Pope Francis And Rick Warren To Unite For Global Chrislam Conference

On Monday, November 17, 2014, Pope Francis will host a global ecumenical conference featuring Muslim leaders, pagans, and Chrislam founder Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in California. The official website says that the Colloquium is sponsored by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and co-sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Family, the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, and
 the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

The coming One World Religion grows in strength daily

“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4

On Monday, November 17, 2014, Pope Francis will host a global ecumenical conference featuring Muslim leaders, pagans, and Chrislam founder Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in California. The official website says that the Colloquium is sponsored by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and co-sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Family, the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, and
 the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.


The conference will be held Nov. 17-19 at the Vatican, and is expected to feature more than 30 speakers from over 20 countries. According to the Catholic News Service, those of the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jaina Shasana, Taoist and Sikh religions will be present, as well as Roman Catholics and professing Christians. Note the high number of professing pagan religions that will be represented there. The Pope doesn’t care what you believe as long as you follow Rome.

The Complementarity of Man and Woman: An International Colloquium is a gathering of leaders and scholars from many religions across the globe, to examine and propose anew the beauty of the relationship between the man and the woman, in order to support and reinvigorate marriage and family life for the flourishing of human society.

But beyond it’s stated purpose, the real reason for the global confab is to continue Pope Francis’ work of merging all religions into the One World Religion mentioned in the book of Revelation. Any excuse for a get together is fine, so long as all religions agree to lay down before the Vatican and get in line behind the Pope.

Last year, Anglican priest and close friend of Pope Francis Tony Palmer gave an impassioned plea to Kenneth Copeland’s church to “return home to Mother Rome”, only to die mere months later in a mysterious motorcycle accident.

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
    • catherine


    • Amen!!! Harold personally I believe we are at least 2 yrs or more into the 7 yr. tribulation. I just pray more open their eyes and get it right with Jesus before it is to late.

      • Brenda Jones

        The seven year peace treaty with Israel has not happened yet. My understanding is that treaty will start the seven years.

        • carrierwave

          I agree. Daniel 9:27 states “He shall CONFIRM THE COVENANT with many for one week:” Note he “confirms” with the idea of “making strong again” or “to strenghthen” a prior existing COVENANT”. This does not need to necessarily to be a “peace treaty”. I believe this is the revival of the Temple sacrifices of the Mosaic Law reinstated. Notice it says: He shall confirm “THE” covenant–one familiar with MANY people for 7 years, but breaks “IT” after 3 1/2 years.
          The tribulation begins after the rapture with the opening of the 1st seal By Jesus. It’s coming fast!

          • Manny Clay

            Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world. Jesus told the Samaritan woman that neither in this mount nor yet in Jerusalem will men worship. Stephen told the council in Jerusalem that God does not dwell in temples made with hands. The New Jerusalem comes down from God out of heaven. Jesus departed the temple (formerly His Father’s House) and told the Jews that THEIR HOUSE was left to them desolate.

            Neither is the kingdom in things that sustain our existence in this world (meat and drink) The kingdom is righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

            Please read again Daniel 9:24 – 27. It has nothing to do with antichrist — but all to do with Jesus Christ.

            You have been parroting the Ashkenazi lie of Khazarian supremacy.

      • Moe Yoder

        I don’t believe the tribulation has started, but we are in the birth pangs. When the tribulation starts, I don’t plan on being here. I will be with the Lord in Heaven, as it will not start until He comes to receive His church. That is the belief I have understood with the studying I have done. So, if we are in the tribulation, we are lost. I am a pre-trib believer.

    • Perhaps you should check the other side of the rumour before spreading malicious lies against your brother..


    • Kim Smith

      I now know for sure that this poe is a false prophet. he is trying to weaken Christianity by comparing it to all other religions. HE IS TRYING TO FORCE US INTO BELIEVING ISLAM IS A GOOD RELIGION.


  • pat

    Rick warren does not surprise me nor does kenneth copeland. I do not watch copeland ministries. I am surprised that Joel osten is not with them. I am sure other names are missing. We are in the last of the last days and things are rapping up. Saint of the most high God of heaven hold onto your faith in Jesus NO MATTER! Some of us may be killed because of the truth we hold for Jesus in our hearts. Don’t these men know what is ahead of them? Hell awaits them. I really FEEL FOR there followers.

    • Christine

      Pat,I know what your saying about their followers but I’m still what they consider a babe in the Lord and I know what is going on because I made it my business to know! So why don’t they have eyes to see and ears to hear? They should be aware of the signs of the times being Christians…they don’t live in a bubble. They like to have their ears tickled I guess. Satan has some spell over them,they need our prayers for sure!

  • Keith

    Rick Warren categorically denies this, said it started years ago on the internet and no matter how many times he has tried to debunk this lie, people still keep circulating it. We have taught some of his small group studies in the Church we attend, and watched his live streaming services, and he has never said anything like this he is being accused of. It’s sad that so many people believe this without ever checking the facts, or going to his website and asking him personally. He has a website that you can e-mail him personally. But we should not be surprised, the Apostle Paul was accused of many things falsely too, and so was our Lord Jesus. Truth will always prevail, no matter how much the enemy tries to use innuendo and falsehood to make us believe otherwise. God bless Rick Warren!

    • Patty

      Really? Because his name is all over the place as a speaker at this conference.

      • Marcus

        I believe that what Keith said relates to Chrislam not Warren appearing at the conference. There is no such thing as Chrislam – never was never will be. It is something made up to bring attention to an ill-informed website.

    • carrierwave

      Please don’t attempt to associate and compare Rick Warren to the Apostle Paul. Warren is NO Apostle Paul by any stretch! Paul would categorize Warren as a “false brethren” preaching “another gospel”. Gal.1:8-9

    • Deb

      The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has him scheduled as a speaker on Nov. 18th

    • Aaron David

      Keith, you wrote – “It’s sad that so many people believe this without ever checking the facts”

      Here’s the facts, I always check, and um, YOU DIDN’T. (and that’s sad) HAHAHAHA

      Hypocrite much? http://www.humanum.it/en/speakers.ht

      Umm, you wrote “Rick Warren categorically denies this, said it started years ago on the internet and no matter how many times he has tried to debunk this lie”

      But this is scheduled for next week… And Rick is speaking at it… So are you A. A shameless liar? B. A crackhead? or C. A shameless lying crackhead?

