members not to “make mistakes” with Saudi Arabia. However, “racist” and “hostile” Vice President Joe Biden ignored Ryan’s warnings and incited the Senate to pass the bill.

The Saudi press slammed the U.S. for its “despicable” double standard in regard to a proposed bill that would allow victims of the September 11 attacks to sue the kingdom, claiming that the move would “open the gates of hell,” enabling all countries that have been wronged by the U.S. to sue it for war crimes. 

The popular Saudi daily Okaz ran a scathing article translated by MEMRI, entitled, “Congress’s Satanic Deed Opens the Gates of Hell for the World’s Largest Country,” accompanied by an image of President Obama with a Star of David and the emblem of the Iranian regime on his forehead.

Senate OKs bill to let 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia:

Proclaiming that the bill proves that there “is no justice or morality in American politics,” the article accuses the U.S. of bypassing international law, which stipulates that countries are immune from legal proceedings in other states.

The U.S. Senate exhibited the most despicable kind of double standard, defied the [whole] world, and showed contempt for international law when it passed a bill allowing families of the September 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. This bill will change the international law regarding sovereign immunity, which has long been implemented. The Senate failed to understand that, by adopting this bill, it will open many doors for harming the U.S. [itself], because this bill will enable countries that have been harmed by the U.S. to sue it for war crimes.

The article continues by predicting that the Senate will come to regret its decision because of the economic damage to the U.S. should the bill be approved. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, to whom the article refers as “the most influential Republican politician in the U.S.,” understands this and tried to warn Senate members not to “make mistakes” with Saudi Arabia. However, “racist” and “hostile” Vice President Joe Biden ignored Ryan’s warnings and incited the Senate to pass the bill.

The Okaz editorial points out that Biden, whose rhetoric is xenophobic and hostile toward Muslims, was behind the proposal to divide Iraq into three sectarian mini-states.

The double standard in the U.S. policy has become clear, considering that it ignores Iran and Hezbollah, who, in documents of the U.S. Prosecutor, were convicted of perpetrating the September 11 [attacks] along with Al-Qaeda, and at the same time it levels accusations against a country that has suffered and is still suffering from terror [Saudi Arabia], and which spends large sums to defend the region from its dangers.

Another article published the same day in the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah echoed Okaz‘s warning that “stripping countries of their [sovereign] immunity and allowing them to be sued will open the gates of hell for the Americans themselves.”

Saudi columnist Fadhel Bin Sa’d Al-Bu’aynin further warned that the bill would become a “hangman’s noose that will tighten around the neck” of the U.S.

Al-Bu’aynin continues by claiming that the bill will cause all the U.S.’s past interference in Middle Eastern affairs – “state terror … destroying countries and peoples … and stealing their resources” – to come back to haunt it.

“One day, this law will be used to sue all those who who caused the destruction of Iraq, Syria, and Libya and spread terror organizations in them, and everyone who planned to destroy Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco. The monster will rise up against its creator,” the article reads. source

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  • futuret
    • Dan

      So it doesn’t matter whether are not the letter is a hoax? Yes, in fact, it does matter! I can’t believe someone would

      even say this when it comes to bible prophecy. You’re in effect saying that GOD is ok with spreading lies because ;you

      know we can’t trust the government. But, shouldn’t we trust each other? The website (Before it’s news) just lost all

      credability with me. The reasoning still has me shaking my head ! (Disappointing)!

      let’s say that Snopes is correct and that the alleged ‘suicide note’ part of the article is a hoax. The fact remains, the things mentioned are going to happen and are being prophesied and discussed by many other people all over the internet. So whether or not an ‘agent’ to our government left a ‘note’ confirming what God is already confirming in our hearts or not is basically irrelevant, to say the least.

  • Should the American people, themselves, be held liable for war crimes and acts of terrorism committed by their criminal (mis-) leaders? It seems liability belongs to those who did the crimes and those who assisted in the continuing cover-up. RICO statutes provide for seizure of assets of the conspirators of a criminal enterprise.

  • futuret
  • MellowStill

    Who Cares ..?
    I should Sue the Ilegal U.S. Fed. Corporate government Too,
    For .. Identity Theft .. Since the day I was born .. StrawMan.

    The Corporate U.S. IS NOT .. The, We The people’s U.S.A.
    THEY Are the ones that committed these Crimes Against Humanity ..

    Let Them Pay For THEIR Actions.

  • futuret
  • bob jones

    Saudis spread and support terror like no one else, that being said, our country had no reason to be killing innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt and others. Disgraceful and certainly war crimes. None of those countries had a thing to do with 911. Millions of innocents murdered and displaced by the globalist scum that have taken over control of America. Time to take the country back.

    • John33

      Well bob maybe cause now all these countries have a new central bank installed plus they stole all their oil amd other natural resources. 911 was an inside job to do all this. Dont get me wrong but this bill is ought to be passed so they can deatroy the usa and set up the new world order. Just investigate who owns the fed bank and why kennedy was shot you fin lots of suprissig results.

  • The crimes of 9-11, along with other attacks on the human journey are becoming known.

