Pope Francis Says That The Muslim Invasion Of Europe Should Be Embraced

"We can speak today of Arab invasion. It is a social fact," Pope Francis says with detachment, as if observed that the weather is cold. But he immediately added - and theorists of the "great change", dear to the far right, then it would remain disappointed - "how many invasions has experienced Europe in the course of its history! But he has always been able to overcome herself, go ahead then they find themselves as increased by the exchange between cultures."

Pope Francis referred to an “Arab invasion” during a speech to a French Christian group this week, adding that Europe has been enhanced by previous influxes of people.

“And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.” Revelation 13:6 (KJV)

In an absolutely shocking statement yesterday, Pope Francis very matter-of-factly declared that the Muslim invasion of Europe is an established fact and that it if Europe wanted to survive they should embrace the millions of illegal migrants pouring across their borders. The website of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano had this to say:

“We can speak today of Arab invasion. It is a social fact,” Pope Francis says with detachment, as if observed that the weather is cold. But he immediately added – and theorists of the “great change”, dear to the far right, then it would remain disappointed – “how many invasions has experienced Europe in the course of its history! But he has always been able to overcome herself, go ahead then they find themselves as increased by the exchange between cultures.” – source

The pope then went on to say that Europe needs a “healthy secularism” where all religious points of view are tolerated and accepted:

“A healthy secularism includes an opening to all forms of transcendence, according to the different religious and philosophical traditions” 

The speed in which Pope Francis is assembling and building his One World Religion is astonishing. He said in the same meeting “Let us put aside the religious dimension” and let us “make an appeal to all humanity”.

You are watching the prophesied One World Religion coming to life before your very eyes.


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  • Terri Horn

    It is becoming more and more obvious that this current pope appears to be the false prophet….
    the time of Jesus calling his bride home and meeting her in the clouds is getting closer..

    • Kevin

      He is the 2nd beast of Revelation (the lamb with 2 horns). He is mocking/playing the humble Jesus (1 of the horns) but the other horn has another agenda, and that is to bring in the 1 st beast’s “image”, and to denounce Christianity which Francis has clearly done in many words already. What he is doing is denouncing Christianity and bringing in, or “causing all” to worship Allah, which Islam is a creation of the Papacy, and who (Allah) will be soon announced as the one true god. This we are witnessing happening clearly through all their deceptive propaganda lies. The 1st beast is the one who will be worshipped, which is pope John Paul II, but it will be only his “image” as the Word of God tells us several times. John says the 2nd beast has everyone make an image of the 1st beast, and whoever does not worship the image must be killed. It is this 2nd beast (pope Francis) that is doing all this, Why? because an image is just an image, not real. Remember God sends them a strong “delusion” , a delusion is not real, and they will believe the “lie”, it is all going to be a lie, a deception. Pope John Paul II fits the prophecy of the beast in the 7 king prophecy perfectly, as also does pope Benedict and Francis. Pope John Paul II has a 24 hour webcam on it, now why would they do that? Because they will soon show a false resurrection on that camera of the beast that was, and is not, and is yet to come, like the prophecy reads, a mocking again of Jesus. If you check Youtube on Paul John Paul’s camera, you will see an angel of light, or as they claim. may have been JP’s spirit. The stage is and has been set for many years for this big lie that will be very very soon, revealed to the world. Why do you think pope Francis just met with Instagram about the power of “images”. Pope Francis has also been having secret meetings with all the powerful leaders, and with all the powerful mind controllers (Instagarm, Apple, Google, FB). He is making a covenant with many before our eyes.

      • curious

        How did the papacy create islam?

        • Look it up… Former Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera spilled the beans…

          • tiptopsaidhe

            Mark B, Jesuit Francisco Ribera was his name.

            In order to deflect accusations by the reformers that the “then current (1500s)” pope was the antichrist, Ribera wrote a commentary shifting Daniel’s 70th week out to some future time. It is known as Futurism. It has no basis in scripture. If Daniel’s 70th week is unfulfilled, then Jesus isn’t the Messiah.

            Another Jesuit priest, Alcazar, put forth another teaching (1614) to deflect from the pope being the antichrist, and it is called Preterism. It makes Nero out to have already been the antichrist. This one doesn’t gain much traction these days because that would mean Jesus had already returned to judge apostate Jerusalem for rejecting Him, and that ruins it for dispensationalists. It also has no biblical basis, for Nero never sat in the temple in Jerusalem acting as if he was God. Only High Priests did that. So, it would have to be one of them, not Nero.

            The Historical school says that antichrist is a system, rather than a person, and is represented by the Harlot Church of Rome (Jerusalem was the Mystery Babylon harlot). This school of thought appeared around the middle of the 12th century. This is also known as the Protestant interpretation because “it regarded Popery as exhausting all that has been predicted of the Antichristian power.”

            Most dispensational ministries mix and mash a couple of the interpretations together, namely the Historical and Futurist ones. All of them originate in the Roman Catholic Church. To subscribe to one or more of these RCC theories, which all point to someone other than the pope as being the antichrist, then try to pin the moniker of antichrist onto the pope using one of the RCC theories doesn’t follow any logical sense.

            To me, the pope really seems no different than the pharisees of Jesus’ time, and the RCC seems no different than Pharisee-ism, or Judaism. The Holy Bible of the God of Israel says that it is the blood of Christ, alone, that saves us…not our works, or Messiah’s sacrifice + our works. We must be born again. And, as Nicodemus found out, we have just as much choice in our second birth as we did in our first.

      • DC

        Him Kevin, would you mind explaining how Pope John Paul II could be the 1st beast/anti-Christ? I see Francis as the 2nd/False Prophet, but I’m pretty sure the AC suffers a fatal head wound and then miraculously recovers.

        • DC

          *hi, Kevin. the , is next to the m and have new computer to get used to. sorry. 🙂

        • Marisol Pareja

          the wound has already happened a long time ago and it is already healed.

      • Just read the book of Revelation. Read it slowly, read it prayerfully. All that we need to know is there.
        Best news of all, God wins!!

      • Gregory

        Kevin, God said, The second beast would exercise the same power as the first beast that had a deadly wound by the sword and did live.

        The second beast is coming right back to do the same thing the first beast did during the dark ages.

      • Gregory

        Kevin, The Pope of Rome thinks he is Jesus Christ he wants the world to worship him not Allah

      • You couldn’t be more wrong in your interpretation of prophecy if you tried Kevin…And all guys like yourself ever accomplish is to sow more and more confusion within the Church. Few who believe they have the gift of teaching understand the damage they can do when, in fact, they do not process the gift of teaching. That is why Christ will hold them to a higher standard on the Day of Judgement (James 3:1).

        So let me tear your wildly false interpretation[s] apart for you – with the hope that you and others can learn from it.

