Rick Warren Caught In Chrislam Lie By Orange County Register

Rick Warren's staff has acknowledged the Register article is correct, he had a role in the “King’s Way” document, he signed “CommonWord,” and he even traveled to Syria earlier....

A false prophet field day

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“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.” 2 Peter 2:1,2

When an Orange County Register article about Rev. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church’s mission to heal differences between evangelical Christians and Muslims was published, many of America’s Christians saw it as more evidence of Warren’s blurry vision of “Chrislam,” a blending of Christianity and Islam, despite his repeated denials.


The Feb. 23 article identified Saddleback documents that spell out the similarities between Christianity and Islam, saying that one document co-authored by Jihad Turk of the Christian-Muslim Consultative Group in Los Angeles and Abraham Meulenberg, pastor of Interfaith Outreach at Saddleback, claims the two religions “worship the same God.”

While many supporters of Warren insist that claims in the article are false, both the Register reporter and an editor at the Register told WND that Saddleback Church leadership confirmed that the article was “factually accurate.”

“Folks at Saddleback initially made but then withdrew a request for a clarification to the story’s first paragraph,” Jim Hinch told WND in an email. “Instead of the words ‘Muslims and Christians worship the same God’ they wanted the story to read ‘Muslims and Christians believe that God is one.’ The rest of the story, they said, is factually accurate.”

Calls and emails to Rick Warren were not returned.

Despite his staff’s acknowledgement to the Register that the article is factually accurate, Warren denied claims in the article by pointing the finger at the reporter for “getting it wrong.”

“This is an example of why I always doubt what I read in newspapers and blogs about ministries,” Warren said in a statement sent to church members. “Secular reporters trying to cover churches and theological issues often get it wrong,” he said.

“But then Christian bloggers, instead of contacting the ministry, blindly believe, quote and repost the errors made by secular reporters. Then those errors become permanent, searchable, and global on the Internet,” he continued.

“I couldn’t count the number of times a secular reporter has gotten a story about Saddleback wrong but then it is perpetuated by Christians who never fact-check. And the three factors I mentioned about the Internet make it impossible to correct all the misperceptions, and outright lies that get repeated over and over.”

Hinch, who has worked as a senior editor at Guideposts as well as a religion reporter at the Register, tells WND that numerous pastors at Saddleback were contacted about his article, and each one of them told him Warren would not be made available for comment for this particular story.

One pastor even emailed Hinch to say, “leadership decided they don’t want the work of King’s Way to be published.” “King’s Way” is a document that was a central focus of the Register story. The document was unveiled at Saddleback Church in December to an interfaith audience of more than 300 Muslims and Christians, and reportedly was co-authored by Meulenberg and Turk.

At the dinner, the five-page document was introduced through a slide presentation and outlined similarities between the two religions. Under the heading “A Path to End the 1,400 Years of Misunderstanding Between Muslims and Christians,” the presentation included Bible verses and Quran verses side by side, identifying how the God for both religions are one in the same.

One example included a reference to “Who we believe in” followed by, “God is the Creator – Genesis 1:1, Al Shura 42:11″

Those two passages:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1

“The originator of the heavens and the earth…” – Al Shura 42:11

Another example identified “God is One,” followed by “Mark 12:29, Muhammed 47:19″

Those are:

“And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear O’ Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord.” – Mark 12:29

“So know that there is no Diety except Allah” – Muhammed 47:19

Hinch tells WND that he obtained a copy of the “King’s Way” document from a confidential source on the condition that it not be published in its entirety. He said, “The document, which was given to me by a source for this story on condition it not be published in its entirety, outlines several areas of theological agreement between Christians and Muslims and commits members of both faiths to three goals: becoming friends; making peace; and sharing ‘the blessings of God’ with others.”

“The Register story based the phrases ‘same God’ and ‘one God’ on the phrasing in this document, which states that Christians and Muslims believe in one God,” he said. WND’s repeated requests to Saddleback for a copy of the document went unanswered. After the Register article was published, Warren issued a statement via a Christian Post reporter in an interview format.

