Russia Signs Historic Eurasian Economic Union Pact With Belarus And Kazakhstan

"The just-signed treaty is of epoch-making, historic importance," Russian President Vladimir Putin said. The troika of countries will cooperate in energy, industry, agriculture, and transport....

Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan signed the historic Eurasian Economic Union which will come into effect in January 2015.

“And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,” Ezekiel 38″1,2

The bible says in both Ezekiel 38 and 39 that the Magog, whom nearly all bible prophecy watchers agree is Russia, comes to great power in the last days to come against Israel. So it is interesting to watch as our modern-day Russia continues to grow exponentially in economic strength and military power.

“The just-signed treaty is of epoch-making, historic importance,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said. The troika of countries will cooperate in energy, industry, agriculture, and transport.


Cutting down trade barriers and comprising over 170 million people it will be the largest common market in the ex-Soviet sphere.


“In fact, we are shaping the largest common market in the CIS, with huge production, scientific and technological potential and enormous natural resources,” the President added.

Citizens of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan will have the right to work freely throughout the member states without having to be issued any special work permits, Putin said.

Over the last three years, trade within the Customs Union has increased by $23 billion, or nearly 50 percent. At the end of 2013, it stood at $66.2 billion.

Belarus and Kazakhstan are in third place in foreign trade with the Russian Federation, after the EU and China, Putin said.

The Russian leader said that the document brings Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus to a new level of integration yes lets each individual state fully retain its sovereignty.

“We ensure a close and coherent economic collaboration and cooperation. Today we have created a powerful and attractive center of economic development, a large regional market that brings together more than 170 people. Our union has huge reserves of natural resources, including energy, which accounts for one fifth of the world’s gas reserves and 15 percent of oil reserves,” Putin said. source

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  • Cyrus


    Putin’s EU brainchild is stillborn.


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  • sst

    Like Putin had any choice?

  • mountain saint

    It looks like Russia is starting to form its own confederation of nations that will be coming up against Israel in a few years (Ezekiel 38:2-6)…I understand that the Ukraine wants to join NATO and this Russia will not tolerate. They will soon invade and topple the Islamic government.

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  • mountain saint

    I don’t know how he did it but Obama somehow forced the bottom out of the price of gas and collapsed the Russian economy. Now is twisting the tail of the bear and Putin will get the final revenge when he annihilates the United States (Jermiah 25:32-33)

  • carson

    ezekiel 38 and 39 read as russia and allies come in great military power but not economically as instead it say’s they come seeking spoil.
    It’s a wonder now with economic+ sanctions upon them and their main ally iran that probably over a time span those will have there effect of pulling russia and iran to desire or need spoil/economic gain and all the while israel is producing more energy fields and tech and industry etc. What other country in the mideast has modern production facilities like israel also.

    The powers that be seem to sit on the sidelines saying-have you come to take spoil..slap on the wrist.
    Maybe the powers that be are no friends of Israel, individual EU countries are cuing up to recognize a palestinian state monthly now, and by time the magog event nears they’ll have grown weary of trying to lift that ‘burdensome stone’ (only a burden to those who insist on lifting it) so maybe to some degree they think..hey if russia and iran can finally get rid of israel then let them and so they sit on the sidelines, or the powers that be aren’t able to effectively stop magog, what’s going on within the western countries now and until the time of the ezek war? or it’s simply a mix of both for why they appear to sit on the sidelines.
    Also important, Israel dwells safely in the day magog comes, unlike today, so something there changes too.

    MS-probably the derivative’s and dark pool monies are used to move the price of oil. sovereign wealth funds and many other vehicles out there that gov’s can use and when gov’s/corporations and banks get together they’ve got plenty to do their desire.

  • mountain saint

    carson, you have made an excellent point… Yes, it will be for economic reasons that the Russians will be invading Israel in the war of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38-39). They will be after the Israeli wealth in gold and silver and cattle and goods, something they don’t have right now (Ezekiel 38:11-13)…You will also note that Jordan, Lebanon and Syria won’t be involved in World War Three, unlike the outer circle of Moslem nations who will lose 5/6ths of their armies in this war (Ezekiel 38:2)… What happened to the Arab nations? They will have been annihilated by the Israelis forty-two months earlier in the fourth and final Arab vs. Israeli war scheduled for sometime during or after the 2014-2015 Tetrad (Psalm 83, Isaiah 17:1 and Amos 1-2)…So it looks like Obama will be responsible for both the upcoming war of Psalm 83 but also World War Three, a few years later.

    • carson

      yeah I’d forgotten somewhat that non-mention of Israel’s direct neighbors (syria, lebanon, etc) amassing with the magog alliance.
      Seems like they’d be eager for such an attack on israel yet their not mentioned as joining in so..if their subdued beforehand and after that regional war a 7 year covenant that would also allow Israel it’s safely dwelling since it’s neighbors aren’t lobbing rockets anymore. Yeah psalm83 Isaiah 17..
      I dunno when,can’t be so bold lol, but soon, before magog events yeah. This year does have alot of signs pointing to an acceleration of things.


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