      You wrote, “Truth will always prevail”

      Yes, yes it will, often sooner rather than later and much to the shame, and eventual eternal destruction in hell fire, of people like you and your idol shepherd, and even little Ricky “the antichrist” Warren too. Unless ye repent ye shall all likewise perish.

      Funny how that works, eh, liar?

      • Terry

        I no longer believe Rick Warren. So when he says he isn’t, he probably is as far as I’m concerned.

      • @Aaron David: What kind of attitude are you displaying?

        Jesus spoke with sinners, why shouldn’t Rick Warren?

    • Carol

      Yes! so true!
      There are many jealous preachers and false prophets, like the writer of this article. The devil is working very strongly in his heart to write and publish such lies!

    • Keith

      Nice to see someone following a Biblcal standard in defending a brother.

      I wish some of these so-called know-it-alls would follow the Biblical example of Mathew 18:5

      2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

      If you have not goine to your brother and discussed his so-called faults then how can you call yourself a Christian?

      That IS the Biblical standard.

  • Ken Klein

    This is the last sign before Christ can return:

    Trailers for Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews


  • Jarrod

    The celestial Hosannas are in the fifth house and surely the beast and his 12 rangdipkans are rising from the cosmic ocean door!

  • ShieldedMessenger

    Wicked people can try their hardest to create a one world religion where everyone gets along. However they will never be able to defeat the truth of the word of God.

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

    5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

    6 Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. 1 Timothy 2: 5, 6)

    Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

  • I honestly cannot imagine how anyone can believe this tripe. It seems to be part of the attack on Rick Warren that has been discredited years ago. Chrislam is a religious group in NIGERIA. It is an attempt to stop the violence, and, yes, it’s false. But to use innuendo and insinuation to besmirch the reputation of a man like Rick Warren is just plain despicable. This is FALSE, and harmful. It causes divisions where no divisions exist. Mr. Warren believes in the Bible, and he reaches out to people of all faiths. Why? To draw them to Jesus, not to fatten his pockets like this false group, NTEB! Please stop this horrible campaign. And, you gullible and naive people who believe it, grow up! Read reliable sources. If you, Geoffrey Grider, are doing this on purpose, then you are the one who will face the judgment. Heaven help you!

    • NTEB has documented Rick Warren’s creation of Chrislam in great and accurate detail. Everything we have reported about him is 100% true and accurate. http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?s=Rick+Warren

      • Marcus

        Just because you repeat the lies over and over doesn’t make it true. Website “research” quoting website “research” is not research. That citation provides NO facts, just innuendo after innuendo.

    • Kim

      Rick Warren and the Pope are messing around with the enemy and because they are not truly of them, they are in jeopardy of being beheaded one of these days. Christianity and Islam may be the term for Chrislam but what Muslims follow is Shariah and so the reading of the verses and thus the combining of them should actually be called Chrisriah. Covert Nazism is Wicked.

    • Heather

      All one has to do is read Revelation, and then open your eyes, and look to see who and what groups are fullfilling prophecy in these last days.

  • Any attempt to bring various religions together under one overall organisation is bound to lead to great error. What is needed is to bring all humankind to Jesus. It does not matter a whit what believer or group of believers do this as it is not religions that save; not churches that save. Only Jesus saves. He is The Saviour of the world. He died for all humankind, but only those who come to The Father by the unadulterated Word of God, and then walk in His Ways, are thereby saved. As Jesus IS THE WORD OF GOD made flesh, the simplist way to come into right relationship with God is to ask Jesus to be your saviour and then to walk in the Ancient Paths of Righteousness, guided and taught by The Holy Spirit.

  • Kim

    God, forgive them for they know not, truly, what they do.

  • STL

    NTEB: I understand your a Baptist, as I see it that the Baptist are also joining the Chrislam Religion.

    • Sir James

      To NTEB: Then you don’t know Baptist doctrine & beliefs (which are very Biblically scriptural) if that is what you think Baptist are doing. This thread is going nowhere fast with those who don’t know “The Truth” (which shall set you free) from their oatmeal.

  • STL

    Nteb: I have a short list here who joining the One World Religion: Lutheran’s, Baptist’s, Episcopal’s. Mormons, Roman Catholic’s, United Methodist’s, Scientology, Kenneth Copeland, Russian Orthodox, Coptic’s,

    • SammiD

      You forgot James Robison

    • Sir James

      The Southern Baptist church (the USA’s largest Protestant denomination) are a group of believers who have traditionally preached against One World Order & its evils. I don’t know where a few posters on that subject are getting their info which one could classify as mostly fiction. I’ve heard James Robison preach against One World Order and the almost 80 million USA evangelicals are as anti-One World Order as any group.

  • Carol

    If Rick Warren is getting together with the Pope ,he is wrong in doing that. The Pope is for Gay marriage,God of the Holy bible says No, not acceptable at all, this is evil and agaisnt God ~~ and he’s for other evil things also , and if you want to meet the Pope you have to Promise to Bow ,and kiss his ring finger, or you can’t meet with him , and Joel Osteen has met with the Pope so he had to bow, and kiss the Popes ring finger .I read the news about him meeting him ~~ you can read his meeting with the Pope at Christiannews.net or .com or go to ask.com type in box did Joel Osteen meet the Pope you’ll see he did ~~do your own research on meeting of th e Pope ~~ No one can meet him unless they bow , and kiss his ring finger , and by doing the kissing of the Popes ring you are saying the Pope is Sovereign, and Sovereign means you can do what ever you want ~~Supreme Ruler~~ also One who is King ~~Greatest in degree~Being above all others in character, importance~ excellence~Majestic ~Imperial~Princely~Monarchical~ Kingly~Cheif~Paramount~Principal~ Predominant~ the Pope is not any of these he is a Man not Holy at all ~~ the one who is~~ is Jesus~~ he is the one , and only King , and he is Sovereign Jesus is the one that can do what he wants !!! God is Ceeaning Churches ~~he is exposing the fake ones that we need to stay away from. Come Lord Jesus 🙂

    • Dudley Davis

      That was very informative and very well put Carol!

      • eve

        sad and so sad.

    • Lupe

      Now the pope is saying evolution is compatible with Genesis.

    • So when Jesus spoke to the woman at the well or the woman taken in adultery he was out of line?

      You are stretching truth to claim all that you claim. Jesus followed the Jewish traditions as he was a Jew. So what is wrong with following a simple tradition?