        To even attempt to connect Pope Francis to the False Prophet is not only wrong, it divides the Church and brings contempt onto the Church of our Lord and Savor…In order to understand who the False Prophet is, you MUST first identify Daniel’s 4th Beast (7:7) or empire as the False Prophet is the seventh of eight kings who will rule over this empire (Rev 17:10). Because you can not show – from either history or scripture that the Roman See is Daniel’s 4th “beast” or empire, you can not tell others that Pope Francis – or any Pope for that matter will be the infamous False Prophet.

        Given that Islam was founded in 610 A.D. and that the Papacy at Rome did not break from the Roman Emperor until 800 A.D., how, then, can you believe “Islam is a creation of the Papacy” when Islam predates the Roman Papacy by 200-plus years?

        Who is “The 1st beast” you are talking about, because I would like to know so I could shoot it down? But you are so vague that I have no idea where you get this from?…Because you connect it to “the image” I have to assume that you are here speaking about Revelation 13:1-13?…If I’m correct, you are trying to argue that the “second beast” not the “first beast?”…Had you read Revelation 13 carefully, you would have learned that the “second beast” makes an image of “the first beast.” So you have your “beasts” confused here, so any interpretation you put forth has to be incorrect.

        Moreover, scripture NEVER says the first beast will be resurrected.” Only God can resurrect – so how do you suppose Pope Francis will “resurrect” the first beast?…The “mortal wound” (13:14) is not of any individual – but rather it is a wound suffered by the collective (Rev 17:10) which is known as the ‘Caliphate’ of which the Pope, I assure you, has never been a part of.

        The “image” of the “first beast” set up by the “second beast” will be a hologram – not some Instagram post…President Erdogan of Turkey – possibly ‘Gog” (Ez 38, 39) has already started using holograms to address his parliament. Unlike an Instagram image, a hologram can “speak” (Rev 13:15).

    • Mike

      It would have to be, considering his age and the 7 year tribulation.

      • Rick

        Author Stephen MANSFIELD has praised the popes!
        We’re seeing the spirit of the great white infiltrate into the church.

        • Not even close to true, Rick. You even know it but continue to shout the lie. Tragic. You are better than this.

    • jb

      Yeah, it’s easy to see why someone may want to assassinate this old fart. He definitely sounds like Obama ha- ha.

    • Gregory

      This Roman Catholic Pope is a real Commi Marxist Clown and he’s going to bring everything to it’s end. He’s the man of sin the son of perdition! The Roman Catholic Pope is the Anti-Christ sitting in the Temple of God!

      And it was given unto him to make war with the Saints and to overcome them and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and nations.

      All the dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life of lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

      • Your whole statement is so asinine that it is laughable if not for the harm and division it brings to the Church of Jesus Christ…The “beast,” which is Daniel’s 4th “beast” or empire (Dan 9) is already persecuting the Saints – even trying to annihilate them in the Middle East – and it is on our nightly news every night. But you can’t see the truth for the lies you prefer to believe.

        Look at Islam brother, and you may start to see some truths rather than trying to teardown a denomination within the Church of Jesus Christ…

        You should pray for forgiveness for what you have said about Christ Jesus’ Church..

    • Rosa
    • GRACE

      Yes, very close Terri, God bless you!

    • Tasha

      The Beasts of Revelation are everything Islam. Not the pope. The Poop (oops Freudian slip)is just another of very many evil souls of the End Times.

      • Skywatcher

        Hi there, Tasha, you can actually get TP that will prevent slippage! 🙂 If you go back into history far enough, you will see that the RC cult and Islam are yoked together at the neck! I don’t know if many of us will be around long enough to see how the Vatican and Islamic clerics are going to play this out to whatever end, but it would be very interesting to see. Who will do each other in first? Are they still working together for a common cause? There cannot not be two masters…one will love one and hate the other, as Christ says.

        • Skywatcher, I hope not to be still here when this plays out. Am getting up in age so maybe I won’t be. Could you point me to a good study source on history of Vatican and Islam. Thanks. Tasha

          • Skywatcher

            Hi there, sister Tasha! Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. As you can see…I’m on these sites wayyyy too much!

            A really great source on the history of the Vatican is…and I hate to admit it, is by Pastor Doug Bachelor, formerly of the Seventh Day Adventists. Their theology flies in direct opposition to God’s Word, but he has nailed this one down big time! Well researched and well presented.

            Dr. John MacArthur used to be a good resource also, but lately, it seems to me he has pledged his allegiance to the pope. However, his older YouTube videos on the Roman Church would still be as truthful today as they were years ago.

            Another good source would be Dr. Adrian Rogers, “Grace to You Ministries” on YouTube. He has gone to Glory, but his excellent sermons are still replayed on video.

            As for Islam, I would recommend Pamela Geller. She can be seen on YouTube also, and she has some good books on Amazon and Ebay, as well as on her own website.

            Our beloved brother Geoffrey has some good info on RCism, if I remember correctly; Steven de Nun on Israel Live, also has an excellent expose on them on YouTube. Just plug in his name and Vatican.

            Another great source on RCism is Eerdmans’ Handbook To the History of Christianity”, W. B. Eermans Publishing Co.

            If there are others reading this post, that have some good info for Tasha, please step forward.

            I hope this helps you a little! God bless you!

  • Donna R Brown

    I agree, Terri. Anyone who cannot see the events of the Bible opening before our eyes is blind indeed!
    What’s heartbreaking to me is knowing and loving people who refuse to discuss any of it. To me, that truly speaks of fear, and I remember being afraid of end times talk many years ago.
    Since that time the Holy Spirit has done a work in my heart to change that, and now discussing the end times is one of the most exciting things I can think of. Not to sound cliche, I really mean this: This so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at His Word…

    • No one in this thread has so-far as correctly interpreted Biblical eschatology, so one has to ask how you believe ‘Anyone who cannot see the events of the Bible opening before our eyes is blind’ when they do not understand those eschatological events and characters?…

    • GRACE

      amen Donna…so sweet to trust in Jesus…Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with you.

  • Louise Holman

    To the Popes comment on migration of millions of Muslims to Europe: Seeing He feels so great about this, I suggest that He give millions of the Vatican’s billions to first feeding ,clothing and housing all these migrates until He can build a new Syria for them .The Pope must also not forget that the Roman Catholic Popes in the 8th Century made a religion for the poor Arabs which is a lie from the pit of hell, So that billion of people can join the others in going hell too.

    • DC

      Excellent point, Louise! He’s not interested in the Christians who are suffering, either, just Muslim refugees. I read somewhere that the Christians being slaughtered in the 15+ years of this century are more in number than the past 2000 years! I pray for them every day. Lord, send them help!

  • Rudy Ray

    “The pope then went on to say that Europe needs a “healthy secularism” where all religious points of view are tolerated and accepted:”

    Tell that to the Muslims and see how they respond Mr. Pope! My bet is with a knife at your throat.


