POOF! Despite A Mountain Of Evidence, Hillary Walks Free After Bill’s Secret Meeting With Lynch

Anticipating the reaction to the recommendation, Comey said, "I know there will be intense public debate in the wake of this recommendation as there was throughout the investigation. What I can assure the American people is that this investigation was done honestly, competently and independently, no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear."

FBI recommends no charges against Hillary Clinton in email probe

FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday announced the agency is not recommending the Justice Department bring charges against Hillary Clinton, despite denouncing the former secretary of state and her colleagues for the way they handled classified information through private email servers.

FBI Director James Comey FULL STATEMENT on Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

“Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is information that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information,” Comey told reporters in Washington, D.C., noting that the probe has found that the former secretary of state used several different email servers and numerous devices during her time in office.

Even so, Comey added later, “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before deciding whether to bring charges.”

In prosecuting similar cases, Comey noted that past instances have “involved some combination of clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information or vast quantities of information exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct or indications of disloyalty to the United States or efforts to obstruct justice.”

“We do not see those things here. To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions, but that’s not what we’re deciding now,” Comey added. “As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.”


Clinton cleared on email scandal by FBI – despite sending and receiving top-secret information on a server which was ‘possibly’ hacked by America’s enemies

Anticipating the reaction to the recommendation, Comey said, “I know there will be intense public debate in the wake of this recommendation as there was throughout the investigation. What I can assure the American people is that this investigation was done honestly, competently and independently, no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear.” source


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  • Scott

    There’s a funny thing about the law…You don’t have to intend to break it to be accountable for doing so. Well, unless your last name is Clinton anyway.

    • Lee Rice

      Very convenient! The notice of no charges within one hr of Odumbo lands at airport walking off plane to give a speech. Wow

  • RobiMac

    Well, that goes without saying. I have never, in all my 51 years, ever heard of any politician going to prison for anything. President or otherwise.
    I mean, did anyone actually think that Killery would go to prison?!
    Of all the corrupt institutions on this planet, Politics always takes home the blue ribbons.

  • DeniseC

    The subtext: anyone else would go to jail for this but I (Comey) would be killed if I didn’t go along with this.

  • Tracy

    So does this mean that if I get stopped for speeding, but didn’t intend to speed that I don’t get a ticket??
    Just think about all our veterans who fought, bled and died for this country; including my Dad and brother. Do they, or any of us, deserve this corrupt system?? No, not at all.
    Even though this isn’t a surprise, it’s honestly a disgrace that Hillary isn’t indicted, but even worse she is still able to run for president. In addition, what is just as alarming is the people who are supporting this wicked, lying, greedy, evil, wretched woman and this administration.

    Yes, Lord, we do know that You are coming back for Your people.

    • Lee Rice

      Tracey, I cd not have said it any better. I was shocked, when I read this. For a second it took my breath away. I turned to my window and “what is going on Lord”. In the next generation, our grandchildren will believe they are subjects as in China. These grandchildren will not even know what Freedom is all about. Please Lord Come for us. Unless We the People stand up and be heard, our grandchildren will not know the difference.

  • CHAR

    Are any of us surprised? Of course not! Like you said, RobiMac, no politician will ever see the inside of a jail cell. If they put all the corrupt politicians in prison, we’d have to build a whole lot more of them. Boy, is hell ever going to be bursting at the seams very soon! It’s only going to get worse because all of them in the White House no they are exempt from the laws of our country.

  • Billy boy must have threatened Lynch and FBI. After all, their illegal foundation is proof Hillary never actually intentionally did her job as Secretary of State. Hillary was too busy soliciting our enemies for padding in her foundation. This funding by our enemies allows the Clintons to sell out the USA while they illegally hold office once again. SOROS is ensuring this all goes down for the UN agenda 21. Hold onto your weapons….bury them someplace safe….you will need them. Population needs to go wayyyyyyyy down according to their agenda.

    • Lee Rice

      remember. Hillary knows some powerful threatening Muslim extremists Leaders, who cd do great damage if she wised them to do so. She cd call Russia and just send someone to take care of this.

  • CHAR

    I KNOW how to spell know instead of no. Oops.

  • Did you really expect anything to happen against the hildabeast???? She’s an elite…and probably the next president 🙁

  • Bill

    No surprise at all with FBI recommendation on Hillary. Even worse the millions of uninformed people who will still support her and would have voted for her even if she had been jailed. Nero is playing his fiddle while Rome burns folks. Polish up your exit plan.