      There are no such thing as perfect churches; David was a man after God’s own heart but he was an adulterer, a murderer….

      Abraham father of the faith was a liar. He lied about Sara. He said she was not his wife.

      Each of us is responsible to God for our judgements. When we judge we are taking God’s job. He is not too happy about that.

      ““Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”” (Matthew 7:1–5)

      • Manoel

        Charles, you are a compromising; ignorant about what the Word of God is all about. Your language sounds like a soft, diluted Laodicean “christian,” who needs to repent before you are spewed out of YESHUA’S mouth.

    • Manoel

      Come out her my people, lest you be partaker of her sins. Romanism is a sham. Be born again, befofe its too late!Islam, romanism and false evangelicalism are part of the whore of Revelation.

  • CrissCross

    Zionism Verses The Bible – who is really “blessing Israel”? 🙄

  • berole de olivei

    Ah, you forgot to mention the mother of “christian” feminism, joyce mneyer, the worst false “prophetess” ever.

    • well said carolyn

    • Totally agreed Carolyn

    • Manoel

      Hey femina Carol, stop being an ugly woman. You must know YESHUA as the only Saviour. Before you washother’s mouth, alow YSHUA wash your heart.

  • Dan

    There is only one way to spend Eternity with God in Heaven. It’s simple – http://howtosaveyoursoulandthoseofothers.com/

  • Smoky

    Do NOT listen to Rick Warren at all. He is a heretic and will confuse your mind. Check it out for yourself. He also promotes Hinduism:

  • Michael

    What a piece of garbage this article is stating that Pope Francis has an agenda of one world relgion and many of you blindly take the bait hook, line and sinker. Here is who iniated the conference and why:

    “Rev. Warren was one of 48 Christian ministers and scholars who signed an open letter to Pope Francis and the synod fathers in September, urging the assembly to defend traditional marriage, among other ways, by supporting efforts to “restore legal provisions that protect marriage as a conjugal union of one man and one woman.”

    Source: http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/1404527.htm

  • Ted Lindblad III

    Published 2006 by Justin Johnson…

    The foundation of dispensational Bible study lies in the doctrine of God’s two-fold plan revealed in Scripture. The understanding of God’s two-fold plan contains the key to understanding God’s purpose in all of Scripture.

    While all of Scripture is unified in its ultimate purpose in Christ, there is a need to rightly divide the word of truth to understand what is being said, by whom, and to whom (2 Tim 2:15).

    Contrary to how publishers print our Bibles, the most important division in Scripture is not the division between the Old and New Testaments. The most essential distinction we can recognize in understanding our Bible is the difference between prophecy and mystery.

    Prophecy – God’s plan for the earth

    The subject of prophecy pertains to God’s revealed plan to reign and rule over the earth. This information includes the utilization of the nation Israel as the channel of blessing to the entire world (Genesis 12:2-3: Isaiah 2:2).

    This information and detailed plan culminates in the Lord’s coming to earth where he will set up his kingdom in Zion for ever (Micah 4:7).

    Zacharias sums up this body if information as consisting of what was spoken by the prophets since the world began.

    “As he spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began” – Luke 1:70

    Peter also taught this prophetic plan made known from the foundation of the world.

    “Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.” – Acts 3:21

    Mystery – God’s plan for the heavens

    The subject of the revelation of the mystery pertains to God’s plan to reign and rule over the heavens (Rom 16:25, Eph 2:6). This information includes the utilization of a new creature, without national distinction or status (2 Cor 5:17, Gal 3:28).

    This corporate body resides under the authority of Christ as the head – it is known as the Body of Christ (Eph 4:12, 1 Cor 12:27). This pan culminates in the Lord’s receiving of the saints to reign and rule in heavenly places for ever (1 Thess 4:16-17).

    This information is summed up in the clear statement by Paul that it was not part of prophecy.

    “Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,” – Romans 16:25

    “And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ:” – Ephesians 3:9

    Rightly dividing the word of truth

    Understanding this primary distinction in God’s plan for the earth in prophecy and God’s plan for heavenly places in the revelation of the mystery is the key to ‘rightly dividing the word of truth’ (2 Tim 2:15).

    Rightly dividing which instructions pertain to the prophetic plan, from the specific information revealed in the mystery plan allows us to become wise knowing the will of the Lord (Eph 5:17). Well-informed soldiers are better equipped for battle, and well-informed saints are better equipped to please him who died for them (2 Tim 2:4).

    As we recognize the two-fold plan of God we can also better recognize God’s ultimate purpose for all things, both in heaven and earth, to be in Christ.

    “That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him:” – Ephesians 1:10

    Whereas ‘in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth’ the Bible rightly divided reveals God’s two-fold plan to ultimately reign and rule over the heaven and the earth.

    The full audio teaching here…


    • So where are the documents, Michael Barber?

      People who say “That is a documented fact do so to make it sound like they KNOW but if it WAS documented why would you not make the documents known?

    • Marcus

      LOL – to what other conspiracy theories do you subscribe?

  • Beano

    A one world religion and government has been in the making for THOUSANDS of years.

    But is only alluded to happen during the “endtimes”. And guess what? All indications show we are living in the ENDTIMES!

    So, hold on to your hat, you’re gonna be taken for the ride of your life!

  • STL

    Most people having problems just with all this deception from Satan. All we need to do in our lives is ( Rev. 3:10) by obtaining salvation through Jesus Christ. But we tend to make our lives difficult trying to find out what the next move God has for us? We need to go back in our lives, when things were much simplier, and be obediate to God.

  • SammiD

    Oh did we learn another new word today? Awwww, are we off our meds again Joshy?
    Why don’t you run upstairs and tell mommy you’ve been playing on her computer again, k?
    I know it must be dark in that old basement you live in but do try to get out into the light of day once in a while. It will help get those nasty old cobwebs outta your mind so you can think more clearly ;P

    Run along Joshy, the grown-ups are going to talk now.