  • Papa these people are being sent to occupy the Countries they are going to . They are robbing , raping and destroying these nations. I have sent numerous requests for you to speak on the persecuted Christians. Our churches are closing and our Catholic Faith is dwindling. I would like to see Father Van become Pope! He is a great priest. We have people in the Vatican that are destroying our religion.
    Why aren’t you asking the UN to make safe zones in their own Country? Their culture is different than ours. Norway had so many rapes that they now offer rape classes to learn how you don’t rape people!

  • michael

    I say why doesn’t he take about 5000 of them in the Vatican and all the offices and then he can tell us what to do. Until then he is blowing hot air. I am always watching when a muslim is around as you never know which one just went over the edge. Jesus said in the first 3 gospels if you don’t have a sword. Get one. Well we don’t have swords. We have guns. He went so far as to say if you don’t have one, sell what you have and get one. That verse needs to get out in the open. Granted we will never stop bible prophecy but he never said play dead either. Lock and load people.

    • Heather

      Michael, I live in the mountains. I usually rund errands and grocery shop during the day, but last week I ended up shopping after work several evenings. I noticed alot of (those who are probably here illegally) coming out at night to shop. All 3 nights I noticed the same pattern. Not as many during the day and loads at night. Not sure what thats about, perhaps they are deliberately keeping a low profile until pope the dope makes the call!

    • Chris

      Michael , Can you direct me to to the scriptures in the first three gospels that talks about getting a sword (gun), i am most interested, your claim is heresy!!! Please read MATTHEW 26:52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

      • KY


        Christ was not a pacifist when it came to defending yourself. He just did not approve of you starting something.

        Luk_22:36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

  • Tracy

    If this Pope is the False Prophet, we, obviously, are close to meeting Jesus in the clouds. It’s falling together just like the Bible says.

    • Heather

      Amen Tracy! If he’s the 2nd beast, then the 1st beast before him is here and in the shadows and won’t be revealed until “he” is taken out of the way. I’m sure their just itching for the “he” to be taken out of the way so they can move on to their godless, evil and wicked utopian fantasy land.

      • DC

        I agree, Heather. The AC might not even know he’s the AC yet, until Satan enters him, I think. I’m open to correction if I’m wrong! Some have speculated Alex Tsparis of Greece, Soros, a Muslim, a Catholic, Obama, the list goes on. Guess what, the Church might never find out b/c we won’t be here.
        Praise God!

        By the “he” being taken out of the way, do you mean the restraining of the Holy Spirit?

        • Heather

          Absolutely DC, the restraining of the Holy Spirit that resides in the Body of Christ, the Church! I still believe the Holy Spirit will be present during the tribulation because of the tribulation Saints coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Many will remember instantly what their loved ones kept trying to tell them.

          Amen to your comment sister about the Church will not be here to see who it is that will be revealed as the Antichrist! Jesus paid it ALL. Praise be to God for His love and Mercy! I’m so thankful we serve a Holy and Righteous God. He is Faithful always. It’s going to be so awesome to know that we shall be able to trust again because right now we have to continuously heed the Lord’s warning to us about not letting ourselves be deceived. Hold fast, this will soon be over and we will hear the trumpet blast! Amen and Amen!

          • DC

            Hey, girl, I’ve been thinking about you. Did you decide about the wedding?

  • Gary

    I live in the UK and I ‘m lucky indeed I don’t live on mainland Europe absurd being destroyed, do is the uk for that matter just at a slower pace for now. If he indeed wants more integration then he’s free to leave the Vatican City and join in, maybe try Sweden then see how you like being a target for not being a Muslim. See just you think of all of the raping of women that’s happened since they came, the gangs attacking innocent people and destroying churches. The Sharia law areas we have in England many of which are no go for us and the police need to end. Even the old state building that our own parliament will move into are now subject to Sharia law due to a betrayal by the chancellor of the exchequer Greorge Osborne. He had previously given a 100 year lease to the Saudi Royal family with the strict inclusion that sharia law will take precedence over UK law. We are now having to rent one if them back and are now not allowed to smoke or say anything that may upset Muslims within the grounds and walls if the building, the crowning screwup or betrayal is fantastic. Under sharia law women may not vote and have to use a family member to hopefully honour their best interest, so how can our parliament and cabinet Minsters work when our elected MP’s happen to be women and not allowed to vote on issues.

    The British news articles regarding the move which could last 30 years are freely available but for convenience here’s one of the links.


    Things like this also make me wonder why the world media try’s to make Mr Trump out to be a lie monger an example being when he stated we have areas in Britain under sharia law. He was ridiculed called a lunatic racist even by my own government, the same ones moving into a building governed legally under Sharia law. There are cctv footage videos showing white Christians Jews Catholics being attacked when entering those areas, as you may probably guess they are very real.

    The pope is supposed to be the champion of Catholicism and defender of the faith and it’s people, how can he in good conscience support anything that places the lives of his flock at risk. He needs to be replaced by a real Pope that will fight to protect his people and those in need and not allow one of the newest religions in the world, to attack and discriminate against the rest of the civilised world and refuses to integrate. A religion that worships a prophet who married a 6 your old girl who would have still been considered a baby to most of us. A man who then violated that girl sometime around being 9-10 years old and a man that would be in jail almost anywhere in the world as a paedophile. The Quran is not only a religious text but it includes the governance of both the state and its people as do the Hadith, they state that no integration is possible with unbelievers and that their goods can be taken freely. That any part of a woman that is uncovered can be touched and used be a man as he sees fit.

    This is only part of and a very moderate part of Islam that he wants us here to embrace seriously, if when my wife walks outside with the dog and she is attacked I will not embrace them I will retaliate. If my children are attacked they will wish for a quick end that won’t happen, I will not embrace them.

    We have s right to be safe in out own homes and a right for a peacefull existence, my children have aright to a future do Pope Francis you embrace them.

    • Heather

      Thank you Gary. I hope you will be able to continue to keep us posted on the truth of whats really happening there. It’s obvious all the leaders of the world have sold their people in their countries down the drain for the purpose of a future, and soon to arrive, depopulation. I hope you and your family are saved in the Lord Jesus Christ. Many prophecies are coming true before our very eyes. Jesus is our only Hope.

  • Grim

    It, has become quite clear at this point, that Pope Frankie is the False Prophet spoken of in the bible. While, he isn’t the anti-Christ, he’ll be introducing us to him very soon.

  • Nam Marine

    This Pope has ISSUES !

    • DC

      Nam Marine, Thank you for your service!

  • Heather

    Actually the Muslim invasion of Vatican City should be embraced, you false prophet, evil pope Frankenstein!

