Photo Proof Of FEMA Coffins Being Moved Northbound On Georgia Highway Possibly To Chicago

This picture of FEMA coffins was taken on highway 85 Northbound two miles south of Elberton, Ga. It is absolutely true. I blew past the truck doing 82MpH. My...
I was the photographer. This picture was taken on highway 85 Northbound two miles south of Elberton, Ga. It is absolutely true.

When the driver of this truck noticed the photographer taking pictures, he immediately pulled off of the highway.


I was the photographer. This picture was taken on highway 85 Northbound two miles south of Elberton, Ga. It is absolutely true.

May 8 2012: Thank you for posting on this forum! I was the photographer. This picture was taken on highway 85 Northbound two miles south of Elberton, Ga. It is absolutely true. I blew past the truck doing 82MpH. My tail lights were even with the front of the rigs cab when it occurred to me what they were. I slammed on my brakes to let the rig pass. As I pulled out my blackberry and positioned for the shot, the driver looked in his side-view mirror and slammed on his brakes. He then banked right to exit the highway onto an exit ramp towards Elberton. I could not operate the manual transmission, save the shot, and maneuver my vehicle to follow.

Thanks again to whomever posted this here. People need to see this.

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  • Ok, I live in Springfield, OR. I recently moved, but I had lived on 30th Street right across from an empty field that is right next to the railroad tracks. Not too long ago, a huge section of this empty, unused field was fenced off, and razor wire was on the top of the fence facing out. I thought it odd, and I thought to myself that if it was for detainment, the razor wire would be facing in to keep people from climbing out. But then I watched this video, and the razor wire is facing the exact same way as the one I saw across the street. Very interesting video, and not it has me thinking more!

  • the lord has me, im not worried about these. the lords will be done

  • The whole Alex Jones story about FEMA coffins is pure BS! As for your story about flying past the truck, slamming on breaks and then taking photos, hell, that would freak out anybody! The truck driver was probably freaked out by your weird actions and almost missed his turn and had to break hard make his exit.

    Anyway, here’s the straight dope on these stupid “FEMA coffins.” I live in Georgia within about a hundred miles of one of the companies which manufactures these “coffins.” I have actually driven there to check the place out personally. I have also researched the claims made by Alex Jones and his band of fear mongers about them. Here is what I have found:

    1. What Jones claims to be coffins are not coffins at all. They are grave liners (often also called “burial vaults,” see and are made to fit into a grave before the coffin is lowered into the liner inside the grave.

    2. Even if the “half a million” of these grave liners which Jones claims to be stored exists; nowhere near that number is stored in any one place, and there is a logical explanation for those what are stored wherever.

    3. The main reason a number of them are kept stored is because many people pay for their funerals in advance; and, what they pay for often includes the grave liner. Since most people do not “give notice” before dying, the manufacturer keeps enough on hand to meet the normal demand plus enough to cover the prepaid ones.

    4. The units are not stored on any property owned or controlled by FEMA or ANY other government agency. They are stored on property owned by the manufacturer; which has no affiliation with FEMA or the U.S. government EXCEPT that the government buys a certain number of these liners periodically to be used in the funerals of American soldiers whose funerals are paid for by the government. Some of that number are most likely stored along with the others; but, even including those, there are STILL no where the number claimed by Jones to be stored in one place.

    5. The reason they are stored by the company which makes them is because the company has room to store them and the funeral homes which sold them via pre-ordered funerals often do not. Too, unlike caskets, they’re a not very attractive reminder of death; and, therefore, are a negative for the funeral homes to keep on display. So, the manufacturing company stores them until the individuals who pre-ordered them die, at which time the funeral home notifies the manufacturer to send them the liner be used at the person’s funeral.

    6. Literally tens of thousands of Americans die and get buried every day. It would be safe to guess that most are buried in graves lined with these liners; so, despite the oft repeated lies by Alex Jones, et. al., it should be no surprise that there are a number of companies manufacturing and storing these grave liners across the country. And, of course, they do have to be transported from one place to another…

    The company in GA which makes these grave liners is Georgia Vantage Products Corp. located at 960 Almon Road in Covington, GA. This is about 50 miles slightly south east of Atlanta, GA off of I-20; and, of course, that is not too far from where the load of grave liners was photographed on I-85, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT AND WITHOUT ANY ATTEMPT BEING MADE TO HIDE THEIR MOVEMENT!


    Vantage has several different models of these liners. Some come in various colors; but, all look quite similkar to every photo you will ever see associated with Jones’ so-called “coffins.” After you click the link above, place your cursor over “Funeral Products” and choose “Air Seal Vault Standard” from the menu to see the model that is identical to those on the truck load on I-85. You can also compare them with those accompanying various articles calling them “coffins.”

    If you have Google Earth, you can actually enter their address and zoom in for a birdseye view of their plant at Covington and see the grave liners they have stored on their property.