  • Carol

    The word Vicar of Christ means Son of God , this is what the Pope Wears on his hat~( I know everyone has seen this word on his hat ~~ do your own research . I did that’s why I’m posting this ~~ The Pope is not the Son of God.The pope did not die on the Cross, and he can’t forgive sins either ~~ the pope is not holy , he is a man just because he is in the
    Catholic Church doesn’t give him the title of Holy Father~ I believe , the Pope is the False Prophet in the Book of Revelation his fruits are not good .We will know them by their fruits ~~The only Holy Father is the God of Abrahan ~Isaac~ Jacob this is the Holy Father , he is the only one that can Forgive Sins ~~Creator of the Whole World , and all things ~~Jesus Christ is The One , and Only Son of God~ Holy ~~Sovereign ~The King. That is the truth too ~~the Whole truth , and nothing but the truth. I Love the truth it will set you FREE!!! JESUS SETS US FREE!! AMEN!

  • STL

    Deanna: Do you see what Satan is doing? He’s causing so many divisions in the truth, no one really know who they should believe, this causes people to give up on Jesus and Christianity. Instead believing in Pastors, we should be believing in God’s Scriptures. As God said, do not believe in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

  • Rob

    Where are all the atheists? They seem to be the only ones that tell the truth about religion, and exposes all the religious fanatics and all their delusions. Facts are not welcomed by end time bible crazies! None of you christians can agree on anything! Why would “God” give us a book written by ancient desert nomads? Christians, read your bibles, God is an not good!

    • STL

      Rob: It sounds like your more confused than christians? Because since your a atheist, your on a Pre-Tribulation web site, so are you confused about being an atheist? Why do not you show to us how inteligent you are and read the entire Bible, then prove us wrong?

      • Joanne

        Rob, Jesus says come and see that I am Good. Call on Him and he will show you, Believe and see!!!!

    • Rob


      • Joanne

        Jesus wants a Relationship with us, His death on the cross gave us the ability to have that, not a religion!! God hates religion

  • Rob

    “Conspiracy theories” are what ignorant christians use to scare “sheepish” gullible people (christians) with no grasp of reality, and no education!

    • STL

      Rob: The different in us christians than being an atheist’s. We pray to God for Deliverance. You believe in nothing. As you say, God is nonsence, if we end up in heaven that good for us, if your right we still win, but your think in a small mind, So when God delivers us, you’ll lose!

  • Rob

    Many of you Christians speak of “truth”, but your so called “truth” is nothing of the sort, but lies sold to you by charlatans and hucksters! Lol gimme a break! Lol

  • Mallika A.

    Yes that’s correct, professing Christian is the right word, because no Christian community around the world will be a part of such a thing. No one has authorized Rick Warren to represent us. Rick Warren no way, not in million years…..

    • STL

      Tommy Lopez: Maybe you need to read God’s Scriptures. Mankind developed Religion to control mankind. But if you read His Scriptures Yeshua said, do not believe in men wisdom but in the power of God.

      So you think you only go into the ground? What if your wrong? Because it sound like your assuming alot, with nothing to back it up?

      Just maybe you’ll be resurrected in that body of your, and face Yeshua, then He’ll send you to a place of Torment forever and ever?

      You say God does not provide you your food? Then you created the earth, who created the seeds for vegetables on your plate? Who created seed for grass, so cattle can eat the grass, so you can have meat on your plate, who created the cattle? Who created grass, so cow can eat to make milk for you to drink. Or do you believe in comes out of the vending machines only?

      You say God does not take care of your heath? Since I was 10 years old I need to wear glasses to see more clearly, I had 20/50 vision, so for about 10 years ago, I was praying to God daily, because I wanted 20/20 vision, and I was tried laying the glasses on the bed, then forgetting they were their and sitting on them. So about 5 years ago, I woke up at 8:00 a.m. as usually put my glasses on my face, but I could not see out of them, so I washed them, again I could not see out of them, so I decided to see my eye doctor, I step outside of my house, and the 1st time since I was a child, I could see things very clearly. Went to my eye doctor, he tested both eyes, he said, he can not understand it, you have 20/20 vision. Since that time, every year my eye doctor checks my eye vision, its still the same vision 20/20 vision.

      So who corrected my vision? If as you say, God can not do that for us. Maybe if one prays enough, your prayer will be heard?

      • eve

        well said!

    • Ben Starchenko


      Reading your post i see you have raised some great questions, most of them are questions that have echoed throughout all of history regarding meaning, suffering, worth etc.

      Please note i am not able to deal with the extent of your questions and statements on this post, i just don’t have the space allocated.

      The fact that you are bold enough to ask these big questions in itself shows you are indeed searching for truth, but may i be so bold to state that deep down you still aren’t satisfied you have. What other reason would bring you to a site such as this?

      The bible has answers for all your above questions, not just feel good answers, but cold hard truth. Truth that makes us all as christians evaluate our lives on a daily basis, makes us realise how hopelessly lost we really are.

      I extend an invitation to yourself, i myself was in the same position as you are, i doubted all of this and thought what i could see and feel could answer all my questions, the problem was it just raised more questions. I would love for you to email me and come on a search for truth, the only pre-requisite is that both you and myself leave every preconception at the door, and follow the truth wherever it leads us. Please note i myself took this challenge 2 years ago, and it was the most rewarding experience in my life.

      Just remember that “The greatest hurdle to the truth, is assuming you already have it”.

      Please email me on bstarchenko@hutchinsonbuilders.com.au, i look forward to joining you on this journey.

      I extend this invitation to anyone else who reads this post. Take a leap of faith.

    • eve

      amen! It is only the Pope that can gather all church leaders and have a dialogue to embrace ones uniqueness in Christ, and the Pope is always welcome wherever he visits all over the world. HMMMM JUST A THOUGHT!


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  • I am deeply distrubed by the idea of Pope Francis mingling with these other religious groups other than Christianity. Christianity is unique and there is religion as Christianity. In all other religions, when their leaders died, their religious dogma pretty much died. But in the case of Christianity, our leader rose from the dead and thus bore witness to the claim He had made while alive that He will rise on the third day which He did. In 2 Cor. 6:18 God says: “Come out of them and be separate. Then I will be your Father and you will be my children.” Christians are appointed by Christ to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We should not desecrate our religion on a platform common with toher religions. Because in our case, our leader is Almighty God. In the case of all other religions, their leaders are human beings. So absolutely there is no comparison.