  • Tusitala

    I am not amazed by anything this apostate, evil man says. As a former Catholic, I stand in awe at the tender mercies of Jesus who called me out of this heresy so late in life after decades of rootless wandering and my embracing of paganism and Eastern mysticism. When I finally learned the TRUE history of the Catholic abomination, when I studied from uncensored sources its Babylonian roots, when I finally read the King James Bible, what terrible sadness, what a deep sense of betrayal and anger. The real Truth is so simple, so lucid, so shining, so miraculous, and the Truth’s Name is Jesus Christ. All the fear, the superstitions, the idolatry, the rosaries, the novenas, the masses, the bowing to statues, the kissing of relics, crawling on your knees in pagan churches designed to celebrate goddess worship, all of it, is gone, is nothing, is a distant nightmare. I feel the delight of a Love so pure, so quiet, so deep, so encompassing that it makes me burst into tears. No, every day is not easy, is not perfect, but Jesus is always there, sometimes so close I feel His warm hand. Our redemption truly draweth nigh, we are saved, we are almost on our way, what a wondrous, mighty God we serve.

    • Jo

      So true…..if only more people could see that. God made IT so simple, if only people did not listen to man and listen to God. Traditions of men make void the word of God. God is so loving and does not hold people in to bondage. I pray that catholics start to wake up but they are brainwashed. I was catholic and have family members who are, breaks my heart. They can not see the truth. Every time I hear them call a priest father it makes me sick. Jesus said to never call a man Father but our Heavenly Father. They celebrate “Easter” which is named after a pagan god, God does not like it at all. The real word in the manuscripts was Pascal which was changed to easter. Please people learn Gods truth and come out of bondage and the darkness.

    • Frank HANSON

      Tusitala, you have stated what and how the TRUE child of God, thinks and feels. You are refreshing!!! I feel so much the same. Psalms 40: 1-3 I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.

      2 He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.

      3 And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord. God Bless you my Sister in Christ Jesus!!! I shall know you when I shortly see you in the clouds. Frank

  • Brent

    If you will look up the name Paul Ryan, you will see that this name means Little King.

    The Catholic Little King now sits atop the Speaker of the House position, and he also sits in the position of being the Chair of the Convention as well.

    Donald Trump, name meaning the The Great Chief Who Blows the Trump, has his hands full.

    For those not understanding, the man blowing the Trump now officially has the endorsement of the man who he worked with on his immigration policy, Jeff Sessions.

    These two last names together, means Trump Sessions, and indeed, they are blowing the wake up call.

    Thus why Rome has its Little King sitting where he is at this time.

    • DC

      That was neat, Brent, and I can’t wait till we hear the last Trump from heaving!
      Reminds me of some of the storms named recently and how they coincidentally (or not) were related to prophecy. God gives us little clues along the way, doesn’t He?

      • DC

        *heaven. What is wrong with my chubby little fingers today?

        • Heather

          DC, it happens with me all the time. I use my mini tablet and the letters are small. It would be great for me if there was an edit button. We all do it from time to time.

  • David Kaus


    Every time this satanist opens his mouth he shows how wicked, and insane he is.

    The Protestant Reformation destroyed popery and it hold on the minds of people through God’s Word in the KJV and the Bibles that led up to its publication, like the Geneva Bible, etc. all of which came forth from the Greek text that came out of Antioch and not the agnostic/apostate Greek text that came out of Alexandria, Egypt.

    The corrupt revisions all come out of Roman Catholicism’s Vaticanus, and Sinaiticus text. Now if that doesn’t tell you some thing then nothing will.

    The evil in Roman Catholicism is even being revealed in secular circles. The movie Spotlight has just given the world another glimpse into the demonic world of Roman Catholicism/popery that has existed for its entire history.

    The writings about the Protestant Reformation by Foxe in his book of martyrs, Henri Merle D’Asbigne in his History of the Reformation (highly recommended a five volume series) highlight time and time again the satanic hatred of Rome/popery for God’s Word, and those who proclaimed it in addition to the debauchery of monks, priests, cardinals, and popes. Millions of Christians were murdered by Rome/Popery for taking a stand on Sola Scripture being the authority of the Church and not some deluded devil prancing around with a crown of the pagan god Dagon on his head.

  • Foxtrap

    This confirms it. The Pope is a Dope.

  • KY

    He made a dove appear out of nowhere, and it seems to like him!

  • Larry / vietnamvet1971

    with the invasion / Hordes poring into Europe NO one seems to care about their own people, just like that “Thing” Muslim in his white mosque could care LESS about America. IF people think it is OK and will work out are fooling themselves our children & grand children will face these Hordes one day.

  • MG

    all I can say is when you mix stupid and evil together, you get this person…

  • dale edwards

    The Vatican is huge. Let them house a thousand muslims there! They are rich enough to feed and support them all!

    • Alicia

      Agree! The Pope should embrace an evasion on the Vatican city by these lovers of peace. Since he is such an US open borders kind of guy he should be taking in some of our illegals.

    • jb

      That’s what I say. Open the doors to the Vatican, surrender your guns, open your coffers and let the rag heads in.

  • Ron

    Meanwhile he has taken none in and is living behind a wall that was built to keep muslims out

  • dONNAD

    I am a practicing CATHOLIC, I will say 1st and foremost I take great exception with my FAITH BEING BASHED. With that being said, I do believe that Bergolio (aka, anti pope francis) is the false prophet. i do believe that we are in the end times many of my CATHOLIC BROTHERS AND SISTERS BELIEVE THIS. i WILL SAY TO THOSE WHO MENTIONED JOHN PAUL 2 AND POPE ERMITRIUS BENEDICT THEY ARE VERY HOLY MEN.

    • Andrea

      Just wondering if you were aware of the book Francis recommended for all Catholics to read when he became pope? http://www.mrctv.org/blog/mysterious-book-pope-francis-wants-world-read

    • Heather

      Donnad, if your faith is in Jesus Christ who IS King of kings and Lord of lords, then you shouldn’t feel like your faith is being bashed?

    • DC

      Donnad, I’m happy to hear that people you know believe we’re in the end times. I can’t convince my Catholic family, but I remind them, then why do you say, “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ WILL COME AGAIN?” He has to come sometime. It does open the door to discussion, but my mom especially says these things scare her.

    • Joan

      Thank you for defending the honor of John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. I feel so sad for Benedict, that he has to see all this at the age of 88.

  • Darren

    Have you seen the following?


    I’m thankful that no matter what happens God is still on the throne. This clip just highlights how shallow their Religion is.

    • Andrea

      Interesting Darren. Brotherhood of the White lodge stuff. Yes thankful,God is still on the throne.

    • Heather

      My word. Prophecy is exploding everywhere we look! Thank you for posting this link Darren…

  • Pope John Paul and Benedict both presided over- and covered up- the sadistic rape/torture
    of children for decades,

    • Andrea

      So true Peter. Sad.

  • Andrea

    What I find really interesting is the is a lodge of some sort behind all of these agendas. There is one called Hathor Pentalpha they are the ones who created Isis and will be used to conquer Rome. then this pope said he wanted all Catholics to read lord of the world. So he came in with an agenda.

  • jb

    Yeah, it’s easy to see why someone may want to assassinate this old fart. He definitely sounds like Obama ha- ha.