Warren said, “A few days ago, an article appeared in the Orange County Register that included some outrageous statements about Saddleback that were incorrect. “Of course, the media rarely gets everything right, and there’s no way we could respond to every false statement made about us. But I felt this article created so many misperceptions that I agreed to do an interview in response…”

The interviewer also asked Warren if people of other religions worship the same God as Christians, to which Warren replies, “Of course not. Christians have a God that is unique.” Steve McConkey, of bigworldwatch.com, a news gathering site, says of Warren’s response to the article, “A person should not say one thing one time and another thing later and then blame the reporter.

“The problem that we have is that he has a case of doublespeak. Warren denies the Orange County Register article’s contents, but the document he signed ‘A Common Word Between Us and You’ says differently,” says McConkey.

McConkey is referring to a much publicized 2007 document, which according to the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, was signed by Warren, among many others considered to be Christian leaders, that within the first few lines says:

“…many Christians have been guilty of sinning against our Muslim neighbors. Before we ‘shake your hand’ in responding to your letter, we ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One and of the Muslim community around the world.”

The lengthy document then outlines how both Muslims and Christians serve “one God,” and makes an argument that the two are one in the same, much like the “King’s Way” document unveiled in December at Saddleback Church.

It is that perspective that other Christians have called “Chrislam.” Saddleback and Warren declined numerous WND attempts to speak about the issue. But in the Christian Post, he responded.

There he’s asked, “Are you promoting Chrislam?” “Of course not. It’s the lie that won’t die,” he said.

Yet his staff has acknowledged the Register article is correct, he had a role in the “King’s Way” document, he signed “Common Word,” and he even traveled to Syria earlier.

The Register story mentions that both Turk and Dr. Gwynn Guibord serve an organization called Christian-Muslim Consultative Group.

WND reached Dr. Guibord regarding her interview with Jim Hinch. In his interview she states that her group has avoided inviting evangelical churches to join their endeavor to “foster relationships between churches and mosques” but is now changing that opinion because “Saddleback’s effort is unprecedented.” source – WND

RELATED STORY: Click to read about Rick Warren and the birth of Chrislam…


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  • So, an “unnamed member of leadership” has a problem with Warren’s work to heal differences in the Church and Islam, yet he still works for Saddleback Church? I don’t buy it. Name sources or WND is still just spouting out nonsense like they are about Obama being a muslim non-citizen.

  • There is only one God and his name is not Allah. Islam is basically a religion of hate. It has only one way into Heaven-Martyrdom. There is no other name under Heaven and earth which one can enter into the Kingdom of God. That name is JESUS.

  • “All Merciful One?” How vague. I’m noticing this in Salvation Army and other denominations, who pray, yet the don’t use Jesus’ Name. “In Your Name” , All Merciful One” It is a broad enough term to impart denying His Name and leaving it an open god worship, such as Baal or Moloch. Deceivers. Thanks for morning read Watchman..

  • It is the same God in name and in history. Just as the Jews worship the same God as Christians, though God’s recorded behavior is different in their main texts, it is still the same God. Islam began with the same God…”the God of Abraham” (if this isn’t the God of Christians, then please say so!), with the same name (Allah is the Arabic word for the Hebrew equivalent of Elohim-but non-pluralized). Thus it is the same God but with different doctrinal positions based on two different writings! Nobody ever claimed that that Christian Bible and the Quran are the same…though they have similarities. So, Rick is right on both. It is the same God in name and history, but not the same God in actions because they are two very different documents. One document was assembled over a great deal of time by a variety of scholars and one was put together in a short time by one man…Caliph Ulthmann. Ulthmann decided unilaterally which verses would be in the Quran and which would not. Hence we had the “Satanic Verses” published hundreds of years later by Salman Rushdie.
    Yes, they don’t believe in the hypostatic union. They are not a Christian religion, but neither do the Jews.
    I can document the linguistic issue…but anyone who can read and knows the role of “God of Abraham” in the Bible knows that to be “the God” (o theos-in Gk).