    • Carolann

      even satan can transform himself in to an angel of light ~~ Kennth Copeland is not a good person ~he is following after his father satan.kenneth copeland is selling his church to the pope~ and this is not of God ~~God Almighty of the Bible ~ did not tell you to follow K.C~~ not so ~ God can’t do evil ~ God is Love ~~he would never tell anyone~ including you ~~ to follow a wolf in sheeps clothing ~~ you are decieved greatly!!.follow Jesus , and have life eternal ~ don’t listen to satan he hates you~~he wants to destroy anyone he can . Stay away from the evil one~~ kenneth Copeland is not good !! I am using righteous Judgment as Godof the Holy Bible says for me to do ~~ so I don’t follow after evil~~ and be decieved Amen

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  • Son of God

    Hello children of the one true living God, please pray that you will be accounted worthy to escape the hour of temptation that is going to come upon the whole world. And pray that you will also be accounted worthy to stand in the presence of the Son of God.

    • Anna

      Tommy, unfortunately there is no scientific proof that anyone can give you, Faith can be tough for those who are hard wired for facts, but it’s kind of like love, you can’t explain it, you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, yet it exists in a very powerful way. When a person comes to Christ, there is a supernatural power (the Holy Spirit) that bears witness with our Spirit and you will KNOW He is real. I admire people who sincerely search for truth because they tend to be the strongest believers when they find it.

      16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

      • Rev. Roy

        Rev. Roy says:

        November 14, 2014 at 11:37 am

        Hi Anna:
        This is my response to Tommy. Feel free to use it for future reference. 🙂
        You said “what evidence do you have that proves that God exist in the first place”….My answer is short so as not to confuse..”Fulfilled prophecy”. Almost 30% of Scripture is “fulfilled prophecy” and only God knows the future. That’s right, committees, groups, organizations, heck, even aliens,(if there were such a thing) cannot foretell the future.
        Here is one example and you can look up the rest yourself, if your serious. The prophet Isaiah wrote about the birth, the life and the death of Jesus Christ, naming dates, times and places in detail, even describing the method of crucifixion He would suffer. Now, of course, these facts have no meaning until you realize that he wrote these things 750 years before Christ was born!! And crucifixion was only invented 75 years before Christ, by the Romans.
        That is how all prophecy works. and history, archaeology and science all prove that all 1/3 of Scriptural prophecy has come to pass, with zero exceptions, exactly as foretold. Have fun searching out all the other 2,999 prophecies. 🙂
        Rev. Roy….<

        • Anna

          Excellent answer!! I agree, fulfilled prophecy is our staple, but He was saying, outside of the bible, what proof of Gods existence do we have. There were many that never held a bible in there hands, yet they understood through His creation that He existed. God has never had a problem revealing Himself to man in a supernatural way, but the simplicity in Christ is rarely found because of religious debacles. The two have zero to do with each other, sad that the “hands that rocks the religious cradle” are the same kinds that crucified our Savior. Religion chains us, Christ frees us.

          • Anna


    • Rev. Roy

      Hey Tommy:
      You said “what evidence do you have that proves that God exist in the first place”….My answer is short so as not to confuse..”Fulfilled prophecy”. Almost 30% of Scripture is “fulfilled prophecy” and only God knows the future. That’s right, committees, groups, organizations, heck, even aliens,(if there were such a thing) cannot foretell the future.
      Here is one example and you can look up the rest yourself, if your serious. The prophet Isaiah wrote about the birth, the life and the death of Jesus Christ, naming dates, times and places in detail, even describing the method of crucifixion He would suffer. Now, of course, these facts have no meaning until you realize that he wrote these things 750 years before Christ was born!! And crucifixion was only invented 75 years before Christ, by the Romans.
      That is how all prophecy works. and history, archaeology and science all prove that all 1/3 of Scriptural prophecy has come to pass, with zero exceptions, exactly as foretold. Have fun searching out all the other 2,999 prophecies. 🙂
      Rev. Roy….<

    • berole de olivei

      Hello Ella, if you don’t repent of your sins and live a holy life, it shows that you’ve never been born again. God said, “be holy, for I AM holy. Be careful yourself lest you end up there too. Run to the arms of Jesus YESHUA Mashiach. You appear to be a very angry person.

  • berole de olivei

    To Sue. Hey,you have got to be born again. It has nothing to do with any denomination. First, you must repent of your Jezebel ideology. Secondly, trust in Christ, to save you from your rebellious condition. My advice is, look after your family properly and be a real woman.

    • To Geir offenberg; she is not right. She is complying with error. She probably has the spirif od deception. Yourself must be born again. Be a man up!

  • Sunny
  • Anna

    Have you ever looked through the eyes of an atheist? Have you ever considered what it is they see? Just take one honest look at the picture above of Rick Warren and with no preconceptions, let yourself completely FEEL what they FEEL when they see it.
    I came to this site after reading a heartbreaking story of a war veteran who ultimately gave his life fighting for this country. He was a professed atheist and died as such. Why did I understand Him? Why did my heart break so deeply for this man? When I stopped and considered the world from his perspective, I realized something very disturbing, we have done this. This mans blood and his eternity is on ALL of our hands.
    He died for a nation “under God”…….Really? A nation that sacrifices their men, this man for the sake of war and oil is a nation that’s supposedly under God? How dare we promote God through our selfish systems built on lies, lies that have made us believe that our blessings were from Him. His name has been used from the beginning of time for evil men to prosper. It is called a “cloak of righteousness”…..a CLOAK people, a covering meant to TRICK you. He is NOT the author of our disgusting systems or our religious institutions. They have used HIS name and HIS words to deceitfully line the pockets of greedy men wearing Armani suits for centuries. “god” has been used to blind us from GOD, and when you finally recognize GOD, you are no longer enslaved to “god”.
    We have ultimately alienated the world with self righteous attitudes and lies that reek in the nostrils of hurting souls. We have given them no viable options to their pain. They would rather die as an atheist than identify with religious systems that make zero sense to them. They would rather risk hell than to be like “Christians”. Sadly, they have made that fatal decision based on a complete misrepresentation of Jesus Christ.
    I fear that Gods kingdom will not come in our hearts until we are willing to step back and examine carefully the very systems supposedly built on Him. We need to allow God to shake our beliefs from the core and redefine Himself in our lives. We will never be an accurate representation of Christ until we know exactly who He is and who He is not.
    We have done so much evil in His eyes and labeled it with “God” that many will spend eternity in hell because in order to divorce the system, they had to divorce the assumed god of those systems also. A VERY sad reality.