  • Albert

    (1) Take the LOG of PEDOPHILIA out of your own eye before you condemn the MOTE in MINE.
    (2) You want’em? YOU pay for them. SELL all the Vatican art treasures to feed them. House them IN THE VATICAN.

  • You guys are seriously confused about eschatological interpretation…Sure, this Pope is secular – many could even argue that he is heretical in many respects. And I wouldn’t argue with that. But Roman Catholicism is not the “one world religion” that Scripture anticipates, and that can be easily proven from Scripture.

    The one world “religion” that so many are anticipating is, in fact, a religious empire – an empire built atop one religious philosophy. There is only one ‘religious empire’ on planet earth – Islam. Moreover, even though Scripture never names Daniel’s fourth empire by name, if you know where to look Scripture does provide us with 26 unique characteristics of this empire to help us identify it. It must be admitted that Roman Catholicism does share some of these unique characteristics – as does most empires of history, but only one empire in all of the world’s history possesses all 26 characteristics – the Islamic Empire.

    Furthermore, the Pope – this Pope or any other Pope – can not be the False Prophet because he is not a part of the religion that will give the world the False Prophet. To righty identify the False Prophet we must first rightly identify Daniel’s fourth ‘religious empire.’ I’ve already identified that empire as the Islamic Empire and what do we learn we we’ve studied Islam – that Islam is awaiting two primary eschatological characters – al Mahdi and ‘Jesus, son of Mary.’ Al Mahdi is said to return right before ‘Jesus, son of Mary’ as he reforms a corrupted Islam. That would make al Mahdi the False prophet anticipated in Scripture. Because Islam also awaits the return of the man “Jesus, son of Mary’ from Paradise – after al Mahdi has reformed Islam, that would make this man – this ‘Jesus, son of Mary’ as he is referred to in the Quran, the “antichrist” or “imitation christ” as the Greek prefix ‘anti’ means.

    Learn more through my book Kingdom of the Antichrist available on Amazon.com

    • carson

      if you look at each religion separately you might pick one but if you look at the widescale inter-faithism that is already upon the world and more so everyday you might see that as the one world religion.
      And does worshiping allah specifically fit with ‘he opposes and exults himself above all that is called god or worshiped’? If he raises himself above all that is called god at the time of his empowerment wouldn’t that include allah? and budda and whatever the sikh worship and even Christ..

      but then look at the inter-faithers, who do they together say that they worship? ‘god’. They all together worship ‘god’. A good fit for the anti-christ who like them will say ‘god’, and lay claim to be that which they already all together claim to be worshiping.
      I believe the anti-christ will literally say he’s ‘god’..not allah not budda not Christ but raise himself above ALL that is called ‘god’ upon the face of the earth at that time of his seating.
      It’s the universal name they all already are agreeing upon and think to be worshiping.
      You’d also notice plenty of muslim/islam is onboard the inter-faith.
      You’d also notice even atheists will quip some inter-faith spiel even if they aren’t aware of it, it’s that widespread.
      You’d also notice the majority of the worlds rulers and want to be ruler politico’s are inter-faithers.
      Looking into inter-faithism makes a really revealing study.
      An inter-faith anti-christ would hold to some aspects of sharia law, some consider that would be his ‘strength of arm’, while also allowing the tons of sins to be legal and ongoing whereas strict sharia would have some of sins banned outright which doesn’t fit with end day’s prophecy and rampant sins etc.

      • Richard

        You ask “And does worshiping allah specifically fit with ‘he opposes and exults himself above all that is called god or worshiped’?”…The passage you quote is in relation to the Antichrist – not “Allah.” You then ask “If he raises himself above all that is called god at the time of his empowerment wouldn’t that include allah?” Yes – but not directly. What the Antichrist will do is claim to be God – because he will be furthering the teaching that Jesus Christ is God. In his imitation of Christ he will then be proclaiming himself to “above all that is called God.”

        I the Antichrist will claim to be Jesus Christ – because Jesus Christ proclaimed Himself to be God incarnate – then the Antichrist will be making the same claim, that he is also God incarnate.

        • carson

          Hi Richard, yeah that was what I was trying to bring up, that the anti-christ will not claim to be ‘allah’ nor command that all should worship him under that name/the name ‘allah’, but will raise himself above even the name allah and claim to be ‘god’, aswell as raising himself above all/any other of the worlds religions names they use, and is why the inter-faith is really remarkable as they all together will simply say they all worship ‘god’.
          Today one group say’s ‘god allah’ another group say’s ‘god budda’ and so on so forth WHEN meeting within their own respective groups, but when together they all claim that they all simply worship ‘god’. Also then ‘christ’ being specific to only one of the many inter-faithing groups the AC would raise himself above even the name of ‘christ’. (and people must look into what ‘christ’ these faux inter-faithing christians have, ..they have ‘another christ’, just as written, and is not THE Christ of the bible).
          The inter-faith sure seems to be being built and fit for that man of sin to come helm up.
          And an inter-faithing anti-christ would hold to aspects of each worldly religion, with sharia being his strength of arm maybe while still allowing for all the rampant sins.

          anyway it’s interesting and as time unfolds I think things will become even clearer but it all become a side issue anyway when looking to the return of the Lord Jesus

          • Richard

            Evidently you are close with your interpretations and understandings – but we aren’t throwing horseshoes, so close isn’t good enough.

            The Antichrist will claim to be Jesus Christ – not God, Allah, Yahweh, etc (Buddha, by the way, is not a god, nor do Hindus or Buddhists believe that he is). Now, just as Jesus Christ claimed to be God – so the Antichrist will also claim to be God in much the same way Jesus Christ did.

            These “inter-faith” groups that you keep talking about, should really be viewed as a movement rather than “a group” as it is still very splintered into various groups, often at odds with each other. And yes, Pope Francis is leading the way with this movement. And yes, this movement will play a critical part in leading the world to worship the Antichrist when he soon appears on the world stage…But keep in mind that this is a movement made up of various groups, many of which are at odds with one another today…And the one thing that all the various “inter-faith” groups share is a poor theological understanding of Who and What God is. That is why they can get their heresy off…For heresy to thrive requires ignorance. That is why Muhammad was so successful in getting his peculiar form of Gnosticism off – because the vast majority of 7th century Arabians were illiterate. And that is what allows any heresy, be it Islam, Rabbinic Judaism, Mormonism, Jehovah Wittinesses, etc to thrive today – ignorance…”My people perish for a lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). That is why it is so critical, if you are going to teach, that you be precise with your words and thoughts. To simply lay everything off on some kind of pseudo “inter-faith” thing is not enough. You must explain, to those who don’t know and understand, why they are wrong…It is not enough to say that ‘Yahweh and Allah are two different gods.’ You must be prepared to prove your point. So many people on this thread have claimed that ‘The Pope is the False Prophet’ but not one has backed his opinion up with a single fact.

