Photos Of Jewish Family Slaughtered By Islamic Terrorists

Look at these horrific photos, and let it sink deep,down into your heart that this is what Islam brings. This is what the Palestinian people wish done with all...

Muslim Massacre of Jewish family of Five

Israel has announced plans to build hundreds of new homes in West Bank settlements in a direct response to the grisly stabbing murders of a married Jewish settler couple and three of their children — two kids and an infant — as they slept Friday night. On Friday night at 10:30 pm the terrorists entered the house through the living room picture window. They did not notice the 6-year-old boy sleeping on the couch and continued on to the bedroom where they slashed the throats of the father and newborn baby who were sleeping there. The mother came out of the bathroom and was stabbed on its threshold. The evidence shows that she tried to fight the terrorists. They then slashed the throat of the 11-year old-son who was reading in bed. They did not notice the 2-year old asleep in his bed, but murdered the 3-year old with two stabs to his heart. After that, they locked the door, exited through the window and escaped.

Islam will dominate


 The family has given permission to show these photographs so that civilized men understand what the Jews face from their Islamic enemies. This is the first time the people of Israel have done this. The world ignores the Jewish dead, what choice did they have? Devout Muslims murder Jewish children and babies in their sleep, simply because they are Jewish.

Forgive me for publishing these pictures, but we live in the modern age of the barbarian and the media, the political elites and the chattering class scrub, and in some cases glamorize, the savagery of these bloodthirsty anti-humans. One can only imagine the horror of the scene of the Islamic attack on a Jewish day school in Jerusalem back in 2008 that left six Jews slaughtered which over 84% of the Muslims in Gaza supported. The OIC driven failed to condemn that genocide as well.” source – Atlas Shrugs

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  • David Umphres

    I’m sorry for your loss!! Do everything you need to do too protect your people. The people that did this are animals with no hearts.

    • These filth give animals a bad name,and then use this religion ,that seems to have no bounds ,murder ,terror, Then use
      THEIR SO CALLED GOD AS EXCUSE FOR THIS! A VERY SICK AND BACKWARDS RACE . There is no help for these type of rats. These are the rotten fruit of islam!!!!!!


  • THAT is UNSPEAKABLE, HORRIFIC SAVAGERY from the pit of h-ll.

    I am literally ill to see YHVH’s precious ones brutalized in this way…grieved to the core!!!

    May Elohim grant miraculous mercies to the 2 yr. old and 12 yr. who survived as well as their extended families!!!

  • Thanks you for sharing this. It’s what CNN would rather not talk about. I know that this needs to be seen and this is mild compared to what they live to do. I don’t want to see this but I don’t want to turn my head to truth! The fruit of Islam.

  • may G-D destroy those evil wicked bastard trash and their filthy religion. No pit of hell is deep enough for them.

  • This is horrible… Lord, bring justice to this…

  • This is an issue that the United States government needs to show that they back Israel on and quit worrying about what the Libyans or other Arab countries are doing. But our govenment is not our own any more and they do not have the guts to make a stand for what is right any longer. I am saddened by this, these are God’s chosen people.

    • How can you expect the USA to respond to this when our OWN president is an admitted MUSLIM!

  • God is our vindicator. The end of all this is near.

  • Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Islamists are Satanic. The Word says I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. This is in reference to Israel. Islamists are cursed by the one, true, heavenly Father. Woe to those who choose to turn a blind eye to the plight of Israel. Do not merely gawk. Do something!

  • “Religion of Peace” my foot!!! This is from the religion that was spawned from the very pit of HELL by the author of all lies, Satan himself!!! Satan, read the end of the story… YOU LOSE!!! G_D WINS!!!!

  • Am glad to see Israel going on the offensive and honoring the God of Israel and these martyrs by refusing to knuckle under to the blood thirsty, and cowardly, moon god (named Allah) worshippers and their globalist toadies in the U.N., like Obama and U.S. State Department and building more settlements. Though there will be tough times ahead the God of Israel will protect them. Need to take bulldozers and scrape the scum off of Israeli land. Take the land back, Israel. God will fight for you.

  • Lord of Israel will save His people, He protects them and watches over them, I am so sure His heart is crying as He sees the animalic attacks to His own people made by muslims lead by satan itself. When time is ready He Himself will fight, The Lion of Judah, will rise and win all the enemies attacking His people Israel. Jesus is coming back soon. Islam is created by satan himself as someone here wrote, but he’s the real loser. Woe to those who follow this violent, satanic religion.