    • Anna

      The labels we apply to ourselves are really irrelevant , they mean nothing. It’s a matter of people’s hearts and who they put their faith and trust in. I would agree that we have (unknowingly) adopted pagan traditions and christianized them, but God judges our hearts, not the day of the week we worship. If you hold to your stance, then EVERYTHING you do can be traced backwards to something cryptic, and if I or anyone else uses the law (which we are not under) for their argument against ecumenicals, we become instant hypocrites because YOU nor anyone else can keep the entirety of the law. If worshipping on Sunday is a personal conviction, by all means don’t do it, but to speculate that people are Catholics or pagans because they do is definitely throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I know many God fearing people that have no understanding of our pagan origins and they worship on SUN-days (yea, I get it, but their hearts are Gods focus).

    • Marcus

      I don’t think that is what Vel was saying. Rather she is saying that the complexity of us as humans, and the universe in total for that matter, points to a “creator.” You may debate how the creation came about but I don’t think it is disputable that it was designed. It is just too complex to be otherwise.

  • CrissCross

    🙄 Nine of the biggest Myths that people believe about the system!

    🙁 The Impending Dangers of Nuclear War: America’s W88 Thermonuclear Warhead is 30 Times a Hiroshima Bomb!

    • Marcus

      I think saying churches are “in bed” with the government just because they are following the tax law as it is currently set up is a little harsh. Regardless, if such oppression came to be the “church” would simply become house churches, etc. The church in China grew exponentially in the manner. I don’t doubt we in America would figure it out.

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  • the biggest false prophetess in the world today is joyce meyer. She plus all women priests have the jezebel spirit. If they don’t repent, they all will go to hell fire. Osteen and others like him, will face the judgment of God

    • Manny Clay

      Dear Jon, I ask you and Harold to forgive me for butting in, but I believe your post requires a response.

      You ask a very weighty question which goes to the heart of the matter, namely, who are the people called by MY (God’s) NAME? In other words, Who is the head of your church, Christ, or Caesar? As you know you cannot serve two masters. If it is Christ who founded and sustains your church, why do you feel you must apply to Caesar for his authority to exist? And yet this is precisely the case with each and every 501c3 church. Simply read your incorporation IRS paperwork. You are not Christ’s pure ecclesia but rather an amalgamation, ie. a mixture, that is, a government corporation — in other words a LEGAL FICTION. Your IRS paperwork will show your church’s name in ALL CAPS. What does this mean? While you are at it empty your wallet of all commercial (plastic) cards. You may notice a conspicuous pattern emerging. If you are interested, I will explain at a later date.

      Jon, I had been a lay preacher and felt I knew much. I had been “in Christ” for 20 years but I came to realize I knew nothing at all. I condemn no man, but neither will I be partaker of Mystery Babylon. Here is something to ponder. How does she buy slaves and souls of men, and from whom does she purchase them? And how is it that God’s people are being called out of her? The answer is stranger than you would ever believe. God bless you in your search for the TRUTH. Your brother, Manny Clay


  • CrissCross

    🙁 Survey Says Most Non-Christian Millennial Have Never Read The Bible!

    • Ben Starchenko

      Tommy Lopez,

      To state that other Christ-like figures predate the life of Christianity, is in itself a correct statement. The issue is that Christianity is not based purely on the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but also the Old Testament. The oldest book that mankind has is still considered to be Job, which was written some time during the life of the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob). The Old Testament is full of prophecy concerning the life of Jesus Christ, do you not think that it would not be possible for Satan to read these prophecies and try to concoct his own false “Messiahs”. These Christ like figures may have pre-dated Christ, but they do not pre-date the prophecies concerning Christ.
      Secondly, all these figures are not Christ-like, Jesus Christ is the only one who not only prophesied of his death and resurrection, he actually did it. All these other figures died and that was it.
      As for the legitimacy of the fact that Jesus Christ lived, died and rose again, look into the story of Professor Greenleaf. He was a Harvard professor of Law, who wrote “Treatise of evidence”, still to this day considered the most important guide concerning how to treat evidence in a court of law. He was a staunch atheist, and was challenged by one of his Christian students to use the methods in his book, to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After a 2 year period he concluded that it was an indisputable fact and that any unbiased court would concur. Also note that the life of Jesus Christ was also documented by other secular writers such as Josephus, which back up the story in the Bible.
      The greatest attribute we have of the Bible is that fact that it can be traced back to its original writings, therefore we confidently know that the bible we read today is identical to the original writings. We cannot claim that of any other ancient book. In fact the next closest ancient book has a gap of over 500 years from the original writing to the copy which was now have, in 500 years it could have been changed without our knowledge.
      As for your story concerning Isis and Horus, please do some research into the mystery religions, specifically in regards to Nimrod, who lived shortly after the Flood. All these stories can be traced back directly from these mystery religions, which still permeate our society today. Which currently is seen primarily in the “New Age”, which has nothing new about it at all, it is the same lie from the time of Nimrod all over again.
      For a good insight, watch the series entitled “Know you enemy” by the Fuel Project. The entire series is on YouTube, i suggest you watch it.

  • Marcus
  • carson

    don’t get stuck on the term chrislam and fail to see the inter-religious movement that’s afoot. “chrislam” is better termed =interfaith, interfaith is attempts to join islam with worldly christian..but also any and all other non christian religions with christian, or you could put it the other way it makes no difference, join “christian” with all the other religions, join all religions together. So when looking into interfaith or inter religious movements you’d see many of the various religions leaders on board.
    Who attends the meetings etc is not hard to find, many of the worlds diverse religions are climbing on board..all one big unity religion fit for an anti-christ when his time comes.
    Ecumenical is attempts to join worldly christian branches with worldly christian branches.
    Is Christ even “of” the world? john 17.
    rev 12:12..yet they think to bring unity and peace? the devil will come and with far less restraint (2nd thess 2)..but he will be real nice?
    And some guru or islam follower or..is my “brother” yet he denies the fullness of who Christ is? his prayers are heard by the Father even though he bypasses Christ?
    Yet pray for them and share with grace the truth. All are dead in trespasses and sins until their made alive in Christ as any in Christ today were once dead in sins, so there’s hope that perhaps God might grant any repentance and faith in Christ.

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  • Right on, Bob!

  • Roger Pack


    “Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon.”

    “This ‘big lie’ technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was “King of the Jews”, in the sense that so-called ‘Jews’ today call themselves ‘Jews’. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews highjacked the word ‘Jew’ in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called ‘Jews’ of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable.”