            If you want to successfully counter Muslims, or even Rabbinic Jews, Mormons, etc you have to know their faith – their holy books as well if not better than your own. Evidently you do not? So you are only bring confusion to an already confusing situation because merely claiming that Buddha is a god when, in fact, he is not, helps no one.

            The Quran and Hadith teach all Muslims that three primary eschatological figures will appear “in the last hour.” al-Mahdi, al-Dajjal and ‘Jesus, son of Mary’…Because 1.5 billion people alive on planet earth tonight believe this, do you think it is possible that Satan can use this belief in bringing about his attempt to conquer earth?…Do you not find it strange that, just as Islam anticipates three primary eschatological figures, Christianity also anticipates the coming of three eschatological figures – Gog (Eze 38, 39), the False Prophet and the Antichrist?…Is this merely a coincidence – or did Lucifer copy much of orthodox Christian in the form of Islam?…That is why you have to know Islam as well as you know Christianity – if not better. NO ONE can understand Christian eschatology without first understanding Islamic eschatological beliefs and anticipations – because the two intersect. That is exactly why every Christian on this thread has been dead wrong in their interpretation of Biblical end time events. Not a single one of them knows a thing about Islam – yet Islam is the fulfillment of Daniel’s 4th beast (empire,) and so many other eschatological prophecies…

            Take Revelation 17:10 for example. No Christian theologian in 2000 years has been able to solve that riddle – not even the great Christian theological minds like Calvin, Knox, Luther, Athanasius, Origen, etc. Yet I can solve it…”They are seven kings [the Caliphate]. Five have fallen [Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Uthman, Othman and Ali – the only five caliphs Islam has ever known], one is [Gog (Ez 38, 39)], the other [the False Prophet = al Mahdi] has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for a little while. The Beast who once was [the Islamic Caliphate under the first five Caliphs] and now is not [Gog, the sixth Caliph is killed on the “mountains of Israel” thus killing of the Caliphate again (Eze 39:4)] is the eighth king [the Antichrist = “Jesus, son of Mary” of Islamic eschatological anticipation]. He belongs to the seven [the Caliphate] and is going to his destruction”.

            People on this thread are claiming that the Pope is the False Prophet – they couldn’t be more wrong if they tried, and all they have accomplished is to add to the confusion the Church is already experiencing over eschatology…And I am quite sure that none of these pseudo-teachers are very pleasing with their heretical teachings to Christ our lord?…

          • carson

            if islam didn’t come til centuries later after john penned revelation how is it that islam is rev 17’s current head at the time of his writing.
            Also how could islam have produced the 5 that had already fallen when islam wasn’t yet anything.
            John wasn’t writing about 7 future yet to come empires, he wrote about 5 past ones one current and one yet to come and at the time of his writing islam had not yet risen.
            anyway then you have ezek 38,39 gog/magog as the current head at the time of johns writing it all but at the time the iron of rome was head not ezek’s magog.
            anyway we needn’t argue and time will unfold more anyway so above everything abide in Christ.

          • Richard

            “if islam didn’t come til centuries later after john penned revelation how is it that islam is rev 17’s current head at the time of his writing” is a good question Carson. In fact, that question could be asked of any of John’s prophecies in Revelation because many – not all – of his prophecies are in the future. The answer is found in Rev 1:10 – “On the Lord’s day I was in the spirit…” So John was taken in the spirit into the future so he could see what would come to pass..

            The “five who have fallen” (Rev 17:10) is again taken from John’s vantage point in time while he is in the spirit…It is interesting to note that “five have fallen” and “one is” must mean that John’s is at a time when the sixth king (caliph) is ruling but before the 7th and 8th kings show up…

            You also say “John wasn’t writing about 7 future yet to come empires…” which tells me you are confused. “Seven kings” can not be read as “seven empires” as you try to superimpose on the text. Five kings are already dead from John’s vantage point in time, “one is” and two more are yet to come. They all belong to “the seven” which refers to the Caliphate.

            Yes – the War of Gog and Magog (Ez 38, 39) is the next prophetic event to take place. And yes, the man that leads that war for Islam will be the sixth caliph of Islam in 1400 years. – making him the sixth of John’s eight kings (Rev 17:10). It amazes me to watch adherents to the old “cold war era” eschatological paradigm which saw Russia as Gig and Magog, the Pope at Rome as the False Prophet and an Antichrist from the EU in Europe attack Israel in a war of annihilation. While these people wait for something that will never take place – they miss their nightly news where an Islamic coalition force is coming together just as Scripture foresaw in an attempt at annihilating Israel. In other words, because of the many errors in the interpretation they have been taught, they can’t see prophecy being fulfilled right before their eyes on the nightly news.

            Secondly, all agree that Daniel’s 70th week starts through a peace treaty being made between the Antichrist and the modern state of Israel (Dan 9:27), yet no one can explain the need for this peace treaty? That is odd given that Scripture is clear in that the peace treaty is due to the disastrous War of Gog and Magog – where Gog, the 6th caliph (king) is killed “on the mountains of Israel) (Ex 39:4) and Gog’s replacement, the 8th king (caliph) or Antichrist must enter into a peace treaty to clean up the mess that was the War of Gog and Magog?

            Moreover, who, besides an Islamic Caliph could give control of the Temple Mount away?…No man, woman, institution, government, etc – either Islamic or non-Islamic – has the power today to give the Temple Mount area back to the Jews so they can rebuild their 3rd Temple. Only a Caliph could do that…Think about it…

    • DC

      Very interesting thesis. I’ve read on another site that the end-times religion will be paganism, and the person also gives compelling reasons. The Catholic church piggy-backed a lot of their holy days on pagan holidays, the saints replaced pagan gods, and we know the pope’s Gaia worship (the environment.) Also, some think the Psalm 83 war isn’t really a war, per se, but a curse, but those that do think it’s a coming war have said that 5/6 of the Muslims will be wiped out, as God will deliver Israel when all those Muslim countries come against her while they stand alone, and they will finally see that it’s God Who saved them. The more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know! 🙂
      Anyway, thanks for sharing, and good luck with your book.

  • carson

    the inter-faithers building one worldness, just in time and fit for that beast anti-christ to come take the helm of.
    2 horns like a lamb but speaks as a dragon.

    if any are nearing to falling for this one worldness brotherhood of man stuff consider and study what it means to be in/of adam vs in/of Christ and why must any be born again in Christ.