    7. “Alex Jones” is a real person; but, he is also a media conglomerate whose many websites and radio shows exists for the sole purpose to hype stories such as this one for the express purpose of selling the numerous videos, books, pamphlets, etc. he makes available on his various websites. He takes a tiny bit of truth (the “coffins” DO exist although they are not coffins at all, etc.) and sensationalizes that tiny bit of truth with whatever untruths is needed to make people believe the story, in hopes they will buy his products. His various websites promote each other, usually without the visitors ever knowing that one is affiliated with the other; and, he often deliberately hides his affiliation with all his different websites. In short, Jones is nothing but a snake oil salesman preying on the fears he himself helps to create

    But ignore ALL that and ask yourself one question… if the government decided to mass murder American citizens, do you really think they would bother to pack the bodies in special “coffins?” Of course not… they would simply dig a mass grave, line us up along its edge, and bury us after shooting us and letting us fall in… They certainly would not go to the trouble of having a half million special coffins manufactured and stored to be used for that purpose.

    • Amy

      I just called Georgia Vantage and they said they do no town the coffins AND WHAT

  • Use a little logic! Count the units on that truck… there appears to be about 15 stacks. Each stack has 10 units stacked on top of 10 lids. 10 x 15 is 150 units. Even if there was any possibility that the premise were true that something big is going down in Chicago, I would not be worried unless there was a HUGE convoy of truck-fulls of these things going there; and, there is not a smidgeon of evidence that this truck was heading anywhere near Chicago.

  • I-85 is nowhere near Elberton, GA. I happen to live in GA and go through Elberton often. This makes me wonder about whoever posted this article and picture. Be careful folks what you read and believe. I know things are not looking good for our beloved nation, but test the waters carefully before you fall for everything out there.

  • those coffins can hold more than one person.

  • Christa Bright

    In speaking with a good friend and pastor, I explained that I felt as though I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one was listening about certain things, that would probley make someone think that I’m somewhat paranoid. Until I was finally able to show unrefutable proof of what I was saying. Then he said the most amazing thing to me. He said that, “life today is kind of like being on the Titanic, yes the ship is sinking… All we can do is help to guide as many people as we can to the lifeboats.”

  • Ok I was right there with ya, I just found the page, and I was right there with ya….the video, not unlike others I have seen is somewhat curious…and possibly a future FEMA site…so I liked the page…I am usually careful because I find many religious organizations to be just that, RELIGIOUS and somewhere along the line the “crazy” comes out…I am not saying that your page is crazy, please I am not being cruel, just attempting to have a civilized conversation…I was right with you until I started to read about Joel Osteen….I watched the Oprah interview BECAUSE I wanted to know what he would say when she asked ONE of the TWO questions that we all tuned into hear..#1 is Jesus the only way, #2 he was asked if he thought that being gay is a sin. Ok, I tuned in because I KNOW the answer to the first question will tell me if a man is right with God in Heaven, the second answer tells me if a man is right with Christ in his heart hear on Earth….Joel ABSOLUTELY SAID THAT JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD, WHAT HE EXPLAINED WAS THAT HE DIDN’T KNOW THE MANY PATHS THAT A PERSON WOULD MEET JESUS ON, HIS DIRECT QUOTE WAS “YES JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER, BUT WHO AM I TO SAY HOW MANY PATHS LEAD TO JESUS” Joel Osteen, Oprah Interview, OWN network 2012…..So, even though I will not watch the video you have posted on this page because I cannot authenticate it…I will say that I know that Joel Osteen is a God loving God fearing man who preaches the Living Word of a Living God, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior….So, I guess that was my two cents, I could elaborate on the second question Oprah asked and that we all tuned in for the answer to, but I think this is probably enough for now…I am not adversarial at all, just want to be very careful of ANY religious organization, been burned, lied to, manipulated, and used too many times. Only to find out that the people who were making me feel so badly about my self, were people that were living in fear and didn’t believe and couldn’t live by their own words either…, I just thought I would inform you, maybe it was an accident, maybe you didn’t authenticate what is on that clip or maybe you are listening in fear instead of LOVE…I don’t know, but I know Joel did not say that Jesus wasn’t the only way to the Lord, He is and Joel said that, religious people do enough to embarrass God and give Him a bad name, please don’t lie and post such things…thank you…

  • It is my understanding that these coffins are very big and will hold at least 5 bodies . . . if you google it, you may be able to see the pic somewhere that a person took of someone actually laying down in one of these things.