    RICO (racketeering) laws provide for punishments involving organized criminal activity. By classifying the 28 pages, Bush’s concealment of Saudi connections points to a conspiracy of mega-fraud proportions, and implicates himself and his administration in the cover-up.

    Compensations to victims can come from the coffers of the conspirators–seizing their ill-gotten gains per RICO statutes.

    The American people themselves are also victims, and so liability for Americans should actually be reversed to compensenate those Americans most harmed by the 9-11 crimes/conspiracy.

    • Leonard

      Because I haven’t seen the “classified” 28 pages, I won’t even speculate on what they contain. I can offer the prediction that once Americans are granted the right to sue Saudi Arabia for the events of 9/11/01, a LOT of frivolous law suits will be filed, knowing that the govt of Saudi Arabia can’t afford to fight them all, and many will be settled in favor of the fraudulent filers of frivolous lawsuits (Spiro Agnew would be proud of me)to keep the kingdom from being bankrupted…

  • I wish to have a private message exchange with Mr. Grider regarding the rules here, and what postings would be deleted. How do I contact Mr. Grider?

  • Jack Lovett

    The Mossad, (jews) were in collusion with the jew puppydog (USA) with there puppets, cheny, bushwackers et al on 9-11
    now they want the monkey off there back. Trying to place blame on Saudis. Sick SOB’s

  • Even if the 28 pages are revealed and Saudis are implicated, this does nothing to answer the questions about controlled demolition of Building 7 and the Twin Towers. We are left in a ‘limited hangout’ of 15 of 19 Saudi hijackers and the rest of the official story remains essentially intact.

    The problem is that mass media have known about the CLASSIFIED 28 pages for over a decade and their investigative journalists could have pursued the concealment and dogged Bush over his choice to hide 28 pages and allow a 747 of Saudis to fly out of the USA when no one else was allowed to fly.

    The wheels are coming off the cart. Those who continue to cover-up the crime are even more culpable in the crime as accessories after the fact–and, IMO, subject to the same treatment as organized crime racketeers in the confiscation of their assets.

    Here’s what I consider to be the least damaging manner to 1) preserve our Republic, 2) preserve The Constitution, and 3) achieve justice:

    The truth will set us free. Please don’t kill the truth–even as ugly as the truth may be.

  • Herman Johnson

    I have to say that a whole bunch of Jew’s were killed on 9/11. I believe the survivors of the people lost at the twin towers, have received over a million dollars for every life lost. Time to give up trying to collect more money. that’s what this new bill is about. Take Ben Bernanke, who swindled all those Jew’s out of their money. If he had swindled a bunch of Gentiles, there would have been little effort to get their money back, but they went all out because it was Jew’s that lost their money, and their is no doubt in my mind, the Jew’s are pushing to Sue Saudi Arabia, so they can get more money out of 9/11. Is there anyone that can prove my statement wrong?

  • Jack Lovett

    You are so far out of touch with reality I fear their is no hope for you Herman.

  • Trober

    One more step toward WW3.

    Those wanting to sue the Saudis should really be suing Bill Clinton. He partied for 8 years in the oval office and you can go back and review EIGHT YEARS OF SECURITY CONCERNS GOING OFF ALL OVER THE WORLD, INCLUDING IN —MANY— U.S.-BASED LOCATIONS.

    Bill let security go to h3ll in hand basket while partying it up on Reagan’s works that created the .com boom.

  • Dave

    I’m all for this bill, but something I’m not getting is: Don’t you think Obama will veto it? I mean, he’s pro-Arab, pro-Islam. What am I missing here?

  • “Obama is pro-Arab, pro-Islam” is a canard … a groundless rumor or belief. Obama’s actions belie this common belief.

    Obama has continued the war crimes policies of the Bush dynasty in invasions, occupations, etlehnic cleansing, destruction of cultures and regime changes. He has repeatedly spoken unwavering support for the Jewish state of Israel.

    I’m reminded of the former head of CIA William Casey quote: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Read it again and let it sink in good and hard. Then, look up what Carl Sagan had to say about “bamboozle”.

  • connor61

    Let me guess this is all just planned by the NWO again, this is so lame.
    Its probly all just staged to bring about more terrorist attacks.

  • futuret
  • Consider that the powers that be (evil) want to collapse our currency–and avoid blame. They set up a scenario that the Saudis start a run on the US dollar in retaliation for being blamed for 9-11.

    Without actually exposing who really did 9-11, chaos of economic collapse ensues and that chaos provides a smokescreen for the powers that be (evil) to avoid accountability.

    C’mon. Use your powers of discernment. Look at the direction of the deceptions since the assassination of JFK moving forward.

    Watch the documentary: JFK TO 9-11: EVERYTHING IS A RICH MAN’S TRICK

  • loti

    Herman, yes you are indeed out of touch with reality. I wonder what makes people blame absolutely everything on the jews. Even ISIS was, according to people like you, created by Israel. But ISIS is now saying they are coming to destroy Israel, so???? Please explain!!!

  • Who is reporting what ISIS says? Can you believe everything you hear or read from “the news”? Should we believe the Saudis?


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