    “American Christians little suspect they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours of every day over television and radio, by newspapers and magazines, by motion pictures and plays, by books, by political leaders in office and seeking office, by religious leaders in their pulpits and outside their churches, by leaders in the field of education inside and outside their curricular activities, and by all leaders in business, professions and finance, whose economic security demands that they curry the favor of so-called “Jews” of historic Khazar ancestry. Unsuspecting Christians are subjected to this barrage from sources they have little reason to suspect. Incontestable facts supply the unchallengeable proof of the historic accuracy that so-called “Jews” throughout the world today of eastern European origin are unquestionably the historic descendants of the Khazars, a pagan Turko-Finn ancient Mongoloid nation deep in the heart of Asia, according to history, who battled their way in bloody wars about the 1st century B.C. into eastern Europe where they set up their Khazar kingdom. For some mysterious reason the history of the Khazar kingdom is conspicuous by its absence from history courses in the schools and colleges.

    “The historic existence of the Khazar kingdom of so-called “Jews”, their rise and fall, the permanent disappearance of the Khazar kingdom as a nation from the map of Europe, and how King Bulan and the Khazar nation in about 740 A.D. became so-called “Jews” by conversion, were concealed from American Christians by censorship imposed by so-called “Jews”, of historic Khazar ancestry, upon all U.S.A. media of mass communications directed by them. Then in 1945 this author gave nation-wide publicity to his many years intensive research into the “facts of life” concerning Khazars. The disclosures were sensational and very effective but apparently angered so-called “Jews” who have continued to vent their spleen upon this author since then solely for that reason. Since 1946 they have conducted a vicious smear campaign against him, seeking thus to further conceal these facts, for obvious reasons. What have they to fear from the truth?

    “In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York’s Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world’s greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject.”

    Jesus was a ‘Judean’, not a Jew.

    During His lifetime, no persons were described as “Jews” anywhere. That fact is supported by theology, history and science. When Jesus was in Judea, it was not the “homeland” of the ancestors of those who today style themselves “Jews”. Their ancestors never set a foot in Judea. They existed at that time in Asia, their “homeland”, and were known as Khazars. In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a “Jew”. The term originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion, just as the term “Texan” signifies a person living in Texas.

    In spite of the powerful propaganda effort of the so-called “Jews”, they have been unable to prove in recorded history that there is one record, prior to that period, of a race religion or nationality, referred to as “Jew”. The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled “Jews” today refer to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same.

    Jesus abhorred and denounced “Pharisaism”; hence the words, “Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, Ye Serpents, Ye Generation of Vipers”.


    by Jason Collett

    Many denominational Christians and even church leaders are under the mistaken belief that Jesus was a Jew. But nothing could be further from the truth.

    Judea and Galilee were two separate states and political entities, as illustrated on the map of Palestine in the time of our Saviour in your Bible. Jesus Himself was not a Jew (Judean) or resident of Judea, He was a Galilean or resident of Galilee (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41), and a Judahite or descendent of the Tribe of Judah. The Judeans of prominence were not of the Tribe of Judah, but of Edomites. Pilate was being ironic when he wrote the sign “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Judeans” for the Cross (John 19:19). That is, “the Galilean who was King of the Judeans,” as in “Queen Victoria of England, Empress of India.” Jesus grew up in Nazareth in Galilee. His disciples were fishermen from the Sea of Galilee. And although He visited Jerusalem, he spent most of His life in his home country of Galilee. John 7:1, “After this Jesus stayed in Galilee; for He could not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.” His followers were constrained “for fear of the Jews” (John 7:13, 19:38, 20:19).

    Why was this?

    Psalm 83:3 says God’s elect are “hidden” or protected ones, and that they are under attack from a coalition of evil groups led by Edom. Who was Edom?

    Esau, the brother of the patriarch Jacob, became the ancestor of the people called Edom, or Idumea. The Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus, XIII ix 1; XV vii 9 instructs us: John Hyrcanus forcibly assimilated the Edomites as a national group and they became “Jews” in about 120BC. The Jewish historian Josephus, who lived just after the time of Christ, wrote, “They [Edom] were hereafter no other than Jews’. The Jewish scholar Cecil Roth in his Concise Jewish Encyclopedia (1980) says on page 154, “John Hyrcanus forcibly converted [Edom] to Judaism. From then on they were part of the Jewish people. In the Talmud the name of Edom was applied to Christian Rome, and was then used for Christianity in general”.

    Terrible judgements against Edom are made in most of the prophecies of the Old Testament. For instance, Isaiah 34, 63, Jeremiah 49, and the entire book of Obadiah.

    Isaiah 63:1-6, “Who is this coming from Edom . . . in garments stained with crimson? It is I [the Lord] who speak in righteousness and am mighty to save.”

    “Why are your garments red, as if you had trodden the winepress?”

    “I have trodden the winepress alone: and of the people there was none to help Me. In My anger I trod them down, trampled them in My wrath. Their blood splattered My garments, and all My clothes are stained. For the day of vengeance is in My heart, and the year of My redeemed has come. . . I will tread down the people in My anger, and bring their blood upon the ground”.

    These verses refer to Revelations chapter 19:11-21, when the Word of God destroys His enemies: “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse: and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True. . . His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns, and He had a Name written that no man knew but Himself. And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood, and His Name is called The Word of God. . . and He trod the winepress of God’s fierce anger”.

    Jehovah of the Old Testament “hated Esau (Edom), against whom He has indignation forever” (Malachi 1:2-4). If Jesus will destroy Edom when He returns, then Edom is present today, and obviously evil, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic.

    The Edomite, Antipater, became the Procurator of Judea in 47BC. Ten years later his son Herod actually became “king of the Jews,” initiating the Edomite dynasty which ruled Palestine under Roman authority for over a hundred years. The Edomite assimilation opened the way for the virtual takeover along the lines predicted by Ezekiel and stimulus for an influx of population from the arid country of Edom into the more hospitable environment of Judea, an influx obviously encouraged for political reasons by the ruling Herodian dynasty. Edomites would have been appointed to the most influential positions, in order to extend and consolidate Edomite authority over the land and its people. Herod became notorious for his massacre of infant boys two years old and undger,” a supernaturally inspired attempt on the life of Christ (Matthew 2:16). Herod’s son Herod Antipas, continuing the work, and was responsible for the gruesome murder of John the Baptist (Matthew 14:6-12).