  • Yes these are the false prophets that Jesus spoke about, Only Complete idiots and totally demon possessed people will say that Christians and muslims worship the same God, NOT at all people, the god of the koran tells its followers to kill the saturday and the sunday people, but the GOD of the Bible who is Yahweh, Jesus Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim etc etc; tells HIS PEOPLE to Love their enemies. So the GOD of the Bible is GOD of love, while the god of islam (who is no god at all) tell them to hat and to kill! This does not sound like the same God to any Born-again Christian, if christian who is not born-again of the Holy Spirit of GOD! then he is NOT a Christian at all and he will believe any lie of the devil! So don’t be fooled people, Only JESUS has the POWER to save mankind, and HIS NAME is might to save , heal , and deliver any soul from the Devil and his angels, and ONLY JESUS ‘s shed blood can purchase your lost soul and take you to HEAVEN!!!

  • The only problem I have with Warren is his declaration that Obama is a Christian. When someone ridicules the Bible the way that Obama does, there is seriously little chance that they are a Christian! While other presidents may have ridiculed the Bible with their actions, like Clinton, while calling themselves a “Christian”…I never read any account of Clinton ridiculing the Bible.
    The Bible is the sacred writings of the Christians, though I don’t think there would be any killings if someone burnt a copy of it.

  • You go Victor…all of us linguistic folks, missionaries, and seminary grads are all idiots. We don’t know anything about the Bible or God…we’ve just spent our lives studying the Word so that we could defend the Gospel, as Paul did, to the liberals by finding the cracks in the “4 gospel theory”…but don’t listen to us…
    Read Acts 17 and how Paul names the pagan “unknown God” as the God of the Bible…then post your foolishness.

  • wayfsr

    Anyone who heard Rick Warren “pray” at Obama’s inauguration knows that Warren believes that most religions believe in the same God when in fact they do not all believe in the one true God of the Bible. For those who don’t remember, he used the word for God out of several religions including allah, all in one sentence. Warren can’t deny what was heard and recorded around the world!

  • “Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold,……..But with the precious blood of Christ,…..Who BY HIM do believe in God, that raised him from the dead, and gave him glory: that your faith anad hope might be in God. (1 Peter 1:18-21). What this “dreamer of dreams” (Deut 13:3) fails to get is that all of the “unity” in the whold world will never override the truth of the word of God. Rick Warren’s primary delimma is that he does not believe the word of
    God. (KJB). He is so confused due to the multitude of “easy to understand” versions on the shelves that he is sure that nothing is for sure. The Holy Spirit is to guide the believer “into all truth’ ( John 16:13)…..so, where is the problem????

    • What makes you so sure that the Holy Spirit is guiding you? Rick understands the “easy to understand” version called “Textus receptus” and has it on his computer for reference. It is what the KJB was translated from and clearly is more accurate than your KJB! Doesn’t the KJB use the word “Baptize” instead of “immerse”? If it is a “perfect translation” then why are you having to correct people on this transliteration? No such thing as a “perfect translation” because there is no “perfect language”. If the Holy Spirit guides the believer into all truth, then why do we need a Bible at all? Can the Holy Spirit not guide the believer without it? Is that not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit to say that He cannot? This is called a “dilemma”. Welcome to the world of critical thinking…

  • Anyone that has ever studied Islam and the Bible know that Muhamed the false prophet took pieces from the Bible and claimed parts of it as his own. He not only took pieces from the Bible but other popular stories of the wandering tribes of various descent that had different twisted stories of the Bible – not the true stories from the Bible. In other words, a con-artist, claiming to be the prophet of God, stole words from the Bible and claimed to be the only true prophet and his words were the only truth, especially not the Holy Bible.

  • Satan wears many hats masquarading (sp) as a god.
    Satan takes many forms as well as an ‘angel of light’.

    There is One God. One Salvation. One Way to Redemption. Only through Jesus Christ, the ‘payment’ for our way.

    “Allah” is not God; but is one of Satans’ offers AS a god. “Allah” does not offer redemption. “Allah” is another hat Satan wears. “Allah” is as counterfeit as a ‘crystal’ is to bring peace.