  • o’ crap we are screwed

  • Ann

    Thanks for sharing. I witnessed truckloads of these in the Tampa bay area about one year ago. We have many very large electronic billboards being rapidly installed on major roads…stating drive safe…have a nice day etc. come on, they are preparing for something. We also have many drones and teams of Blackhawks which are not the norm here. Let us keep a step ahead of these lunatics and expose their madness on every level…ie geoengineering. Chtrails. Monsanto. George soros. Dumb bunkers. HMO. Haarp. Core it. Fluoride. Norway seed vault. PAC. Mobutu. Roundup resistant crops. Crop circles. Agenda 21. Nua. Trams Texas corridor. Halliburton. Critical intervention services. Infowars. Activist post. The end. Com. Happy hunting for truth that we were never supposed to know. Love light and truth CONQUERS ALL…

  • What Mr. Mims said about grave liners appears to be all entirely true. He very likely did visit a company that manufactures them. However, grave liners are considerably smaller than the thousands of big plastic black boxes that have been sighted stock piled and being moved. You can Google for information about grave liners and see them pictured and you will understand they are entirely different things. So they are not grave liners. I would guess that they are shipping containers, not burial caskets at all, and each likely holds a half a dozen bodies. So ten thousand boxes would transport sixty-thousand corpses. Since Home Land Security now has bullets enough to kill everyone several times over it is clear that a lot more boxes will likely be needed.

  • Jim

    Read comment # by Jesse Mims who has nailed Alex Jones to a “T”. Don’t waste your time reading or listening to anything Mr. Jones says. He has a money making organization and is making a small fortune on spinning half truths, with the most important parts being non-truths. He has been in Austin for years and I have personally witnessed his development. I am disgusted by him and I appreciate Mr. Mims taking the time to explain the baloney.

  • Lol, nice !

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  • Facts & Resumé : The Coffins are real. Coffins are manufactured by Vantage Products Corporation , besides the few bogus stories incl. bogus clips on youtube that wish to deny the cold hearted facts. These coffins are manufactured and stored all over the USA in large quantities. (not only in Atlanta) There’s an elite group of people preparing for something very dark, sinister evil. (Doomsday Seed Vault in the Arctic | Underground Bases and Tunnels) As this group has used the extremist islam to create a post 9-11 “Big Brother is Watching You society” worldwide. This group is following the 10 commandments of satan, written in stone, known as the Georgia Guide Stones.

    The next step of events this group is taking, to make the killing of millions of people incl. their cremation acceptable, is other 9-11 events. Mexican Flu is just one of the excuses, mandatory innoculation of all the inhabitants of the USA is step nr. 2. Step number 3, when millions of people start to die, is how to clean them up in a decent and fashionable/acceptable way. That is where the coffins come in. Created of an organic material that leaves no traces when burned on a massive scale. All these events will appear as if there is no one to blame. In that, the majority of people will except the solutions provided by the ruling elite of this world that always come up with “The Ultimate Solution“.

    Sounds familiar ? In german “the ultimate solution” (Endlösung) sounds very evil as Europe already learned from the past. If people still think history won’t repeat it self, think again. There is an elite group of people that wants to get rid of 5.5 billion people and they have various ways to do this, including how to hide all tracks and traces that could lead to them. Many genocides have past in the last centuries, but the coming genocide will be so evil and so awful that man would wish to die before it even happens to them. History always repeats itself but now it will do so in a very clever disguised fashion.

    As it is written “it is old wine in new bottles” At the end, the evil elite will be defeated by one man and one spirit, his name is Jesus Christ, Son of Man, Eternal and everlasting Love, and he will defeat this devious and diabolical spirit, also known as satan himself, by his second coming to this Earth by his voice. Until then, all scriptures must be fullfilled. So be prepared, there is still good out there, there are still people that DO care, there are still people that do love other people in the Spirit of the highest God. As long as this spirit can work in this world people can be warned and perhaps saved. But when this spirit is taken away from this world, evil will reign for a short time in it’s most horrific way imaginable and people will finally see what the coffins are really for.

    Source :

    Regards from Holland

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  • I’m not usually one to believe conspiracies, and I’m not sure whats going on, but there is no way those things are coffin LINERS. They are at least twice the size of one person caskets, and lets be honest, normally unless your planning something, people are usually buried ALONE.

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  • Hi there, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this article.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  • Semantics aside Jones is right about the camps, the intentions, the bullets, the cops busting heads, what else does he need to be right about before folks quit the Jones bashing.

    Alex Jones and Jessie Ventura have been right siand and done more than anyone else at making the constitution an issue (or thorn) in politics today.


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  • What are the possibilities that the fed knows a war is coming and are stocking up in the event it went badly? Like a nuke. Then we would need to cement bodies instead of burning That would allow radiation to get into our air. There has got to be a logical explanation . Maybe the camps are for the enemy, remember Pearl harbor , well the government interned a great many Japanese into camps for the duration. It is not all conspiracy going around. The government has been listening to foreign governments as well. Maybe they have some credible information about an impending attack by a foreign country. Just sayin…………

  • Tom

    Try kingsbury, IN…. West of south bend and southeast of laporte. Ironically filled with many railroad tracks

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  • JR

    Maybe they are, indeed, headed to Chicago since they are killing themselves off in staggering numbers, these coffins may very well be needed there.


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