  • What kind of person regardless of their religious beliefs could do this to innocent children? In a short while they will stand before the true and living God and give an account for what they’ve done to His chosen people.Dear Father in heaven put Your angels around these in danger and protect them in Jesus Name!I love You and Israel!

  • and the “left” among us celebrate these savages. I sure wish they really understood that those savages hate them just as much. God bless this family. 🙁

  • If you think it only happens on one side…then you are living in a dream world. This is what war does.

  • Those are the most demonic, evil people on earth. they should be stopped. They are devils serving their devil god.

  • This is awful. And to think this happens in many countries: Egypt, Korea, Sudan, Pakistan, China, Burma, etc. It’s happening all the time. Why’s the governments not doing anything about it? Is it all just about oil and wealth? 🙁

  • I can only say Im So Sorry. I live in the United States of America. If this had been done here the man hunt would go till every single person who is guilty is hunted down and imprisoned. My deepest sorrow goes out to the surviving children. May they grow knowing that their family was avenged properly for their pain.

  • omg this is sick to my stomick,i thank God that my country is so freehere in canada ,and if anyhting would happend, in this way here for sure they will pay for what they done, they be in prison right inocent people sleeping ,this is no heart at all,they don’t have no consciouse,and just selfish basterds.they need the same thing done to mercy.

  • This will be in our backyard if we stop supporting Isreal and let these muslim savages continue to infiltrate our country. The majority of the gas stations are owned and operated by muslims in our country already. This has to stop and with Gods help it can be done if its not too late. Thats nothing but a COWARD TO KILL AN INNOCENT CHILD.

  • I think this is more Zionist propoganda.

    • Jerry Pitts, you probably believe that Israelis blew up the Twin Towers on 9/11, and also that the holocaust never happened. You are truly a sick individual. Why don’t you kill yourself and receive those virgins in the afterlife. (a-hole)


  • Shame! And all our men and women there for what? We need to put a stop to this once and for all and quickly! Why are we tiptoeing around over there! Just get rid of the heartless cowards!

  • You kill the parents and grandparents in the street, drag the bodies to a pit where you pour pigs blood and entrails over them of each and every one of the killers. suicide bomber? Same thing. His/her brothers, parents, complete family, same treatment.. tell me, after #4 or #5 how many will go forward? How many will allow their son/daughter/child/cousin to do this type of crime?

  • God’s heart is breaking over what these evil barbarians have done to this beautiful family. One day they will stand before God Himself and give account to how they could have done such a heartless act.

    Expand the building and keep building! So many in America stand with you and pray for you.

    God Bless you.

  • Griz

    and there will be cursing and nashing of teeth…. people of God, I hope this opens our eyes finally that we see what is truely there… we are literaly the last country to stand against isreal … that means all nations are now against them, trust me the buildings are not why either… the christian world and jewish world is a minority now instead of nashing our teeth and cursing … pray that those who hate us christians and jews find the one true God and his gloriouse love and become a brother or sister with a heart after our Lord Jesus, my fellow american christians we have a duty to stand up and demand the councils to hear our voice of humble and do whatever it takes to help those in true suffering … barter and trade with eachother for then we r no longer under the control of satan.. ask eachother for help and give eachother help … be a true follower of Jesus … help those lost souls as well for if the turn around they will meet their Lord Jesus … even the most angrey hateful soul can be changed, because Jesus already forgave them before they even asked… there is little time brothers and sisters lets convert satans followers back to the Lord … but be humble and apoligetic … I love you my brothers and sisters around this great blue planet that our lord God blessed us all with

  • You know what Wow….. for someone that thinks they know a lot, you sure have shown just how little you know. Let me guess, your a Palestinian sympathizer right, you probably give two thumbs up for the holocaust that’s if you even acknowledge that it happened. What’s a Jew hater like you doing on NTEB anyway???? NEWS FLASH…… Israel has always existed and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) also belong to the Jews and Israel. Do your study!!! Better still, take that ill informed mind of yours and read the bible!

  • I am sure what will come next is “Oh, these are only the extremists” while, as stated above, most of them support this sort of thing.

  • this is so horrifying I can,t understand why they are doing theses evil crimes to people it is so sad they believe that the Koran is really from allah this can only come from Satan him self and they are his helpers. where is our leader they need to be put to death and let them go live in hell with allah and satan.