    • I’m sorry Faith, but Allah is one of the names used in the Bible for “God” It is the singular of “Elohim”. Satan corrupts truth. The truth is that this word describes the God of the Bible and every archaeologist on the planet knows it. If you don’t trust the Bible, that is fine. If you don’t trust the Quran, that too is your choice. But to deny reality is ludicrous!
      Rick Warren has quoted John 14:4 copiously and I fully trust that he believes it…or he would keep some of his money, would turn to another religion, or would fall morally. None of these are true! Rick gives up 91% of his income while taking nothing from his church after giving back all 25 years of his salary from them. Rick has never turned to another religion, he is a 4th generation Christian pastor in the Southern Baptist tradition. He has never, not one time, ever even been accused of any moral issues. So please pick on someone who deserves your righteous anger.

  • Remember this,
    The scripture says: Even the demons of hell BELIEVE in God…and they TRIMBLE.

    Satan and his demons are working to help you believe in any god; except the One and Only God, Jehovah.

    Worship the ‘dust mite’ and Satan will empower you to do so.
    Do you want Truth or lies?

    Satan wears many hats.

  • Rick Warren is not an servant of our living God Lord Jesus Christ.
    He is clearly serving Mammon the demon of greed,money and ilgotton gains.
    He has not the Father nor the Lords truth.

    America is an Christian Nation!
    True Americans are Christians mummuham was a false prophet, but more,an psychotic murderer of the innocent!
    Islam is an anti christian cult based on lies and deceit.

    If muslims come to America they should want the freedom that lies in our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.
    If not stay away or lest fight the Living God Of Israel
    our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Anyone with the Holy Spirit can look at Warren and see his falseness and deceit!
    Peace be unto you

    • Your diction and grammar makes my point stronger…thank you!

  • You might want to read this before you put too much credence in that OC Register article.


  • God created everything perfectly. The Holy Bible is our Users Manual and good reference to every questions if you ask God’s guidance and wisdom to understands it. The Holy spirit will help you see and learn word for word if your heart is pure to accept it. Most of the time, most of us don’t understands or don’t want to understand how our almighty GOD thinks and works, the reason we have these questions, having debates, claiming or thinking we know and understands better than any other another religion. His will and plans are not like ours… He is God! Are we guided by the holy spirit before we comment, judge and hate people? Matthew 7:5 “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Let us pray for one another instead and may the Lord help us remove the plank in our eye to be able to see clearly and HELP our brothers not hate them or judge them. We need to love each other purely. (I guess it’s not easy for everybody) That’s what the Lord wants us to do, Because that’s what HE did for us to save us. Follow our Lord Jesus no matter what other people tell you or hate you. Mark 13:13 “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Our Lord also commands us to love our enemy… Love in they way how God still loves us inspite of all our sins. Brothers, I don’t understand it all but i humbly ask our Lord to give me wisdom and strength. May the Lord bless us always! All praise to God!

  • Rick Warren prays to Islam’s false Christ/Isa here:

    David Rothschild is likely to present himself to Muslims as Islam’s false Christ/Isa and Christianity’s false prophet. Rick Warren is a false teacher for the Rothschild’s coming one world religion that is based on Satanism/Luciferianism. See what David Rothschild, a son of perdition, looks like here:


    Matthew 24:5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.

  • Galatians 4:21-31 The story of Hagar and Sarah shows the most basic fact of Christianity and Islam. They are under two different covenants and should never be joined together. Even Rick Warren should know that.

    21 Tell me, you who want to be under the law, are you not aware of what the law says? 22 For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the slave woman and the other by the free woman. 23 His son by the slave woman was born according to the flesh, but his son by the free woman was born as the result of a divine promise.

    24 These things are being taken figuratively: The women represent two covenants. One covenant is from Mount Sinai and bears children who are to be slaves: This is Hagar. 25 Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children. 26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother. 27 For it is written:

    “Be glad, barren woman,
    you who never bore a child;
    shout for joy and cry aloud,
    you who were never in labor;
    because more are the children of the desolate woman
    than of her who has a husband.”
    28 Now you, brothers and sisters, like Isaac, are children of promise.29 At that time the son born according to the flesh persecuted the son born by the power of the Spirit. It is the same now. 30 But what does Scripture say? “Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman’s son.”31 Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.

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