    • Well stated, Bill. My exit plan has been in place since B4 Hilldabeast’s shennanigan’s. It is titled Titus 2:13. Going my way?

  • DeniseC

    Nixon and Patreaus got in trouble for a lot less. One poll I just read said that 82% think Killary is guilty. I hope and pray that people will have had enough and now vote for Trump.

  • Magdalena

    Just as Hitler, the Clinton’s have the “luck of the devil” but only for a season. Pray for our nation and for the peace of Jerusalem.

    • Alicia Noda

      Luck has nothing to do with it. I believe the NWO/Bilderberg Group wants her to be the next president. Her husband & Soros are members of the Bilderberg Group. Soros has said, in an interview, in order in bring in the NWO, America has to be brought down.

      • cathy

        your right on the money, the Illuminati new world order

  • I knew it!! I knew it!!! The whole Justice Department is corrupt. Bill must have threatened the Justice Dept. and the FBI. Nothing came from the meeting!!! HA!!!!!

  • what a Crock! The American ppl should be outraged that no sooner did clinton and Lynch meet showing what kind of Attorney General who is just as crooked as the rest for she should know better than to meet with Clinton on her plane but no sooner than they meet and she comes out saying she will accept whatever the FBI suggests as far as charges, suddenly Comey who I don’t know how many times ppl on both sides of the aisle spoke well of comes out just a few days later and says there will be no charges, they make me sick! This is how Hilary was so confident all along that she’d never answer for any of it. There is one Judge who will not allow her or anyone else involved to get away with their evil deeds and He’s coming soon, glory to His name!

    • RobiMac

      That will never happen, Grace. Someone who frequently posts on NTEB once said that the American populace will not take a stand against the government on any issue because the American populace has been primed and conditioned to stand down.
      Brainwashing is a most effective tool.

      • Lee Rice

        Robimac little by little. If the Lord takes more time to arrive, our Grandchildren will be fully brainwashed. Except those we are teaching and praying for now.

      • Howdy Robimac, While I totally concur with you, the conditioning is that our congress does absolutely nothing to police itself, the justice (?) department, or the presidency. It’s like gas prices…the oil corporations raise and lower them at will and the general population is helpless to
        do anything. The worst part is the Churches/pastors in America are totally silent on any issue…especially one of controversy. I think that they will all get theirs in “The End” since the LORD says “Revenge is mine…I will repay”. This scripture really has a whole new meaning and we will all witness THE LORD’S revenge at the Great White Throne Judgment! Blessings, BuffaloBilly

      • Robimac, I know it will never happen, never said it would. what I said is ppl should feel outraged and that justice will come from only one and His name is Jesus Christ.

  • Clay

    We must be getting close Geoff. Titus 2:13! The devil is having a hayday. This is where we say, ” you gotta be kidding right? On hillary.

  • Karen U

    It only took a 30 minute meeting with Loretta L. All he did was pay her off.


    Illinois has a lengthy list of ‘jail bird’ politicians

    Governor Kerner D
    Governor Ryan R
    Governor Walker D
    Governor Blagojevich D
    US Rep Rostenkowski D
    US Rep Reynolds D
    US Rep Hastert R
    US Rep Jessie Jackson Jr D
    (and his wife) also D

    … just to name a few. And no mention of the one’s who have (and are) slithered (ing) away. O yes! The day of judgement will be just the beginning “wailing and gnashing of teeth”.

    “For the love of money is (truly) the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10)

    I thank the Lord of Glory for saving me.


  • avidtrober

    It’s called “anarchy”.

    There literally is two sets of ‘laws’ out there: one for the citizens, one for the elite.

  • Guest

    Maybe this will push more Americans towards a real relationship with GOD thru his only Son, Jesus. It always bothers me when people say have faith in the system, or don’t you have any faith in our nation? This is just another example of how we must have faith in GOD thru Jesus. I feel very sorry for all of the US soldiers who have died on the battlefields for this country. What a complete disappointment. The US is gone for good. I pray that many more will come to Christ!

  • Larry/vietnamvet1971

    this so called FBI investigation from the beginning was just a show, soap opera, charade and I myself have always said NOTHING will be done to that Slithering, Slimy SNAKE hillay clinton, the Powers that be have determined she will be Crowned Queen for America.

    In Noah’s and Lot’s days there was Corruption, LAWLESSNESS just like today, Evilness, Wickedness in any direction we look.

    Check Mate game over for the USA ( it has been for a LONG Time ) NOW we can see it right in front of our eyes.