    Those born anew in Christ are not brothers with those of the flesh nature of sin anymore, are not brothers with the world, are called out in Christ and are no longer of the world but are of Christ so seeking to re-join or join with what is contrary to Christ is totally wrong. Those called out were once dead in sins and trespasses and were of adam/of the flesh but now are of and in Christ and made alive in Christ and cannot should not return to what they were called away from.

    the pope and the inter-faithers are also calling upon those still of the flesh but sorta kinda near to truth (those faux ‘christianese’ religionists) to turn from even the little truth they are near to and go full bore into joining with the world. Part of the great falling away huh, rather then listen to the inter-faithers and/or also simply remain kinda sorta near the truth run from both, flee fully to Christ to be saved, come away from the world the self rule flesh and the devil, be saved.

    to hope to ride the fence, be kinda sorta near to truth/Christ, is a fail, a religion or self goodness will never cut it, flee to Christ be saved from the wrath of God for sins and unbelief, it’s why He came and was sent, that any could have life.
    rev 13:8, rev 20:15…doesn’t get much simpler and yet dire warning verses/truth.

  • David Kaus

    World Religions Sign A “Peace” Agreement.

    This is nothing more than a follow up on Roman Catholicism/popery’s all pagan ecumenical gathering in Assisi, Italy in 1986, and 2002. Even some Catholics were up in arms over that gathering as this Catholic web site shows. Note the pope taking a pagan mark on his forehead, a statue of Buddha set on an altar in Assisi, Italy, etc.


    World Religion

    What a wonderfull idea. The answer to all our problems. Why didn’t some one think of this before ?

    Or did they ? Babylon……….to …………Mystery Babylon the mother of harlots.

    Now if each religion individually has not brought peace to the area of the world they come from, which is true. Then how is it that all of them coming together can bring forth that which the individual parts can not provide ???

    It seems that every one of them leaves out the only solution to the problem God gave for sinful mankind….Jesus Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. Since He proclaimed that no man can come to the Father but by Him. And the Father declared Him to be peace on earth, and God’s good will toward man, we can only conclude that what we are seeing in this pagan unity is a final rejection of the religions of the world to accept Jesus Christ and flee from the wrath soon to come.

    • DC

      Great post, David Kaus (I didn’t accidentally add an r this time!). What I find interesting is that Pope Francis’ namesake, St. Francis was from Assisi.

      • David Kaus

        Your welcome DC and thanks for leaving out the “r” this time.

        I’m sure the location of the pagan religious gathering by Rome/popery in Assisi, Italy had some significance.

        Assisi, Italy also made the news in 1997 when it was hit by an earthquake.

        Assisi was hit by two devastating earthquakes, that shook Umbria in September 1997. . Massive damage was caused to many historical sites, but the major attraction, the Basilica di San Francesco, reopened less than 2 years later.

        The 1997 Umbria and Marche earthquake occurred in the regions of Umbria and Marche, central Italy on the morning of September 26. It was preceded by a foreshock almost as strong as the main quake. The foreshock occurred at 2:33 am CEST (0:33 UTC), rated 5.7 on the Richter scale, and the second – the main shock – occurred at 11:40 am CEST (9:40 UTC), rated 6.1 on the Richter scale. Their epicentre was in Annifo.

        There were several thousands of foreshocks and aftershocks from May 1997 to April 1998, more than thirty of which had a Richter magnitude more than 3.5. Eleven people are known to have died following the shocks.

        St. Francis of Assisi was a mystic, and so is the present pope. Mysticsim is central to all pagan religions.

        VATICAN CITY — In a major new interview with an Italian newspaper, Pope Francis shared that he had a mystical experience before accepting the role as bishop of Rome. He also gave his thoughts on several issues surrounding Church reform and the need for the Church to follow the Second Vatican Council’s call to engage fully in dialogue with the modern world.

        Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/pope-reveals-mystical-experience-in-major-new-interview/#ixzz41zJsWmbj

  • Well, I’m sure that we all know that the pope is a shill for the NWO crowd. I would love to see all these muslims want to stay at the vatican. What that derelict say then… BB

  • Skywatcher

    To embrace Islam is to embrace one’s own death! For any RC’s that may be reading this post, when you read what may be offensive to you, by other writers, please understand that they love YOU, but despise the evil and hideous institution that has imprisoned her people for so long! The attacks are not personal to any of you dear folk! Christ gave His life for you just as much as He did for the rest of us.

    It breaks our hearts to see how the dear RC people have been so slack and scared to read the Holy Bible (KJV) for themselves, which exposes this cult you folks have been trapped into since birth. Christ came to set men and women free from legalism, deceit, and religion.

    Many of us know our Church History, and how sinister and evil it was when the Vatican reared its ugly head against the born again, genuinely saved children of God, who protested against the Vatican, the pope, tyranny, debauchery, and the withholding of God’s Word from the mainstream population. They didn’t want the people to see God’s Word for themselves because the light of the Word (Jesus Christ) would’ve exposed their sinful and dark deeds that fly in direction opposition to His teachings.

    If you have never read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, then you absolutely MUST! Then, you will see where we are coming from with our perceived “bashing”. You need to read this, because this is coming to a house near YOU, in the very near future! It can be gotten at Amazon for under $10, and it’s historical fact, NOT fiction. When you read this, you’ll never be able to call yourself a RC anymore.

    God bless you!

    • KY

      Amen skywatcher!

      My previous church had many ex-RCs’. They all came to the knowledge of the truth and were saved.

  • Al

    Yes the Pope is the false prophet.that means the anti-christ is here to.I wonder if when Obama leaves the white house he intends on heading up the U.N

  • Beano McReano

    This guy is a COMMUNIST not a convent priest. What has Chritian religion got to do with politics?? The Bible says the opposite about it. To STAY away.

    He also is born to HATE the West despite it is Christian nations that gave him the finest he enjoys today. What has Muslims given him???

  • I’m really surprised these evil NWO globalists shills like him and Mekel haven’t been assassinated yet. They are proving more and more everyday how truly evil they really are. He’s supposed to be the last Pope and I can see why. He’s a treasonous traitor to Christianity.

  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    @ The Poop now in power in Rome. Now I know that what you have inside your head is not a brain but Devil’s diarrhea.

    • Gregory

      Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz, The Kingdom of Satan is your Roman Catholic church and the Devil himself is your Pope of Rome. It’s to bad the Devil has deceived you

  • James Stamulis

    The Pope wants to embrace them then send them all to the Walled in Vatican!

  • Arte

    This guy needs to go away!!

  • jay sprueill

    One thing that is ABSOLUTE, nothing will END until it fits into GOD’s timeline. The headlines, and prophecy are right on schedule the way I see it shaping up. This could very well be the LAST POPE.

  • John

    This “Healthy Secularism”, does that come BEFORE or AFTER the Muslims decapitate Pope Francis?

  • Guest

    This is just a thought …could the last trumpet and trump have some kind of warning to them? I was just reading these comments and that thought came to me.. Could trump be our last warning from G-d? Just wondering

  • Sam cole

    Ok Pope move the million refugees into Pope city. See how safe u feel and how much u want to embrace them all.

    • Skywatcher

      You got ‘er Sam! Preach it loud and clear! Hell will freeze over (with him in it) before he allows that to happen! Isn’t it something…it’s always the rich and powerful who call the shots for the rest of us! Their day is coming, and to see God execute His righteous judgment and vengeance is going to be so sweet!