  • How horrible, they even slaughtered the innocent babies in their sleep. I completely understand if Jews wipe out all the Palestinians, these muslim animals deserve it. I completely support the open season on Muslims and Koran burning!!! I will personally burn it if I had one.

  • Jj

    This is a tragedy. I heard that it was in fact a domestic worker from Thailand who had dispute with the family and has been detained. What you are doing is using this families tragedy to spread racist propaganda. I’m ashamed for you!

  • Nice. Post a differing opinion on this piece and it gets deleted. Way to stick your heads in the sand.

    FYI Linda, I’m not a Jew hater or holocaust denier, or one of those conspiracy guys who is always railing against the “Zionists.” I just don’t believe our government should support the Israeli state when it does more harm than good.

    The only reason we support these guys is because of you religious nut jobs. Wake up. Your support of Israel is killing children. Organized religion is the greatest plague of the human race.

  • The above comment is a cover up story!
    The truth is being covered up and not reported on within the media because the World hates the Jewish Nation and Satan is behind it all! just remember the Holocaust!!!

  • My comment is a “cover up story”? LOL. You people are too much.

  • I would like to address Wow’s comment, PLEASE read the book of Revelations, the “Nuts Jobs” as you call Christians WIN and ISRAEL does not kill children, and if you have any Bible knowledge you will know that ISRAEL is GODS CHOSEN…they WIN!!! God bless you, I pray that you will come to a clear and true understanding of Christians and Israel.

  • There is a special place in Hell awaiting the horrible humans who did this to the innocents.

  • To my Jews friends, Gods special people, the apple of His eye, I am sadden to see these pictures. Our amily prayed for the Jewish people that God would watch over them and bless them. But I want you to know that God loves the whole world Muslims included, we have to pray for the persons who did this terrible crime, they need Jesus to change their hearts and fine the true and living God.

  • This is really sad!

    This is the evil of religion – irrespective of what the religion can be! What has these little kids ever done to deserve this in their lives?

    This is cold-hearted murder! Is this what Muhammad commands to be done in the Quran? I am not amused. It’s just sad – very sad. Just too overwhelming to view.

    May the Spirit of God never allow all those who were involved in this murder to have any peace until they surrender themselves to His justice. Amen!

  • If you don’t believe these are the end times you aren’t paying attention! There are more wake up calls in the news every day than I can even keep up with! We are living in the end time and watching as the Bible prophecy is fulfilled before our very eyes.
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  • Why do they have electrode pads all over the place? from where is the source of these photos?
    apart from blasting all Islamic ways, who’s to say both sides aren’t to blame? War breeds hatred and contempt and murder, fear, defensive attitudes, revenge… just put the guns in the ground and back off… we are supposed to know what is right and wrong, just back off all of you and cry bitterly and move on… this is all wrong…
    if we all can do this then it will be truly over… I have to face letting my children be exposed to radiation poisoning because my wife believes it’s better to stand with her family during the reactor meltdown in Japan… are people logical? no… emotional?
    terribly so… does it matter who is right and wrong anymore?…we are all wrong….

  • Vengeance is of God. The Holy ONE of Israel will avenge His people. I pray the Lord will strengthen Israel to bear all the things happening to them and also to endure to the very end. Israel is the center of all endtime events, Israel please hold on to God and trust in HIM; He will never forsake you but shall deliver you from all your enemies. Let the muslims continue to fool themselves, on that DAY we shall stand before the one true GOD of Israel and give account of how we live our lives. then we shall know who is really ON THE LORD’S side

  • did you really think that the Kenyenan would REALLY WANT to recognize what his “religion” is doing, much less call for an end to it?

  • eradicate islam it is a cult. Obama is a muslim plant.

  • This is why we need a person like Florida’s Allen West who understands the enemy, has confronted the enemy, and is willing to engage the enemy head on, no matter what form that enemy takes. He must be our next president. God Bless Israel and the United States of America.

  • wow!! i am schocked i can honestly say that these people will rott in hell for what they did this is sickining, brought tears to my eyes i cant believe these islam garbage peice of filth i hope nothing but the worst comes ur way and ur time is near you basterds

    to the family thats been murdered may they live the best life in the next world

    its a shame wow

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  • Weew

    This is the price of restraint when faced with evil. Israel- the next time you go to war, finish these bastards. Roll to Mecca and tear that Kaaba to the ground, brick by brick.


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