    Christ demonstrated a very real antipathy towards the people called Jews, in Bibles published after about 1776, but who would be more accurately described as Judeans, or residents of the Edomite-dominated territory of Judea. Jesus said to the Jews “You do not believe because you are not of My sheep” (John 10:24-27). “I was only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel” (Matthew 15:24). In fact, Christ referred to “those Jews (or residents of Judea regardless of religion, race or color) who believed on him,” as “of their father the devil” for although they were children of Abraham, they were not children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and heirs of the blessing of Abraham, nor did they have the faith of Abraham, and were in all probability descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Esau (John 8: 31,44). In contrast, Jesus instructed His disciples – who were from Galilee of the Gentiles, not Judea (Acts 1:11; 2:7) – to pray to And in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus speaks of “those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”.

    The Jews shouted “Crucify Him!” (John 19:15); “His blood be on us and on our children” (Matthew 27:25). In an appropriate turn about, when Jesus returns, their blood will stain His own garments. The spiritual leaders of the Jews were the Pharisees, who not surprisingly were associated with the (Edomite) Herodians (Matthew 22:15-16; Mark 3:6; 12:13). Jesus repeatedly condemned the Pharisees as “hypocrites” (Matthew 15:7; 22:18; 23:13,15,23,25,27-27). He also called them “serpents, the offspring of vipers” (Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33).

    “Jesus spoke to the crowds only in parables” (Matthew 13:10-17). Why was this? Many nominal churches and Sunday schools teach that Jesus used parables to make His teachings clearer. But all four Gospels say the opposite. When Jesus was asked why He spoke to them in parables, He replied “Because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given” (Matthew 13:10-11; Mark 4:11-12; Luke 8:9-10; John 12:37-44). Brother Branham simply said, Jesus spoke in parables to thin down the crowds.

    Jesus told “those Jews who believed in Him . . . You are of your father the devil, and lust for what is forbidden. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him . . . as he is a liar and the father of lies” (John 8:31-44). This characteristic is confirmed by the dictionary definition of the verb jew .

    But do Jews ever come up with such brazenly audacious lies, lies so enormous in scope and implication as to qualify as “chutzpah,” so admired by Jews?

    Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York says:

    “The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a ‘victim’ state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood – in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified” (Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry (2000) published by Verso, p. 3).

    In other words, Finkelstein exposes the HYPOCRISY.

    Some further quotes:

    “In an authoritative study, Leonard Dinnerstein reported: Sixty thousand Jews . . . walked out of the concentration camps. Within a week more than 20,000 of them had died.” But ‘As it entered into negotiations with Germany [just two years ago, in 1999], the Holocaust industry demanded compensation for 135,000 still living former (camp inmates).’

    On page 83 he notes that ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ Finkelstein exposes the LIES.

    On page 127 he further notes ‘If 135,000 former Jewish slave laborers are still alive today, some 600,000 must have survived the war. That’s at least a half-million more than standard estimates. . . If Jews only constituted 20% of the surviving camp population and, as the Holocaust industry implies, 600,000 Jewish inmates survived the war, then fully 3 million inmates in total must have survived. By the Holocaust industry’s reckoning, concentration camp conditions couldn’t have been that harsh at all; in fact, one must suppose a remarkably high fertility and remarkably low mortality rate. . . If, as the Holocaust industry suggests, many hundreds of thousands of Jews survived, the Final Solution couldn’t have been so efficient after all – exactly what Holocaust deniers argue” (pp. 127-8).

    “Both my father and my mother were survivors of the Warsaw ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps. . . One of my father’s lifelong friends was a former inmate with him in Auschwitz, a seemingly incorruptible left-wing idealist who on principle refused German compensation after the war. Eventually he became a director of the Israeli Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. Reluctantly and with genuine disappointment, my father finally admitted that even this man had been corrupted by the Holocaust industry, tailoring his beliefs for power and profit. As the rendering of the Holocaust assumed ever more absurd forms, my mother liked to quote (with intentional irony) Henry Ford: “History is bunk.” (ibid. p. 7).

    “The Holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel” (ibid p. 30).

    “Much of the literature on Hitler’s Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud.” (p. 55).

    “Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics”. (p. 68).

    “Annual Days of Remembrance of the Holocaust are a national event. All 50 states sponsor commemorations, often in state legislative chambers. . . Seven major Holocaust museums dot the American landscape. The centerpiece of this memorialization is the United States Holocaust museum in Washington. . . [This] museum’s annual budget is $50 million, of which $30 million is federally subsidized.” (p. 72). (This is in spite of the fact that, as he points out on page 32, per capita Jewish income in the US is almost double that of non-Jews).

    “With a reelection campaign looming, Jimmy Carter initiated the [US Holocaust Museum] project to placate Jewish contributors and voters, galled by the president’s recognition of the “legitimate rights” of Palestinians.’ (p. 73).

    Finkelstein exposes the SWINDLE, a word formerly most often associated with Jews.

    “The Holocaust” is an ideological representation of the Nazi holocaust. Like most ideologies, it bears a connection, if tenuous, with reality. The Holocaust is not an arbitrary, but rather an internally coherent construct. Its central dogmas sustain significant political and class interests.” (p. 3). And:

    “The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the “greatest robbery in the history of mankind”. . . The Holocaust industry has clearly gone berserk.” (p. 138-9).

  • ben

    Please note i personally do not follow the teachings of Rick Warren as i believe he is watering down the true gospel, but i do not think he is an Antichrist as so many would profess in their comments. I believe he is doing the right thing, but unfortunately he is wrong in his assumptions.

    We all need to guard our faith, as any of us can be mislead. We need to continue to be reading his word and testing the teachings of all who lead us. Just because they may be wrong at times, does not mean they are false teachers, not one of us can claim infaliable interpretation of the entire bible.

    The true test would be to see how they react once corrected with scripture, if they are humble and willing to change their doctrine to align with scripture, then fantastic, but if they are proud and consider their truth to be the only truth, we have an issue.

    Lets not forget that the apostles also split because they couldn’t agree on some doctrine, but they all were gods chosen apostles. As Paul stated “we see through the glass darkly”, we don’t have entire illumination of the scriptures.

    So lets pray for our leaders, and provide them with support, question them when they teach something dubious, but give them the grace to realign themselves with scripture. Only when all this fails, can we be sure to call them out as false teachers.

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