    • Heather

      Amen Larry! It appears more and more now that the wicked, evil Jezebel will be placed on the throne and thus the Lord’s judgment is increasing.

      I know the following verse was meant for Israel, but it looks like there may be some repeated patterns coming.

      Isaiah 3:12(KJV)

      12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  • Cybergal55

    Time for a revolution! I have the guts to fight for our freedom. BTW do not take any mandatory vaccine or shots – the government is attempting to reduce population under Obama/Clinton. It’s part of UN Agenda 21. Various defense agents are aware of the plan under the guise of a false flag epidemic. Learn to grow your own food. Medications are pretty much poison. It’s all part of the agenda. Why else did Obama arm every agency like epa, irs, on and on.

  • deland

    The key here is “Willful” wrongdoing. If you are in any sense of the word “AWARE” you know that HRC was briefed on the handling of classified documents, how to handle them with E-mail and what requirements were in place for said e-mails. The truth is this was not her first briefing on it either. So either she expected she would need to cover up some of her correspondence or she was hedging her bets. Or even worse, she was just negligent in doing her duty out of stupidity (I can believe this but doubt she didn’t know). Not only that, she did the same thing overseas where security is always suspect, so it stands to reason that she just didn’t care. Also, it’s pretty obvious from Comey’s comments that they found things she did not turn over after she claimed they had it all. That means she perjured herself in front of a Congressional committee. If nothing else, that is a criminal act. How anyone can believe someone who has been in question since Watergate is beyond me. She must have had Ted Kennedy as a mentor.

  • Maybe this is part of a deal for her. She drops out of the race in exchange for not pursuing a federal charge.

  • Matt

    But officer, I didn’t “intend” to drive 90 mph in a 25 mph zone and run over those people while I was drunk!!! Can I go home now?

  • Tracy
  • Magdalena

    Do Americans want an “extremely careless” individual to be their Commander in Chief?

    • Lee Rice

      Evidently they do Magdalena. Maybe God does. Park of coming hardships.

  • Elijah

    Why, knowing that God is on the throne, do you even worry about these things? Remember Pharaoh: Romans 9:17 – “For the scripture saith to Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might show my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.”

    Please be Christians, and be filled with the Spirit of God. Then you can share the light of the gospel with a lost world instead of dwelling on corrupt people like politicians and homosexuals. Your focus should be on the Lord, not on how sinful the world is, or on taking the first trumpet out of here. If you are filled with the Spirit of God, then you have the mind of the Lord, and your heart will be filled with His peace. Be light and salt, and that is all that is required to keep the enemy from taking this world. God could have destroyed this world a thousand times, but he sent his Son to be the savior, and He established the church to be his witness, not to be a bunch of children waiting to be picked up from day care.

    Mark 9:50 – Salt is good: but if the salt hath lost its saltness, with what will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.

    • Lee Rice

      eligath… you are speaking truth, however some of us hav bn called to Watchmen on the Wall. We are screaming the Word of The Lord and fighting sgainst injustice. We are all called to listen for the Spirit and many of us will fight the enemy and warn the people of impending evil.

  • Tracy

    This is a sad day for true American, law-abiding citizens.


    What’s the difference in the case above and Hillary’s case? None

  • DeniseC

    Rush Limbaugh (transcript) had a good take on this whole thing and how Trump can use this. If the Witch of End Times had been indicted, it may have backfired on us in that it would fire up her base, circle her wagons, etc. and blame it all on a “vast, right-wing conspiracy.”


  • Heather

    Great cartoon drawing above of the Hildabeast! Geoffrey, it looks just like her, Ha ha!

  • SS

    Oh Hillary, your day is coming. There is no “get out of hell” card once you have passed over the physical death. Repent to Jesus and turn from your Lesbian Witchcraft ways before it is too late.

  • Ron

    Well if that woman turns up dead you can best believe she was behind it.

    There is no doubt that this material on her emails were Top Secret, or even Top Secret A or B Level and since she is secretary of state

    that handling classified material in this manner that there is nothing wrong in it. I worked with Communications Crypto Cards in the navy

    as a collateral duty, do you know how much trouble we would be in for just losing a Crypto Card? Can you say Leavenworth Federal Prison?

    And she has 1,000’s on her home computer and there is no telling if they haven’t been compromised and nothing happens!

    You will stand before our Lord Hillary and your god with the little “g” won’t be able to help you at all!

    This woman will be drunk with power if she were to become president.


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