  • Carlos

    You all have a screw missing in your brain according to the comments you post. The real evel is in your rebel spirit And lack of obvidience to the true faith.

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    The Islamic Connection to Rome Catholicism

  • Mandy

    And so what? Historically the Pope is quite correct about invasions of Europe. And what is wrong with religious tolerance? This does not mean we all believe in many religions, just that we show respect and tolerance for different religious beliefs, whether right or wrong. Respect and tolerance also does not mean that we do not preach the Gospel. All this end time talk is so premature, many things still have to happen before the End comes … it is amazing to me how little so-called educated people understand when they read …

  • Mandy

    The other news I have for you is that God Almighty, Father of the Messiah, LOVES the Muslim people. As does the Messiah Himself. AND the Hindus and the Buddhists etc. etc. etc. So-called Christians can be really blind and stupid – and disrespectful – God did not make Francis the Pope for nothing. respect his wisdom. Most Christians today are arrogant and ignorant and misled by doctrine. Tragic, as Christians should be the light of the world – and living in love and faith, not fear and condemnation. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

  • Mandy

    AND many of the Muslims coming to Europe are refugees – so jack up your immigration systems, Europe, and don’t let the terrorists in – you have the Beast in Belgium, you can check out anything and anyone.
    Keep the terrorists out – let the refugees in and treat them well. End of story.

    • Howdy Mandy, I was a little taken aback by your three posts, and I felt the need to address them. First of all, religious tolerance is also known as ecumenicism, which is what the Catholic church (pope) is preaching. Ecumenicism is a New World Order brainwashing tool for getting the masses of the planet ready to accept a one-world religion, and false prophet, and, ultimately, a new leader–the antichrist. It really has no other significance. Billions, apparently like you, will be duped into this deception because they weren’t Bible-Believing Christians or thought that they were, but dismissed “endtimes” stuff as not important and were not watching and preparing themselves. They were busying themselves with being tolerant, saving the planet, and keeping up with the Kardashians. Yes, you are right, GOD does love the muslims, Buddhists, satanists, etc., but they all practice idolatry and rebellion and GOD does not tolerate THAT or love that sin. If they don’t repent and get saved, they are doomed as unbelievers. Yes, Christians are to also love the sinner but not the sin, but We are not to tolerate sin in any respect.
      There is no wisdom coming from the pope. THE LORD is using him to fulfill his WORD just as he used the Babylonians to fulfill his curse on Israel for ignoring HIS commandments about the land. Proverbs tells us that he puts kings in office and removes them. GOD uses evil to bring about good (Rom 8:28). HE did that then and HE is doing that today. To tolerate and respect other religions is to compromise one’s own faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. It is essentially denying JESUS’S Lordship and not confessing HIM. You say that “most Christians today are arrogant and ignorant and misled by doctrine”. Tell me, Mandy, could you not also be counted in that sweeping generalization? Based on your emails, I would say that you are under apostate teaching and/or in an apostate church. If we are to be tolerant, show that to me in the scripture John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes to the FATHER but by ME” (JESUS’S own words). Notice in that verse that JESUS is THE way, not A way; THE truth, not A truth; and THE life, not A life… hardly tolerant, wouldn’t you agree? There are millions of these “So-called professing Christians” who are indeed ignorant–because they don’t read their Bibles and are not good Bereans because they don’t test the preaching of others to see if” those things be so”; and they are misled by errant Doctrine of Demons for the same reasons and the fact of the rise of apostasy in the Christian Faith. You would do well to re-educate yourself properly before railing against well-meaning people/Christians in a public forum. In CHRIST, BuffaloBilly PS. Calling people stupid, arrogant, ignorant, blind, uneducated and disrespectful because they don’t conform to your way of thinking is hardly a “Christian” attitude. BTW the next event on GOD’S calendar is the rapture of the church, which we Christians are to be watching and waiting for–purifying ourselves to be found worthy. You won’t want to miss this event because “all this endtime talk is premature…” (your words) 🙂

      • Skywatcher

        Excellent job, BB! I had that one marked to address also, but you beat me to it. You said the same things I had planned to say. I hope Mandy takes your encouragement seriously, as the Rapture is about to happen, and she definitely will not want to be left behind, to face the horrors of God’s wrath. Thanks, for those encouraging words! 🙂

  • KY


    Would I be correct in summarizing that you disagree with Mandy’s assessment of Christianity? 😉
    If I ever need killing with kindness I hope you get the nod. I feel better for Mandy already 🙂

  • Howdy Ky, Well, as usual I am typing out a reply (to you) and hit a wrong key and it all disappears so I will start again. It’s good to hear from you. I hope that all is well with you and that your prayers for your sons are being answered. THE LORD is faithful. Yeh, I don’t agree with much of what Mandy had to say. She is not a bad person, just misguided and a product of bad teaching. I pray that she will have “ears to hears” and “eyes to see”. Your second sentence still has me laughing. It is never my intent to filet anyone for their beliefs or opinions (remember Ryan Hall?) However, it is difficult for me to let gross error go without comment or correction. As a Watchman On the Wall, It is my responsibility to alert Christians to unholy doctrine and opinions as well as spread the Gospel to the lost. I don’t like to throw scripture at people, but prefer to choose them carefully that they have the righteous effect that they are designed to have. As I told one person on another strand, “I try to take scriptural aim carefully-not employ the shotgun approach. Well, I have rambled on enough. Stay in the WORD and I look forward to more of your posts. Blessings, BuffaloBilly

  • Howdy Skywatcher, Hey Bud! You can still advise her. That will make you a second witness which confirms HIS WORD. Besides, as a Pentecostal pastor, I am sure that you can offer more salient counsel than I. She does need to be rescued from the fire, so to speak. Your Brother in CHRIST, BB

  • Michael Garrison

    Folks, this same Pope was found guilty (in absentia), by an International Court in 2014, of the following offences: #1) Child sacrifice…#2) Child trafficking…….#3) Child torture…..#4) Child rape,…and on and on. Is the “terrorist” attack today (3’22’16) in Brussels a retaliation for these court proceedings? The Pope was found guilty by a court in BRUSSELS, Belgium. (research it…prove me wrong)

    Now, to the story above. The Catholic Church CREATED Islam (the very “faith” that was created to kill all Christians and True Jews) so of course this Pope wants Christians to wrap their arms around a Muslim, it makes it easier for the Muslim to stab you in the back and kill you. (again, research “How the Vatican Created Islam”).

    Folks, you HAD BETTER learn the difference between the True Jews and the Zionist Jews (Satan’s jews)

    • You are the second person on this thread to claim ‘the Catholic Church created Islam.’ That would be nice a trick, given Islam was founded in 610 A.D. with Muhammad’s first “revelation” and that the Catholic Church did not receive the power and authority it currently enjoys until the Great Schism of 800 A.D… Some of you people amaze me with the crazy uneducated claims you can make…


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